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    Trolley wanders through Old Residential...
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Yakima Things to Do

  • Yakima Area Arboretum

    One of the area's most cultivated parks, the Yakima Area Arboretum is an extremely popular place for weddings. It is dominated by open grassland with a very wide assortment of trees and plants, broken up into display gardens. Attempts are made to label every major plant, but sometimes the labels get stolen. If a tag is missing, a temporary tag is...

  • Yakima Trolley

    Like many cities, Yakima once had an extensive set of trolley lines that connected it with a few surrounding areas. By the late 1940s, passenger service on these lines ceased to exist.However, by nearly complete accident, the lines continued to remain operating as an electric freight railroad. With no real reason to modernize, the antique electric...

  • Yakima Sportsman State Park

    First, a bit of a warning: As Yakima Sportsman State Park is a state park, it is required that you have a day pass or annual state parks pass (called a Discover Pass) to visit the state park here, or if you camp in the park your day pass is your camping receipt.The web site for the state park is listed at the bottom of this tip.This state park is...

  • The 12th Avenue Massage Clinic

    T hey advertise themselves as the best massage in Yakima and they possibly are right. My sister friend Dar had organized a massage for me, after my long schlepp from Miami to yakima via Seattle. There are four massage therapists on staff and Jodie did a very good massage and felt very much rejuvenated.Facials in paris, of courseEach time i am in...

  • The Browning of America

    it was surprised to see a thriving mexican community here in , then I realized that this valley is fertile and full of agricultural enterprises and the mexicans had come to work here. there are filipinos who came before the second world war. and of course there are the Indians . it is not unusual to see filipino indian and mexican indian children....

  • autumn colours

    During the first week of November there were still fading colours of the autumn. i was told that the place was radiant just a few days back.. so it must be good to come in october to this place

  • old nursing school

    this is st elizabeth nursing school. this building was the school and the dormitory of the nursing school. it was a little eery walking around and peering at the pictures of the graduates. Imagine the ones who graduated in the 1910s.. nearly one hundred years ago.. it must be fascinating for their descendants. by 1940s one could see filipinas and...

  • visiting the old part of Yakima Town

    This area was not the original Yakima central but Yakima North but slowly this became the center of the town

  • Hiking in the desert

    There are a lot of trails in the hills around Yakima. Find one of the many outdoorsy stores and pick up and a trail guide before heading out.


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Yakima Restaurants

  • Pretty Good Value for the Amount of Food

    With an amazing set of tile work and other color inside this place, this place definitely puts on a Mexican show. The customers, perhaps 50% or more of whom I heard speaking Spanish, seem to like it here as well, so perhaps it isn't just show. It seems to be an extremely popular place.I found the food (vegetarian burrito for $10) to be a reasonably...

  • Just Ordinary "Indian" Food

    To call generic food from the subcontinent of India, "Indian", is to call Albanian food, European Food! food from one particular region of India, usually cooked by people from another region and in many cases from another country, is presented to the european and american palates as Indian Food: usually tasteless, with mild flavours hiding the rich...

  • a very ordinary Restaurant

    To call this an Italian establishment would be an insult to the Italian people and their palates. Ordinary place serving very ordinary food. I had a half selection of Oriental Pasta and the other half of Vegetables with a nice slice of foccacia.Felt very sleepy afterwards, something in the manufacture of the Pasta I am certain..

  • mexican restaurant at greyhound bus...

    at least they are honest, they call it mexican american food rather than calling it mexican. and the location is unfortunate in that there is the connotation of greyhound bus passengers.. usa is thought of as glamourous and glorious outside the country, to the first time visitors i recommend a short or long greyhound bus journey and they will see...

  • give this a miss

    The appearance of the girls behind the counter did not give any confidence about the quality of the coffee and in fact it was one of the worst capuccinos. and their attitudes were impossible to match, with no service to attest to it.. and not their fault, the bagels were a doughy constitution which must have had at least 500 calories, so one...

  • Reasonable Thai Food

    The ambience was generic. the decor downright out of Walmart ideas on decorations.the service was good and unintrusive. it was nice to see lots of families eating together. total absence of asians, hopefully the chef is not mexican ( as it happened to be at a thai restaurant in LIncoln, Nebraska) Pad Thai GoongShrimp in hot sauceAubergines with...

