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  • Kisses
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    Are they for real
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  • Kisses
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    Gay Parade

    by shavy Updated Jan 19, 2014

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    BA is the gay mecca in Latin America. The main Pride Parade is held in the streets of downtown Buenos Aires usually on the first Saturday of November

    Pride starts at 3pm and at 6pm the pride is ready to go to the Congress Palace of Argentina. Its all about 3 hours walking and dancing

    After that, the main stage is in Plaza Congreso, where music bands and artists starts their shows. Also the LGBT Pride of Buenos Aires has important political speeches, you can hear them at the begging and the end of the Pride

    Are they for real

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    Suckin' Face!

    by quickroute Updated Jun 15, 2008

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    Five hours down the coast from Buenos Aires, lies the laid back beach resort of Pinamar. We went for the weekend to see what it had it offer and because this is high summer season, it was busy,busy, busy! We were lucky to be able to stay with friends right on the beach front.

    It seems as though, if you're not a teenager, then you probably don't belong here. There are throngs of kids who takeover the beach during the day and then the majority of the nightlife scene is also geared towards the young folk. It's quite normal here for thirteen to sixteen year olds to be out till the wee hours, a.) because it's safe and b.) the kids here for the most part, are not into drinking or other vices although recent news reports suggest that's changing.

    It would be difficult to see this being possible back in Europe or USA, with the drug/lager lout mentality of kids today. It's hard not to feel old as you pass the clubs at midnight, with queue's of teenie-boppers round the block. When I was their age, I was lucky if I got to go to a school disco and even then, the nuns and priests (Sister Concepta and Father Feely) would be doing the rounds of the dance floor, making sure bodily contact was kept to an absolute minimum. Kissing was grounds for ex-communication. Here it's a different story. They're suckin' face at any given opportunity, street corners, parks, bars (is nowhere sacred?!).

    Where I'm from, P.D.A's (public displays of affection) are culturally frowned upon and proper order too. The last thing I want to see as I'm walking down the street, is a hoard of prepubescent teenagers playing tonsil hockey. They should be rounded up like stray dogs and locked in bible study for a day. I've always found religion to be a great deterrent, like being grounded only worse. I mean which is scarier?

    A.) Stay in your room - ok fine!
    B.) Go to Mass! - No, No, anything but that!
    That'll teach ya to keep your tongue in YOUR mouth, not hers!

    In Pinamar, the ol' foggies like me are relegated to the cafe's for a quite chat and a game of dominoes, as the kids stomp it up at the clubs. Because this is the Atlantic coast, the water is damn cold and its windy a lot of the time, so in conclusion, I'm not a big fan of the place or scene. It's almost 10pm so I'm off to bed to with me cardigan and slippers and a cup o' hot cocoa.

    More tips and info available here -

    Paddy in Buenos Aires

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    by solcitom87 Written Feb 3, 2008

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    Argentinians are really friendly!

    Men kiss each other on one cheek if they are family members or friends, Always on an informal way.

    If you meet anyone for the 1st time in a formal way you will shake hands (for women and men) if it's on an informal way you may kiss the other person on one cheek.

    You will see people kissing on the streets in the french way, heterosexual couples or gay couples. Buenos Aires is a Gay friendly city, anyway is not that common seeing gays couples kissing on the streets but it might happen....

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    by DPando Written May 22, 2006

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    Yeah its at all common in other places in this bloody world..but argentinians use to kiss themselves among guys ..doesnt mind how old they are ....and just a curiosity....i didnt see before two cops kissing in the street as i saw several times in Buenos Aires jaajajaj

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    P.D.A. (Public Display of Affection)

    by sabrina_florida Written Jan 5, 2006

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    PDA! My God, I can't believe you have a name for this, guys! Anyway... I keep on meeting tourists that make the same comment: "Oh! those two over there should get a room!" and I'm like...what???? Apparently french kisses are not so common in public in other countries, mostly the US and Europe. Some of them have told me, in a shock, about couples lying in a park one on top of the other and my answer was "They are just showing affection and playing, there's no friction involved!"
    I got to hang out with an American some time ago and he was so happy whenever we kissed in the street! he kept saying he felt like a porteño...! Whatever............
    Anyway... I had to make this comment as I find it rather ridiculous, of course because I'm from here.

    Show your feelings!!!!

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    No shaking hands here: kissing!

    by sabrina_florida Updated Jan 5, 2006

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    So, you come here and you meet a local. "Hi, how are you, nice to meet you", and you give each other a KISS. Even if you are a guy, you will (most of the times) kiss the other guy. And one more thing I have noticed tourists sometimes do: it's rather rude here not to kiss a person when you meet them or even if you have already met them before.
    And say you arrive to a place, and unless there are more than 8 people (in which case it's so tiring to kiss so many) then you have to greet everyone with a kiss. It happened to me a few times that I met up with tourists I already knew that they said HI! but did not give me a kiss. I understand this is not YOUR costum, but when in Rome... So, when in Buenos Aires, do as the porteños! :)
    The only ocassions when we shake hands is in business meetings, job interviews (I've been kissed many times also) or sometimes when you go to the doctor.

    Greet people with a kiss!

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    Kiss instead of shaking hands

    by brownfox Updated Jul 10, 2007

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    People in Buenos Aires like to kiss a lot, men and women alike when meeting. I think it is classy on it's own right. I really don't have any qualms about that.

    I see you!! they just love reading.... Which one of these guys is having a good day? Three portenos sitting on a bench.. Buildings along Plaza de Mayo

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    They do sure enough kiss a lot

    by b1bob Updated Aug 25, 2002

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    The Argentine people are very friendly. Regardless of gender or how long they know you, folks down there kiss each other on the cheek. That was one custom I could not get used to.

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