Wisconsin Restaurants

  • Restaurants
    by apuleuis
  • Restaurants
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  • Restaurants
    by apuleuis

Wisconsin Restaurants

  • Good Food !!!

    Tello's bar and resturant is a good place to eat. They have just about anything you want from burgers to steaks. I had chicken-wings and they were pretty good.

  • Mexican Food !!!

    Beanies Resturant don't sound like a mexican resturant, but it is. The food is very good and they serve chips with your meal. It is within walking distance from the Holiday Inn. and the boat harbor. I had a Taco Salad, and it was very good.

  • Apple Holler

    "As American as Apple Pie," Apple Holler specializes in home-cooked country-style meals and homemade apple cider served in "the friendly and comfortable setting that reminds one of Grandma's farm kitchen." The restaurant opened in 1987 in a renovated red barn that had been the milking barn of a dairy farm. In addition to dining, Apple Holler offers...

  • Good food made from scratch!

    Nice ambiance, nice wine selections, and home-made foods made from scratch, were very tasty. Steaks and burgers are excellent, and desserts are huge and elegantly presented.Meal preparation time is longer than some other restaurants, and the portions are not very big, but the service was courteous and food tasted great! Try the batter-friend...

  • Door County - Al Johnson's Swedish...

    No trip to Door County is complete without stopping out front of this restaurant to snap kitzchy pics of the goats eating the sod roof. So many people choose to do this that it causes traffic jams up and down Hwy 42 in Sister Bay. I've read their menu but have never eaten there because the lines are just too long. I can tell you that the menu is...

  • Seasonal, Local & Delicious

    A great Milwaukee restaurant with views of the city. Roots focuses on serving local and sustainable dishes. The courses and the drinks are excellent. The restaurant takes reservations but the cellar does not.

  • Outstanding Italian

    While staying at the Grand Geneva Resort & Spa at the Orange Lake Condos in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, we ate at theRistorante Brissago inside the Grand Geneva Resort. This restaurant is elegant yet inviting. We found it truly an authentic Italian experience. Those of you who know me realize that my favorite food is Italian, and having been to Italy...

  • Suisse Haus in Monroe

    This family owned little gem was quite the surprise. I had the best burger in a logn long time here. It turns out they grind their own beef on premises, daily, and they don't skimp on the portions. Becauser the meat is hand carved and ground you get the full third pound of beef, not something shrunk ot half its size. We LOVED this place, and it...

  • Eden Cafe

    My thanks to VT's noirastyx for tipping me off to this little hidden gem. It is located in the city of Eden, about seven or eight miles outside of Fond du Lac off of Hwy 41. We went there for breakfast, and what we heard was true, the mats were fabulous. The place is associaed with a meat market up the street. I liked the bacon a lot, and the...

  • Pfister Hotel's Signature Restaurant

    The Pfister Hotel's fine dining restaurant, Celia, advertises that they have "New York Style with the edge of SanFrancisco, in the heart of Milwaukee." It is honest advertising.The Chef is Jovan Djokovic, and he serves New American Cusine which features seafood, chops, game, steaks, and salads. He is most famous for the amazing desserts.It is one...

  • Cheese Shops

    This tip is not about any restaurants, but rather the numerous roadside cheese shops that are common throughout the state. There are hundreds of small shops that offer many varieties of Wisconsin cheese, as well as curds (a popular snack in Wisconsin), sausages, maple syrup, souvenirs of Wisconsin, and other locally produced products.Wisconsin has...

  • Breakwater Cafe - Ashland, Superior,...

    We stopped at Breakwater Cafe in Ashland Wisconsin, about halfway across the northern tier of the state along US Route 2. The restaurant is located in front of a small shopping center just across the street from a shoreline park overlooking the Chequamegon Bay of Lake Superior. We arrived around 10 am and quickly found seats in front of the windows...

  • Good Asian Cousine

    The Rice Cafe is a small sort of place, and does not have a particularly great atmosphere. The people are nice, they give large helpings usually, and it is mostly a quiet place to dine. Good service is a big plus of this place, as well as great food. The Teriyaki Chicken Bowl is my favorite- you'll never taste better. They serve it over rice, and...

  • Nice Family Dinner

    I enjoyed the evening at "Perkin's" restaurant in Green Bay where I was taken by my host family.There was a very cozy atmosphere, delicious dishes, very quiet.I also enjoyed eating at "Ponderossa" in Wisconsin for the first time in my life.

  • Marley's

    I LOVE BOb Marley! Anyway...this restaurant takes a lot of the Jamaican feel, althought the Marleys actually have nothing to do with the restaurant. The gifts in the shop are really cool as well and decently priced. The food was GREAT! The music was good as well. Jerk chicken, but the food was so good that I kept ordering more food just to try...

  • Central Europe near the Illinois border...

