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  • Fremont Peak to Left and Jackson Peak to Right
    Fremont Peak to Left and Jackson Peak to...
    by WheninRome
  • Single Track and Sage
    Single Track and Sage
    by WheninRome
  • Elephant Head (also called Cairn Peak)
    Elephant Head (also called Cairn Peak)
    by WheninRome

Jackson Things to Do

  • George Washington Memorial Park (Town...

    4.5 out of 5 stars

    George Washington Memorial Park, often called Town Square, is located at the center of downtown Jackson. The square is usually remembered for its elk antler arches at each corner of the park. Don’t feel embarrassed, go ahead and have your photo taken under one of the arches, most first time tourists do. Remember this is a tourist town, so your pose...

  • Good Chow & Good Times: Bar-T-5 Cookout

    The covered wagon cookout was a lot of fun. Riding the two miles up the road to Cache Park gave us a feel for the life of early settlers riding in a covered wagon. I am sure our ride was much gentler. The cowboys and Indians kept us entertained on the ride and once we arrived at the Cookout area, we had a great dinner of BBQ chicken, beef brisket,...

  • Scenic & Exciting: Rafting the Snake...

    We had a great day on the water! The scenic float section was enjoyable but the white water section was the most fun. My husband was concerned with the water being low in September and that it might not be exciting. Never fear - there was plenty of whitewater and challenge to thrill us. It was fun! Yes, the water is cold and we were so glad we took...


Jackson Hotels

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Jackson Restaurants

  • One of Wyoming's Best BBQ Places!

    Excellent barbeque restaurant with reasonable prices. The only downside is that Bubba's is almost always crowded, so if you come during prime dinner hours, be prepared to wait a while. It is well worth the wait though! They also have a salad bar for those that aren't into meat. That is the only way I can get my wife to go with me! Excellent value...

  • Jackson's Best Restaurant

    This place is Jackson all the way. It is in an old log cabin with a large deck in front of it that is great for the summer time. The food is outstanding as the restaurant is owned and operate by Josh Governale, the best chef in town bar none. The menu has a very local flavor and the food is outstanding. If you want a real treat, order the "Pig...

  • Fine Dining, Pricy but Delicious!

    The Million Dollar Cowboy Steak House, opened in 1995, and is a restaurant to try if you want to have something special, and aren’t on a tight budget. The dining room is rustic, trimmed in knobby pine like the Million Dollar Bar. Their specialty is steaks, but you will also find some game, seafood, fish, chicken, and a number of delicious desserts....


Jackson Nightlife

  • A Bar With Evening Entertainment

    OK, this a very touristy business, but then Jackson is pretty touristy. Even so, the Million Dollar Cowboy Bar is a fun bar, with a western atmosphere. This is an old business, with the building being purchased for the first bar, the Cowboy Bar, in 1937. It was sold again in the mid 1940’s, when it was renamed the Million Dollar Cowboy Bar. The...

  • Yeehaw

    Million Dollar Cowboy Bar looked to be a real hokey kind of place from the outside but I must say I would normally be drawn into it anyway. I love the idea of the wild west saloon with the swinging doors to enter. Hey, I played cowboy as a kid too and old memories die hard. The place where the bar now sits was a bank back in the early 1900s and...

  • Local Brew Pub

    We enjoyed this newer Brew Pub/Brewery. They have a big inside area and a small outside area. All the locals have their own beer glass hanging around.They brew a lot of different beers. Lots of ambers. Per year they brew 5000 barrels in Jackson. While sitting on the bar you can watch it.They are open daily 11:30 till 1. However you want.


Jackson Transportation

  • KJAC Jackson Hole Airport

    Jackson Hole Airport is located within the southern section of Grand Teton National Park. This is one of only two airports that are located within a national park. It is not owned, however, by the park. Imagine flying into this small airport with the awe inspiring view of the Grand Teton Mountain Range outside your window. The planes are small to...

  • watch the elk on the drive home

    Jackson does have an International Airport and bus transport to surrounding ski areas is good but travel to and from the National Park is best by car. Jackson is 20 miles or 40 minutes from popular Jenny Lake Campground in Grand Teton National Park. It's a very pretty drive especially at sunset and you'll love the look of the Teton range from this...

  • START - Jackson Hole Bus System

    I flew into Jackson and did not have a personal rental car. Fortunately, the Jackson bus system is easy to learn, convenient and free (within Jackson City Limits). The buses were clean and well maintained and were ALWAYS on time. A great way to get around Jackson once you learn the schedule and stops.


