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  • Vista do interior
    Vista do interior
    by rogdias
  • Our Corner of the Japanese Gardens Restaurant
    Our Corner of the Japanese Gardens...
    by Bwana_Brown
  • Fazendo a digestão no jardim
    Fazendo a digestão no jardim
    by rogdias
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    Bistrot Tokio: Sushi and Tempura

    by sabrina_florida Updated Mar 18, 2012

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Bistrot Tokio

    Many people ask in the forum about places to eat sushi in Buenos Aires. There are the classics like Dashi or Sushi Club, but this one, despite its not being famous, is my favourite, along with the one in the Japanese Gardens.
    When a Japanese wants to get a taste of his motherland, this is where he goes! There are not many tables, perhaps 8 or 10 but the service is very friendly, although it can be a bit slow as everything is prepared as ordered. The sushi is really good, as well as the tempura and other typical dishes.
    The decoration is minimalist and the lights are soft.
    A good place to go with few friends (no loud people here please!) or with your partner.

    Favorite Dish: Apart from the sushi and the tempura, do try the home-made ice creams! My favourite is the sesame seeds one, mmmhhhh.... reaaaaally good. Then there's green tea and ginger flavours too.

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  • Bwana_Brown's Profile Photo

    Jardin Japones Restaurant: In the Japanese Gardens

    by Bwana_Brown Updated Mar 14, 2005

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Our Corner of the Japanese Gardens Restaurant

    The day before we were due to fly out of BA for Iguazu Falls, we went on another long exploration of the city. This time we took the subway system to the Palermo district and then enjoyed a long walk through the interlinked parklands in this part of Buenos Aires. It was another hot and humid day, with odd rain showers, so we were ready for some relaxation by 1:30 PM when we reached the Japanese Gardens. Fortunately, they have an excellent air-conditioned restaurant with very relaxing Japanese-style music playing in the background. We decided that this was a great time for some lunch.

    Favorite Dish: The menu naturally carried a number of Japanese sushi dishes, but it also had the usual standbys as well. Sue and I each had their Ham, Cheese and Mayo Sandwiches in Crusty buns (A$6.50 each), with one side-order of French Fries (A$4). To slake our thirst from the long walk, I went with a 750 ml bottle of Quilmes beer (A$6) and Sue had a glass of white wine for the same price. There was also a small bowl of peanuts to nibble on while we waited for our order to arrive. The total cost of the meal was US$10.

    It was while we were sitting here that we struck up a conversaion with an elderly American gentleman sitting by himself at an adjoining table. The conversation drifted to Tango dancing, eventually leading us to take his advice to attend a Tango musical show later that evening (see Nightlife tips).

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    Itamae Sushi: Good sushi

    by wadekorzan Updated Feb 17, 2005

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    If you visit Buenos Aires and have had enough of beef, here is a good sushi restaurant. Prices for a platter of 36 pieces runs about 50 pesos ($17), which for sushi is very reasonable! That's the most expensive thing on the menu. There are 4 different places in the city where this restaurant is located, making it convenient wherever you happen to be in the city. We went to the one in Puerto Madero, which is very nice but it's a little off the beaten path, as this part of Puerto Madero is the newest section of town and the restaurant is in Puerto Madero East, Olga Cossettini 1553. Telephone 4313 0200.

    Two other lcations worth trying are in Palermo and in Las Canitas. Palermo is the largest district in Buenos Aires, and is a great safe neighborhood that I can highly recommend. The location of the restaurant in Palermo is very close to the botanical garden, Republica Arabe Siria 3045, telephone 4807 5300. The restaurant located in Las Canitas is in a great area. Las Canitas is a mini-section of town located in the barrio of Belgrano, and it is a very chic, hip, and cool place to go. Not too many tourists discover Las Canitas, as it is a bit off the beaten path, but if you go there, you're in for a pleasant surprise. Lots of bars and restaurants there with a great atmosphere. The location of this sushi restaurant in Las Canitas is A. Arguibel 2813, telephone 4775 1800.

