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    View from the first lookout
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    This is to be seen on the foothill
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    Paleontology in Argentina

    by GentleSpirit Updated May 25, 2013

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    Argentina has a wealth of amazing remains from the age of the dinosours and before. You will find significant paleontological discoveries in all parts of the country.

    1. San Juan Province ( Valle Fertil pages) Western Argentina
    The Ischigualasto formation yielded some of the oldest complete sets of fossil remains yet found. Today you can see the remains of the Eoraptor lunensis, found at Valle de la Luna (Ischigualasto Park) Trying to imagine things as they were several million years ago is quite a challenge conceptually, especially when most of our cultures really go back only a few thousand years. You are asked to imagine a lush swampland teeming with creatures, some big some small, some VERY big. However, what you see before you is a dry desert canyon.

    2. Villa El Chocon- Neuquen Province- this site has yielded significant finds. One one of my trips i was reading the paper and it was announcing that they had found a new discovery or a crocodile-like amphibious dinosaur.

    3. Trelew and Chubut Province (Atlantic Argentina) -Significant finds have occurred in this area. Coincidentally, this is where a significant Welsh population settled. There is a Bryn Gwyn Geological Park (near Gaiman) that you should look at if you are interested in Paleontology

    Dinosour remains at Ischigualasto Park
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  • fly over the argentinian sky on a trikebuggy

    by joeyfezster Written Oct 26, 2010

    theres a guy called jorge tobar. he's retired, but he flies trikes (like a sandbuggy with a wing).
    you can plan with him your own voyage through the northern argentinian skies.
    (if you would just like a normal tour, he can do that too)
    the price is more or less at 350 pezo for the flight hour, but you can come to other arangements depending on what youre looking for.
    you can reach him at his cell number: 0381 154 045 172
    or at the email adress of fly.north.argentina@gmail.com

    remember: you're getting a tailored flight plan, so be sure to contact him in advance!

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    Buenos Aires - Colonia / Uruguay

    by vtveen Updated Aug 26, 2010

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    Colonia del Sacramento is the full name of this Portuguese colonial town just opposite Buenos Aires on the borders of the Rio de la Plata in Uruguay. An interesting destination for a day trip from Bs As, but be aware to take the fast ferry, which takes about 1 hour (the slow ferry takes about 3 hours one way!!).

    Be in time at the Buquebus office/wharf at Darsena Norte, because before boarding we had to do a lot of ‘paper work’ :
    - we got a boarding pass and visa at the check in counters;
    - we had to fill in a form for the Argentinean immigration service;
    - we changed money at the changing booth; recommend to change money before in a bank or get your Uruguayan pesos from an ATM in Colonia; the changing booth is robbing you.
    - check of passports with a lot of stamps.

    Just outside the harbour building in Colonia are offices of car rental companies and a Tourist Information Centre, where we got a map of Colonia. Outside the ferry area one can rent a bicycle or scooter, but we decided to discover this rather small and compact town on foot.

    It is about 1 km to the historical part of the city. We entered ‘la colonia portuguesa’ through the restored Puerto de Campo (a real town gate) and just wandered around over the cobble stoned narrow streets, enjoyed the old colourful houses, the flowers, the shops and café’s. It is also possible to take a look in one of the museums. We had a lunch in one of the restaurants near the waterfront.
    Afterwards we had a taxi for a couple of sights outside the centre: the small Iglesia San Benitol and the Plaza de Toros with an arena, which is not in use anymore.

    Colonia (an Unesco World Heritage Site) with its pleasant pace of life was a relief after the hustle and bustle of Buenos Aires.

    For information about the schedule and rates see:
    http://www.coloniaexpress.com/ar/ (did read some negative reviews !!)

    Colonia: town gate Colonia: cobble stoned Calle de los Suspiros Colonia Colonia: flowers everywhere Colonia: Iglesia San Benitol
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    Tilcara, Quebrada de Humahuaca

    by Waxbag Updated Feb 24, 2010

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    Tilcara is one of the larger villages along the Quebrada de Humahuaca with a whopping 3500 people. The town has good facilities and accommodation and is situated in an excellent location to explore the surrounding country side and nearby villages of Miramar and Purmamarca.

