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  • General tips about eating in Buenos Aires
    by TheUnknownTourist
  • General tips about eating in Buenos Aires
    by clmetal
  • General tips about eating in Buenos Aires
    by clmetal
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    General tips about eating in Buenos Aires: Las Cuartetas, exquisita pizza...

    by MeZuGa Written Feb 13, 2005

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    Las Cuartetas.

    las cuartetas, una de las pizzerías mas antiguas de Buenos aires, sigue manteniendo su estilo antiguo…

    Las Cuartetas is one of the oldest pizzerias in Buenos Aires. It carries on
    serving pizza in its old style.

    Favorite Dish: I like all pizzas...

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    La Americana: Empanadas

    by Bwana_Brown Updated Mar 13, 2005

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    A Treat of Argentinian Empanadas & Wine

    Empanadas are tasty pastry turnovers that can be stuffed with any number of ingrediants. The most common of these are pollo (chicken), carne (beef), ham, cheese, boiled eggs, olives or just plain old vegetables.

    The pastry is cooked either by baking it (horno) or you can go with the heavier fried version (fritas). We stuck with horno when we ordered these delightful little treats at various stages of our Argentine journey.

    Favorite Dish: For our in-room meal, we ordered a mixture of ham & cheese, chicken and meat (piquant) empanadas, washed down with some of great Argentine wines that we had earlier bought at the local supermarket. We determined that we seemed to prefer the juicy meat empanadas, and usually ordered them later in the trip (something quick at an airport restaurant while waiting for our flight departure).

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    General tips about eating in Buenos Aires: Where To Go

    by Marcos_BA Updated Feb 2, 2004

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    Buenos Aires is a city full of bars and restaurants. There is food for everyone, from "asado" (Argentine barbecue) to sushi.

    Porteños never have dinner before 8:30 / 9 in the evening, so don't expect anything before that time.

    The most popular areas are Palermo, Recoleta, Puerto Madero and Las Cañitas. You should reservate first, especially in some places, or you will have to wait for ours- we Porteños love going out for dinner or drink something.

    Basically, Argentine food is not original at all. It mainly consists in meat, salads, potatoes and bread. We are meat-adicts, and I am sure you will be too after coming here.

    If you are vegetarian, don't worry. We also have dozens of different fishes for you to enjoy.

    A national dessert is the "flan con dulce de leche". It consists in flan with a very special caramel you can't see anywhere else in the world.

    Ice creams are also excellent in Buenos Aires. You should try some of Freddo, Volta and Persicco.

    Argentine wines are famous worlwide, so you should try some. A good red wine shouldn't be more expensive than 15 pesos per bottle.

    Beer in Argentina means Quilmes. This brand is everywhere, from a "eat all you can for 10 pesos" to the Hilton Hotel.

    We of course also have different sodas (Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola Light, Sprite, Fanta, etc.) and water. Tap water is drinkable in Buenos Aires.

    ¡Buen provecho!
    Enjoy your meal!

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  • La Brigada-San Telmo: la bife de loma

    by patjohn Updated Feb 15, 2004

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The most fantastic meal and the presentation was superb!! Bife de Loma is what we call filet mignon. This is the first time in our many travels we have seen a steak CUT WITH A SPOON as it was being served to us...absolutely delicious..full of flavor and not a drop of dripping grease or charcoal edges. A very nice restaurant, linen table service and waiters more than willing to please your palate. We ordered the most expensive Malbec wine on the menu..90 pesos ( US$30.00). Two hours later ( no meal is rushed in Buenos Aires) we were done dining, a cab was called for us and the waiters were at the door to shake our hands and say Adios and Buenos Nochas....I would recommend this neighborhood restaurant to anyone!! Oh, by the way..for the entire meal (for both of us)..four courses, wine and tip...pesos 200. USD ~$66.00.

