Washington State Warnings and Dangers

  • Danger: the Squirrels are Wild Animals
    Danger: the Squirrels are Wild Animals
    by glabah
  • Warnings and Dangers
    by Pockypuppy12
  • Boat Ramp End becomes Muddy Creek Bottom
    Boat Ramp End becomes Muddy Creek Bottom
    by glabah

Washington State Warnings and Dangers

  • Beggars / Panhandlers / Homeless

    Seattle Warnings and Dangers

    There are so many social services that are taxpayer funded in Seattle, such as very nice apartment complexes built to house "chronic public inebriates," food kitchens, shelters, etc.. Also, a small but loud contingent of homeless choose to live in tent cities that the city basically "tolerates" due to intense political pressures from far-left...

  • Parking

    Seattle Warnings and Dangers

    Today, I received a $44 parking ticket on "The Ave" by UW while at the paying station paying for my ticket! I was having problems with the credit card, then realizing it didn't take Discover Card... so it took me a little longer while looking for another card. I turned and saw an officer placing a ticket on my windshield. My car was running with my...

  • Downtown Seattle

    Seattle Warnings and Dangers

    While I realized that Seattle is a big city but I was surprized that it fit my expectations of New York City. Perhaps coming from a small town I really had no idea. The city was very busy. There is the feel that everyone is trying to work, and make the american dream while other areas feel like you have been at the fair 6 hours past your ready to...

  • Be Aware

    Seattle Warnings and Dangers

    We rented a car and got to Seattle's streets straight away. Our Magellean (GPS device) was a huge help in navigating Seattle's winding and crazy streets! Half the time it seemed lots of major intersections were undergoing construction. Much needed on some streets like near Broad St. where the roads are more uneven then some of the roads here in...

  • Traffic

    Seattle Warnings and Dangers

    Interstate 5 is apparently the main traffic artery for Seattle. When I was up in the Space Needle I could see the commuter's traffic jam on I-5 and the TV reporter in the helicopter reporting on it. We did have some folks in the course who were commuting from the Olympic penninsula by car. It was fortunate in a way that I did not have a car, so...

  • Pedestrians

    Seattle Warnings and Dangers

    $42 fine I belive I heard a Seattle cop shout out. So do take care when crossing the road and check there is NO POLICE if you choose to cross on red. Those police badges can be seen in Seattle's police musuem

  • Local Wildlife

    Seattle Warnings and Dangers

    Geese! Well, the geese themselves are not the problem... it's what they leave behind. Seattle is home to a very large transient population of Canada geese, which flock to freshwater lakes. In season, popular lakeshore areas such as Green Lake and Madison Beach Park are covered in -- well, you know. Although some local agencies have started taking...

  • Seattle Center

    Seattle Warnings and Dangers

    I'm warning you that if you eat in the Seattle space needle you will pay for it! I would estimate that the cost was 3 or 4 times as much as you would pay if you were on the ground. However, the view is excellent. Try to dress nice also.

  • National/Local - Parks/Gardens

    Seattle Warnings and Dangers

    In late May the mountains are still very cold, with rain, sleet, snow, and fog as we climbed the slippery roads. Be prepared if you are hiking up Mt. Rainier (of course there is no cell phone reception, as we found out later).

  • watch the tides

    The Olympic Peninsula has massive tides and you need to pay attention to them when walking on the beaches there. This can be as simple as checking the tide charts at the Visitor Center so that you can be on the beach when the tides have just gone out, the optimal time for exploring tide-pools. But the more important thing to remember is that as...

  • Gangs in Spokane

    Not to alarm anyone, but the gang presence in Spokane seems to be pretty big. (Either that, or the city just doesn't want to clean off the gang graffiti). The majority of the graffiti I found was mostly along the Centennial Trail area near I-90; up on the railroad trestles and along the road bridges. I never ran into any problems; and I hardly saw...

  • Sandy Beaches?

    If your looking for sandy beaches this may not be the place! LOL! Most of Washingtons beaches need a good pair of water proof sandals, due to all the rocks and lovely barnacles, but the beaches still offer breath taking views.

  • Mountain Goats like sweaty Packs!!

    Hike or climb in the Olympics and/or Cascades long enough and you will meet the mountain goats. They are beautiful creatures - even the carbound will have a good opportunity to see these animals at the road's end on Hurricane Ridge - road south out of Port Angeles on the north edge of Olympic National Park.

  • If for some reason you go to...

    If for some reason you go to Pullman Washington, don't wear anything with purple and gold colors. They'll think you're a UW Huskey and an angry torch-bearing (and perhaps somewhat intoxicated) mob will chase you all the way back to Spokane!

  • If you decide to visit Mt....

    If you decide to visit Mt. Ranier. Be careful of the snow patches and watch the roads real careful. You never know when the path in the mountain will end and be a drop off cliff. Watch the weather real close in case of big ice or snow storms passing through the mountainous areas. Dont get up in the Mountain and not be able to get back out.

  • You never know when is the BIG...

    You never know when is the BIG one going to hit. I already experienced their Feb 18 2001 earthquake.

  • The Olympic National Forest...

    The Olympic National Forest hosts a large population of wild black bear, so be careful. Store your food on a bear wire at night, and keep a clean camp at all times. Pack it in, pack it out - that's the Washingtonian way!

  • While hiking in the back...

    While hiking in the back country beware of Bears,while it is unusual to come upon one they are out there so hang your food away from the site if camping.You will enjoy the wildlife more if you think of the dangers.

  • Washington requires you to...

    Washington requires you to have a 'Northwest Forest Pass' displayed on your car if you park near trail heads. Single day passes cost $5 and can be purchased at ranger stations. I know $5 sounds steep for just walking through the woods, but it's not too bad if you get a yearly pass for $30. Mt. St. Helen's requires the pass to park anywhere in the...

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Washington State Warnings and Dangers

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