Washington State Transportation

  • Anacortes Ferry Terminal and Long Ramp to Walkway
    Anacortes Ferry Terminal and Long Ramp...
    by glabah
  • Ferry Queue Area for Auto Traffic
    Ferry Queue Area for Auto Traffic
    by glabah
  • Kenmore Air Plane after Landing at Friday Harbor
    Kenmore Air Plane after Landing at...
    by glabah

Washington State Transportation

  • Train / Monorail / StreetCar

    Seattle Transportation

    Basic Information SoundTransit operates the Central LINK, which is called a "Light Rail" line between downtown Seattle and the SeaTac airport. However, unlike "light rail" lines in much of the rest of the USA and Canada, the line as currently built shares almost none of its distance with street traffic, and distance between stations is fairly long...

  • Bus/Shuttle Service

    Seattle Transportation

    Free Service Please note that anything mentioning free transit service downtown is out of date. As of September 2013 almost all bus routes are pay as you enter, with some high capacity routes being pay before boarding. See the Fares section. Several transit agencies operate in the Seattle area. For an introduction to these other services, please...

  • Ferries / Ships / Boats

    Seattle Transportation

    I have written another tip on Washington State Ferries as recreational travel, where I focus on it as a thing to do in Seattle as they are the cheapest way to see the water and provide views of the surrounding area that other modes don't. However, there is also the practical side of the ferries, which is also their primary reason to exist in the...

  • Multi-Choice

    Seattle Transportation

    This tip has been inspired by the large number of requests every year for information about getting to cruise ships in the Seattle area. I am no expert in the area of cruise ships, but I have seen enough of the cruise ship activity in Seattle to know a little bit. Please understand that cruise ships leave from two locations in Seattle. One is...

  • Cars / Taxis / Motorhomes

    Seattle Transportation

    Attempting to find a place to park in downtown Seattle can be painful and expensive, and public transit being reasonably frequent in most areas a tourist would want to visit. Therefore, for the most part I suggest using transit especially in the downtown area. This is even the case when considering places somewhat far outside downtown, such as...

  • Aeroplane

    Seattle Transportation

    Processes at the SeaTac airport are not much different than what is found at most airports in the USA. However, there are a few differences that are good to be aware of: 1. The SeaTac Airport is not in Seattle - it is actually a bit south of Seattle in the city of SeaTac. You should keep this in mind if you decide to take a taxi or otherwise use...

  • Walkabout

    Seattle Transportation

    When you are driving to the Space Needle, make sure to park at the northside of the Space Needle because there is a street parking there and it is cheaper! It's located past the bamboo-look-alike artwork and past the parking lot as shown in the pictures.

  • Animals

    Seattle Transportation

    I was surprised in Seattle by a line of carriages waiting for costumers (not too enthousiastic). I read that it is a tradition in holidays (it was almost Christmas when we were there), maybe more fun with snow, that we hadn't. Not cheap, however...

  • From Seattle Southward: The Drives or...

    A number of people have written to the Oregon and Washington VirtualTourist Travel Forums over the years about driving routes going south of Seattle, what is there to see along Interstate 5, what to do along the coast, the "best" route, and so on. This is an attempt to answer some of these questions and provide some points for further research....

  • Interstate 5, Kelso to Vancouver,...

    Note: This is one section of a tip about things between Seattle and Portland. For Kelso, Longview and areas north of here, see my From Seattle Southward Part II tip.When you get to Kelso you have a choice:Kelso to the Oregon Coast:If you are headed to the Oregon coast, there is no need to go south to Portland and then west, as some ask about doing....

  • Seattle-Tacoma International Airport

    Located 13 miles (21 kilometers) south of downtown Seattle, Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA) is the main international airport in the Pacific Northwest. There are direct flights to Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, as well as all major American cities.Airlines serving Seattle-Tacoma International Airport: Air Canada, Air Canada Express,...

  • Bolt Bus: Portland -> Seattle ->...

    The good news is that it is now possible to travel between Portland, Seattle and Vancouver BC direct at a price that is much less than Amtrak Cascades. The bad news is there is a reason it is much less expensive.BoltBus has been operating in the northeast USA for a number of years, and in May of 2012 decided to start competing with Amtrak in the...

  • Alternative Route from Seattle to...

    The standard way to drive from Seattle up north to Vancouver, BC is via I-5. It's definitely an efficient way to go but if you'd like a less-used, more scenic route, I'd highly recommend Highway 9, which runs parallel to I-5, about 5 miles east of it. Here's a map of the route: http://goo.gl/maps/zkvFAlong the way up are several highlights,...

  • Amtrak Cascades Part II (please see Part...

    Please Note: The first part of this tip is located in myAmtrak Cascades tip, which is where you should start reading about the basics of this train service.Scenery You May See on the Amtrak Cascades Trains:Most of the line between Portland and Seattle is a double track main line, and thus at any moment your chance to view scenery may be interrupted...

  • Amtrak Long Distance Trains in...

    I have already written quite a lot about Amtrak service in Washington through my series of tips about Amtrak Cascades service.However, Washington (mostly) and Oregon are also visited once per day by Amtrak long distance trains. These two trains are the Empire Builder and the Coast Starlight.Ticketing on Amtrak long distance trains can be a pain due...

  • From Seattle Southward Part II:...

    This is a continuation of my Seattle and Southward tip, designed to help those headed southward from Seattle. This tip focuses on Interstate 5 only. For various alternatives going to the coast, please see my Seattle and Southward tip .Seattle to OlympiaFor those wanting the fastest, most direct route from Seattle southward, I-5 is usually the...

