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  • Ohio County Courthouse
    Ohio County Courthouse
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  • Independence Hall
    Independence Hall
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  • Centre Market
    Centre Market
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Wheeling Things to Do

  • The Good Zoo at Oglebay

    The Good Zoo (named after Philip Good) is Wheeling's zoo. It is located in the Oglebay park/resort complex just outside of town. It has both indoor and outdoor sections. Indoors, it has a sloth, frogs, tortoises and a skink. Outdoors it has a number of other animals including a red panda, ostrich, lemur, ocelot, otter, bear, and wolf, as well as...

  • The Oglebay Mansion Museum

    The Oglebay Mansion is the former home of Earl Oglebay, who founded the Oglebay Norton company. When he died in 1926, Mr. Oglebay left the mansion and the surrounding farm (Waddington Farm) to the City of Wheeling for use as a park, now known as Oglebay Park. The mansion is open to the public as a museum, with its rooms still decorated in furniture...

  • Oglebay Glass Museum

    The glass museum at Oglebay features exhibits of glassware, porcelain, and decorative glass items that were manufactured in Wheeling in the surrounding area during the 1800s and 1900s, when Wheeling was the center of one of the leading glass manufacturing areas in the United States. In addition to the exhibits, the museum also has a workshop where...

  • Independence Hall

    In the Market area of south Wheeling, Independence Hall is this landmark and museum remembering the turbulent conditions which allowed for the creation of a separate state of West Virginia. The people of the mountains west of the Appalachian Chain never did feel that they had much in common with the people in the valleys and plains of Eastern...

  • Historic National Road

    Today, US 40 follows the National Road, orginally built is the early 1800's. As a major crossing point along the road, Wheeling has a museum and the remnants of the road. Also, it has the remaining old bridges. This would have been a ferry point, later converted to bridges. The suspension bridge was built in 1849, making it an early addition to the...

  • The Oglebay Winter Festival of Lights

    In November and December, dozens of holiday light displays are put up around the Oglebay Resort/Park complex. For $10 per car, you can drive around the area and see them. Our daughter Anna loved it. The best way to see it is to spend the afternoon seeing some of Oglebay's other sights (zoo, glass museum, mansion museum) and then do the lights. That...

  • Tour and see Beautiful Victorian Homes

    If you come to Wheeling, viewing the beautiful Victorian Homes is a must!. Make sure you bring your camera.

  • Prabhupada's Temples

    From the official "Palace of Gold" brochure:"Overlooking Hills and Valleys, Prabhupada's Palace of Gold is reminiscent of a heavenly land. High atop the Appalachian foothills, healthy mountain air carries the sweet fragrant of countless flowers. Only the most sensational varieties of flowers decorate this royal pleasure gardens. Over a hundred...

  • Prabhupada's Palace Gardens

    The "New York Times" has called Prabhupada's Palace "America's Taj Mahal." The Palace is open daily for tours by the public. Strolling in the gardens, you can imagine that you are in the foothills of the Himalaya's, and not just a few minutes away from the West Virginia State Penitentiary.


Wheeling Hotels

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Wheeling Restaurants

  • Somethings Fishy

    Being a non-fish eating vegetarian, even I enjoyed the smell of baked fish coming from Colemen's. The locals all seem to flock here and no where else for all three meals.No trip to Centre Market is ever complete without going to Colemens. Literally "world famous" for their fish sandwiches, you can also chose from an array of fresh seafood, and an...

  • Do you like Doughnuts?

    Greens. a small doughnut and coffeeshop that also serves world famous NY hot dogs and great Gyro sandwiches . They serve a variety of doughnuts and pasteries and are simply delicious. It is also a morning meeting place for retirees to meet and solve the worlds problems. IF You are ever in Wheeling or passing thru on I-70, and you dont stop, you'll...

  • Wheeling Hotels

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Wheeling Shopping

  • Our favorite glass store

    Carriage House Glass is a store that carries a broad and beautiful selection of decorative and artistic glass objects, including vases, bowls, candestick holders, ornaments, and paperweights. The shop features items by a number of West Virginia manufacturers and individual craftsmen, as well as items from other states and countries. It is...

  • Local Artists In Wheeling

    Renovated industrial building with a three-story atrium in the heart of downtown Wheeling. Beautiful arts and crafts from local artists, WV foods and produce, above restaurant/pub, arena, walking distance to waterfront park. Includes "Made in Wheeling" exhibit and 7,500 square foot open exhibition space, hosting community events, ethnic festivals,...

  • Surviving the Antique Stores

    Downtown Wheeling, near the famous Colemens Fish Market are small little antique shops. If you're looking for antiques - or a challenge - go into any one of these stores. In many, you stare at the mounds of furniture piled a top another and pray it doesn't collapse on you. The locals are courteous and ultra-American if you can picture that. Very...


Wheeling Off The Beaten Path

  • Grave Creek Mound Historic Site

    It's been a long time since I visited teh Grave Creek Mound. 'Grave Creek Mound is one of the largest conical mounds constructed during the late Adena Period. Construction took place in successive stages from about 250-150 B.C. The mound and museum are open year round, seven days a week. A small admission fee helps maintain the site."801 Jefferson...

  • Bridgeton Bridge

    The Bridgeport Bridge is an abandoned bridge which once carried US 40 over the back channel of the Ohio River between Wheeling Island, West Virginia and Bridgeport, Ohio.Constructed in 1893, the Bridgeport Bridge was one type of crossing that could be 'ordered' from catalogues towards the end of the nineteenth century.The wooden bridge deck was...

  • Fort Henry Bridge (I-70)

    Opened on September 8, 1955, the Fort Henry Bridge over the Ohio River once carried just US 40 and US 250. It was completed for $6 million. In 1967, Interstate 70 was added to the bridge.


Wheeling Sports & Outdoors

  • If moving here, enroll at this high...

    Wheeling Central Catholic high school is located in Wheeling. It has approx 450 students and is State known in WV for its academic excellence and its championships sports teams. visitwww.themaroonknights.com to see more.

  • WV State Football Championships

    In early December, if you are a football fan, you must plan on attending '' The Super Six'' WV Football Chammpionship games. The final games for the Championships oF Classes AAA, AA and A. Approx 10,000 attend and make it a wild weekend in Wheeling. Visit Oglebay Parks Festival of Lights and Cabellas Outdoor Store and see why Wheeling is the envy...

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

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