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  • Harpers Ferry from Maryland Heights Overlook
    Harpers Ferry from Maryland Heights...
    by dln6874
  • High Street, Harpers Ferry
    High Street, Harpers Ferry
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Harpers Ferry Things to Do


    Harpers Ferry, lies on the confluence of the Poatamac and Shanandoah Rivers and is famous for John Browns Raid back in 1859 but once you have wandered around the small town which is set up mostly for tourists, explore around Harpers Ferry and you will find many activities such as fishing, water sports such as camoeing, kayaking, tubing, swimming,...

  • Harpers Ferry and Environs An Overview

    Harpers Ferry is a wonderful travel destination. While other reviewers have gone into great detail as to every aspect of Harpers Ferry, this overview acquaints any traveler with the many activities to start an adventure.Harpers Ferry, located at the confluence of the Potomac and Shenandoah Rivers, had its beginnings in the mid 1700s when Robert...

  • Fresh Produce Around Harpers Ferry

    While Harpers Ferry National Historic Park is a destination for many, the surrounding area is also worth exploring for a you-pick experience for fresh produce.The summer of 2010 we visited Ridgefield Farm and Orchard during July to pick fresh flowers we brought back to our host's home we were staying at for a few weeks.In August 2010 we found The...

  • Harpers Ferry National Historical Park

    Harpers Ferry National Historical Park occupies land in West Virginia, Maryland, and Virginia at the confluence of the Shenandoah and Potomac Rivers. The park consists of 4,000 acres and hosts over a million visitors each year. The area was designated a National Monument in 1944, and in 1963 congress named the area a National Historical Park. In...

  • Potomac River - "The Nation's River"

    The Potomac River runs 383 miles from the West Virginia-Maryland border to the Chesapeake Bay south of Washington DC. Some of the major cities along the river include Harper's Ferry, WV; Washington, DC; Arlington, VA; and Alexandria, VA. The river forms part of the borders between Maryland and Virginia and between Washington DC and Virginia. At the...

  • Shenandoah River and Valley

    The Shenandoah River runs 150 miles through western Virginia from Port Republic into the Potomac at Harpers Ferry. The lowest 20 miles of the river are in West Virginia, while the rest of the river and its tributaries flow through Virginia. Around Front Royal, the Shenandoah is famous for Canoeing and the city of Front Royal was named by the...


    Four acres are set aside and serve as the town’s cemetery. The view to the Rivers below is sublime. Robert Harper’s grave - he had set up the first ferry here in 1747 - and some of his relatives, are buried in the lower section. One other prominent grave you might notice is that of a local kayaker, Tim Gavin. In his honor, a annual race on the...

  • Harpers Ferry National Historic Park

    The National Park Service has a good web site about the Harpers Ferry National Historic Park. And here on VT, Geoff Wright's page is perfectly dandy. Leave it to a Brit to make a great page about an American historical site!

  • John Brown's Raid

    In July 1859 John Brown, two of his sons, and others met in Maryland about seven miles from Harpers Ferry to begin creating an army and drafting plans to attack Harpers Ferry. They intended to seize the 100,000 rifles at he armory, then use them to arm slaves throughout Virginia. On October 16, 1859, Brown and his 21-man "Provisional Army of the...

  • Awesome Ghost Tours

    I had a great time doing the Ghost Tours. The lady who was our guide dressed in a really pretty hoop skirt and carried a candle lantern while she showed us around the historical district and told us about some of the strange things that have happened there. She was a very good story teller and knew a lot about town history. The sights are amazing,...

  • Harpers Ferry Battlefields & nearby...

    Just a year after the start of the American Civil War, Southern General Robert E. Lee began executing a plan to capture Washington and bring a quick end to the war. As Robert E. Lee's Confederate army invaded Maryland, a portion of his army under Maj. Gen. Thomas J. "Stonewall" Jackson surrounded the Union garrison at Harpers Ferry, Virginia (now...

  • Harpers Ferry Historic District

    While the National Historical Park includes most of the industrial areas and the old armory, the Harpers Ferry Historic District includes about 100 buildings of the Upper Town. Most of the these structures were built by the federal government from 1800 to 1837 as residences for the armory workers. In the late 1800s number of Victorian mansions were...


