Wisconsin Things to Do

  • Looking Toward Usinger's Sausage Building
    Looking Toward Usinger's Sausage...
    by riorich55
  • The Art Museum Looking North
    The Art Museum Looking North
    by riorich55
  • 3 tanks - 3 stooges
    3 tanks - 3 stooges
    by Tom_In_Madison

Wisconsin Things to Do

  • Milwaukee Art Museum

    Milwaukee Things to Do

    We didn't really have the time to visit the museum exhibits since our main destination on our short weekend tour was at Italian Festival, but as we arrived in Milwaukee and drove through the downtown area to find a parking spot we turned down Wisconsin Street and were almost overwhelmed by what to me look like the tail of a giant white whale. As...

  • Ice Age National Scenic Trail

    Kewaskum Things to Do

    I have only hiked part of this trail, usually with the daycare children. We made several field trips to hike the trail and visit the Ice Age Center. About 31 miles of the Ice Age Trail runs through the Kettle Moraine Forest. It is a trail for medium to advanced hikers due to its sinuous eskers and tumbled morains that decend into bogs and deep...

  • Wisconsin Cheese Trail

    Wisconsin Things to Do

    This little cheeserie seemed to be frequented mostly by Wisconsonites. They had good cheese at reasonable prices and a friendly, family style attitude. I highly recommend it to anyone travelling through SW Wisconsin.

  • It´s fun to ride on the Original...

    WISCONSIN which is the 23rd State of USA is located on the central- Northern part of USA. The country is well-known for its leading Dairy production, that´s why it is called the Dairy land of America. Wisconsin is also known for its many kinds of indoors and outdoor events at the Wisconsin Dells. Whether rain or shine, the whole family can enjoy...

  • The Milwaukee City Hall

    When completed in 1895, the 15-story, 353-foot (108-meter) Milwaukee City Hall was the tallest habitable building in the United States, and was the second-tallest structure in the country, surpassed only by the Washington Monument. It had been a municipal icon until the Calatrava wing of the Milwaukee Art Museum was completed in 2001 and became an...

  • The Mitchell Park Horticultural...

    The Mitchell Park Horticultural Conservatory opened in 1955 to replace the former Milwaukee Conservatory which had been established in 1898. Its most distinctive feature is the three large glass domes that protect tropical plants and plants from arid regions that could not survive outdoors in Milwaukee's harsh winter climate.The domes were designed...

  • Veterans Park

    Nice views of downtown Milwaukee can be seen from Veterans Park, named for the War Memorial Center, a monument dedicated in 1957 to honor war veterans who made the ultimate sacrifice for this country. The 103-acre (42-hectare) park is located on Milwaukee's lakefront. It was built on land reclaimed from Lake Michigan using rubble composed of rock...

  • The Milwaukee River

    This picture shows a view of the Milwaukee River as if flows through downtown Milwaukee toward Lake Michigan. The river begins in Fond du lac County and flows south for 104 miles (167 kilometers) before emptying into Lake Michigan near downtown Milwaukee. Its watershed drains about 882 square miles (2,284 square kilometers) of east-central...

  • Miller Valley

    Miller Valley is the portion of Milwaukee's West State Street which passes between the tall buildings of the Miller Brewing Company. The brewery is located on land originally purchased by Frederick Miller in 1855. He chose this particular valley because it provided easy access to raw materials produced on nearby farms. Historical buildings in...

  • The Miller Brewing Company

    Almost synonymous with Milwaukee, the Miller Brewing Company is the second-largest brewer of beer in the United States, producing 40,000,000 barrels of beer per year. The company owns six breweries, five can-manufacturing plants, four distributorships, a glass-bottle production facility, and a label and fiberboard factory. These facilities are...

  • Milwaukee Art Museum: Art Lives Here

    The Milwaukee Art Museum, around since 1957, became a place of note in 2001 when it added a new addition designed by Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava. Looking out over Lake Michigan, the museum has works by WI native Georgia O’Keeffe as well as Auguste Rodin, Edgar Degas, Pablo Picasso, and Andy Warhol. The museum cafe is an excellent place to...

  • Hooray for BEER! Tour Minhas Brewery

    Minhas Brewery is located in Monroe, in the SW part of the state. For $10 you can tour the brewery and hear about its history, its current processes, the state of the industry and of course, enjoy the sampling room. The beers on tap are all served very very fresh, delicious. The tour also sends you home with a sampler pack. Minhas brews are sold in...

  • Decatur Dairy for excellent fresh cheese

    It doesn't look like much from the outside, but that's OK, it doesn't look like much from the inside either. Still, the cheese here is quite good, and not very expensive. I simply love their Havarti and make sure to stop at Decatur's every time I'm in the area. Their front counteris really small but the girls wh work there are really friendly. The...

  • Exotic/farm animals, see and touch,...

    Villa Loretto is a combination farm, convent and retirement home. It is church owned and operated by the Loretto Sisters, but the animalsare generally open to the public. Warning, there was no staff around when I was there, you just kind of wander from enclosure to enclosure. You don't actually go inide the cages with the animals, but you can reach...

