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Most Viewed Restaurants in Wyoming

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    Snake River Brewery and Pub.: Snake River Brewery and Pub.

    by richiecdisc Updated Dec 15, 2009

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Snake River Brewing kind of snuck up on me. Oddly enough, I had been there in 1994 but it didn't ring a bell as being all that great. As it turns out, it had opened that year and breweries change over time and the best ones get better. This was the case with Snake River. Maybe they got a better brewer or the one they had improved with practice but it won Small Brewery of the Year at the Great American Beer Festival in 2000 and 2001. Many of their beers have won many awards too but enough of the accolades, how about the place?

    Well, Snake River is affectionately called “Jackson's living room” due to its popularity with locals. This is one place that bases its business on serving its own and not a rip-off tourist operation. Tourists flock here too. We sure did-three times! It was that good. Ok, maybe we were just thirsty from all that backpacking.

    The pub is a fair-sized place but not so big you're going to get lost. Ceilings are high and kettles are visible through big glass windows that seem to go from floor to ceiling. The bar is long and snake-like but as big as it was, there were no spaces at it either time we visited. The first visit, we sat at a table as this was to be a reward meal for our first backpacking trip in the Tetons. Service was friendly and quick. The atmosphere was boisterous and pretty loud. It wasn't music, it was people talking in highly animated fashion.

    We ordered The Ropper to split and a Truffle Mushroom Pizza. The Ropper was stacked high house-braised brisket, applewood-smoked bacon, caramelized onions, white cheddar & horseradish mayo on a freshly baked bun. It was big and it was tasty. We were hungry. We devoured it. The pizza was no slouch either and had fire-roasted mushrooms, fresh sage, summer peppers with marinara sauce, mozzarella and goat cheese. We finished up by splitting their freshly backed on the premises Molten Chocolate Zonker Cake which incorporates their lovely stout in the recipe.

    Favorite Dish: Of course, the reason for coming was the beer and we enjoyed quite a few of their many beers on tap: 1) AK Session-on cask-Amber w/creamy head and malty nose. Well-balanced English-style w/ nice balance and clean finish. Nice especially after thee days of backpacking in the Tetons! 2) Ber-Lander Weisse-unfiltered lemony looking brew in Berliner Weisse family. Ver refreshing tart flavor and a fine example of a dying style. Very surprising. 3) Dim-Wit-Light golden brew w/ fruity grainy palate. Thinner on flavor than first two beers but still nice. 4) Vienna Style Lager-Deep amber w/ tan head. Great example of a Marzen or Vienna lager with malty, spicy palate. Clean but not overly dry finish. This is the kind of beer that Munich should be serving at its famed Oktoberfest and what those brewers used so make. Excellent. 5) Guido's Kolnerbrau-Light golden w/ fluffy lasting head. Crisp, clean hoppy palate w/ great fruity malt balance. Ths place can really brew German style beers! 6) Pale Ale-Deep golden w/ creamy head and great floral hop nose. More of an IPA than a simple pale ale & no wonder it won a gold medal at World Beer Cup. Big malt, enough to balance ample hops. Dry but not overly bitter. Long floral finish. Quite nice. 7)Zonkers Stout-Black w/ tan head & coffee nose. Rich bitter palate w/ espresso notes well-balanced w/ chocolate malt & fair hops. Well-matched with their Molten Chocolate Zonker Cake. The beer was so good, we picked up a six-pack of a beer they did not have on draft that day. In bottle: OB-1-their organic brown ale-mahogany w/ creamy tannish head. Roast malty brew w/ rich mouthfeel & enough hops to dry out offset any over sweetness. Very easy to drink.

    The two meals, many beers, and generous tip came to $55.

    D & The Ropper
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    Sydney's Mountain Bistro: Small, cozy excellant bistro

    by moosie1808 Updated May 1, 2008

    Don't miss this place while you are in West Yellowstone. It's small, maybe 10 to 12 tables in the whole place, but the service is excellant and complimented by outstanding food. It's a classic bistro that is top notch.

