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Grand Coulee Things to Do

  • The flora and fauna at Lenore Caves

    The flora and fauna here are different from the rest that you can see in Washington State. It's maybe a combination of the weather, the soil and the salt. Remember this is a remnant of the Glacier Period.

  • Stop by at the Dry Falls before you head...

    We stopped by here for an hour just to check this beautiful creation of the Glacier Period. Five thousand years ago, this used to be the biggest waterfall in the world. It expands all the way from Washington State to Oregon.

  • Fishing at Coulee Lake

    I saw some customers at the Coulee Lodge Resort going out fishing. One customer caught some and they barbecued that night. The next day, early morning, the two fishermen went out again. Had we known about this, we could have brought our own fishing rods because you can actually rent a boat at the resort.

  • Swimming at Coulee Lake

    The water is super freezing cold even in the summer but my girls went out and swam anyways. The girls are competitive swimmers so I didn't have to worry about them (but, I was still at the Lake watching out for them!).The girls told me that the water was freezing until they got used to it swimming. They swam all the way to the platform, about 500...

  • Check out the turtles at the Coulee Lake

    There are turtles at the lake and we saw them close to the wild lilies. We could have not seen these if not for my husband who has good set of eyes!When we asked the owner of the Coulee Lodge Resort that we saw turtles, she told us that these were wild and they didn't just put them there. The best time to spot them is in the afternoon when they are...

  • Give your best shot (photography) at...

    I took a lot of pictures at the Coulee Lake and at the Lenore Caves because these are spectacular. I got up early to take amazing pictures.

  • The rock that looks like a dinosaur

    My children said that the mountain look like a dinosaur lying down. At a distance, you can really see that it was. The formation of the rocks on the side of the mountain look like a dinosaur...I took several pictures of it if you can really spot the dinosaur.

  • The patches of salt at Grand Coulee

    Not sure where these patches of salt came from. These surround some of the lakes that we saw. We were told they were medicinal of some sort. When we trek all the way to Lenore Caves, we saw more of this patches as we were up on a higher view.

  • The wildflowers at Lenore Caves

    You can't see these flowers anywhere else except maybe, the dandelion which I hated when they grow on my yard. Check out the beautiful flowers that I spotted on our way to the top of the Lenore Caves.

  • The different dragonflies at Lenore...

    I have seen so many dragonflies at Lenore Caves. There were small electric blue in color that just flies around. There were also black ones. My daughter Sierra just love catching them and letting them fly away again.

  • Check out the view on top of Lenore...

    This was an amazing trek we made as a family. The best part of it was that we didn't even plan for this. We just ask where we could go and the owner of the Coulee Lodge Resort told us about this. It was not far from where we were. It was only about 15 minutes drive. Then, a trek of about 30 minutes up the mountains. The view was amazing and...

  • Trek to Lenore Caves

    The Lenore Cave is about 15 minute drive from where we were based at Coulee Lodge Resort, so we decided to check out the Lenore Caves. It was a beautiful day walk and my children were loving it. I enjoyed the trek up there but the mouth of the cave was covered with rocks. The climb up to that mountain was not that bad. We took it slow. We saw a...

  • Bird watching at the Coulee Lake

    In my travels, I love seeing unexpected amazing and spectacular wildlife. I am not talking about snakes. I am talking about amazing beautiful wildlife. An example of this was when I was rowing my boat and all of a sudden, something got out from the lake and saw these amazing loons spreading its wings. It was an awesome feeling... Over here at...

  • Watch the sunrise

    I woke up very early the next day to watch the sunrise. I climbed a hill passing the arrays of RV's. I settled on the biggest rock and carefully put down my cameras. I just scouted the whole vicinity. This place is so beautiful. And, it is so peaceful. Where I was, I can see the lake in front of me and at a distance to my right was the patches of...

  • Spot an eagle

    I was so happy and joyful and the feeling I cannot explain when I saw this bald eagle perched on a pole. I waited for about thirty minutes but this eagle was just content where it was. I stood up and with my black jacket I spread it long and wide as if I was flying. The eagle fly fast and was checking on me up above. It flew by me several times. It...


Grand Coulee Warnings and Dangers

  • Camping is not allowed here

    Since there's not a lot of accomodation in this part of Eastern Washington, make sure to plan your road trip ahead of time. Camping here is prohibited. Make sure to travel early, too so you will not get stocked on the road finding for a place to stay.

  • Do not drive on the shoulder of the road

    Although there are not many vehicles passing by on this part of Eastern Washington, make sure to abide by the regulations. Drive safely and don't drive on the shoulder of the road.Getting stucked at the side of the road is the last thing you like. Help on the road to change your tires may take a while.

  • Watch for your children at the Dry Falls...

    This is an unbelievable view! It's like Grand Canyon in Washington State. Don't get captured and mesmerized with the view and forget about your children. Make sure to be always with them and watch them here.


Grand Coulee What to Pack

  • Bring your zoom lense and nice camera

    I brought two cameras here: one Sony cybershoot camera for my children to use and my A320 Sony camera with a zoom lense. I recharged my batteries before we left the lodge resort and brought extra batteries for both cameras.

  • Wear hiking shoes and/or comfortable...

    Bottled water We were there in the month of June (2011) and the weather was perfect. Make sure to dress up according to season. We brught wet wipes because we didn't expect there is a bathroom at the foot of the Lenore Caves. We brought a Sony Cybershoot camera and a A320 Sony camera with lots of cards and extra batteries.

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Grand Coulee Favorites

  • Lock your cars, go to the bathroom first

    Before you head to your trek to the Lenore Caves, make sure to lock your car and put your items out of sight so not to tempt people. As the saying goes: "A footlocker locks, make an honest man honest".So, we took our valuables like our cameras and put our purses in the trunk of our car. We made sure that we locked our car before we headed to climb...

  • Grand Coulee Dam is Half Reservation

    The East side of the river is all Colville Confederate Tribes Reservation. This reservation hosts the resting place for the famous Chief Joseph. Chief Joseph (1840–September 21, 1904) was the chief of the Wal-lam-wat-kain (Wallowa) band of Nez Perce Indians during General Oliver O. Howard's attempt to forcibly remove his band and the other...

  • Grand Coulee Dam driving...

    Grand Coulee Dam driving direction from Seattle:Go East on I-90 to State Route 283; Go Northeast on State Route 283 to State Route 28; Go Northeast on State Route 28 to State Route 17; Go Northeast on State Route 17 to US 2; Go East on US 2 to State Route 155 6. Go Northeast on State Rte 155


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