  • The Milwaukee Art Museum

    The Milwaukee Art Museum was founded in 1957 with the merger of the Layton Art Gallery and the Milwaukee Art Institute. At that time, the museum was moved to its present lakeside location into a building designed by Eero Saarinen, best known for designing the Gateway Arch in Saint Louis.The museum's new Quadracci Pavilion opened in 2001. This...

  • The Milwaukee County Courthouse

    The columned building in the distance is the Milwaukee County Courthouse. It sits on the crown of a hill overlooking downtown Milwaukee. Completed in 1931, it is Milwaukee's third courthouse. The previous two were located on Cathedral Square Park on the east side of the Milwaukee River. The Classical Revival-style building was designed by New York...

  • Visit Little Norway

    Little Norway is a preserved farm originally founded by Norwegian immigrants who spent their first winter living in a dugout, then emerged to build traditional Norwegian farm buildings on the land. Today you can see a combination of how that family lived along with the improvements made by a wealthy Chicago industrialist who took pride in his...

  • Cave of the Mounds

    Located near Blue Mounds State Park is the Cave of the Mounds, discovered during limestone mining just before WWII. tickets are fairly pricy ($14 for adults and $7 for children!), but that doesn't seem to stop anyone from coming. When we went, they had four tours in the cave at one time and more lined up to follow. With all the extra traffic,...

  • Apple Run!

    Sure, some people make beer runs but, trust me, the thing to do in the northern midwest in the fall is make an apple run.The village of Gays Mills, WI, is located in the southwestern part of the state. When I lived in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, a trip to Gays Mills was a long day trip, longer if we also went for cheese. Come fall, when the apples are at...

  • Buy a t-shirt with a loon

    Wherever I go, I usually buy the following: refrigerator magnets, shot glasses, miniature animals, and t-shirts with logos of the state or country I am visiting. In Wisconsin, I bought a t-shirt with a loon on it. That's kind of their state logo. The t-shirt says, "Wisconsin, the Loon Land".

  • Buy a refrigerator magnets and a...

    For rememembrance, I bought a refrigerator magnet that shows a deer and a pine tree. I also got some quillow (a quilt that turns into a pillow). The quillow is the best thing I bought so far because I bring this in all my travels. I use it in the plane to cover myself in case I get cold. If I needed a cushion for my head in the plance, I just fold...

  • Enjoy the wildlife but be careful

    Here's a list of the things we have done in Wisconsin:1. We went fishing and caught at least five tiny perks.2. We went out and gathered wild flowers near the lake.3. We gathered wild ferns and cooked them. We actually ate them!4. We baked wheat bread.5. We gathered wild berries and made blueberry cupcakes.6. I planted a peony on the right side of...

  • Buy Smokey Bear mementos!

    To help educate people in protecting and taking care of the forests in Wisconsin and avoid forest's fire, the forest rangers popularized Smokey the Bear. There are so many educational paraphernalia available in any tourists' town. They sell pins, refrigerator magnets, key chains, whistles, clothes patches, earrings, etc., -and, the face of Smokey...

  • Pick up wild berries in the woods

    Picking up berries is fun! There are blue berries and black berries. This area of Wisconsin is beautiful and wild that berries just grow everywhere! We go pick these and bake them into cupcakes or freeze them to use later.

  • Take a walk in the woods

    Wisconsin is one among the many states that has so much trees! Miles and miles on the road, all you can see are trees! I can name other states like Washington (Evergreen State), West Virginia and Oregon that have maintained greeneries and forests! In Wisconsin, walking in the woods is very refreshing- we gather wild black berries, blue berries, red...

  • Boating in Lake Quimette, Wisconsin

    Boating is really popular in Wisconsin especially since there are so many lakes in the state. The best time to visit the state is in August (in my own opinion) because the weather is nice. Paddling your own canoe is pretty calming in early mornings especially when you spot a loon

  • Go boating in Park Falls, Wisconsin

    There are so many lakes in Wisconsin. After the school season, my children fly to Wisconsin and go to Park Falls where they spend their whole summer! They go out boating, fishing, swimming, gather wild berries and wild ferns! They watch the loons cry at night and watch the beavers build bridges! Sometimes, they see wild bears coming to our log...

  • Superior, WI

    Superior was founded in 1854 and has since grown to be an important port city of nearly 30,000 people. It shares the bay with Duluth, Minnesota, and together, the Duluth-Superior port is the largest in the Great Lakes. Superior was home to WWII hero and Medal of Honor winner Richard I. Bong, and the town has a museum and a bridge in his honor.

  • Ashland, WI

    Ashland was first settled in 1854 and today it has over 8,000 residents. The town lines the Chequamegon Bay, and much of the waterfront area is dominated by the 1,800 foot long and 80 foot tall Soo Line Ore dock that was built in 1916.

