Wyoming Favorites

  • Whitney Climbs the Boulder Field Very Well
    Whitney Climbs the Boulder Field Very...
    by atufft
  • My domesticated dog Whitney on the Boulder Field
    My domesticated dog Whitney on the...
    by atufft
  • Whitney and Me at Devil's Tower, WY
    Whitney and Me at Devil's Tower, WY
    by atufft

Wyoming Favorites

  • Wildlife

    Yellowstone National Park Favorites

    Bison clean their hides by rolling in the dust. They often roll in the same location, over and over, killing off the grass in that area, causing a shallow, saucer like depression of dirt or sand. In the early spring, however, the moisture from the snow and early rains may have caused the grass to grow back within these depressions. When this...

  • Geysers/hot springs

    Yellowstone National Park Favorites

    I have a lot of memories of the trip we took in 1948. Yellowstone was one of the most outstanding of them, and one of the places that I liked best was Morning Glory pool. I did not see it in 2010 - it used to be right on the road, but now it requires more walking than I could do. My grandson went to see it, and his pictures show that it is...

  • Grand Canyon

    Yellowstone National Park Favorites

    Just to give you some geologic history about how the Park was formed... About 600,000 years ago the area that is now the center of the park exploded. At the center of the explosion remained a crater, known as the caldera. The boiling hot springs, fumaroles and geysers are all evidence that the this earth can explode again. The unfortunate event...

  • Mammoth Hot Springs

    Yellowstone National Park Favorites

    Hot Springs are deep channels through which water flows from the molten interior of the earth; closer to the surface in Yellowstone than anywhere else on the planet! The Park's headquarters & largest visitor center are at Mammoth.

  • Outside the park

    Yellowstone National Park Favorites

    If you come in from Bozeman, there are a couple of options on how you can get to Yellowstone. You can go through Gardner, which is about an hour 1/2 drive. You go in though stone arches. Gardner is a neat little town with lost of tourist stuff there. http://www.bozemannet.com/gardiner/ is a good place to find out what is there. Or you can go...

  • Guaranteed Elk sightings and bugling

    Lupine Meadows trailhead road.Ask the ranger at the booth and set your watches.Best in early evenings or pre-dawn. Especially in the fall, large male elk will gather here and bugle and fight for their harems. Other than Mammoth (in Yellowstone), this is the one place where I've seen the most elk gathered in numbers.

  • Almost GURANTEED bear sightings

    Road to Teton Village - best if you do this drive early morning before 11:00am. Most mornings you will find bears along the road side, especially in the fall, fattening up on berries and various grasses/fruits.Great place to also spot mothers with cubs.This place has never failed me and I have seen many bears there. No need to chase them down on...

  • Almost GUARANTEED Moose sighting

    If you're going to see moose in and around Grand Teton, this is a place that has never failed.Early mornings, late afternoons/evenings are best but can usually be found all day long.#1) Gros Ventre Campground and surrounding vicinity. Also, in my opinion, one of the best campgrounds in the area.Ask the local watchman if/when/where moose were last...

  • the great race

    Though Yellowstone is a special place, Grand Teton National Park is most special to me. It is an incredible range and the park offers perhaps the best backpacking of any US national park. In 1994 on my first trip to Wyoming: We woke up early to move camp from Yellowstone to the Tetons as we knew there was a small but great campground there called...

  • Directions To Yellowstone

    North Entrance - Near the gateway community of Gardiner, MT, the North Entrance is the only park entrance open to wheeled vehicles all year. November through April, the North Entrance provides the only access to Cooke City, MT. US Highway 212 east of Cooke City is closed to wheeled vehicles November through April. The road from Mammoth to Norris is...

  • Wyoming State Flag

    The Wyoming state flag has a bison on a blue field bordered in white and red, with the state seal on the bison. The woman on the seal represents the state motto "Equal Rights" and the two men represent cattle ranchers and miners. The words "Livestock", "Mines", "Grains" and "Oil" represent Wyoming's wealth. The dates 1869 and 1890 tell when...

  • Planning your trip - useful websites

    There are several websites that I found helpful when planning our trip to Wyoming. Some of the best were:http://www.wyomingtourism.org/This is the official tourism website for the state. It’s a bit clunky in places but packed with useful info and well-supplied with external links. I found many of the best accommodations here – the info about them...

  • For history buffs

    One of the aspects of Wyoming that I particularly enjoyed were the numerous historical sites associated with the Oregon Trail and other pioneer routes, and with the legends of the wild west. Check out Register Rock and the Oregon Trail Wagon Ruts near Guernsey and Fort Laramie for the former. For western "heros" go to Old Trail Town in Cody to see...