Harpers Ferry Hotels

  • Comfort Inn Harpers Ferry

    US 340 & Union St., Harpers Ferry, West Virginia, 25425, United States

    Satisfaction: Very Good

    Good for: Solo

  • Quality Hotel Conference Center

    4328 William L Wilson Fwy (formerly Cliffside Inn) Harpers Ferry, West Virginia 25425, United States

    Satisfaction: Average

    Good for: Couples

  • Cliffside Inn

    340 Keyes Gap Rd, Harpers Ferry, West Virginia, 25425, United States

    Satisfaction: Excellent

Harpers Ferry Restaurants

  • Give this place a wide berth

    The logo of this restuarant uses the CURRENT Great Seal of the United States but uses the name, Armory Pub. There are pictures of the Great Seal of the United States, two versions, that were in use during the time that the Armory was operating, 1800-1861. They were not interested. Thus, the logo is a historical inaccuracy.I had the Southwestern...

  • The Only Place To Eat In Town That I'd...

    Every time I go to Harpers Ferry I always get my meals here. The food is delicious, the prices are actually extremely reasonable and I refuse to waste my money going anywhere else. The menu includes subs, salads, pasta, pizza, gyros, and desserts. Some standouts: the Greek salad, vegetarian quesadilla, the gyros, and any of the pizzas (unless you...

  • Streetside cafe...

    The terrace is right beside the street ....pros and cons....there was a Budweiser Trailer truck parked right in front of the place on the opposite side of the street while we were there eating....so the view at the time SUKED!!The food was ok and the woman that served us was GREAT...smiley and friendly... I had a "potatoe" soup....and it was...

  • Terrible and Overpriced Food

    The Family Inn seems to be a new establishment. Understanding that all restaurants in Harper's Ferry are expensive, I accepted the $10.00 hamburger and $5.00 kid's meal that didn't include a drink, but thought for a really good burger it might be worth it. When the hamburger arrived in only about two minutes I was surprised. Turns out that it is...

  • don't waste your time

    $28 for a cheeseburger, ff, crabcake sandwich, salad and two iced teas? Way too much for less than average food. Cheeseburger advertised as half pound but not more than 4-5 ounces. Crabcake was all filler and cold. Waitress never checked back and waited 15 minutes for refill which was never offered with no apology. Waited another 10-15 minutes for...

  • History with your meal

    Local history that ties in with John Browns Raid is found here. Lots of wood and stone for a earthy feel. Small and intimate. Food is above average but alittle pricey. Microbrews seem especially so. A local folk/country singer was playing the night we were there. Good times as we waiting to start the Ghost Tour of Harpers Ferry (late October). My...

  • Great Seaford

    Evelyn's Restaurant is a very local seaford restaurant on Main Road in Tiverton, RI. Open just six months a year, it features inside seating and outside waterfront covered picnic tables. The food is first rate and is where the locals eat. The scenery Nonquit Pond (an arm of Narragansett Bay) is as good as the food. Many people tie their boats at...

  • Steer clear of this restaurant

    The food is overpriced and the general manager is not friendly. I ordered "Jumbo" shrimp for $13 (no sides) and received 5 very small, dry, bland shrimp that I could have purchased at the local grocery store for about $2. When I informed the waiter I was unhappy, he asked if I wanted something else, I said no as I had already eaten half of my...

  • Somewhere to Eat?

    There are two or three places to eat in Harpers Ferry, but we never actually went inside any of them. I would suggest that the meals might be pretty basic, and that opening hours would be restricted to daytime visitors' hours. The area certainly wasn't buzzing with trade when we visited.


Harpers Ferry Transportation

  • Historic B & O Railroad Potomac River...

    Along with the Harpers Ferry National Historic Park, the towns separate Historic District, and St. Peter's Roman Catholic Church, Harpers Ferry has a fourth historic place called the B & O Railroad Potomac River Crossing. There are currently two bridges at this site:The older bridge is a steel Pratt truss and plate girder bridge dating to 1894,...