  • Amtrak Cascades

    In an effort to try to provide better intercity transportation in the State of Washington, Washington Department of Transportation started funding improvements in intercity passenger train service around 1995. While officially the transportation corridor extends from Eugene, Oregon to Vancouver, British Columbia, the majority of the improvements...


    The “Wahkiakum” has been running across the main channel of the Columbia River between Puget Island and Westport, Oregon since 1962 making its ten minute crossing every hour. It is the last of many car ferries that used to run across the river between Oregon and Washington. The boat has a nine car capacity – get here early on weekends or you’ll...

  • ferries are a part of life in Washington...

    Some might say that having to use ferries to get from point A to B makes Washington State a hassle butdespite some added cost what it ultimately does is make travel more scenic and relaxing. Sure, you have to cue up and wait for departures but once the ferry gets going, you're on deck enjoying what is essentially a short cruise. The system is...

  • Transportation to the Peninsula

    If you are visiting Seattle and want to take a few days to see the sights on the Peninsula, there are two main choices. You can rent a car in Seattle and drive, it takes about 2 hours and 15 minutes from SeaTac to Port Angeles. The other option is to book a flight on Kenmore Air. It flies to several locations on the Pudget Sound for reasonable...

  • Washington State Ferries

    One of the most facinating modes of transportation around Western Washington is the magnificant Washington State Ferry System. There are many islands you can reach only by boat, and the ferry also offers a "short-cut" to areas you must "drive around" to get to. You can also take the ferry to Canada.Anacortes is one of the main ferry terminals, and...

  • Back Roads: Rock Island Road

    Each year when we return home from our annual Escape from Seattle in eastern Washington we try to take a different route through Grant and Douglas counties. The scenery here is as open and empty as any you'll find -- quite the contrast with the dense urban neighborhood we live in. One of our favorite drives is up and over Badger Mountain. This adds...

  • Back Roads: Old Vantage Highway

    If you want to get over the Cascades between Pugetopolis and eastern Washington you'll most likely take I-90. This is certainly the fastest route, but you should give yourself an extra half an hour to get off the highway and take a trip back in time.Heading east from Seattle, take exit 106 through Ellensburg. You'll be traveling on old 97 past the...

  • Quick Shuttle

    If you're looking to get up to Vancouver, BC then taking the Quick Shuttle bus may be an option.In Washington State they are able to stop at these locations: - SeaTac Airport - Seattle (Downtown & Seattle Center) - Everett - BellinghamJust make sure you call them well beforehand to arrange a pick-up time and location.

  • BA rulez

    Northwest had two services: break and delay...After a miserable expirience with Northwest Airlines in 2001 (22hours blocked in Amsterdam and then arrived in Seattle with new Samsonite suitcases destroyed), I decided to switch to British Airways. So far, they have been able to get me in and out Washington state without any issue...

  • Hire Car

    Free to go where you please.I drove down from Vancouver and across the border into the USA and payed $6 to enter.It was the 4th July.I thought that the drivers in Washington were good and law-abinding.It was a great experiance !Visit my Calgary/Canada pages.

  • Need a Car for This Area of Washington

    There are so many pretty vistas up Highway 90 from Seattle, you must be able to stop and enjoy the view.

  • Take a scenic ride on one of...

    Take a scenic ride on one of the waterfront trolley cars for a relaxing and informative tour. They are inexpensive ($1.00-1.25) during peak hours. Buses are FREE in the yellow zone.

  • If you live close enough to...

    If you live close enough to drive, I'd highly recommend it as the entire state was built around the car. If driving isn't a practical option for you, you'll probably have to fly into Seattle.Having a car is a necessity here, so if you won't be bringing your own you should definitely rent one. It's also possible to take the bus along the coast, but...

  • All forms of transportation...

    All forms of transportation have access to Seattle. Even the Cruise ships have a port here. They recently started docking for cruise ships to Alaska other than the ferry.The Washington State Ferry System is ranked 2nd to Vancouver for the number of ships making trips per day. My favorite is the trip to Victoria, BC with stops in the San Juan...

  • I flew into Seattle but next...

    I flew into Seattle but next time, I'll be going by Greyhound so that I can see all the scenery along the way.Getting around in Seattle is not too hard if you can converse with bus drivers. Taking the bus saves you from trying to figure out the highways there.

  • Having a car gives you the...

    Having a car gives you the most flexibility when visiting Washington state. If it weren't for a car, my family wouldn't have been able to get up to Washington Pass on the North Cascades Highway. It's such an amazing area, I couldn't imagine not being able to access it! (hint hint) ;)

  • Public Transportation is...

    Public Transportation is awesome in Seattle. For bus schedules visit here http://transit.metrokc.gov/bus/area_maps/regional.html or http://www.mybus.org

  • If you enjoy bicyling, Orting...

    If you enjoy bicyling, Orting WA is the place to be. Located outside of Puyallup, WA, the Orting trail is well known to locals. It has about 5 miles of level, paved trails to walk, bike, or skate. And if you're on a mountain bike, you can take advantage of the connecting 6-8 miles of trail.

  • Bicycle enthusists will find...

    Bicycle enthusists will find the trail between Raymond, WA and South Bend easy to navigate. It's aproximately 3 to 4 miles long, (7 mile roundtrip) with only moderate hills. You'll bike/walk along the water and be up close to nature, also catch a glimpse of the local residents and businesses.Coming into Raymond, find the farmers market area,...

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