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    Sushi and international food: Sushi Club

    by sof76 Updated Mar 4, 2006

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    4 more images

    Sushi Club es una propuesta innovadora en donde se combinaban dos estilos de la cocina Japonesa, el informal y la alta cocina.

    De la mano de sus creadores Juan Martin Ferraro (ex Mallmann) y Alejandro Flores (ex Midori) esta propuesta gastronomica ha crecido en forma exponencial tanto en su variedad de propuestas como en la ubicacion de sus restaurantes que en la actualidad se encuentran en los principales polos gastronòmicos: Las Cañitas, Acassuso y Puerto Madero.

    Ademas de una amplia variedad de sushi, que el comensal puede degustar a la carta o bajo la atractiva propuesta de Sushi libre, la cocina de Sushi Club incursiona en platos de la cocina tailandesa y vietnamita, conjuntamente con platos de la cocina internacional.

    A estas propuestas se le suma el delivery al que se accede con solo discar 0810-222-SUSHI y que cubre toda la capital y zona norte del Gran Buenos Aires.

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  • wadekorzan's Profile Photo

    Bokoto: Sushi in a nice courtyad in a trendy area

    by wadekorzan Updated Apr 4, 2011

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    If you want to go to an area of town that is "in" with locals, this is a great place. The neighborhood is called Las Canitas, which is part of Palermo/Belgrano. There are many many good restaurants here, and I like the atmosphere. Bokoto Sushi is nice because they have a very nice outdoor seating area in their courtyard. No loud music, so a good place to talk. You can order sushi by the combination, or they offer a deal on "All you can eat sushi", which is expensive by Argentine standards, but not expensive if you have dollars or Euros. The all you can eat price is 35 pesos per person, so about $12 or 9 Euros. They also deliver anywhere in the city of buenos Aires, in the event that you don´t feel like going out....

    Favorite Dish: Sushi

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    Restaurante do Jardim Japonês: Boa comida japonesa em jardim típico

    by rogdias Updated Dec 15, 2008
    Fazendo a digest��o no jardim
    1 more image

    Esse restaurante fica dentro do Jardim Japonês em Palermo. O Jardim é o cartão de visitas do Japão oferecido a BsAs pela colônia.
    A comida é, assim, honesta e barata. E boa!
    Mesmo para quem não gosta de peixe cru.
    E faz-se a digestão passeando no belo Jardim.

    Favorite Dish: Tem um prato com sushis e tekas só de salmão.

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  • kalanialoha's Profile Photo

    Restaurant Jardin Japones: Skip it!

    by kalanialoha Written Nov 18, 2006
    restaurant interior

    Though this restaurant is very convenient when you're visiting Jardin Japones, it was my worst restaurant experience in Buenos Aires. The food was overpriced and took forever to come. My appetizer of Chicken Karaage came 45 minutes after I got my first dish, even though it was the appetizer.

    I normally try to eat "local" food when I'm traveling, so I should have known better to not try Japanese food in Argentina.

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  • Casa Mun: Great sushi in BA? I Found It!

    by sushilush Written Sep 29, 2011

    I travel to Argentina frequently on business and have tried most of the recommended restaurants for sushi: Yuki; Osaka; Japanese Gardens, Little Rose and always come away disappointed. However, I recently read an article on the BBC website and tried a closed door restaurant: It seems that foreign born chefs are taking up the slack in the local food scene -- which I can only politely describe as boring. The night we went, there was a wonderful soba noodle soup, new style albacore sashimi with crispy onion, an assortment of maki sushi plus a delictable spicy tuna on crispy rice. And all without cream cheese. Anybody else been?? I later read on the website and that Chef Mun was trained by Iron Chefs Okuwa and Morimoto and it all fell into place....hands down the best sushi option available.