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    Cowfish and Gannet Grill: Beer and food in Lander

    by kokoryko Written Nov 30, 2007

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Where to eat out in Lander?
    There are two or three fast-food like small outlets, and the Hitch Post restaurant, located on the eastern end of the city, but there is only one place worth of trying: there is a bar-restaurant-local brewery, you have no choice, almost. . . and don’t worry, it is a good choice. The Gannet Grill, is located against the Cowfish bar, and they communicate, they are together; one side is more dedicated to drinking and billiard, the other side is more a restaurant.
    In the Cowfish, (haha, where does this name come from? The Menu card of the restaurant explains a cowboy was gathering his herd of cattle and one cow was apparently stuck in a creek, he tried to chase it out, but the cow did not want to come back to the ranch. . . . he tied the cow and pulled it, and. . . . like a siren, the back of the cow was a fishtail. . . . When the cowboy told the story back in town, his friends thought he was sick in his brain, or had too much whiskey already in his blood, and mocked him, telling he angled a “cowfish”. Well, something like that, read it on the menu if you happen to pass by. . . ). The restaurant owner had a name and a logo for his business. They have the strange idea to propose shrimps and sea food on the menu, but of course, high plains beef or Mexican food seem more “local” and are very good.
    The Gannet Grill, is more a bar where you can try lots of beers, play billiard and have huge salads or steaks.

    Website: see picture 3

    Gannet grill Cowfish Bar Playing billiard
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    The Stockman restaurant: Where you find THE meat

    by kokoryko Updated Nov 30, 2007

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    “Hi darling, how are you today?” These were the words I heard when pushing open the door of the Stockman’s; Oooops, the woman looked quite nice and welcoming, and I needed 2-3 seconds to realise that she was the waitress and she greeted me with these kind words; nice greeting!
    The employees of the museum recommended me the Stockman’s as I asked for a good restaurant serving real beef, after my visit there.
    The Stockman’s is one of the biggest and finest (you may argue that is not difficult in a small city!) restaurant of Pinedale; it was lunch time and they had mostly all sorts of burgers on their lunch menu, but there was rib eye steak on their dinner menu and I asked if I could have dinner at 1.30 pm, instead of the burgers they serve for lunch. Yes it was possible, and after the salads from the buffet I enjoyed my rare done 400grams Angus cattle steak on a hot plate! First class meat, and I know what about I am telling as I know well and appreciate the beef meat from Auvergne which is in the same quality class.
    The room is big but welcoming, inevitable taxidermy on the walls, nice (and pretty, which is a pleasant plus) staff, good service and not too expensive.
    I also learned a bit about cattle ranches in this restaurant, as they have printed placemats explaining the local tradition of cattle keeping and the Wyoming livestock brands. .

    Bon app��tit ! Stockman: typical Western Building. Main room, and . . . taxidermy Placemat with pictures of stockmen brands Brands and explanation
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    The Bunnery: Eggs Florentine at The Bunnery

    by 807Wheaton Updated Jul 8, 2007

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    We had breakfast at this delightful restaurant on our last morning in Jackson Hole.
    My husband had the Eggs Florentine which were scrambled eggs with swiss cheese and spinach, toast included with American Fried potatoes. I had the Scrambler, eggs and coffee cake with sugar and nuts on top. Good coffee!
    They had a neat gift shop area where a lot of dishes are for sale. The dishes have big sunflowers, roosters, etc. We picked up a few bowls for gifts to our garden care-givers back home.

    Favorite Dish: The Eggs Florentine - a real treat, done perfectly.
    I really would recommend this restaurant for a meal in Jackson Hole.

    The Bunnery The Bunnery Restaurant
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    Little America: An experience not to miss!

    by jojocan Written Jul 31, 2006

    Little America in Wyoming is more than just a place for food, it has everything in it! A rest stop, gift shop, bathrooms, a hotel, and food.

    The menu had everything a truck stop would have, plus kid friendly food, and soft serve ice cream!

    Its a must to stop here, even if you aren't hungry.

    Favorite Dish: I had the hot beef sandwich, and fries, for lunch. While it was good, I do have to mention that it was not Alberta Beef!

