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    by JoyDrop81 Written Nov 5, 2005

    I have never been to the Three Brothers restaurant, located near Downtown Milwaukee.

    But I have heard all about. it was featured on Rachel Ray's $40 a day show on the Food network.

    But before that, my husband's long time friend a Serb fom Yugoslavia. has mentioned it once or twice before, and always wanted to take us there. maybe soon we will go, and then I will update this entry :)

    Favorite Dish: the dish that I'd like try is Burek (not sure that I spelled it right)

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    by JoyDrop81 Written Nov 5, 2005

    I went to the Fujiyama hibachi style restaurant a few months ago.

    I was not at all impressed with the food, but the show was very fun.

    Hibachi style dining is a large table with a large cook top.
    diners sit around the table in a bar/family style.
    the chef comes out with a cart containing a variety of raw food, he does a knife show which is often very impressive. and begins to cook the food in front of you.

    as I said before, the show at the Fujiyama was very nice indeed. the chef was very interactive, yet often times hard to understand. the waitstaff was friendly and polite. but one thing that I didn't care for was a young faimly sitting at the same table as I had 2 small children. one of which was under the age of 2. the waitress wanted to hold the little girl. not a problem... but then she took off with the child, taking the child to other parts of the restaurant to show her things. I felt uncomfortable with the situation. but it wasn't until the chef said soething along the lines of "your daughter doesn't like you anymore, she has a new mommy now" and smiled at the mother of the child who had been looking very uncomfortable yet respectful of the cultural differences. finally the child was brought back to her mother. and the tension in the air subsided.

    I suggest that if you go to this restuarant, or something similar to it. be respectful, and polite, but don't give permission to let the waitress pick up your child. otherwise, misunderstandings can occur, tension can build and your dining experience will be hendered.

    Favorite Dish: I ordered the Hibachi Chicken. The chicken tasted great, but the portion was so small for the Price. (the Chicken was 14.98) I got a half of a small breast (cubed). on top of 3/4 cup of fried rice. with maybe a half a cup of cooked zuccini, and onions. I felt that I paid more for the "show" then the actual meal.

    but it was not my first time at a Hibachi style restaurant, and I knew that not all of them were like that.

    I'll never go back to Fujiyama, but, I will try Hibachi again in the near future.

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    by JoyDrop81 Written Nov 5, 2005

    The Pallas, located on 108th street (also known as Highway 100 to the locals)
    shares a parking lot with Days Inn, is right next door to a bowling alley. and almost right across the street from Sam's Club.

    The Pallas, like many greek restaurants scattered around Milwaukee, is a great place to take the family.

    the food is good, the prices are nice, and the proportions are generous. often you will find a meal at one of these restaurants to average out at bout 6-8 dollars. but included in that price is:

    a bread basket for the table
    a soup or salad
    your meal (which is a good size portion)
    also you can select to have Beer or a glass of wine, if you are not a drinker, then you can select a dessert from the display case, which is a task in itself since there is such a variety. not to mention that the portion of cake or pie is also very generous.

    other resturants like the Pallas can be found in Milwaukee:
    The forum, Omega, Mykanos in downtown Milwaukee.
    (these places are open 24 hours)

    the Pallas has a distinct grecian feel to it. it is an open air restaurant, complete with half sized greek statues mounted every here and there. and the walls are often lined with beautiful paintings depicting a greek scene.

    Places like the Pallas are a nice place for couples, families, even buzzed partiers out at 2 am.

    it pulls off a sophistication that you can't get at a Denny's, but without the attitude of a formal high priced restaurant.

    also, if you go to the Pallas buy a loaf of "Holla bread". a soft and sweet yellow bread with a brown golden braided crust, a loaf may cost 3.94, but it is good for sandwiches and such.

    Favorite Dish: I hve tried many dishes, and have never had a complaint about any of them.

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West Milwaukee Nightlife

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    by JoyDrop81 Written Nov 7, 2005

    hi hat, located on Brady Street near downtown milwaukee, is a lively professional's hang out spot.

    the Hi-Hat lounge is a dark, rich, and interesting place to immerse yourself in conversation, or just to catch a bite at one of their cute little bistro style tables scattered around the room.

    the lower portion of the Hi-Hat Lounge is a small narrow bar area. a Greek statue sits above the posh bar, and there are high tables with stools to sit at. at the beginning of the night it is a nice area to be, but as the night moves on it gets so crowded down there that there is only standing room, and the people are literally bumping shoulders.

    moving on,

    there is a seperate area to the Hi-Hat called the "garage" it is where more of the rowdy collegiates come to, to watch football on the big screen T.V., or sit in the round booths and drink.

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West Milwaukee Local Customs

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    by JoyDrop81 Written Nov 12, 2005

    Milwaukee is prodominantly Catholic, and is known for their famous Fish Frys.

    Friday Fish Frys are a custom in Milwaukee stemming from the Catholic belief that during lent you can not eat meat on Fridays (I'm not Catholic, don't ask me why) but you are allowed to eat Fish. so there is where the Friday Fish Fry comes into play. but believe me you don't have to be Catholic to enjoy this fun custom.

    a lot of resturants and sometimes even bars will serve "All you can eat" Fish frys. it tipically includes Fried Fish of the Resturants choice. tartar sauce/lemon, and fries.

    A favorite and well reknowned place in Milwaukee for Fish Frys are Serb Hall on Oklahoma Avenue.

    Here is some info from the American Serb Hall website:
    FRIDAY Fish Fry Dining, Drive-Thru & Walk-Up Window OPEN 11:30am - 9:00pm

    DEEP FRIED ICELAND COD...this is what made them famous.
    SERBIAN STYLE BAKED COD...topped with special sauce and great Serbian spices.
    BAKED ICELAND COD...for the heart healthy person.
    FARM RAISED PERCH...delicate filets of perch fried to perfection.
    (EIGHT) JUMBO BREADED SHRIMP...served with cocktail sauce & french fries.
    "ALL YOU CAN EAT" FISH FRY...Alaskan Pollack fish.

    All of the above are served with family style coleslaw, tarter sauce, mashed or french fried potatoes, bread and butter.

    I Hope you try a Fish Fry!

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