    This little find is a gem. It serves a great selection of German and Central European beers, along with some great liquors. Plus, they have great deals on food. This is a QUANTITY place. Even if they just dumped the raw ingredients on your plate you would be getting a good deal. They specialize in schnitzels, but I had the roast duck, whioch was...

  • Old Fashioned Supper Club

    This first portion is written by my travel partner, Jill MartinWhile in Platteville, Wilsconsin searching for quilt fabric, Dee and I went to lunch at THE TIMBERS, a long-time landmark restaurant there. I remembered the name of THE TIMBERS because a friend, now over 50, once waitressed there during college; in fact, her mother was a hostess there...

  • Lasgna to die for!

    This restaurant specializes in traditional Italian cuisine. Served in a-la-carte or dinner style, I highly recommend the dinner size. The atmosphere is warm, cozy and has that small town feel. The service is excellent and sometimes a wait is necessary on weekends. They offer a wonderful lunch buffet at noon at which you can sample their best...

  • For Exclusive Dining at a Ball Park...

    Allan was given great tickets for June 20, 2005, at Miller Ball Park in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and with these great tickets, he also received tickets to eat at the .300 Club.We had four tickets, and Jill and Eric were supposed to go with us as they did last year. However, since Jill just had a baby (Sabrina Dee) on June 11, they could not attend....

  • JT Whitney's Pub and Brewery in Madison

    Generous portions of American pub food made this stop a real treat. Spicy wings, tangy reubens, mammoth chicken sandwiches, and a googalug of freshly brewed beer made this place a memorable one. Despite the great food and drink, this one wasn't very expensive. You get a lot for a little. Ugly potatoes :)

  • Seventy Two Years of Good Food and...

    The photo is of three of my four friends, Mickey, Deb, and Jill; Marcia never wants her photo shown PLEASE CLICK PHOTOJust over the Illinois border in Wisconsin, you'll find a family-owned, old-time restaurant called Ray Radigans. The first Ray Radigans was started in a four-room cottage in 1933, and it still exists one-half mile south of its...

  • The Choices Are Limitless at the...

    The American Club Resort has truly magnificent restaurants. Since the original hotel was for immigrants, most of the chefs have been immigrants or sons/daughters of immigrants.Here is a synopsis of the Nine different Places to Eat:The Immigrant This is their most formal restaurant and is made up of six rooms of England, Scandinavia, France,...

  • Goats Perch on the Sod Roof...

    Whenever we visit Door County, we make it a point to eat at least once at the busy Al Johnson's Swedish Restaurantin Sister Bay, Wisconsin. My husband, Allan Johnson is Swedish and cannot resist eating at a Swedish Restaurant that is his namesake. Thus, in the photograph that I took way back in the late 1960's, you will see my Allan Johnson...

  • Romantic Candlelight Dinner at...

    If you are looking for a place to have a romantic dinner in Door County, go to Fish Creek and eat at the White Gull Inn.The menu (especially the homemade dessert menu) changes with the seasons so that all the ingredients are as fresh as possible.The large room has a romantic ambience with lots of lovely wood, windows everywhere, linen tableclothes...

  • Places to Eat in Cedarburg...

    All of our eating experiences in Cedarburg were positive.1.Amy's Candy KitchenW62 N579 Washington Avenue800/513-8889 & 262/376-0884Homemade Belgian chocolates, English toffee fudge, almond bark, Caramel Apples, and Chocolate Covered Strawberries.All products are made from scratch using old world copper kettles and marble tables. Free samples and...

  • Family Owned Italian Restaurant in...

    Ferrante's Mequon was within walking distance to our hotel, and since it is a family-owned Italian Restaurant, we walked there for dinner on Saturday night. It's a typical Wisconsin Bar/Restaurant that features American food such as hamburgers, Fish Fry, Italian pasta and pizza, seafood, and vegetarian choices. For dinner, the prices range from...

  • Revolving Rooftop Restaurant

    Atop the Hyatt Regency Milwaukee, you can enjoy the only revolving rooftop restaurant in the state of Wisconsin. What a deal it is...you can see amazing sunsets or the entire skyline of Milwaukee while you eat delicious food and drink wonderful wine!The restaurant advertises it's cuisine as "mid-western". I describe it simply as good American food,...

  • good local food

    This has been the shop where I was working in summer 2002. They have great american food (sweet and deep-fried, sandwiches, pizza) and so many different kind of coffee flavor, which we don't have in Austria! Cinnamon Rolls!!! YUMMYYY

  • Best meal in Bayfield.

    We were told Maggie`s is the place to eat in Bayfield, as soon as it`s mealtimes, it`s full.Don`t let the bright pink paintwork put you off. We didn`t get a chance to try there......well there are only so many burgers & fries that a person can eat, you know !!!

  • Big pizza`s & good beer......