  • National Parks

    It's stating the obvious, but one of the main highlights of any trip to Wyoming has to be a visit to the two great National Parks. And I do mean two - everyone seems to know about and visit Yellowstone, but you really shouldn't omit Grand Teton from your itinerary. They're both very different, although close neighbours.We spent 3 days in...

  • Wyoming: The Equality State

    Wyoming is nicknamed "The Equality State" because it was the first state to grant women the right to vote in 1869. This action lead to the nickname "The Suffrage State" and later to "The Equality State." "Equality" is also the state motto.

  • Bucking Horse and Rider

    When you travel to Wyoming, you will see many signs, statues, and other types of things containing the bucking horse and rider. The bucking horse and rider has become so popular in Wyoming that the State and the University of Wyoming joined efforts to protect the symbol by trademarking it.The picture you see here is a statue of the bucking horse...

  • Cheyenne

    This small city is the capital of Wyoming. It sits on the dusty high plains in the southeast part of the state not far from Colorado. The city is known for its "Frontier Days" festival in the summertime. In the center of Cheyenne is its gold domed state capitol building. Cheyenne is approximately 100 miles north of Denver, CO. Because it is at the...

  • Endless Roads and Wide Open Space

    Driving on an endless highway across the Plains. The mountain tops covered with snow at the horizon. A deer running across the road. And the radio plays some country music... That's the modern Wild West. That's Wyoming. I hated country music before I got there, now I like it. My tip for a road trip: Check the weather forecast and road conditions....

  • Visit Grand Teton National Park

    Grand Teton National Park Link to my Grand Teton N.P. Travelogue

  • Visit mighty beautiful Yellowstone...

    Yellowstone National ParkAbout 17 million years ago, a lot of boiling hot melted rocks and gasses of deep inside the earth came to the surface.A lot of volcanic eruptions occured. The result we see today is Yellowstone National Park.600,000 years ago the Yellowstone caldera was formed, when volcanic activity made a piece of land collaps of more...

  • Railroad tracks and new towns

    Moving towns. Dozens of tents. Loud railroad workers. Dangerous bandits. All of that is part of Wyoming's wild past that can not be divided from the history of the Union Pacific Railroad. The railroad company constructed the tracks that lead all the way from the Nebraska state border through south Wyoming and left the state continuing through Utah....

  • Home of the Politicians

    The Wyoming State Capitol surely is an impressive sight. It's dome is 146 feet high and rises above most of the other buildings in the downtown area of Cheyenne, the state's capital. The cornerstone of the Wyoming State Capitol was laid on May 18, 1887. The building is a three and one-half story structure, about 300 feet long by 83 to 112 feet wide...

  • Hot springs and nasty smells

    Take a bath in the hot springs of Thermopolis. It's the largest mineral hot spring of the world. The bad thing about it: the whole pool smells... The hot springs are open year round, including holidays. You can swim, slide, or just relax and soak in the water from the State Park's Big Spring. Fun for all ages! It's free - but there is a time limit....

  • American Natives' heritage

    Wyoming does have a history - and quite a bit is connected to American natives. For more information, have a look at the most interesting websites quoted below!. .Wyoming history : http://www.gowyld.net/wyoming/history.htmlAmerican natives: http://www.intertribal.net/NAT/NATribes.htmHistory of Native...

  • Wyoming

    The name Wyoming was adapted from two Delaware Indian words, MECHEWEAMI-ING. To the Indians it meant "at the big plains," or "on the great plain," certainly appropriate for Wyoming.Capitol: CheyenneMotto: Equal RightsNickname: Equality State, Cowboy StateAdmitted To Union: July 10, 1890-44th StateSize: 97,914 square miles, 9th largest state

  • The first national monument

    Devils Tower, located in Northwest Wyoming, was designated the first national monument by President Theodore Roosevelt. The monument was featured in the film Close Encounters of the Third Kind

  • Mixing old and new

    There were a few traces of the past in Jackson Hole, but not a whole lot. Basically it seemed like a reproduction town...created for the tourists. There were some fun things..as you see in my "cowboy" pics and the "saloon show". Also toured some nice art galleries with very nice nature photography from the area.

  • Cemetary

    What I believe they did in Jackson Hole, was to level whatever was existing...and create a reproduction town. We were searching for an old cemetary to search some names, and we found that instead of the cemetary being out behind the church, it had been moved up to a hillside to get it out of the way.

  • Reproduction Tee Pees

    These reproductions probably gave people somewhat of an idea of how the Native Americans lived, but it felt so artificial. Too bad Jackson Hole couldn't have saved more of the old town and heritage.