  • Harpers Ferry Train Station

    Harpers Ferry Train Station was built in 1889 in a Victorian style. The wood-frame building stands at the end of the rail bridge over the Potomac on the site of some earlier armory buildings. The station is still used today, both for arrivals and departures and for National Park visitor parking.The parking here is very limited during busy weekends,...

  • Parking in Harpers Ferry

    Harpers Ferry's lower town has very limited parking. The National Park Service has just one lot near the railroad tracks with maybe 100 or 150 parking spaces available at $6 for three days. Just outside the train station, there are also some (very few!) two-hour public spots, maybe 20 or 30 of them.If you plan to visit the lower town, drive down...


Harpers Ferry Shopping

  • Great Pottery, Not So Great Experience

    The few times I've been in here, the guy that runs the store has been astoundingly rude and mean to me. I've also witnessed him ream out other customers. If you aren't in there with the intention of buying something, he has absolutely no patience for you. Don't bother to bring your kids in unless they are perfectly behaved. The place apparently has...

  • Shopping in Harpers Ferry's Lower Town

    During our last visit to Harpers Ferry we did a little shopping in some of the lower town's tiny stores. After wandering around for a few hours, our first stop was Harpers Ferry Wine and Gourmet, probably the last store as you head up the hill out of town. Here we looked at a variety of wine, mostly made in West Virginia. We decided to buy a few...

  • Wonderful shops line Washington Street

    OK in general we found shops selling antiques and many knick knacs along Washington Street...nicely decorated and not too much schleppy stuff..I didnt actually write any of the store names down....I wasnt really interested in buying things...but for those that are it is a pleasant way to digest a meal and part of an afternoon walk in this pretty...


Harpers Ferry Warnings and Dangers

  • Beware the $100 no parking scam

    My wife and I were recent first-time visitors to Harpers Ferry this past week on Friday, October 28th around 1pm; unfortunately it will be our last. Shortly after arriving in town, we received a parking ticket where we had parked on Shenandoah St., off of the roadway and on the grass, across from Virginius Island to take some quick pictures of the...

  • Some notes for drivers coming from NoVA

    I noticed that a fair amount of people from my area of Northern Virginia like to visit to Harpers Ferry, especially since the town is really only about 5 minutes from the WV/VA border. Here's a few things I've learned while visiting over the years.1. NoVa drivers who take the Route 9 to Route 671 to 340 way to Harpers Ferry, calm down and slow...

  • Beware Hog Alley, A Poorly Marked...

    Hog Alley is the short street connecting two streets parallel to each other, High St. and Potomac St. Basically they sort of make a sideways capital "H", with High St. being the higher one, Potomac being the lower one, ad Hog Alley connecting them in the middle. It is also one of the most poorly marked one-way streets I have ever encountered. Cars...


Harpers Ferry Tourist Traps

  • tracylacie's Profile Photo

    Expensive to eat in town!!

    by tracylacie Updated May 31, 2006

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The local buildings are wonderful to look at but BEWARE of the price gouging at the shops and cafes they hold!!! A hamburger will cost you $8.00.....!!!

    Unique Suggestions: Pack a picnic lunch and enjoy it at the parks picnic tables set next to the river. Take pictures as memories not the high priced souveniers!!

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Harpers Ferry Favorites

  • Go There Early, On Weekends, In Season

    This is if you want to do the "full experience" If you a visiting just to look at the historical stuff, take pictures, and just basically do your own thing, then this doesn't necessarily apply.Arrive there on the early side, I'd recommend around 9am or so. That way you are more likely to get a parking space in town, if that's what you want. On...

  • Harpers Ferry Railroad Tunnel

    Constructed in 1931, the new tunnel on the Maryland side of the Potomac River enabled trains to pass underneath the Blue Ridge mountains, rather than take the severe curve which followed the river and the old canal.The remains of the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal and Lock 33 are to be found beneath these railroad bridges. the wire safety fence of the...

  • Railroad Trestle

    A close up view of the impressive Winchester and Potomac Railroad Trestle at Harpers Ferry. This trestle is either very well maintained, or it has been replaced recently. The same can't be said of some of the track! If you do venture across the Potomac River, look at the steel of the railroad track where it crosses the bridge. When we were there...


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