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  • Laramie
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  • Fly Fisherman on the Laramie River
    Fly Fisherman on the Laramie River
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  • Ben Franklin Statue at U of Wy
    Ben Franklin Statue at U of Wy
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Laramie Things to Do

  • Lincoln Statue

    At the same exit as the welcome center is a monument to President Abraham Lincoln made by Robert Russin dedicated here in honor of the 150th anniversary of his birth formerly along the old "Lincoln Highway". There is also a monument here to Henry B. Joy the first president of the Lincoln Highway Association.

  • Wyoming Welcome Center

    There is a Wyoming Welcome Center located just east of Laramie at Exit 323 of Interstate 80. Inside, the friendly staff will provide you with maps and brochures for all of Wyoming and will advise you on how to best enjoy your visit based on your budget and the time you have available. Inside you can also get free coffee and enjoy exhibits about...

  • Wyoming Teritorial Prison

    The Wyoming Territorial Prison is well worth a visit. It was built in 1872 and restored in 1989, although some parts are yet to be fully restored. There are three main areas to explore:1. The prison itself, where you can see the cells (in one of which Butch Cassidy was once incarcerated), kitchen, laundry, dining hall etc. There's lots of info on...

  • University of Wyoming: Union Building

    The University of Wyoming boasts having one of the lowest student-teacher ratios among the western land grant public universities. The center of student life is at the Union Building, where the bookstore and other leisure facilities are located. The tower and front facade are quite impressive, as it stands just across from the Simpson Family Plaza...

  • University of Wyoming: The Simpson...

    The Simpson Family of Cody, Wyoming has had several generations graduate from the University Wyoming. The most famous of this family is the retired Senator Alan Simpson, a rather moderate voice of conservatism compared to the more reactionary force famously figured by former Representative and now Vice President Dick Cheney. In any case, the plaza...

  • Carnegie Building

    City services now occupy the historic Carnegie Building in Laramie, which is at 405 Grand Avenue. There are also Carnegie buildings of this vintage in Cheyenne and Evanston. These buildings are typically first used as Library buildings, but I couldn't the provenance of the one in Laramie. However, I did learn that the University of Wyoming Art...


Laramie Hotels

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Laramie Restaurants

  • Another Good Chain Restaurant

    $15 as of May 2015. Chili's is a slightly upscale chain restaurant that is pretty consistent in decor and food quality. The hostess was nice and my waiter was good too. The food was well prepared. They have margaritas too. Cajun Shrimp Alfredo. Love anything Cajun!

  • Great Family Chain

    $18 as of May 2015. Perkins is a family chain of restaurants known for good food and some great baked goods. The atmosphere is family oriented and the menu has some tasty items. My waitress, Falen was very good. Hours are 6 AM to 10 PM Tuesday through Saturday and 6 AM to 9 PM Sunday and Monday. Rajun Cajun Bowl

  • Truck Stop Buffet

    $12 as of August 2013. The Iron Skillet is a restaurant frequently found at truck stops with a varied menu and a buffet. I had a good blackened whitefish. The buffet, however, sometimes leaves the food on line too long and it looks unappetizing. Open 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

  • Just Horrible People and Food

    Walked in and everyone staired at us as if we were aliens from another planet. We are spanish. Kinda sad for Aug 7th 2012. $10 bucks for a one kims portabello sandwhich that is the size of a McDonalds $1 Cheeseburger. accompanied by 8 Count them 8 Kettle Cooked potato chips. I asked to see if there was a mistake and the said this was the correct...

  • Authentic and Updated Laramie Cuisine

    After eating corporate roadside junk food for two weeks, I had to walk into an old downtown for a locally prepared meal. Jeffery's had been recommended by a bookstore clerk, and I wasn't disappointed. The atmosphere of red brick inside that looks out past a canopy to the historic downtown was quite pleasant. I had a full meal for about $20, which...

  • Creamy Potatoes!

    Love Joys is a decently-priced, decently-decorated, and decent-tasting restaurant in Laramie, Wyoming. The only thing that makes it special is its delicious mashed potatoes! Yum! Also, the entire restaurant turns into a bar around 10pm every night and the ambience is a lot more enjoyable during this time. Also, it's one of the other good places...


Laramie Nightlife

  • One of Kind Bar in Laramie

    Bud's Bar is one of the most unique Bar's in Laramie. It is nostalgic in feel, kind of like you're going back in time. The drinks are the best value you can find in Laramie. If you've had a long day it's a fun place to come. The regulars are sure to make you smile with a quip, or funny story. The bartenders always give excellent service. Casual

  • One of Many in Laramie's Great Bar Scene

    Tommy Jack's at 3rd and Grand Avenue is typical of the great food and bar establishments in Laramie. The university students and others who hang around make Laramie's downtown a lively place to be all summer long. I ate dinner and drank an iced tea at Tommy's because none of the other decent restaurants in the downtown area were still open, so...

  • Most Fun Bar in Town

    The Ranger Bar and Liquor Store is one of the best night spots in Laramie. The Ranger attracts a young university crowd and is somewhat infamous for long-drunken nights of revelry. The bar is somewhat small and has a small outdoor courtyard (now primarily used for smoking, since all Laramie bars are now smoke free). The bar's two pool tables and...

  • Where the Beautiful People Go to Get...