  • Jackson Hole, the town

    I would have liked it better with dirt roads and wooden sidewalks....park your car outside of town. The museum tries to preserve some of the early artifacts..but overall, the town is designed more for tourism. You can see how the mountains rise up immediately behind the buildings..which are sitting on absolutely flat ground. It's like a giant...

  • Where the Deer and the Antelope Play

    Wyoming accounts for a full third of the continent's population of pronghorn antelope, the fastest animal in the western hemisphere. Individuals have been clocked at 70 mph for three to four miles, and over 50 mph in their normal flights, and at cruising speeds generally in excess of 35 mph for up to twenty miles or more. Small and nimble and...

  • Big - BIG skies!!

    We went into Jackson Hole and were instantly struck by the enormity of it all. Seemed as if we were on a giant saucer of land with mountains all around and the biggest sky you've ever seen.

  • Yellowstone

    Visit Yellowstone for several days. Waiting for 'old faithfull' to erupt.If you want to wait and see for yourself visit the webcam: http://www.nps.gov/yell/oldfaithfulcam.htm

  • Devil's Gate Legend......

    According to Shoshone and Arapahoe legend a powerful evil spirit in the form of a tremendous beast with enormous tusks ravaged the Sweetwater Valley, preventing the Indians from hunting and camping. A prophet informed the tribes that the Great Spirit required them to destroy the beast. They launched an attack from the mountain passes and ravines,...

  • Devil's Gate

    A significant landmark noted by most journal keepers, Devil's Gate is a narrow cut made by the Sweetwater River through an immense rock with sides measuring three hundred seventy feet in height and more than a quarter mile in length. A major landmark on the Oregon Trail. It provided a pleasant change for weary travelers coming across the rough, dry...

  • Yellowstone National Park

    Another place that everyone should visit once in their lifetime...is Yellowstone National Park. The scenery is quite varied....mountains, forests, rivers, a lake, geysers, hot springs, mineral pools. Lots of wildlife roaming free...buffalo, deer, elk, moose. The thermal pools and geysers are unique! Lots to see and do here as well...camping,...

  • Grand Teton National Park

    Don't visit Wyoming without stopping to see the Grand Tetons! There's lots of things to see and do...from camping, to river rafting, to hiking, to fishing....and on and on.

  • Green River Rendezvous

    Attend the Green River Rendezvous in Pinedale, WY. It's held the second weekend every July. Lots of interesting things to see and do. People dress up and re-enact the lives of mountain men and Indians from bygone days. I visited the Mountain Man Museum, which was quite nice. They had quite a few activies scheduled...from a Buffalo Feast, to Quick...

  • Whitewater rafting on the Snake River

    Try an overnight float/white water rafting combo trip down the Snake River with Barker-Ewing Trips (located in Jackson, WY). Had a blast...it was my first time white water rafting, and I'll definitely go again. Barker-Ewing is a wonderful outfit, the river guide was fantastic, the overnight camp a great setup, plenty of great food....and all for a...

  • If there's something you can't...

    If there's something you can't miss if you're in Wyoming...it's of course the YELLOWSTONE NATL.PARK...probably the most famous park in the world or so. It's a pure jewel and I would be able to talk about for pages and pages...just GO THERE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!South of the Yellowstone, I highly recommend the town of JACKSON which is actually the...

  • Visit some geysers other than...

    Visit some geysers other than Old Faithful Old Faithful is great, but the best thing we did in Yellowstone was stop to see some of the other geysers in the area. We witnessed Fan and Mortar Geyser erupting, which hadn't erupted in 8 years! (It is in the upper basin near the Morning Glory pool.) There was a team of scientists there thinking that it...

  • From a mountain top,...

    From a mountain top, overlooking a valley, the most spectacular mountains arise like a fairy-tale castle in the sky. Hiking through the mountains reveals some of the most gorgeous scenery you can imagine! From mile long nature paths to backpacking adventures, any level of walking/hiking can be enjoyed. The scenery is awesome!

  • This is a picture of our...

    This is a picture of our recreation cabin at our guest ranch. It was built well over a hundred years ago by tie-hackers (guys who cut trees for the railroad ties for the railroad being built in the late 1800's and early 1900's). The ranch originally was a small town called Dunoir. The wildlife in this area include: grizzly bears, mountain lions,...

  • You really take a short pit...

    You really take a short pit stop in Lander, Wyoming if you are headed up to Yellowstone. There is so much to offer for the outdoor lover. If you like to rock climb, mountain bike, hike, flyfish, run, take photos, ride horses, or whatever your vices may be...this is the place. In July, Lander holds the annual climbing festival. This photo is taken...

  • Hike into the mountains but...

    Hike into the mountains but plan carefully and wisely. Don't expect to see scenery like this unless your willing to go some distance.


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