    Favorite Dish: Bife da Loma

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    Various: Cafe/Restaurant Servicio Service Charges

    by Randyi66 Updated Jan 31, 2004

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    Cafe receipt showing servicio charge

    If you are an American you might be surprised to learn that some restaurants/cafes have a cover charge to sit down and a charge for bread. If a waiter asks if you want some kind of bread be sure to ask if it is gratis or no gratis. For example we went to a restaurant on Santa Fe and the waiter asked if we wanted some kind of Pizza Pan and manteca. Ignorant as we were we said yeah. When we received our la encuenta (check) it had 3 charges of $3 pesos (one for each person in our party of three). There was also a $1 peso cover charge. Considering that our actual food was only $11 pesos per person, the $3 pesos for bread was a little surprising. However, I will say that the pizza pan was good, but I wouldn't have ordered it had we known it was going to be that much extra per person. Additionally we had ordered dishes that included french fries and empanadas so it's my opionion that the waiter should've asked us about eating so much bread material. We take the full responsibility, of course but don't take things for granted and you won't be surprised. Bon appetit!

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    General tips about eating in Buenos Aires: Mat'e - Tea

    by oldmonk_92129 Written Dec 25, 2003

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    This is a traditional drink served in Buenos Aires. the nearest way I can describe it is somewhat bitter tea.
    I tried this with someone I went to dinner with. I made a complete fool out of myself first trying to pour hot water on mate and then trying to stir it vigorously.
    I really did not like it too much and guess that it is an acquired taste.

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  • oldmonk_92129's Profile Photo

    General tips about eating in Buenos Aires: Yummy Empanadas in cafe Libertad

    by oldmonk_92129 Written Dec 21, 2003

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    Cafe Libertad is on the corner of Libertad and Santa Fe and was a stone's throw from my hotel. I fell in love with the empanadas they served. This is a flaky pastry filled with either meat, ham and cheese or chicken. I tried every possible combination they served.
    Another snack that I loved was the 'milanesa' which is breaded meat deep fried. (This is usually served with a side of fries which I do not eat).
    A lot of cafes in BsAs are open till till 2 am

    Favorite Dish: The side of lomo - very tasty beef. However unless you ask fotherwise, the beef is cooked super-rare.
    It took me a couple of days to translate 'I like my meat well done' in Spanish.

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  • mrtourne's Profile Photo

    General tips about eating in Buenos Aires: Some general tips, ice cream, etc.

    by mrtourne Written Dec 10, 2003

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    Some general tips about different foods (not necessarily restaurants)

    1) Buenos Aires has the most incredible ice cream - it's mostly made by artisanal means also (using all natural ingredients - milk, cream, fruits, etc). Freddo is probably the most famous chain but their quality has diminished since having been bought over by a large corporation. Persicco ( now holds the crown for best - and most popular - ice cream in Buenos Aires. The catch: not many Persicco locations at this time, they are keeping it small and fairly upscale (take a look at their ice cream parlors / cafes - marbles, couches, halogen lighting everywhere). Chungo is a worthy second though: all their chocolates have a lusciousness not found in other chains. Their closest shop to downtown is at Las Heras and Rodriquez Pena (near Recoleta) In the absence of either I opt for La Veneciana, an older chain with great quality. You can get a small icecream with 2 flavors in it for a few pesos anywhere in these chains

    2) Please try the alfajores - you can get them at Havanna (shops and cafes all over town). The chocolate and dulce de leche alfajor is delicious. If you want a dulce de leche (milk caramel) rush, try the "Havannets", although I've found most of my american friends find them too sweet - you can however get coconut Havannets (essentially a soft, very moist macaroon dipped in semi sweet chocolate) which are delicious

    3) if you are in a rush, I can always recommend some of the options on the main malls food courts. The food is much better than what you find in the US malls (no hot dog on a stick here, people) , and you can find tons of healthy options from salad bowls to quiches to pastas to steak sandwiches (guilty pleasure - the "lomito" withe everything at Lomiton, which has an outlet in Galerias Pacifico, which is a steak sandwich with lettuce, tomato, onions, fried egg and ham, all for about $2 US)

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  • Shakermaker's Profile Photo

    Aqullos Años: Aquellos Años

    by Shakermaker Updated Mar 1, 2005

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Aquellos Años is located in Costanera Norte (Av. Rafael Obligado y La Pampa).
    Style: intenational, local (parilla - meat)
    This is a great place to have local food. The average price is $30 ( around U$S 10) without wine.