    Complete with a bullet hole in the large mirror that overlooks the antique wooden wrap-around bar, the Buckhorn is a Laramie institution. Infamous for its drunks and the occasional fight, the Buckhorn is the closest thing you'll get to a true Laramie western saloon. The bar offers a complete list of standard beers (Pabst, Coors, a variety of...

  • Favorite watering hole

    Popular bar with wide age group. You'll find college students, Harley bikers to senior citizens. There are numerous heads of wild life mounted high on the walls. They have a live band on most weekend nites. Very casual

  • Microbrews

    Speaking of the Library, its one of two Microbreweries in Laramie. If you start your evening off with a pitcher of Coors here, I'll laugh at you. Prices range from $1 for a pint of their House Beers (which are good, but not Northwest quality) during happy hour, and $2.25 regularly. Favorite brews to try is the Bantam IPA, very happy and smooth and...


Laramie Transportation

  • Public Transportation Options in Laramie

    Laramie used to have a taxi company, but it closed down. Contact the Albany County tourism office for help in general (800) 445-5303 or (307) 745-4195. There is a bus company with a fixed route that goes from the truck stop area through to downtown once per hour. Call (307) 745-1511 for details and help on where to stand and wait for the bus to go...

  • Truck Stops

    Besides being a major train depot for the Union Pacific Railroad, Laramie is also a major truck stop along I-80. I had the unfortunate experience of becoming stranded in the town for two days due to blizzard like conditions on I-80 both east and west of town. These are some of the images of the truck stop as I found it. The last image in this...

  • Drive

    The University of Wyoming has shuttle buses going round the campus, but other than that you need a car to get around


Laramie Shopping

  • atufft's Profile Photo

    The Second Story: Frontier Heritage Books

    by atufft Written Apr 4, 2008

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    On the corner of Ivinson and First, just across from the rail yard, is a two story brick building that once had a dance floor upstairs and shops at the street level. The owner of Second Story books leases out space on t\\\ and used bookstore. Second Story books itself fills the large open space of the second floor, selling new books of all genres. I talked to the clerk about the politics and history of Laramie and Wyoming in general, and I learned in the process that the building's upstair rooms built around the perimeter of the dance hall were used by Laramie whores until as late as the 1950's. Laramie is seems serviced rail yard workers, miners, and hunters who came into town. The collection of history books is to be as recommended as is a visit to this historic Second Story.

    Second Story Books Ivinson Street and Second Story Books Building
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Laramie Local Customs

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    Drive-in Liquor Stores

    by atufft Written Jul 20, 2008

    Wyoming is relatively unique in having liquor stores where a person can literally drive through. To me is seems odd as the pairing of alcohol and driving in very much taboo in most of the nation. I suppose it makes it easier for the person who would otherwise have to stagger into the store to buy their fifth. In Laramie, there are several such drive through liquor stores, and to make legal matters even more complex, some of these stores also sell alcohol for consumption on the premises. I saw college students right near the university drinking and whooping it up inside such a drive-through liquor store.

    Drive Through Liquor Store in Laramie Student Bicycles Parked at the Liquor Store
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Laramie Warnings and Dangers

  • Dangerous highways during winter

    Winters are very cold. Roads can get icy and dangerous. Snow and strong winds can create whiteouts with zero visibilty on Wyoming highways. Call ahead for road conditions before driving on a snowy day.

  • Getting a hotel

    Make sure you reserve early for Laramie, WY. We have several colleges and one of them has a graduation every 3 months. This means that every three months for about a week, it's very hard to get a hotel room. Cheyenne frontier days and UW's graduation are aslo bad times to procure a room.

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Laramie Off The Beaten Path

  • Laramie Residential Neighborhood

    Laramie was a late comer in terms of residential architecture and so one must bicycle the neighborhoods to find vintage homes of significant architectural interest. These were the best of what I found on this trip. Note the variety of architectural styles I found, mostly along Custer Street.

  • Walk Over the Railyard

    Off Snowy Range Road, there is an otherwise reclusive neighborhood of old homes, a church, and a pedestrian bridge that crosses over the rail yard linking the detached neighborhood with the historic old town center. When walking over the bridge, it's interesting to loik down and see the new rails and rail cars being moved around by the Union...

  • Vedauwoo

    Only five minutes off Interstate 80 between Laramie and Cheyenne is this amazing sight. Huge boulders and a large number of smaller rocks are scattered over a sizeable area, carved by the wind into incredible shapes like mushrooms and giant loaves of bread.Vedauwoo (pronounced "VEE-dah-voo") means "Earth-born spirit" in the language of the Medicine...


Laramie Sports & Outdoors

  • Fly Fishing on the Laramie River

    Some good fly fishing is possible right in town as shown by this fisherman quietly enjoying this past-time. There are fishing outfitting stores in town. Periodically as one travels along the way, a modest store front or home will advertise hand tied flies for sale. Laramie is afterall a great base camp for fly fishing along numerous streams in the...

  • Mountain Biking and Hiking Near Laramie

    I was just passing though, but it is clear that hikers, rock climbers, hunters, fisherman, and dirt bike enthusiasts have plenty to do in the area. I found two outdoor outfitters stores that were well stocked within the historic old downtown, as well as this funky bicycle store. There are also plenty of hunting and fishing supply stores in Laramie.

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

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