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  • White Fronted Geese fly across Refuge Trail
    White Fronted Geese fly across Refuge...
    by glabah
  • Killdeer perched on Railroad Track, Wm Clark Park
    Killdeer perched on Railroad Track, Wm...
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  • Western Kingbird in Tree along River
    Western Kingbird in Tree along River
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Washougal Things to Do

  • Cape Horn: Highway 14 Overlook

    There is a very small pull-out on Highway 14 at Cape Horn. It provides a great view of the Columbia River Gorge, but it is only accessible going eastbound, and it is so narrow and close to traffic that anyone in any vehicle wider than a standard auto will have trouble getting out of their car here.It is much better to walk the extra little ways and...

  • Steigerwald Lake National Wildlife...

    Update: March 29, 2013: The refuge main entrance after the fire last August destroyed the boardwalk closest to the entrance. New additions to the refuge include a dry erase board mounted to the restroom building for wildlife sightings.Located on the east side of Washougal, between the town itself and the entrance to the Columbia River gorge, this...

  • Cape Horn: Scenic Overlook of Columbia...

    There are several different viewpoints at the large rock called "Cape Horn" but one of the most scenic, and one of the lesser known ones, is available to anyone that can walk about 3/4 of a mile downhill, and then walk back.This was the sight of a bitter land use conflict for many years, when a large house was constructed at the site without the...

  • Tour of Pendleton Woolen Mills

    Having a base in the Pacific Northwest since 1863, Pendleton Woolen Mills is now a fairly good sized corporation, though it is still family owned by the same family that purchased the company around 1912.At that time, not only did the current owners purchase Pendleton Woolen Mills, but they also purchased this fairly new woolen mill that had been...

  • Steamboat Landing Park

    While located well outside the Vancouver city limits, this little park is listed on the city of Vancouver's web site as part of their parks system.A large portion of the park is a dedicated parking area for those fishing from the floating walkway over the Columbia River. You will find that this is a very popular location for fishing, and thus the...

  • Captain William Clark Park

    Running along the Columbia River in Washougal's industrial area, this park has several reservable picnic areas, and in the summer beaches are exposed due to the low river level. This makes it a popular location for swimming and other local family outings. The Columbia River Dike Trail runs through the entrance area to the park.A few of the trails...

  • Parkersville 1 not much left of historic...

    With a long running history going back to the days of Native American communities along the Columbia River, what came to be called Parkersville had several other names before it became known by that name. It was documented by the Lewis & Clark expeditions, but even before then was noted by British explorers that ventured up the river by...

  • Parkersville 2: Boat Ramp and Marina...

    A huge portion of what was once Parkersville is now a gravel parking lot that serves the boat ramp and marina complex operated by the Port of Camas - Washougal. It will be somewhat disappointing if you are expecting the park to live up to the indicators that say this as a site of significant interest for history in the region, as there really isn't...

  • Columbia River Dike Trail

    Running along the banks of the Columbia River is a berm of earth that is supposed to help prevent flooding of the land when the river runs a bit full. Flooding along the Columbia used to be a very common occurance, and caused much damage and occasional loss of life over the history of settlement along its banks. Thus, the construction of the...

  • Woolen Wonders

    Pedleton Woolen MillsCome take a guided tour through the woolen mill. It really is interesting.The free tour takes you from the dye house to spinning and weaving rooms and then to the finishing room. The blankets are absolutely beautiful.Tours meet at the Mill Store.Tours are Monday thru Friday at9:00,10:00, 11:00, & 1:30

  • A look into the past

    This little museum has been around for about 20 years and a new addition added in 2001.It is a source of information about the local area and has many artifacts. Each August the museum sponsers Two Rivers Heritage Day with displays and demonstrations.

  • Swim, Fish,Raft,Enjoy

    Washougal River is a great place to swim,fish or raft in the lazy days of summer.At the lower end you can wade or swim at any of the swiming holes along the winding river road. As you drive further up there is plenty of fish to attempt to catch. Ok sometimes they just swim along and laugh at you.Further up are the falls and just below is a fun...


Washougal Hotels

Washougal Restaurants

  • Breakfast to Brunch, Open Early, Artwork...

    First, a warning: this is not an easy place to find if you are coming at it from the west. The building is a joint structure shared with E Street Automotive, and they dominate the west side of the building. The east side of the building is more obviously a restaurant, but is somewhat blocked by the various signs at E Street Automotive.This...

  • Excellent and Popular Mexican in Two...

    The old route of highway 14 goes through both downtown Washougal and Camas. Even then, Washougal doesn't have that many restaurants out in the open. There are the usual assortment of cozy but dive-looking bars and taverns, and a few scattered restaurants, but not a huge number of them.Los Dos Compadres is an exception, and the fact that this is a...

  • Large Helpings of Chinese Food

    I actually just happened across this place (it is one of the few restaurants in the tiny area that makes up downtown Washougal) but was quite pleased with the food.As it turns out, this is one of the few places in Washougal that have had a Virtualtourist Entry. Therefore, I would direct you to TheCat'sMeow's tip about this restaurant, called...

  • Chinese food that more then the locals...

    The Chinese Cafe has been around for years. Not only do they have a great selection but the servings are huge. We always have leftovers. With fast and friendly service usually this is a nice stop for dinner. Beware if you decide to go on a friday or saturday as it is a very small place and can get rather crowded thus causing a wait. If this is the...

