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  • Kites as far as the Eye can See (today? - not far)
    Kites as far as the Eye can See (today?...
    by glabah
  • Surf Scoter prepares to Dive into Waves
    Surf Scoter prepares to Dive into Waves
    by glabah
  • Plaque Dedicating the Memorial to Those Lost
    Plaque Dedicating the Memorial to Those...
    by glabah

Westport Things to Do

  • Bird Watching in Westport

    To really get a good feel for what birds show up on a regular basis in Westport, and where they tend to be, it is really necessary to spend an entire year there and just see what comes in. Gray's Harbor in general is one of the last remaining places in the Pacific Northwest that has good tideflats for the huge shore bird migration, and thus certain...

  • Westport Arts Festival

    Not to be confused with similar named festivals in several cities of the same name in other parts of the USA, the Westport Arts Festival happens every year in downtown Westport, mostly along the waterfront. The show is juried, so that it isn't just anyone that shows up to do this show. The event varies from year to year, but it is generally held in...

  • Westport Windrider's Annual Kite...

    Further south, the Long Beach Kite Festival is very well known. However, Westport also has an annual kite festival which has been going for over 20 years (it has slowly become a bit more organized so that the early events were not well documented, apparently). It isn't quite as crowded as the one at Long Beach (at least not yet), doesn't seem to...

  • Westport Light Trail

    Starting at the far north end of town, at the base of the Viewing Tower, the Westport Light Trail is a paved trail that follows the beach west, and then slightly south of town to the Westport lighthouse. The trail connects Westhaven State Park with downtown Westport as well.Along the way, there are a number of benches along the trail, and virtually...

  • Various Boat Trips, including Very...

    It takes a special breed to survive on the west side of the Olympic Peninsula, and naturally it takes a special breed to survive the tourist boat industry here. Generally, it also takes a special type of tourist to enjoy some of the trips that are going to be on offer out of Westport.Quite a variety of different types of tours are available in...

  • The Observation Tower: An Invader from...

    So, after snidely implying that Ocean Shores, across Gray's Harbor from Westport, really looks like it belongs in another state, or maybe another planet, I write about the Observation Tower. This is a Westport creation that really does look like it belongs on another planet, or another galaxy, or at the least a cartoon about the future (Maybe "Duck...

  • Westport Maritine Museum

    Destruction Island LensDestruction Island is located forty miles north of Grays Harbor on the Washington Coast. Its lighthouse, first lit in 1891, has been an important aid to navigation for mariners transiting the Pacific coastline for over one hundred years. The crews of early sailing vessels, tug boats, log ships, fishing boats and pleasure...

  • Grays Harbor Lighthouse

    Take advantage of your visit with us to see the 109 year old Grays Harbor Lighthouse from the viewing platform. This is the tallest lighthouse on the Washington Coast. We participate in the U.S. Lighthouse Society's Passport program and visitors can get their passport stamped at the Lighthouse.Lighthouse ScheduleOctober - NovemberFebruary -...

  • Westport town fun to explore

    The town of Westport is fun to explore. We walked along the main street facing the harbour. Little shops to explore. Lots of places to stop for a bite or ice cream. Great souvenir shop on the pier. Went to a place for fish and chips, but I cannot remember the name of it. It was good.


Westport Hotels

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Westport Restaurants

  • sinjabc's Profile Photo

    by sinjabc Written Aug 20, 2006

    We had been scoping out this restaurant for days. We wondered if the locals went here. We tried it the last night before we were returning home. The parking lot had a decent amount of vehicles in it.

    The Mexican food turned out to be fantastic! The margaritas were delicious! I had an enchillada entree that exceeded my expectations.

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Westport Transportation

  • Public Transit to Westport

    Gray's Harbor Transit bus routes 55 and 56 serve the Westport area several times per day from the Aberdeen area, and connections in Aberdeen provide a link to Olympia and from there pretty much anywhere that has public transit service of some sort.Care must be taken in reading the timetables. Bus route 55 operates from Hoquiam through Aberdeen to...

  • Westport to Ocean Shores Ferry is CLOSED

    In April of 2008, the Ocean Shores to Westport ferry, which saved over an hour drive all the way around Gray's Harbor to get between the two cities, closed.More details are below, but the fact is money has not been found to solve the Ocean Shores marina problem.Thus, no ferry between the two.

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Westport Warnings and Dangers

  • High seas! Lol

    Do yourself a favor, do not risk ruining your trip by getting seasick, get yourself some dramamine. Even the deckhands get sick on the Pacific. I did not take this picture from a fly bridge! Long rolls...

  • Warnings from Above: Coast Guard Tower...

    The tallest structure in Westport that has any sort of habitable piece to it is the Coast Guard tower that acts sort of like a lighthouse to the surrounding boat traffic, and helps those on the beach as well by giving a good idea of Ocean conditions.The tower displays a flag during the day, and a colored light in the glassed-in part of the...

  • Heavy Surf, Rocks Uneven, Don't Get...

    There are quite a number of potential hazards with the waves and large rocks that make up the breakwater and the sea wall at Westport.Now, there is no specific rules stating that you have to be sane and that you need to keep from killing yourself on the rocks. As seen on the sign in the first photo: you are welcome to go out on the rocks and get...


Westport What to Pack

  • Jutsuka's Profile Photo

    by Jutsuka Written Sep 24, 2003

    Luggage and bags: We brought a medium sized cooler and claimed some space under one of the seats. This held our lunch, sodas, and a couple of cold one's. Everyone on the boat brought there favorite form of cracker, seemed to be the snack of the day. The boat supplied coffee.

    Clothing/Shoes/Weather Gear: Bring sneakers you don't mind getting wet/filthy or better yet some rubber boots. Best thing to do is wear layers, try a bathing suit under some rain gear. Bring a change of clothes to leave in the car. Fish are being brought in on the deck constantly and in order for the crew to keep things clean, they sometimes leave a hose running water across the deck. You might want to bring a plastic bag for the wet, fish bait riddled gear.

    Toiletries and Medical Supplies: DRAMAMINE. I have seen plenty of hero's puking on light seas, don't take the risk, it is NOT worth it.

    Sunblock if it's the middle of the summer. Sunlight reflecting off of the Ocean tends to burn places on your face that seem to never get sun.

    Photo Equipment: You are not going to have time break out the photo bag, bring something simple to use and easy to carry for those last second photo ops. Everyone will have there line in the water. Also, when someone yells "fish on!" the crewmemembers run t your aid with a net and help you run around the boat, under and over the other lines in order to follow the fight. The key here is quantity, you can omit the bad photo's later

    Miscellaneous: I would recommend a baseball cap and/or at least a pair of cheap sunglasses.

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Westport Off The Beaten Path

  • Fisherman's Memorial

    According to the plaque on the side of the monument, it is dedicated to "Memory of All Mariners Lost at Sea".This memorial is a bit out of the way as it is located at the very end of the public roads in Westport. To get here, head through the main part of downtown, and when you reach the furthest north you can go past the marina and get to the...

  • Narrow and Somewhat Hidden Walkway to...

    Wandering along the north side of the Westport Marina, it is possible to find your way out to the very end of the wooden breakwater at the entrance to the marina. This pathway takes you along a floating section of the marina and over a wooden bridge to a very narrow walkway on top of pilings.The publicly accessible part of this walking route is a...

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

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