Long Beach Travel Guide

  • Shorebirds at Long Beach show Variety of Colors
    Shorebirds at Long Beach show Variety of...
    by glabah
  • Signs with Map of Whole Trail at Various Locations
    Signs with Map of Whole Trail at Various...
    by glabah
  • Patterns on the Shorebirds at Long Beach
    Patterns on the Shorebirds at Long Beach
    by glabah

Long Beach Things to Do

  • The Boardwalk

    The Boardwalk in Long Beach is pretty much a typical trail boardwalk. It is elevated slightly above the beach grass to provide OK views from a few locations, but it simply isn't high enough to provide really good views of the ocean and the beach. For that, you have to bring your own chairs and sit right down on the beach itself. The trail has...

  • Discovery Trail

    As time has gone on, the beach Discovery Trail has been expanded to the point where it actually goes through several communities. From Long Beach, the trail wanders along the beach southward until it passes through Cape Disappointment State Park, and ultimately ends in Ilwaco. The north end is towards the north end of town, at 26th Avenue....

  • The Beaches: Beautiful Sand or Heavily...

    Driving on the beach is a long held tradition in western Washington, and this is one of the beaches that has some of the heaviest auto traffic. Therefore, don't expect the beaches to be completely pristine as you may find in many other places. Instead, much of the beach will feature heavy tire tracks as shown in photo #2.However, the good news for...

  • Discovery Trail, take a walk among the...

    The Lewis and Clark Discovery Trail will lead among the dunes to several places Clark and his men reached on their exploration of the area. Since we seemed to be learning a lot about this expedition we took the time to visit the trail. It is a paved trail that gets you in among the grasses of the dunes. We visited four of the stops. First the...

  • Visit the Cranberry museum

    This museum is a product of the Washington State University which owned and operated the station until 1992. Pacific Cranberry Research Foundation was then created to continue the research. There is a nice little museum devoted to the growth of cranberry farming in the area, methods and tools used. It was heavy on reading and a little light on...

  • Kite Museum

    We have friends who come for the kite festival every year and so though we were too late for that we did want to visit the kite museum to see what it was all about. We spent about an hour reading the displays, and looking at the different kites and the Hall of Fame. I can't say as it was a great museum, but it was interesting enough. The museum was...

  • The Boardwalk view is beautiful!

    The boardwalk at Long Beach is elevated from the ground that you can see the whole horizon and the whole view of the ocean and the beach. On the far left, I can see the mist created by the great waves. Then there is an spectacular view of the board walk - it looks like from a far distance, the Great Wall of China!There are view decks along the...

  • Bring your dog to Long Beach

    It's a town where they allow dogs anywhere, everywhere. There are even dog stores close to the beach. There are booths for dog outfits, food and other paraphernalias for dog and cat lovers...We saw different kinds of dogs on the beach. There are even owners who brought their dogs in dog carriers. The dogs and the owners are having fun with the...

  • Join the sand castle building or make...

    The second week of August every year, Long Beach, Washington holds its Sand Castle Building contest. The sand in Long Beach is enormous and because the beach is elongated, each individual will have his/her own place to build his own sand castle!The children have so much fun just scooping the sand and making their own style of sand building. My...

  • Make your own kite and learn to how to...

    There are older volunteers in one of the booths at Long Beach and they taught my children how to build their own kites. They actually flew their own kites!The volunteers are pretty good in teaching my daughter Sierra, who is just five years old, to make her kite. They provide all the materials.We just donated a few bucks for the kite that she made!

  • Visit Long Beach during the Kite...

    The Kite Festival is held on the third week of the month of August. There are thousands of wonderful kites flying in the sky. Some are locally made and some are made from Japan and the United States. There are huge kites and small kites. The view on the beach is very spectacular and amazing. The kite festival weather was cooperating! It was sunny...

  • Washington State International Kite...

    This event lasts about 1 week during August, and brings people from all over the world to this little city. There are some 100,000 people who come, so be prepared for some crowds. Also be prepared for hotel rooms to be booked solid, and for restaurants to have long waiting lines because during most of the year this type of crowd is not in this...


Long Beach Hotels

Long Beach Restaurants

  • Eat breakfast at Loose Kaboose

    The restaurant is a very small restaurant close to the main street of Long Beach. They serve really good breakfast for an affordable price. My family ordered their special breakfast which comes with a breaded steak with sauce, scrambled eggs, two thin pancakes with maple syrup and a small slice of water melon.Their coffee is pretty good! They serve...

  • A Throwback to the 1950s

    Many cities on the Oregon and Washington coast have 1950s era restaurants that survived into the 1980s without much modernization. However, to have one that had survived into the 2000s without much modernization, and then turn it into a 1950s themed restaurant takes some good fortune, or a lot of restoration work.Even such equipment as the 1950s...

  • Probably a Great View! Big Windows! High...

    I did not eat at this restaurant. However, I walked past it, and the huge windows set high (for this city!) atop a hotel seemed like they would provide an interesting view of the surrounding city, beach and ocean.Alas, I had already eaten!Since I didn't eat there I have no idea of the food quality, but only wish to point out this place exists for...

  • Great Fudge in a Textiles Shop

    So, if you are going to draw a lot of people into your quilt shop what do you do?Why, you offer something that everyone in the community and the tourists that visit, even the men and children, want.Thus, the booming business Anna Lena's seems to do in providing excellent fudge for the entire community and its visitors.This isn't just garden variety...

  • Fresh and Affordable, Friendly Too

    We loved this place, and would have eaten there more but they closed a bit early (7pm) for us. The couple who run it are very friendly and accommodating. The fish tacos we had were great. So were the rice and beans (not refried -- pintos in sauce). No lard. And really reasonable prices! You can get take out, but there are about 8 tables where you...