    Favorite Dish: my favorite was a tie between:

    - new style albacore sashimi with crispy onion
    - spicy tuna on crispy rice

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  • Kaiseki Sushi: Best wagyu in all of Buenos Aires

    by theabsolutnorm Written Aug 27, 2010

    Move over Osaka! There`s a new sushi house in town and it`s called Kaiseki Sushi. Found near the Corner of Thames and Goemes, this japanese restaurant in unpretentious, cozy, classy and dare I say it, authentic. They are also highly knowledgeable too. Kaiseki is the only restaurant in Buenos Aires to have a cooking staff comprised solely of japanese nationals (that means that they were trained in japan and then hired to come over here). They are also the only Japanese restaurant in all of BA to serve certified Wagyu. Now if you`re part of the uninitiated you most likely know this meat as `Kobe beef`. Just to clear some stuff up, Kobe is the name of the island in Japan where the cattle originally came from. Wagyu is the type of beef or species of beef.

    They have a wide assortment of unpretentious sushi`s and sashimi`s.

    We started of the night with a mini sampler of classic japanese appetizers. There was chicken teriyaki, tamago, chilled tofu, salmon terriyaki, cold noodles, etc. All in one bite-sized pieces. Then we had a ten piece sashimi appetizer. Comprised of salmon delicately prepared and garnished perfectly with a sliver of chive and ginger on each piece. It was slightly cooked, presumably through the process of drizzling heated oil mixed with soy sauce on top of it. It was sublime.

    Then the piece de resistance came out. The order of wagyu beef. I will write more about this is in the next section.

    Our server Max was very knowledgeable and spoke good english so as to help us feel more at ease. He gladly showed us the brochure catalogue for the purveyor of their wagyu. To show us that it is indeed 100% certified wagyu, hell he even showed us the cow we will be consuming, which brings a smile to my face being a bit of a foodie. Nonetheless, the evening could not have gone better, he recommended we share an order of the 220 peso wagyu as it is big enough for two. He didn`t try to up-sell us, when he just as easily could have. Another point for them.

    We had to decline desserts as the richness of the wagyu was a bit too much for me to handle, but we will definitely eat at Kaiseki again before we leave BA. It is not the cheapest food but I would gladly pay for this again and again, as it is at least cheaper than most big cities (i.e. New York, Los Angeles, Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Miami and San Francisco) by at least 20-30% And if they are still up and running whenever we come back (which I hope to God that they will be), then we will eat here again.

    Favorite Dish: So the was heavenly. Cooked to absolute perfection, medium-rare, but you gotta tell them that because apparently Argentinians like their meat a bit more tougher, so they automatically default to medium.

    The meat was everything I could have asked for in a cut of Wagyu. Tender, moist, succulent to the max, and the fat.....oh the fat. It was like I was eating angels in beef form. It was rested perfectly, a trait that isn`t shared by the meat at most parilla`s. It was perfectly seasoned, another trait not shared by parilla meat. It lay on top of a oriental medley of vegetables, but seriously i didn`t take much note of that. It was all about the meat that night and Kaiseki delivered in spades.

    As I mentioned before the food is unpretentious and can be described as almost neo-traditional with a couple classical remixes of rolls and sushi here and there, but it is definitely the new big-kid on the block and I wish it all the best in its success.

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  • cochinjew's Profile Photo

    kayoko de tokyo: japanese food in buenos aires?

    by cochinjew Written Mar 9, 2005

    While walking along Garruchaga towards the bed and breakfast i was stayinga t no 2155 como mi casa it was called, i ran into this restaurant. japanese students or youngwomen waiting on tables and food offered at possibly the cheapest price for japanese food on earth

    Favorite Dish: there is japo hour for just 7 peso.. which includes 3 suchi, i had negiri, two varieties of japanese plates very small indeed but for your taste, like tapa is to spanish food, then a can of beer ..
    i thought of my last meal in japan .. 7 pesos wouldnt even cover a beer there..
    pleasant service, minimalist decor

    during my next visit i plan to have osaka sukiyaki dinner for two at 35 pesos, which is an absolute steal.. 2 entrees, plate of the day, 2 plates of suchi, abura age, yasia tepan, takko tofu, sukiyaki, gohan and te japonese

    in this city of magnificent restaurants, if you feel like japanese food because you are missing someone in japan, go for it..

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