West Virginia Favorites

  • Green Sulphur Springs exit (143)
    Green Sulphur Springs exit (143)
    by grandmaR
  • Exit at White Suphur Springs just before VA
    Exit at White Suphur Springs just before...
    by grandmaR
  • Crossing the Kanawha River bridge to Nitro
    Crossing the Kanawha River bridge to...
    by grandmaR

West Virginia Favorites

  • Wheeling

    Wheeling was first settled by Colonel Ebenezer Zane and his brothers in 1769, when they came from the Potomac River Valley in eastern Virginia to establish a land claim. The area they settled is on a flat plain along the Ohio River, with steep hills rising up from the river valley. Other settlers soon followed. The early inhabitants built Fort...

  • Meet The Potomac & The Shenandoah!

    This is the second time I've seen the current of two bodies of water conjoining. The first was in Danmark where I saw the meeting currents of the North Sea and Skataget See. This time, it's the confluence of The Potomac River and The Shenandoah River. This is an awesome place! ...and I'm not even a nature lover! I don't know if it's just me or if...

  • No Wonder People Settled Here!

    Rail Bridge over the Shenandoah River. The countryside is wild and beautiful!Okay, to be perfectly honest, the area from Washington D.C. to Harpers Ferry West Virginia is the only part of W.V. that I've seen, as an adult. When I was a child I lived about four and a half hours south, In Norfolk VA. so I may have seen more of West Virginia then, but...

  • More History in Shepherstown

    Shepheredstown is along the route to Harpers Ferry. It is also a smallish town with a population of less than a thousand. It is old, actually the oldest town in West Virginia, it is full of history and because it has been protected and well preserved, it too is lovely and interesting. We stopped here to have lunch at the Yellow Brick Bank, a...

  • Morgantown

    With a population of about 114,500 in its metropolitan area, Morgantown is the largest city in north-central West Virginia. Morgantown is most famous for its Morgantown Personal Rapid Transit system, which was built by the United States Department of Transportation in the 1970s as an experimental form of rapid transit. Nowadays, the system has five...

  • Charleston

    The city that would one day become Charleston began in 1787 by the establishment of Fort Lee at the strategic confluence of the Kanahwa and Elk rivers. The fort was built by Colonel George Clendenin and his company of Virginia Rangers. The small settlement that grew up around the fort was named Charles Town after Clendenin's father Charles. The...

  • Interstate 64

    I've driven through West Virginia on I-64 twice. It is a quite reasonable highway going from Kentucky to Virginia although part of it is a toll road.The towns along the way have very interesting names. Kenova is just over the Kentucky line at the meeting of the Big Sandy and Ohio Rivers, and then we skirt around Huntington on the Ohio River, then...

  • counties

    The beautiful state of WV is sliced up into 55 self-serving regions called counties.Most of the county names are in reference to famous local or national individuals and families.A few exceptions are:Mineral County..... for the rich mineral resources in the areaGreenbrier.... for the Greenbrier RiverWyoming County.... native american for "wide...

  • Charleston

    Charleston West Virginia is the capitol of the state, and is quite different from the other better known Charleston in South Carolina which is in the "Low Country" an has an altitude of only about 118 feet. Charleston WV is HIGH country at over 500 feet higherThe land on which Charleston was build sold to Col. George Clendenin in 1786 by the...

  • do not drive 55 on the interstates.....

    I am from New York and many of our interstate highways have 55 as the speed limit with a few recently changing to 65.If you try to do 55 or even 65 in West Virginia interstates, you are going to end up with a tractor trailer in your trunk (especially going downhill). I found that if I ran at about 76 I was staying even with the slow lane and not...

  • Don't drink to much the night before.

    Don't drink much the night before your trip. If you have a hang-over being on this river is the worst place to be. You get thrown around and the trip requires a lot of paddling. I am always tired and very sore after each trip.

  • Wet suit

    If you go in September of later in the yeay, you may want to rent a wetsuit. The water is always cold and if the day is cool, it is only worst when you get wet.I have never reserved a wetsuit, but it's probably a good idea.

  • State Food of WV is ILLEGAL in some...

    Admittedly, most folks think of beans and cornbread or grits and gravy and biscuits when they think of food and West Virginia. And we do have some pretty unique food items that are part of the state culture--ramps and pawpaws come to mind--that most folks don't know even know exist. But pepperoni rolls were actually born in this state. You probably...

  • West Virginia State Flag

    The West Virginia State Flag is a white field bordered in dark blue. In the center of the field is displayed the state coat of arms, a rock containing the date June 20, 1863, the day West Virginia became a state. Two men on either side of the rock represent farming and mining. Below them are two rifles with a "Liberty Cap" on top the rifles. A...

  • State Songs: Official and Unofficial

    West Virginia Hills Words by Mrs. Ellen King,Music by H. E. Engle1. Oh, the West Virginia hills! How majestic and how grand,With their summits bathed in glory, Like our Prince Immanuel's Land!Is it any wonder then, That my heart with rapture thrills,As I stand once more with loved ones On those West Virginia hills?CHORUS:Oh, the hills, beautiful...

  • West Virginia State Flower: ...

    The West Virginia State Flower is the Rhododendron (Rhododendron Maximum), one of the most elegant and showy of all flowering shrubs. The Rhododendron, sometimes called Big Laurel or Great Laurel, is an evergreen which grows and blooms naturally throught the Mountain State. It may be found in ravines, on shaded hillsides or any cool moist location,...

  • Mountaineer-A native of a mountainous...