Jackson Shopping


    Most people have tried beef jerky even turkey jerky but have you ever tried buffalo jerky, hands down the best of jerkys and the Jackson Hole Buffalo Meat Co. has it in all weight sizes. Not only great jerky but they also have almost any cut of buffalo from buffalo burgers to t-bone and filet mignon. The prices might be a bit steep for some, but...

  • Women’s Clothing and Fashion Accessories

    Coldwater Creek is a nice shop for quality and stylish women’s clothing, plus accessories such as purses, jewelry, belts, and scarves. You will also find items such as candles, pillows, small decorative items, and frames for photos. The interior is pleasant, with wood floors, and lighting that isn’t too bright or too dim. This is a chain, with...

  • A wonderful outdoors shop

    If you plan to have some outdoors activities, there are several shops in Jackson which may have what you need or what you forgot before arriving there. I was looking for a propane cartridge for my French outdoor burner and of course the first shop I went in did not have what I needed; the employee told me “try Jack Daniels, opposite the city square...


Jackson Local Customs

  • Some Locals, Some Not

    Locals in Jackson know that tourism is the basis for the economy, and because of this they will try to make your stay enjoyable and comfortable. Most people, especially the locals are friendly and helpful. Remember, however, that this doesn’t mean that just because you are a tourist, you deserve to have every request met exactly as you have asked....


    Okay! You want the wild west without the pain. Jackson Hole, Wyoming is the place to go. Don't know if it is a daily affair, but the day I was shopping in the Town Square area, a crowd was beginning to gather on the South-East side of the Square.To my surprise, as I strolled through the Town Square park, I came upon several men wearing cowboy hats...

  • Don't screw around when...

    Don't screw around when snowmobiling because if you get your snowmolbile stuck like I did (3 times), your guide might swap out your spark plug with a dud to limit your speed. It happened to me and I couldn't go faster than 35 mph!The last straw for my guide was when I jammed the throttle to fly up an embankment. I went airborne in one direction...


Jackson Warnings and Dangers

  • Remember, Wildlife Are Dangerous

    As you explore the national forests and the nearby national parks, you may enjoy spotting wildlife. Along rivers, and in open grass lands, keep your eye open for elk, moose, and bison. If you are extra lucky, you may even spot a bear. Although most people understand bears are dangerous, be aware that even the moose, elk, bison, and other wildlife...

  • The Bunkhouse...Beware!

    A quick note to point out that you CAN'T book rooms at the only hostel in Jackson in advance.So it's a bit of a risk just showing up and asking for a room.Seems odd, the owners were a little 'crazy'.But yes, my advice would be to book into a cheap motel and then investigate staying at the hostel the following nights.

  • Don't Feed the Animals!

    Wildlife is a BIG part of a Jackson Hole visit, but don't feed any of the animals, except for the Mule deer up near Mammoth hot springs. They seem pretty dependant on people at this point.Don't follow the grizzly bears, they can eat you.Bison are the number 2 killer in yellowstone, number 1 is yellowstone lake. So don't mess with the Bison.


Jackson Tourist Traps

  • Saddle Bar Stools

    Take a look at the seats for this bar inside the Million Dollar Cowboy Bar and Grill. Now picture your butt on one of these. I’m not saying not to sit here, when I first came here years ago, I was in my mid 20s and horse crazy, and sitting on a saddle at the bar was just plain fun. And a LOT of tourist do it. You can pretty much take it for granted...

  • jackosn Safari

    Safari to see wild life You can save yourself some money by doing this yourself. The Wilson-Mosse Road is a great place to see Moose,Elk and Deer. Bison and Pronhorn Antleope can be see readily by Mormon Row. so save some sleep and do it yourself!

  • The million dollar cow boy bar

    Well, that is a bit a too touristy place, but having a beer and observing tourists is also a nice activity for a short time. . . You can’t miss it on the west side of Central Square with the neon cowboy on its roof; wooden sidewalk, varnished pine tree pillars at the entrance, but no saloon-type doors as I would have expected. . . A very big room...


Jackson What to Pack

  • Winters Are Cold, Other Months Are...

    Jackson winters bring snow and cold temperatures. Summer is generally warm, but you can also get unexpected colder weather, so along with your shorts, be sure to pack a jacket and long pants. Fall and spring can bring rain or snow, cold or mild temperatures. I would recommend layers, so that you can adjust depending on what the weather brings. It...

  • bring a good "research" partner, partner

    No need to drag that backpack into Jackson even if you just came off a great backcountry trip in the Tetons. A small day pack will suffice to carry what you need in this small town. The temperature in town is generally warmer than in Grand Teton National Park but weather is changeable so it's best to carry something warm in case the weather goes...