  • 1950s style ice cream parlor

    A cute place to go for a chili dog and milk shake. Don't you just love it when they make the shake in one of the authentic steel mixing containers - and then after they pour the shake into a glass, they give you the entire container to enjoy? This authentic Soda Fountain is an annex at the Yakima Valley Museum.

  • Classic Mexicana

    Hearty Mex-american food here, fresh and well-prepared. My friends Dmitri and Bettony had their wedding rehearsal dinner here. Their seafood dishes are really excellent - some of the best Mexican I've ever had.

  • Classic Americana

    A Genuine piece of Americana - not a "faux nostalgia diner" but the authentic thing. The kind of place where the waitress is named "Lou" and she calls you "honey".


Yakima Nightlife

  • Local Microbrew with National Reputation

    Grant's makes some fine beers, but I think there are better microbreweries in the Pacific Northwest. (Check out the DesChutes brewery in Bend OR.) I am not completely enamoured of the range of beers that Grant's brews. Some of them just don't seem very palatable to me - of course, I'm just one beer drinker. I do like their I.P.A., and their has...

  • Meet Yakima's Hipsters Here

    Bob's Keg and Cork is a wonderful Wine Bar and Beer Pub in downtown Yakima. Their selection of locally produced beverages is very impressive. After all, the Yakima Valley is both a significant wine-producing region, AND one of the most bountiful and blessed hop producing areas in the entire world. The atmosphere inside Bob's is convivial and...

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Yakima Transportation

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    Ground Transportation from SEA TAC

    by cochinjew Written Oct 19, 2006

    There is an Airporter Shuttle that leaves Seattle Tacoma Airport in Seattle to Yakima. It carries only about 10 passengers so reservations before hand is advised in case of an emergency ( such as a flight being cancelled to Yakima, which happens frequently ).
    Leaves Sea Tac Airport at 11 am, 2 pm, 5 pm and 11 pm. The return trips are : from yakima air terminal or Howard Johnson Plaza right downtown at 6 am, 8 am, 11 am, 5 pm
    you can make internet bookings up to 24 hours in advance. The one way fare is 38.50 usd and the trip takes about three hours with one rest stop at Cle Elum.

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Yakima Warnings and Dangers

  • dont book your flight in the morning

    Yakima lies in a valley and there is dense fog many of the mornings and it is not unusual for hte morning flights to be cancelled. the six am flight is usually cancelled on foggy days and then the night flights may not arrive because of the fog. the bus is a ten seater so they may not be able to accomodate you. so it is best to fly to seattle and...

  • Remember - it's a desert!

    If you go hiking in the summer, why not go early in the morning, before the sun rises to its full height. There's not much shade out there. And do remember to hydrate!

  • Don't drink and drive. On the...

    Don't drink and drive. On the freeways abound the town do not speed because they well nail you. In Union Gap don't dare speed a single mile an hour in the school areas. There are certain neighborhoods I'd avoid like most towns. Actually crime is not to bad here. The local people think it is because the papers report everything that happens. That...


Yakima Off The Beaten Path

  • Yakama Indian Reservation

    Yakima is named after the confederation of Yakama tribes which inhabited this area before the arrival of the europeans.Their very large reservation with mountains, forests and salmon hatcheries are a very short twenty minutes away. There is also a cultural museum and a very well stocked library at the reservation.

  • Yakima County Jail

    The Yakima County Jail is nothing if not austere - but it does its job without being a complete blot upon its neighborhood. Architecturally, it's quite an interesting building.

  • 30 Foot drop

    You can actualy jump off the cliffs along this river or float for a few miles. Great way to cool off during the sumer.


Yakima Favorites

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  • Downtown Yakima

    It looks a little bleak here. It's very much a "western" town - as if everything is still tentative, and people aren't really sure whether or not they want to stay here. Unfortunately, downtown Yakima isn't much of a center. All the big retail development occurs out by the interstate in one of those boring stretches of malls and box stores that...

  • Great views of the Yakima River

    After climbing a little bit, you realize how far up you are, and how far down in the watershed below.

  • The Hills in June

    Early summer is a nice time to be around Yakima. It's before the summer heat has really set in. But on any excursion outdoors, you still want to make sure that you have plenty of water - in the hills there's no place to hide from the sun.


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