  • Mexican with flare

    CLOSED 2006 This is another little hole in the wall but they have decided to make it standout by painting the back orange with a logo.Once inside you are greeted by the host who is delightful. the furniture is all old and hodge podge and it just adds to the charm. They always start you off with the chips and salsa but be careful. They make thier...

  • One Bite and We've Got You

    OK I have to admit that for some reason Jett Burgers address is a Camas address but it is in Washougal truely. The line between our two cities must have been formed by some extremely drunk folks way back when as it is all over the place. Ok that said I am still calling it a Washougal restaurant. Jett Burger is a great place to go for a genuine hand...


Washougal Shopping

  • Woolen Mill Goods and Crafts

    Today when you see a "factory outlet store" it is almost always just another chain store without anything really special in it - the same stuff you can find anywhere.This is not the case of the Pendleton Woolen Mills factory stores, as they are either located inside the old mill facilities, or in the case of the store in Washougal located as part...

  • Washougal woolen goods

    This store is located right next to the mill. It has clothes for men and women that are maade right here. The store also has some seconds and very discounted items. But the real reason I like this store is because you can buy some of the absolutely most beautiful wool blankets at a great price. The most well known are Pendletons woollen indian...

  • Washougal Hotels

    1 Hotels in Washougal

Washougal Warnings and Dangers

  • No Train Horns at Railway Crossings in...

    For the most part, efforts at eliminating the sound of train horns from trains going through Washougal has been eliminated.This is much more pleasant for the residents, as several years ago the Federal Railroad Administration tightened the restrictions on trains sounding horns at crossings. Horns were required to be louder, and horn blowing coming...

  • Rocky River Bottoms

    If you decide to enjoy the water be sure to bring watersocks or sandels. There are some very sharp stones along the rivers and some broken glass that careless people have left about.

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Washougal What to Pack

  • glabah's Profile Photo

    Telephoto Equipment and Insect Repellant

    by glabah Updated Apr 18, 2011

    Clothing/Shoes/Weather Gear: If it is a hot day, the wildlife refuge and dike trail are very warm, and be prepared for that. A sun hat or some similar item to keep the sun off of your face and neck may be warranted, but may also scare some of the wildlife away.

    At the same time, there is also a good chance of there being a cold wind blowing here, and the temperatures being quite a bit lower than in downtown Portland or Vancouver. Thus, be prepared for this possibility as well.

    Photo Equipment: Due to the distance at which many of the animals are from public trails or viewpoints, telephoto equipment (not just camera lenses, but also binoculars, spotting scopes, etc.) will be very helpful. Only certain veiew points have permanent spotting scopes available.

    Please see my Telephoto Equipment Tip which is located at

    Camping/Beach/Outdoor Gear: INSECT REPELLANT is highly recommended if you visit in the summer months, as the mosquitos during certain years have been ferocious.

    Miscellaneous: If you are visiting the Pendleton Woolen Mills store, remember that cameras and cell phones are not allowed at all on the tour, and it would be best to have somewhere to keep your stuff while you are on the tour.

    Whats That Out There? Telephoto Equipment Helpful!
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Washougal Off The Beaten Path

  • Washougal River Greenway Trail

    As it crosses the river this trail actually hits both Washougal and Camas. However, currently the majority of the trail is located in Washougal and so that is where I will start.The primary parking area for this trail and small part associated with it is located west of downtown Washougal, at the intersection of NE Yale Street and NE 2nd Avenue.The...

  • The Art Trail and All That

    When the Steigerwald Lake National Wildlife Refuge opened its trail to the public in June of 2009, it was announced that as time, funding and energy became available artwork would be installed along the trail, designed to remind people that this was the home of wildlife, the delicate balance of life here, and that essentially visitors are guests in...

  • Steamboat Landing to Downtown Tunnel

    Completed in early 2010, a new tunnel under Highway 14 now connects Steamboat Landing Park with downtown Washougal. This makes it much easier and safer for those visiting downtown to visit the relaxing recreational areas along the Columbia River, or continue eastward on the Columbia Dike Trail to Captain William Clark Park or all the way to the...


Washougal Sports & Outdoors

  • thecatsmeow's Profile Photo

    Motocross fans delight

    by thecatsmeow Written Jun 3, 2003

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Motocross racing on an awesome track.
    I started watching this incredible sport about 20 years ago and still find it exciting. I even went out to the track and rode with some friends. Once was enough. Very rough on the body. It is really fun to go watch the finals in August. If you go get there early and hike up the hill there is shade up there and a big old water pipe to sit on.

    Equipment: This is a sport that you either are a spectator or you already have all the gear you need.

    up above the track
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Washougal Favorites

  • oneonta_ni's Profile Photo

    There is not much to the town...

    by oneonta_ni Written Oct 4, 2002

    Favorite thing: There is not much to the town but the reason I visit as often as possible is the Pendleton Woolen Mills outlet. Pendleton has moved most of its clothing manufacture outside of Oregon and Washington now but still make the gorgeous wool blankets in Washougal. You can tour the factory and see how they are made (interesting to do once) and also get some great bargains in the shop. They sell men's and women's clothing, blankets and fabric. I love to get the fabric to make my own clothes and this time I was able to get pure new wool for a dollar a yard! They usually have good bargains on clothing, too.

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