    Probably because of the mountains, it wasn't until 1669, over 60 years after the settlement of Jamestown, that the expedition of John Lederer, a German physician in the employ of colonial governor William Berkeley reached the crest of the Blue Ridge Mountains and apparently become the first Europeans to see what is now West Virginia. And the first...

  • Fall Foliage

    The best time to see fall foliage in West Virginia is generally around the 2nd week in October, but weather conditions in August and September could make peak viewing a week earlier or later. Fall in West Virginia is very beautiful, and the weather is perfect, chilling to high 30's low 40's at night and in the mid to low 70's during the day, late...

  • I remember that HUNTINGTON was...

    I remember that HUNTINGTON was not really a beautiful place to go...very industrial.CHARLESTON was more pleasant and the Capitol worth an eye.The area around BECKLEY is much more scenic and the IS highway from here to White Sulphur Springs and the VA border is a beautiful drive (but hilly...) NONE

  • Visit the Covered Bridge in...

    Visit the Covered Bridge in Philippi, which on June 3, 1861 was the site of the first land battle of the Civil War.

  • ED.TURNER's General Tip

    A most beautiful city, HUNNINGTON, was our overnight residence. I experienced trouble with my car battery, went to Wal-Mart to get a tool. Not sure which one I needed, the clerk told me to take several to be sure I got the right one then come back and pay. Can not remember the motel but really nice people. We had supper at Applebee's near the...

  • Drive US 60 across the state. ...

    Drive US 60 across the state. It is the old Midland Trail and has spectacular scenery and interesting towns and cities. White Sulphur Springs and Lewisburg are charmers. My fondest memory of West Virginia was sitting on Fort Hill across the Kanawha River from downtown Charleston and seeing the skyline of the city at night. Charleston is a very...

  • While I've spent time in West...

    While I've spent time in West Virginia mtn biking, climbing, & briefly hiking during my 'Thru Hike' of the Appalachian Trail, I can say my greatest times have been whitewater kayaking on the New and Gauley Rivers. If you don't kayak, definitely take a commercial raft trip on one of these rivers! The beauty and excitement are well worth it. This...

  • Go to Twin Falls State Park,...

    Go to Twin Falls State Park, located in Wyoming County. There you will see beautiful deer. Or visit R.D. Bailey Lake to fish, boat or just to camp out. My best memory of West Virginia is when we had moved from Florida back home. Seeing the rolling hills of WV seemed to embrace me and say 'Welcome Home!'

  • Drive the old roads through...

    Drive the old roads through these winding hills and try not to get lost! Go durning the fall colors! Imagine what it was like for the folks who moved into these places when it was virgin territory! Oh my, if you look at it this way you might just go around the next turn and have found your lil' bit of heaven here on earth. An old slogan for the...

  • photobf's General Tip

    I found it amazing that people would just sit on a couch out on their porches, and watch the dirt road....

  • Every year in October they...

    Every year in October they have 'Bridge Day' on the New River Gorge Bridge. They shut down one side of the bridge to cars and open it up to BASE jumpers!They also sell arts & crafts, food and raft under the bridge. It's a fun, if odd day.

  • See a performance of 'Mountain...

    See a performance of 'Mountain Stage'. This is a weekly NPR radio show taped at the cultural center at the capitol. Seeing the 'Welcome to Ohio' sign. This means I was out of the state.

  • naturechica's General Tip

    One of my fondest memories of West Virginia would have to be the time that a very dear friend and I went for a weekend get away. It was during the month of April. We drove all over Pocahontas County and the Richwood area(all over really) just taking in all the natural beauty of this fine state and checking water levels of little creeks(for an up...

  • Forget all the jokes you've...

    Forget all the jokes you've heard about brothers and sisters marrying each other and running into locals with only one tooth. Those people may exist, but the state truly is, as they say, wild and wonderful. You can lose yourself in the countryside up in the region near the panhandle. In the fall the trees change colors dramatically, there are deer,...

  • Brinkolas's General Tip

    The best place that I like to go when we go camping is this little alcove Iland where a river crosses the hiking trail. This is usually where my family stops to eat and rest and where I go galyvanting upstream on the massive bolders that were broght down from the mountains by the glaciers.

  • ... look around. The scenery...

    ... look around. The scenery is beautiful and the people aren't like any kind of people you'll meet anywhere else, they're incredibly friendly. The small town is the best part of WV. Sometimes you'll be passing through miles of nothing but woods and mountains and suddenly you'll come across a small town (or maybe a string of small towns) with a...

  • Try the skiing in the...

    Try the skiing in the winter-they are still skiing with a good base. Pipstem is on of the most popular in the souithern area. the area around Summersville is really good too. They have a lake near Summersville that is drained every fall and then filled the spring. It is a resevoir which was actually created over an old town. The lake drains into...

  • You must see the mountains in...

    You must see the mountains in the fall- the foliage is breath-taking- I know this is not a fall picture- I did not make it this year. It is actually the first time I have been in the mountains of WV this far south in the winter. This is just outside of Bluefield which is very close to Virginia border. This area has skiiing in the winter and rafting...

  • I live here. The Greenbrier to...

    I live here. The Greenbrier to impress, Pendleton co. and Spruce Knob to show them real eastern beauty. Those view from our mts. Green trees and grass. The West is unique but I am always glad to see my blue-green mts.

  • Bring your bike! This is the...

    Bring your bike! This is the best part of West Virginia as far as I am concerned. The Scenery! by far! Mountains, Valleys, Greens, streams. If you like Mountain Scenery, you will love West Virginia!


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