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  • View from my House
    View from my House
    by Ken_Weaver
  • Summer Time in Lake Forest Park
    Summer Time in Lake Forest Park
    by Ken_Weaver
  • Christmas 2001
    Christmas 2001
    by Ken_Weaver

Lake Forest Park Things to Do

  • Weaver Manor

    My friends and adult children refer to our house as Weaver Manor. Over the past 16 years we have hosted over 40 international students and when necessary, been the boomerang home several times for our adult children. Our custom is to fly the country flag of our students continually while they are living in our home. My friends, while driving on the...

  • Christmas Decorations are Big In Lake...

    My house is on the side of the hill overlooking Lake Washington. It takes me two weeks to get all of the lights up on the house. I do not turn the lights on until Thanksgiving Day night which is in late November. This picture was taken two years ago. I have added about 50% more lights since then!

  • When in the World is Lake Forest Park

    Lake Forest Park is a suburban city adjacent to the north boundary of Seattle. From the center of LFP to downtown Seattle is a 30 minute drive during off commute hours. You will see it on the map on the north end of Lake triangle


Lake Forest Park Shopping

  • Yes, Lake Forest Park Has Its Own Mall

    Developers wanted to build a mall in the area in 1960. The provincials didn't want any commercialization of the area and incorporated as a city to prevent the mall from coming in......the effort failed.....fortunately....and out that effort we got a city government and the mall both! The mall had many, many problems because the city founders made...

  • Enough of Everything to Build A House

    Home Depot is a huge home improvement mega store that supplies almost everybody in the community with everything from lumber to bathroom sinks! I could not live without Home Depot! Every project I do requires at least 2 trips to the store regardless of the complexity of the project....a little because of my poor planning or lack of skill but more...

  • Lake Forest Park Hotels

    0 Hotels in Lake Forest Park

Lake Forest Park Warnings and Dangers

  • Drivers be Warned - Even if Not Speeding

    If you drive through Lake Forest Park and get pulled over or followed, even if not for speeding, be warned. Keep in mind that the officers are only doing their job, so try not to take offense. Keep your hands visible, have your license, registration, and proof of insurance ready, be kind to the officer, and if you have any qualms, get a lawyer and...

  • LFP Cops Feast on Speeders

    LFP has more police officers per capita than anyother city in Washington. This city is one big speed trap and the posted speed is just car will hardly idle at that speed!What to do if you see flashing blue lights in your rear view mirror:Pull over to the right.Pray for leniency!Remain in car.Have drivers license, car registration or...

  • They Even Warn People and Still they...

    The City has a digit monitor that is moved around to warn people of how fast they are going and still people speed and get caught! Enlarge this photo and you can see that someone else's car will actually go as slow as 23MPH!


Lake Forest Park Off The Beaten Path

  • Animal AcresPark

    This the largest of the three parks. There are some interesting garden projects that go on here in addition picnic areas and another viewing area of McAleer Creek.

  • Blue Heron Park McAleer Creek

    McAleer Creek is a salmon spawning ground that runs through Blue Heron Park. Informational plaques explain the area.

  • Blue Heron Park

    Blue Heron is a wonderful example of how we can protect the environment even with in a city. The park is bisected by McAleer Creek which is a salmon spawning ground. The park is set up to allow you to see the salmon coming up in the summer and the baby salmon before they leave to return to the sea.Even the park benches are made of recycled...


Lake Forest Park Favorites

  • Rhododendron Are Prolific

    Rhododendrons of every color can be found in Lake Forest Park in the Spring. I have over 75 different plants in my yard alone. The plants stay green all year long and bloom typically in May. They require little or no attention and really add to the beauty of the area.

  • Salmon Stream Signage

    Several streams criss-cross Lake Forest Park. All are protected areas because these are salmon spawning areas. Care must be taken not to allow chemicals or garbage to pollute the steams

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

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