Wisconsin Local Customs

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Wisconsin Local Customs

  • Stare at everyone!

    People here stare at you! Its a big city but its like they know you're not from around there or something! Lol. Oh yea, and its funny that they are such a nice city but all the people think their crime is so bad and that they have gangs~! Lol, you want crime come to Saginaw!

  • BBQ Wisconsin Style

    A great WI BBQ includes beer brats, beer,potatoe salad, jello, and corn on the cob. If you want to be fancy you can make a jello salad! That is what we call staple summer food Quite different than Texan BBQ~

  • Drinking fountains are called 'bubblers'...

    Milwaukeeans have an accent all their own. Its a sort of lazy drawl. The mixture of Polish, German, Itallian, and Scandanavian cultures has made a unique blend in this city. They ask for hot dogs with the 'works'...meaning all the fixings. They call a drinking fountain a bubbler. They are famous for their Friday night fish fries served with rye...

  • Packer Season

    What other states consider the beginning of the autumn season here it is the beginning of Packer Season.Football is serious business here-win or lose Wisconsinites are loyal "Packer Backers" The Enthusiasm and loyalty here for the sports team is hard to match. I have been to sporting events in various states, but nothing compares to Wisconsin. The...

  • Frozen Custard A Yummy Treat!

    Another Food item that is hard for me to find outside of the state- Custard. This is the best! Kopps Frozen Custard in Milwaukee/Brookfield area has really good Custard. Here in Texas it is hard to come by and I never did find it when I was in the Southwest.Located on W. Bluemound Rd. in Brookfield and a few other places around Milwaukee

  • Squeeky Cheese Curds

    Not really a local custom, but if you are in Wisconsin try some Cheese Curds. They squeek when you chew them. These are great and don't seem to be available anywhere else?? I have my relatives ship these to me out of state.Cheese Curd is the fresh cheese off the top of the vat. Before the cheese is pressed into the cheese molds, the whey is drained...

  • Friday Night Fish Fry

    Oddly enough one of the fun past times I miss the most. Friday Night Fish is very popular here-especially true in the smaller towns. Go Early!! It is not uncommon for a 2 hour wait, but hey there is always alcohol to fill in the wait time and the Fish is awesome. Often the "hole in the wall" places have the best fish fry.

  • Bubblers & Water Fountains

    I guess another WI thing? A bubbler is a public place you can get a drink of water from. A water fountain, around here, is an architectual piece of art found in public places that spews water upward like a fountain.

  • ATM/Tyme Machines

    An ATM machine is often referred to as a Tyme machine. Actually never realized that no one else in the country knew what a Tyme machine was, rather hilarious though when you ask someone where a Tyme machine is and they look at you like your an alien.

  • The 'Cheesehead' foam cheese...

    The 'Cheesehead' foam cheese wedge is worn by many people of Wisconsin while they attend sports events, but especially by followers of the National Football League's Green Bay Packers. The cheesehead is great for any occasion however, and you will sometimes see them on airplane flights, at weddings or virtually anywhere you want to show your pride...

  • In America's Dairyland, try the cheese

    Wisconsin is where much of America's cheese is made. It does vary in price and quality, but the local people have strict standards for cheese. If you buy it where Wisconsinites do, it should be good. If eating in a restaurant, stay away from the main chains, where they will use plastic-like bricks and make sure you get real Wisconsin cheese. We...

  • Cheese curds

    This peculiar local favorite is kind of neat. Cheese curds aren't mature like a real cheese, and they have a different texture. People in Wisconsin snack on them. They also have different things to kind of spice them up, kidn of powders that have a sour cream or ranch flavor, jalapeno etc. I don't eat the flavorings because I think they taste like...

  • Fresh Ice Cream

    Miyuki loves ice cream, and she says, because of the fresh dairy products, the local stuff is great.

  • Fresh Apple Cider

    In a state that produces fresh apples, it not unexpected to find fresh apple cider. You can buy this in some of the local grocery stores, or in the country shops. Its definitely worth a try, and, at $2.25 a half gallon, it won't break the bank.

  • Wisconsin makes great beer

    One of hte things we in Chicago know Wisconsin for, is its brewing tradion. Originally based in Milwaukee and founded by German immigrants, its long since lost the major corporate breweries, most of them at least. (Probably to China where they belong) They've long since switched back to their roots with numerous smaller breweries. Pictured here are...

  • HUNTING...............

    If you`re into hunting or shooting, there is a massive shop just outside Praire Du Chien. It`s called CABELAS`S.It has EVERYTHING you can imagine to do with these pastimes.Even if you`re not interested, stop by & have a look (there is always an ice cream trailer outside anyway).I was gonna buy a gun, some ammo, a fishing rod, some bear traps, a...


    Found a great Wisconsin custom, Friday night is "FISH FRY" night.Apparently most people go out to their local "fish fry" place, is this the same for the rest of the USA ?Linda & Mary took us to their favourite restaraunt, you get a ticket with a number for a table & wait until called, we had to wait for 2 hrs & were starving by then, but it was...

  • Wisconsinites LOVE to eat...

    Wisconsinites LOVE to eat rich, hardy foods with polish/and german roots like kielbasa, bratwurst, frozen custard, etc. They love beer too - Miller is from Milwaukee and there are tons of other breweries to try.But what they really, really love is CHEESE and dairy - these are cheese curds, which are consumed in great quantities (that's what this...

  • I would stay away from...

    I would stay away from Wisconsin, and this is coming from a native. The people are arrogant and rude. If you make one mistake driving, they will beep your ass off the road. And the accent...very annoying and nasal. If you like a cold, flat, barren, crude place filled with drunks and rednecks (Yes...there are northern rednecks) Wisconsin is for you.

  • Dumb Wisconsin LawsYou must...

    Dumb Wisconsin LawsYou must manually flush all urinals in a building.Butter substitutes are not allowed to be served in state prisons.Citizens may not murder their enemies.Whenever two trains meet at an intersection of said tracks, neither shall proceed until the other has.As people used to smuggle it in from Illinois, all yellow butter substitute...

  • Wisconsin is a nice place to...

    Wisconsin is a nice place to live and visit. The people are down to earth and very welcoming to tourism.

  • Now I never really noticed the...

    Now I never really noticed the WisCONsin accent til I went away to college and then returned home. Rent the movie Fargo--not everyone sounds like that, but I do have many relatives who do!Also, people here are friendly and very down to earth. Don't be surprised if strangers greet you on the street.Finally, if you go out, be prepared to drink...

  • In Wisconsin, we love our...

    In Wisconsin, we love our beer, brats, cheese and especially our Green Bay Packers. My hot tip is: do not head out for a wild night in any town and badmouth the Packers. Some of the rednecks WILL put you out of a bar with a few bruises for badmouthing our green and gold.

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Wisconsin Local Customs

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