    There is a nice pre-Colombian fortress here call El Pucara. They can't tell you much about the site but it is one of the largest sites of its kind in Argentina. The only thing really fortifying the pucara now are the hundreds of cactus.

    There is a trail that goes to a nice canyon called Garganta del Diablo (they name everything this don't they?). The trail is located off the southern road that leads up to the water purifying plant. If you go further along the trail you can enjoy a nice little waterfall. Maps off the town are hard to come by but they are around.

    There are some small museums in town but none that really caught my attention.

    There is a big Pachamama festival here in late July early August which attracts throngs of locals and tourist. Make sure you book early if you want to see it. It is very difficult to get accommodation here during the school holidays in July anyway. I got really lucky and found an incredible hospitable and gracious couple who let me stay in an already booked hospedaje Lo De Bucky.

    Check out my Tilcara page for more info

    Quebrada de Humauca
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    Villa Regina

    by theworldnomad Written Oct 21, 2009

    This is a town in the edge of the Patagonian Region where you can get completly hooked all stress. The place is located in the Rio Negro Valley and its famous for it's apple production, so as you might guess here the main economical activity are plantations.
    There is also a Riverside with a "balneario" where locals gather during the summer months to beat the heat.
    But why I bring up this place located in a remote area and with seemengly nothing special at all? well here you can really taste the life in a small town in Argentina, where shops are closed for siesta, people are drinking mate in the door of their houses and dogs wonder freely through the streets.
    Also there is the tradional Argentinean Asado all the way, people barely eat anything but meat and the abundance of nature makes it more a relaxing experience.
    Great thing to do: Get your tent out and camp near the river, get a lot of wood, 2 or 3 bottles of red wine, buy your favourite meat cuts and some chorizos and take at least 4 hours to finish all your meal and the wine, then just relax and watch the water of the Rio Negro flow, maybe some fishing or a cards game.... or just siesta!

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    Visit Cachi near Salta

    by DaveG0906 Written Dec 4, 2008

    Cachi is a small village about 5 hours drive from Salta. It is only accessible via unmade roads and for this reason is not visited by many people. It is accessible by ordinary car but is a bumpy ride.
    It's a picturesque village surrounded by mountains. Whichever way you enter into the town, both roads are spectacular.
    In Cachi there is a museum and a church on the plaza. A day trip out can take you along Route 40 to La Poma, an even smaller village which was destroyed by an earthquake about 50 years ago. Another drive through amazing scenary.

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    by barryg23 Written Oct 18, 2007

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    San Salvador de Jujuy (or Jujuy as everyone calls it) is a gateway town to the beautiful Quebrada del Humahuaca, one of Argentina´s many natural wonders. It's often skipped by travellers on their way to the Quebrada, and certainly we didn't see any other "gringos" in town when we visited, but if you hae the time it's worth visiting for a day or two.

    There are a couple of good museums, some nice churches and very cheap restaurants & bars. The town is very quiet in siesta time - it does get very hot here - but really comes alive in the evenings.

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    by barryg23 Written Oct 17, 2007

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    Not many tourists visit Parana, or its province Entre Rios, but it's a pleasant enough place to stay, and a good place to break a journey north to Iguazu Falls. There are soem interesting museums in the town, a nice riverside area and a good selction of restaurants and cafes.

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    Tour of homes

    by kyoub Written Oct 14, 2007

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    Take a little drive around Ushuaia and have a look at all the large homes that are being built there. Here in the US the large homes all seem to be more or less alike, not here. I didn't see two houses that looked the same.