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    General tips about eating in Buenos Aires: Eat by the water

    by clmetal Updated Feb 14, 2006

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    2 more images

    The best restaurants we found were on the water. Service and food were excellent, while the prices are shockingly LOW. We were downing wine and eating away. Waiters in tuxes. Probably around $25 per person total (many times cheaper than something comparable in the US.

    Behind the water was another strip of restaurants that also appeared to be very good

    My 2nd & 3rd pictures are random; nothing to do with their restaurants

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    General tips about eating in Buenos Aires: Fast food

    by MeZuGa Written Feb 13, 2005

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    Subway, faad food ubicado en pleno centro, tipico de Ee. Uu. Donde se comen unos exquisitos sándwich.

    Subway, fast food located front and centre, typical of the United States where
    they eat exquisite sandwiches.

    Favorite Dish: I like vegetarian sandwiche

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  • sof76's Profile Photo


    by sof76 Updated Jun 10, 2003

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    This is a list of places where you can eat pizza in Buenos Aires!

    Cabiria (Todos los días, mediodía y noche - Paraná 1209 - Te: 4811-2222 - Tarjetas) El decorado se caracteriza por los afiches de filmes de Federico Fellini. Angelo Visentin ofrece una carta donde dominan las pizzas. Buena la focaccia, $ 12, con su estupenda masa a la piedra cubierta de ingredientes fríos como mozzarella y tomates frescos. Hay fettuccine al ragú di coniglio (conejo), $ 13, agnolotti de ricota con salsa carbonara, $ 10. La base está, pero el servicio es lento y carta de vinos debería ofrecer más variedad.

    Angelín (Av. Córdoba 5270 - TE: 4774-3836 - Noche de lunes a domingo - $ 5 a $ 15 por persona). Un sitio pintoresco de Buenos Aires donde saborear una típica pizza de "cancha", solo con tomate y de masa muy fina. Para los golosos, tiene un menú que incluye una amplia variedad de gustos.

    El Codo de Oro (Alberti 1901 - TE: 4941-0315/1031 - Noche de martes a domingo - $ 10 a $ 15 por persona). Fue un lugar frecuentado por deportistas y artistas. Ya no van más, pero conserva la buena pizza hecha en horno de leña. Buena fugazzeta y napolitana.

    El Cuartito (Talcahuano 937 - TE: 4393-1758 - Mediodía y Noche de lunes a domingo - $ 7 a $ 15 por persona). Una de las pizzerías tradicionales de Buenos Aires, con mucho movimiento y estilo bolichón.

    Favorite Dish: Fellini (Paraná 1209 - TE: 4811-2222 - Mediodía y Noche de lunes a domingo - $ 15 a $ 30 por persona a la carta y menú ejecutivo al mediodía de $ 16). A la noche ofrecen música en vivo y baile.

    Filo (San martín 975 - TE: 4311-0312/1871 - Mediodía y Noche de lunes a domingo - $ 15 a $ 30 por persona). Se especializa en pizzas y pastas de muy buen nivel, con ricas combinaciones de salsas.

    Los Inmortales (Av. Corrientes 1369 - TE: 4373-5303 / 4375-3026 - Mediodía y Noche de lunes a domingo - $ 15 a $ 25 por persona). Uno de los lugares clásicos y más auténticos de Buenos Aires.

    Pizza Piola (Libertad 1078 - TE: 4812-0690 - Mediodía y Noche de lunes a domingo - $ 20 a $ 30 por persona). Excelente las pizzas a la piedra, con ingredientes muy bien combinados y novedosos.

    Romario (Juncal 2124 - TE: 4827-0506 - Mediodía y Noche de lunes a domingo - $ 8 a $ 20 por persona). Un ambiente agradable y barrial. Buenas pizzas y empanadas, especialmente la fugazzeta, rellena con queso y cebolla.

    Pizza Cero (Soldado de la Independencia 1150 - TE: 4778-7222)(Village Recoleta) Noche de Lunes a Domingo (El precio por persona va de $ 18 a $ 20). Se destacan algunas especiales como la "Pizza Cesta", con palmitos, langostinos, ananá flambeado y muzzarella. La decoración es sobria pero de buen gusto.