  • May-June expect all weather in Wyoming

    This s/all fit in 1 bag + a regular size back pack for touring. Amt CLOTHING for WY May-June expect anything from snow and freezing rain to hot and dry2;1;1 jeans; zip offs; fleece pants1 belt1 shorts1;1 headband;bandana1 tee shirt1 fleece jacket1 rain jacket & waterproof pants1 winter jacket4 long sleeve tops1 sweater0 jean jacket8 undies0...


Jackson Off The Beaten Path

  • Yellowstone National Park: Close, but...

    I have only listed this as an Off the Beaten Track tip, because of its distance from Jackson, Wyoming. Yellowstone National Park lies 56 miles north of the town of Jackson. Most people who visit Grand Teton National Park, are including it with a trip to Yellowstone. Yellowstone is one of the most popular National Parks in the country, and if you...

  • Grand Teton Brewing

    I knew things were looking a bit fishy when I began seeing the labels for Teton and Old Faithful Ale. The did not quite looks the same as I remembered from my 1994 visit to the area but I couldn't put my finger on it. They certainly looked close but not exact. I also had not seen my favorite of their beers, the greatly named Moose Juice Stout.I...

  • Teton Wagon Train and Horse Adventure

    My son and I went on this covered wagon, horseback riding and camping trip in August, 2003. When a teenager flings his arms around you at the end of the 1st day and announces how much he's enjoying the trip and sleeping in a tent you know you have a hit on your hands. We were in the Targhee National Forest bordering Yellowstone. We pitched our...


Jackson Sports & Outdoors

  • Rock Climbing

    We went rock climbing with an Exum climbing instructor for an entire day in the Teton National Park. Since our son is under 14 we had a private family climbing lesson, which turned into an entire day of technical climbing. Our very nice guide, Michael, asked us what our expectations where at the beginning,and since we really wanted to improve on...

  • Winter Skiing In the Jackson Area

    The Jackson area receives a lot of snow in the winter months (see photo), so winter brings people to Jackson to enjoy winter sports. Skiing is one of the most popular, and there are various ski hills in the area. Snow King Resort which is located at 400 E. Snow King Ave., on the southeast edge of town, is Jackson’s original ski resort. Locals...

  • Boating the Snake River

    The Snake River that runs through Jackson hole offers a number of recreational activities including fishing and boating. The waters vary, making for slow floats, paddles, or a white water experience. If you love kayaking or canoeing, but can’t bring, or don’t own your own boat, there are a number of places where you can get guided tours, or rent...


Jackson Favorites

  • For More Information on Jackson

    My favorite place for information about Jackson, and the area surrounding the town, including the national parks is the Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce. Plan to stop in at the chamber, located at 990 W. Broadway. Here you can pick up pamphlets containing information on almost every topic you need to know about, or get help from the friendly staff....

  • the same sunscreen as us

    After a shower in town, we made the familiar trek to the small brewery that is tops in the region, having garnered many awards for their beer. We had, after all, been there twice in the last ten days and we promised ourselves this would be the last time. We grabbed a spot on the terrace as the weather was fine but our friend was nowhere to be...

  • meeting Peter

    Jackson would be a nice enough National Park gateway town without Snake River Brewing but with Snake River Brewing, it's a place I can't wait to get back to. So, I guess I'd have to say: Snake River Brewing, especially at happy hour! The hike up to Amphitheater Lake was grueling. By most people's accounts we should have driven out of the Grand...


Top 5 Skiiing Destinations: Jackson Hole

Rated 5 out of 5 stars

While the most obvious après-ski destination in the US is Aspen, VirtualTourist members uniformly recommended the gorgeous vistas and pristine nature of Jackson Hole, Wyoming. In the perfect "out west" setting, Jackson Hole is an ideal spot for the experienced skier and a novice who is only considering lessons. In addition to class and private ski and snowboard lessons, the resort also has a wide variety of camp options, running 3 to 4 days, to take skiers and snowboarders of all ages to the next level. If skiing or boarding isn't on the agenda, you can still explore the terrain without much exertion – there are great snowmobile tours, as well as Iditarod Sled Dog tours for a more historical experience. No trip to Jackson Hole is complete without visiting either Yellowstone or Grand Teton National Park; both parks offer ranger-guided snowshoe hikes from December through mid-March. Another highly-recommended experience is the National Elk Refuge, where visitors can take a sleigh ride through the refuge and into the herd of wild Jackson elk. After exploring the natural surroundings, thirsty travelers can head to one of Jackson's watering holes, like the Million Dollar Cowboy Bar, which has leather saddles atop the bar stools, or hangout at the base of the mountain for the après ski scene.

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