    Green is a good color home with a view House with a tower Heavenly
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    Bring your binoculars

    by kyoub Updated Oct 12, 2007

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    It is only about 1/2 mile from El Calafate, it is off the beaten path for the tourists but not for the birds.
    The Municipal Natural Reservation called 'Laguna Nimes". It is the place to go see birds that have migrated here for the summer months.
    The circuit is 2,500 meters long, it is a self guided reserve with bird blinds, a guide phamplet to show you what to look for at each numbered sign along the way is provided..
    You mayl see ducks, geese, black-necked swans, coots, Ibis, and Chilean flamingos.
    In winter the water is used for ice skating.
    When we were there it was very windy but we did enjoy walking around the reserve.

    sign ducks chilean flamingos
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    Sierra de Cordoba - La Cumbrecita

    by M.S.FOGG Written May 29, 2007

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    If you want to go to the mountains walking or whatever you don´t have to go to the andes. The Sierra de Cordoba in middle argentina is very beautyful place. If you decide to go there I have a special tip - go to La Cumbrecita (you can take a bus from cordoba) - it´s a tiny village, with lots of tourism in winter time (argentinian tourism) but in the summertime there´s not really anybody going there. So when you reach there ask for a guy called Archie (everybody knows him), he´s an artist from holland. He´s got a bar on the top of the village mountain and in his garden there are little houses for two (artworks) you can rent for nearly nothing but you also can put a tent there.
    If you want to go to a trek you´ll need a guide, so ask for Raul - he´s a 70year old guitar builder, very nice guy - he will show you what a 70year old guy is able to do. I only saw his back!!! He bings you around.
    Good tip for all the fishermen: there´s a river with lots of trouts waiting for you - it´s a dream

    so go la cumbrecita!!!

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    Esteros de Ibera - Corrientes

    by M.S.FOGG Written May 29, 2007

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Esteros de Ibera are located in the northeast of argentina - you can go there from Corrientes. It´s a natural reserve, swamps with lots of animals, great landscape. We went to a laguna called Carlos Pellegrini with about I don´t 150 people living there. We slept in the house of a guy called hugo, he´s from Buenos Aires and he´s a really lovely host who can tell you everything about the wildlife and nature. It´s a place where usually not many people go - though there a little buses that go there - well you should take your time going there and you shouldn´t be scared of animals, because they will be in your shoes, your bed and even our food was coverd by flies - but it´s worth going there - it´s quite different to the rest of argentina.

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    El Bolson - one of the best places I´ve ever been

    by M.S.FOGG Written May 29, 2007

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    El Bolson is a little town in Patagonia about 150km south from neuquen. It´s quite small and it lies between two mountain streams - very beautyful place. Every week there´s a artesanian market taking place in the so called centre, they brew own beer, you can enjoy live music what ever you want. You should go there while travelling through Patagonia, not only cause the beauty of the place - there´s always nice weather because there´s some kind of microclima".

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    by swesn Updated Nov 28, 2006

    Alta Gracia is a pretty little town, rather close to Cordoba. It is perfect for a day-trip from Cordoba.

    From here, you can more or less see some lovely mountain ranges in the distance and you can visit Museo Che Guevara.

    El Comandante Ernesto 'Che' Guevara spent his childhood here in Alta Gracia and the museum was the house rented by his parents during his childhood.

    There is a small collection of photos and some items around the house. 2 short movies about 'Che' are shown - one of his childhood and one of this last days in Bolivia before he was killed.

    The one of his childhood was particularly interesting to me, as musings from his old childhood friends, his cook, his teachers showed how contemplative, sensitive and generous Ernestito (as he was known then) was as a child. He did not just read books, they said, he devoured them. And whenever he had anything, he always shared with his friends and family. He never hurt anyone, not even birds and animals. Even as a little ‘un, he had the charisma and leadership that he displayed later, as he was the leader of a neighbourhood gang.

    There are more photos of his usual guerilla self, smoking a cigar, standing amongst soldiers in the middle of the jungle, grinning away and one of him with nearly all his children.

    In a way, to me, ‘Che’ is no longer just a legend with the famous frozen image of that mid-distance heroic gaze, topped with a beret, etched on the side of a building in Havana, Cuba, on the 3-Cuban peso coin, and on countless T-shirts and badges. This museum showed how human he was.

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    Art Nouveau Subte Stations In Buenos Aires

    by RusskiPower Written Oct 2, 2006

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The older Subte stations are interesting for their nostalgic style. At the dawn of the 20th century Spanish artists were invited to celebrate the special connection between Buenos Aires and various Spanish provinces. The result were these delightful mozaic panneaux.

    Art Nouveau Subte Stations
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