    Banchero - La Boca Suárez 396, Capital Federal. Tel. 4301-1406. No se aceptan tarjetas. Todos los días, mediodía y noche. La pizza es media masa al estilo tradicional y se agregado de una especialidad típica de la casa: la fugazzetta con queso y cebolla. Y antes de comerlas es de rigor pedir una buenísima fainá especial a la genovesa

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    General tips about eating in Buenos Aires: A find in Ricoleta-MISTICO RESTOBAR

    by cochinjew Written May 22, 2003

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    mistico cafe and rest

    It was 10 30 pm when I found this restaurant in Junin not too far from the hotel Ayacucho ricoleta near the big street santa fe.
    The design while simple is pleasing to the eye, the lighting is not harsh. pleasant waiter who spoke with a thick porteno accent..
    There are only a few items of the menu. small kitchen and just a young woman cooking. the owner who is older supervises.
    there is a set menu with main dish, either a pasta, or a chicken or meat dish with postre and water or wine or beer and coffee

    Favorite Dish: I had chunks of tender beef in a bed of thai rice and stirfried vegetables.
    agua con gas
    flan con dulce

    all of this for under 4 usd. plus the owner offered me a glass of lemon licor.. which i sipped while the music of caetano veloso drifted in..

    i liked this place and i thought it was good, since i was eating alone ...

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    The Mansion: STEAK STEAK STEAK

    by Ekahau Updated Aug 24, 2003

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    or a small cafe

    Dining in Buenos Aires
    Naturally, there are fine French and International restaurants in Buenos Aires. Undoubtedly the very best of these has the rather unusual name of "The Dining Room in the Mansion" . The Mansion is an exquisite, French-style building that had been the home of one of Argentine's elite land-owning families.
    The dining room is decorated in dramatic French-Rococo style with high ceilings, warm oak paneling, a large, open fireplace and original parquet floors. Unique silver and antique tableware combine with the decor to create an air of elegant splendor. The restaurant offers cuisine that would honor any of the top Paris restaurants and the people who enjoy it are the likes of Argentina's President Menem or Kerry Packer, the Australian megamillionaire who comes to Buenos Aires to cheer on the leading polo team he owns there. International bankers, Argentina's top Industrialists and their international counterparts and leading Heads of State dine here while in Buenos Aires.
    Around the corner from the elegant Park Hyatt is another clutch of restaurants at La Recova-Posadas. Some, like Piegari, are new. Others, like Harpers, are branches of restaurants in the suburb of Recoleta, the other area of B.A. where society Portenos frequent, not only for the excellent cuisine offered there, but also to see and be seen.

    Favorite Dish: The Recoleta strip along the Plaza Roberto M. Ortiz has charming Parisian style restaurants with indoor and outdoor sections, the latter for alfresco dining in warm weather. The best-known of these is probably El Gato Dumas, whose flamboyant owner-chef is one of the best -- and best-known -- in the city. Dumas has a high exposure, with television appearances that make his face familiar to Argentineans. When the country's excellent national airline, Aerolineas Argentinas, wanted to offer the best possible inflight cuisine, it was Carlos "Gato" Dumas who created their world-class inflight menus.
    His cuisine at Gato Dumas, like those of Harpers and Piegari, is French with a strong Argentine influence. And a few doors from his restaurant you will find the Cabana Las Lilas, a classic Argentine steak restaurant that is a superb introduction to this country's wonderful beef.

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  • nattybabe's Profile Photo

    General tips about eating in Buenos Aires: Huge Steak!!

    by nattybabe Written Sep 5, 2006

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I have to say that the steak we had in Buenos Aires was second to none and coming from Australia that’s a big statement!! Argentina specialises in beef and you will be hard pressed to find better steak (and leather) anywhere else in the world.

    You will find good steak restaurants all over the city but we found a fantastic steak house down on the waterside that we fell in love with. Be aware though that when you order you are just ordering the steak (which is HUGE), any side dishes will have to be ordered separately. Enjoy!!

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