  • Door County: The "Thumb" of Wisconsin

    Our Honeymoon in 1963 was our 1st visit to Door County. Photo: Dee on honeymoon in 1963 in Door CountyDoor County is really a long peninsula that juts out into Lake Michigan. Jean Nicolet, a French explorer, discovered Door County in 1634; what a discovery it was!Door Peninsula claims more miles of shoreline than any other county in America. It...

  • House on the Rock (part2)

    There are several beautifully landscaped gardens around the House on the Rock. It is worth taking a stroll and resting your feet after the big tour! On the way to the house, there are also several metal structures/sculptures that are worth paying a visit to and taking a picture of them.The house also has a shop that sells sweets, taffy apples and...

  • House on the Rock (part 1)

    One of the biggest attractions in Wisconsin that is close to Chicagoland is House on the Rock. I wanted to go there for a long time, but I always put this trip as a low priority on my list. Last year I finally got to do it! And the perfect day to do it was during the Labor Day Weekend. House on the Rock is a complex of architecturally unique rooms,...

  • Tommy Bartlett Exploratory

    I thought given the price, this was a decent place to spend a few hours. There were a few interesting things, but I couldn't say this is a must see.

  • Mt. Olympus Park

    This is a wonderful park! Go-karts, mini golf, water park, roller coasters, etc! We got in free from the hotel we stayed in! Great deal. My favorite amusement park!!!

  • See the cows in New Glarus.

    The town of New Glarus is a charming little Swiss town within driving distance of Madison, Wisconsin. It's a good place to try out some Swiss food. Also, while wandering about town, you can see how many of the New Glarus cows you can find. They are all decorated differently and in very unique ways.

  • Bayfield Peninsula and the Apostle...

    One scenic driving trip is going up around the Bayfield Peninsula to Point Detour which is the northernmost point on mainland Wisconsin.Point Detour is on the Red Cliff Indian Reservation which belongs to the Red Cliff band of Ojibwa (Chippewa) IndiansOne of the really great trips around the Bayfield Peninsula in Bayfield Countyis the 2 hour ferry...

  • Jelly Belly Center

    Kind of a fun place...We went here after I graduated boot camp. (Hey, what can i say...Jelly Belly may not sound like much, but after being holed up in moldy barracks for 9 weeks, anything will do!! (you other military guys know what I am talking about!!)).There is a 35-minute train tour that takes you through the center. Throughout the tour, you...

  • Visit Concrete Park, Phillips, WI ...

    People, animals, everything in the park - concrete! Bejeweled with old tail lights made of real glass. Very unusual if you like strange things. Then if you want to get real serious visit the Lidice Memorial in the same town (located in Phillips on Fifield Street, one block off of Hwy 13, behind the Timber Inn Motel).

  • Kettle Moraine State Park

    The Kettle Moraine forest is gorgeous anytime of year, but very nice with the fall foliage. Mountain biking is very popular here as well as hiking/walking, photography, camping,two beaches and all your outdoorsman stuff. There is also a train ride which is scenic. Drive around and sightsee-there are beautiful homes in this area as well.There are...

  • Go to a Baseball Game

    Miller Park is a GREAT got to see the Cubs beat the Brewers :) $36.00 third base line seats, row 11 section 17. With .300 Club tickets (Resturant in the stadium)$12 for premium parking, closer to the field when you get there, sit intraffic for 1/2 hour trying to get out$6.50 for a beer, i paid $6.50 to drink cold water. Coming from Europe my...

  • Lake Winnebago

    Lake Winnebago is a very very large lake. As you can see from Miyuki's picture, you can't see all the way across. Several towns and resorts lie on its shores, and the lake is a major tourist draw. Appleton, Fond du Lac and Oshkosh are just three of the large towns flanking the lake. The lake itself is relatively shallow and I understand you can...

  • Lakeside Park in Fond du Lac

    Lakeside Park is a ery nice park on the shores of Lake Winnebago, which is almost big enough to warrant being called a Great Lake. The park is very pleasant, witha lighthouse ot climb for a good view of the city, swimming and wading in the lake, and more. They have a petting zoo available, and miniature train rides, plus at various times of the...

  • The Lake Circle Tour

    You can buy guidebooks and maps for this. An inexpensive way to see a lot of nice small towns and a lot of great scenery is to follow this tour around Lake Michigan. The tour is a series of roads and highways that hug the lakeshore as closely as possible. Since a lot of the lakeshore is privately owned they can't keep you right on the edge the...

  • A visit to Madison

    Madison is not really a government city like you might expect from a state capitol. When you enter Madison it has the look and feel of an overgrown college campus with a civic component. Because there are so many students in the city, you find many shops and stores and restaurants that are keen to cater to the curious mind. Brass from India, cheese...

  • Gruetzi to New Glarus

    New Glarus is apparently a town whose land was originally purchased by the town of Glarus in Switzerland, which then went on to send settlers to the new "colony". The town boasts that the original Swiss dialect is still spoken there.You can buy Swiss-German souveniers, enjoy a fondue at what I think is a high price, and wander the Swiss style...


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