  • Unique Thai

    impossible....there is not one bad dish to be found..........soups....one customer just orders "the world's best soup", his name for Tom Yum Goong....Basil Asparagus...with tofu or prawns or scallops.........Nirvana....chicken breast in curry sauce and green beans.......Happy Marriage.....prawns and chicken in a sweet chili sauce......it just...


Long Beach Transportation

  • Pacific Transit System: Long Beach Bus...

    Considering that the population of the southwestern Washington coast isn't extremely dense, the bus service in this area is not too bad considering the budget limitations and limited demand.Route 20 connects Ilwaco to Oysterville, Mondays through Fridays - so dont' plan on using this service to get around on the Weekends! Also, due to traffic...

  • Free Wagon & Bus "Trolley" During Kite...

    Due to the huge number of people (some 100,000) that come to the kite festival, parking and transportation can be challenging at best.Free transport is usually available within the downtown and kite festival areas. This service uses either a bus with a "trolley"-like body on it, or with a horse drawn wagon.The routes are described inside the Kite...

  • astoria bridge

    not so much about getting to or from but enjoying an engineering marvel close by....this bridge takes you from long beach to astoria and of course the reverse.....5 miles long....sometimes in the fog or rain you cannot see the end of the bridge...twilight zone time!!!!!


Long Beach Shopping

  • You just have to go

    This is a funky amazing combination store/museum. Don't expect sparkling shelfs and beautifully presented items... oh, no. Marsh throws as much out onto those shelfs as it can cram, who knows how long some things have been there. But oh what treasures await. Besides the shells, and glass balls and little trashy souvenirs there is the huge...

  • Kites, antiques, souvenirs and other...

    Along the strip of Pacific Way are shops that cater to tourists and kite supporters. Souvenir items like t-shirts, sweatshirts, pins, hats, caps, mugs, etc Regularly priced items.

  • Long Beach Hotels

    9 Hotels in Long Beach

Long Beach Warnings and Dangers

  • Idiots Abound so Keep Your Eyes Open for...

    People are allowed to drive on the beach at Long Beach, and a huge number of people take advantage of this policy every year.Many of them are quite reasonable in their use of the beach.Quite a number of others assume that just because there are people scattered all over the beach there shouldn't be any problem with them blasting along at...

  • Watch children covering themselves in...

    I heard from the Kite Festival that a child died because his siblings covered him in the sand and got suffocated. By the time the emergency people came in and tried to resuscitate the child, they have already lost him! This is such a tradegy for a nice occasion like this. Make sure that when the children are playing with the sand and try to cover...

  • The current is strong!

    The waves are high and the water is way too cold! The current is strong and there are warnings that says so. There is a lifeguard on motor vehicle touring along the beach but swimming in Long Beach is pretty much dangerous thing to do!


Long Beach What to Pack

  • joiwatani's Profile Photo

    Bring sandals, bathing suit, suntan...

    by joiwatani Written Aug 30, 2008

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    Luggage and bags: Beach bag

    Clothing/Shoes/Weather Gear: Make sure to bring sandals, towels, suntan lotion, aunglasses, hats or caps, toys for the kids to dig and scoop the sand, beach towels, beach chairs, mats to lay on the beach, books or magazines to read, bottled water or other drinks, cooler for you packed lunches, etc. Also bring a plastic bag for wet clothes!

    Toiletries and Medical Supplies: Sun tan lotion with SPF 15-30 for sun protection

    Photo Equipment: Your own camera

    Camping/Beach/Outdoor Gear: Next time, we will bring our own tent because there is a campsite nearby where we can camp. Booking hotels in Long Beach at this time of year (Kite Festival season) is usually a year in advance!

    Miscellaneous: Bring your own beach chairs for lounging!

    The Kite Festival More kites More kites Kites everywhere The yearly kite festival sign
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Long Beach Off The Beaten Path

  • Statue of Captain William Clark with a...

    19 November 1805: Captain William Clark led a small party northward from the temporary encampment at Cape Disappointment. This was their first real close contact with the Pacific Ocean.During this expedition, Clark noted a 10 foot long sturgeon that had been left behind by the tide.It isn't known exactly where the expedition turned around, but it...

  • Grey Whale Skeleton Monument on the...

    The title says it all: there is a Grey Whale skeleton that has been turned into a monument on the beach here in Long Beach.Considering how far this skeleton is from the actual water, it must have been quite a storm that put it here (assuming of course that human hands didn't put it here - which obviously is the case! - otherwise it wouldn't have...

  • Dolphin Sculpture on Beach Discovery...

    This sculpture was created from a piece of driftwood sticking out of the sand. It is located next to the Discovery Trail (see my Discovery Trail Things to Do Tip), just south of where this beach trail crosses 10th Street Southwest.The sculpture is about average human height, and it seems to be a favorite for a number of families to stop and take...


Long Beach Favorites

  • Make a fun weekend getaway

    Driving to Long Beach for the Kite Festival on the last week of August is a fun getaway. It's not really that expensive if your family like mine is on a budget crunch! Just make sure that when you travel to Long Beach, you packed everything that your family needs for the weekend.It doesn't really entail a lot of money to have a family fun! If you...

  • Book your hotel/accommodation a year in...

    I didn't realize that Washington State has a Long Beach until my co-worker mentioned about the Kite Festival through an email. She even sent the website. I asked her how far Long Beach was and she said about a three-hour drive from Seattle, Washington. I googled the site and found out the history of the Kite Festival. The history was very...

  • Go buy a kite!

    Accidently stumbling into the Washington State International Kite Festival and making it an annual fun vacation event for my son and I ever since. It is always the third week in August. Kite flying is fun for all ages, and kiters are very fun people.


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