    In the tiny town of Cornucopia, next to Wisconsin`s northernmost Post Office.Has a great "Northern" feel, with a bar & pool table on one side. We had a pizza, but had to share one between us...too big !!!The service is really attentive & they loved our British accent !!!!I tried the local beer, think it was called "Northwoods Dark", wow, just like...

  • "Wot, no Denny`s ???"

    Don`t think there are any Denny`s in this part of the USA, WHY NOT DENNY ????But Culvers is the next best thing. I recommend the "Bacon Butterburger Delux", ask for a double, then have a chocolate Frozen Custard in a dish, then have a coffee to finish.Just see if you can get out of your chair afterwards !!!!!

  • the goats on top of the roof

    This is the *best* sweedish resteraunt I have ever eaten at! Every summer they higher real sweeds to come and work at the resteraunt for them. They wear traditional sweed outfits and serve sweedish food. My favorite food they serve is sweedish pancakes! mmm.. you have to eat them with linkin berries.

  • Without a doubt, GALLAGHERS...

    Without a doubt, GALLAGHERS OFF BROADWAY in GREEN BAY is the best restaurant in the city. Located on the shores of the Fox River, its downtown location is perfect for getting a true feel of TITLE TOWN, USA. 3 floors of dining and a roof top beer garden open in the summer. The live music is fabulous especially ALIBI....the best rock group in...

  • Wisconsin has many excellent...

    Wisconsin has many excellent restaurants, but the thing you have to do to truly feel the spirit of Wisconsin is to go to a Friday Night Fish Fry. This area was setteled by people who were mostly Catholic, who were not allowed to eat meat on Friday. So......... almost every place, including most of the bars and taverns developed fish frys. The meat...

  • Mars Cheese Castle

    Ok, haha.. I've never been here, but I've been meaning to!! I saw it en-route to Milwaukee one time. CHEEEEESE CHEEEESE CHEEEEESE

  • Chancery Pub and Restaurant

    It's in a hotel (the Radisson), but they actually had very good breakfast items. I had the above mentioned itme which was really unique and good, but I know someone else with me had a baked oatmeal thingy which I was told was delicious. forgot the name exactly... but it was a pancake stuffed with sliced apples.... very tasty for breakfast

  • Taste of Wisconsin

    A casual restaurant near the outlet mall in Kenosha. Nice atmosphere and good food. And they have Wisconsin cheese on their food, which is a plus. ;) Cheeseburger

  • House of Gerhard

    This is particularly good, traditional German food, in an old, wood-decored setting. I ate here last summer, and wow... just excellent German food that I would highly reccommend. And I think they had potato pancakes, which is a plus because I love potato pancakes! ;) sauerkraut and some meat ;)

  • Ray Radigan's

    Kind of an old generation, local, traditional nice restaurant. The food is good, and the waitstaff are friendly Wisconsonites! ;) The food is good though, and I've been going to this restaurant off and on since I was probably 10 or younger. jumbo shrimp

  • Mars Cheese Castle (not really...

    Mars Cheese Castle (not really a restaurant, but why wouldn't you want to go a 'cheese castle'???) CHEEEEEEEEEEESE

  • Phil Rohrer's Lunch restuarant...

    Phil Rohrer's Lunch restuarant in Two River's Wisconsin. (See my Two River's Wisconsin page). Phil is an icon in the restuarant business and an avid Kayaker. Fantastic home cooking and small town atmosphere. The owner, Phil Rohrer, is usually behind the counter and will greet you with a warm, friendly smile. Phil is celebrating over 40 years in...

  • Didn't go to a resteraunt! I...

    Didn't go to a resteraunt! I was blessed with college food, from the University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire! Yum! This picture was taken at one of the other cafeterias with my buddies.The cafeteria on the hill overlooked the valley, that was beautiful! Ice Cream, that's about all that was apitizing!

  • My favorite restaurant, is in...

    My favorite restaurant, is in Appleton, my home town. It is called Friar Tuck's. I love eating here not only because the food is good, but because the atmosphere is really cool and it is a good sit down place for both family and business lunches/dinners.atmosphere! It is really cool, the entrance is even fitting to the name of the restaurant.! My...

  • New Soeul restuaurant in...

    New Soeul restuaurant in Madison, WisconsinIt's relatively inexpensive, and the best food I've ever had, and it's a nice taste experience, especially if you like spicy food.... some oriental foods I don't like, but Korean is awesome food and my friend owns the restaurant. cop sey... hehe, I don't know how to spell it. It's a Korean restaurant.

  • Freighthouse Restaurant

    It is classy from floor to ceiling, and has one of the most impressive bar rooms you will ever see. The Freighthouse hosts one of the most impressive salad bars around the waitstaff, bartenders and hosts are very friendly. Often on weekends, you will find live entertainment. Teriyaki Steak


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