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  • Erin09340's Profile Photo

    The Irma: Excellent Prime Rib Buffet

    by Erin09340 Written Jun 9, 2005

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The Irma is located in Cody, Wyoming. We just happened to be there the night of their famous prime rib buffet. Which I have to say, was pretty darn good for a buffet. I normally stear clear of them, but this one was worth mentioning. The prime rib was perfectly cooked and served with au jus, horseradish, and horseradish sauce. There was also ribs, fish, vegetables, fantastic mashed potatos, a decent salad bar, soups, and pudding for dessert. Which is the only place they dropped the ball. Boring.

    Favorite Dish: The restaurant also has a full bar.


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    The Wort Hotel: Not bad

    by Erin09340 Written Jun 6, 2005

    The Wort Hotel has reasonable prices and okay food. I ordered a buffalo burger and it was fine. Not great. I've had better. But it has a nice bar area and the service is pretty good. For the middle of Wyoming, their seared Ahi Tuna is a delicious appetizer. Their wings are quite good and you get a good portion of them. Nice beer selection.

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    The Bunnery: Delicious Breakfasts

    by Erin09340 Written Jun 6, 2005

    The Bunnery is a bakery/restaurant with great breakfasts. They have the biggest croissants I've ever seen. They pride themselves on their oatmeal, sunflower seed, millet breads and waffles. I did not try these. I hate my breads with chunks in them. My father had the OSM waffle and declared it delicious and surprisingly light. I had the croissant and egg breakfast combination which was great. The chocolate croissant (yum) was huge and I split it with my s-mom. The second day (we ate there both days) I had a regular egg breakfast with hash browns, toast and bacon. We all enjoyed the place.

    Favorite Dish: The prices aren't too bad. Higher then IHOP or Waffle House, but reasonable. They serve a good cup of coffee. I didn't think their hash browns were very good though, they could used some onion or peppers to jazz them up a bit.

    outdoor dining

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    the lodge

    by jozwitch Updated Aug 30, 2004

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    There is a decent restaurant in Yellowstone at the Lodge. It's a sit down place with waiters and all the niceties you tend to miss after camping for a long time. It made for an enjoyable evening one night.


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  • WILDEFLOWER's Profile Photo

    We did not pass very many...

    by WILDEFLOWER Updated Jul 24, 2003

    We did not pass very many restaurants going thru Wyoming. When we stopped I usually ordered bacon no matter when it was. I found they have the best bacon out this way ever known to man. Big fat strips. With a flavor that melts in your mouth. They must dance with these cows to make them so sweet. He He!

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  • DJStarr's Profile Photo

    By the train station: Laramie Restaurant Find

    by DJStarr Written Feb 4, 2003

    This one's right by the train station west of town. (Can't remember the name.) Great food, reasonably priced. Wine selection good and low prices, too. Don't miss dessert, lots of homemade pies, cheesecakes, etc.

    Favorite Dish: Desserts

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  • KaiM's Profile Photo

    The Cavalrymen Supper Club: Best steaks of the West

    by KaiM Updated Dec 18, 2002

    One of the finest restaurants I´ve ever been to - and definetely the finest I´ve seen in Wyoming. Old-fashioned western atmosphere. A rich salad and soup buffet and awesome steaks a la carte. I went there with my parents on my college graduation day and we had a real good time and a great supper.

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  • parhelion's Profile Photo

    Hong Kong Restaurant: Hong Kong Restaurant

    by parhelion Written Aug 26, 2002

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The Hong Kong is a family-operated restaurant, owned and operated by a Chinese family who speak the Cantonese dialect. They are extremely professional and friendly, and the food is uniformly outstanding.

    Favorite Dish: Mongolian lamb

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  • brdwtchr's Profile Photo

    Most interesting and unique...

    by brdwtchr Written Aug 25, 2002

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Most interesting and unique place I ate at in Wyoming was in Cody. It was called The Irma Hotel. The hotel was named by Buffalo Bill Cody for his daughter Irma Louise Cody. There is a beautiful cherry wood bar in the dining room and eating there reminds you of the old west.
    After you eat take time to walk around the hotel looking at the pictures and the trophies on the walls if you enjoy history.

    Favorite Dish: I had a steak and it was good. The portions were good sized.

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