Argentina Off The Beaten Path

  • View from the first lookout
    View from the first lookout
    by barryg23
  • Laguna del caminante (Place for tents)
    Laguna del caminante (Place for tents)
    by cimicak
  • This is to be seen on the foothill
    This is to be seen on the foothill
    by shavy

Argentina Off The Beaten Path

  • Tigre

    Buenos Aires Off The Beaten Path

    If you are in buenos aires, don't miss going to Tigre. Is an excursion of 4 hours (at least) and truly that is worth going! During weekends there is a fair in the port of fruits where they seld very nice and cheap handycrafts. A trip in a catamaran by the islands of the Tigre, it's a must! But try to go in a shinny day! To go there you may take the...

  • Palermo's Park

    Buenos Aires Off The Beaten Path

    If you feel tired of the city and want to see a green space, then Los Bosques de Palermo is a good place. They are located 15 minutes away from downtown and they get packed with locals, mostly at the weekends, who go there to jog, cycle, rollerblade, play football or just sit on the grass and have a picnic. It's a good place to combine chilling out...

  • National Fine Arts Museum

    Buenos Aires Off The Beaten Path

    I went to Malba and the Museo de Bellas Artes. Bellas Artes was far superior to Malba, so if you can't make it to both, go to the B.A. There is so much to see you will need at least a couple of hours. Room after room of Latin art and another section with European art. You can check any bags at the security desk at the entrance for free. And there...

  • Las Malvinas son Argentinas

    You will see this sign everywhere in Argentina, but especially at the border with neighbouring countries, such as Chile, Uruguay, Brasil, Bolivia or Paraguay. It is a revindication fo the archipelago, that the Argentine people feel as theirs.

  • Paleontology in Argentina

    Argentina has a wealth of amazing remains from the age of the dinosours and before. You will find significant paleontological discoveries in all parts of the country.1. San Juan Province ( Valle Fertil pages) Western ArgentinaThe Ischigualasto formation yielded some of the oldest complete sets of fossil remains yet found. Today you can see the...

  • fly over the argentinian sky on a...

    theres a guy called jorge tobar. he's retired, but he flies trikes (like a sandbuggy with a wing).you can plan with him your own voyage through the northern argentinian skies.(if you would just like a normal tour, he can do that too)the price is more or less at 350 pezo for the flight hour, but you can come to other arangements depending on what...

  • Tilcara, Quebrada de Humahuaca

    Tilcara is one of the larger villages along the Quebrada de Humahuaca with a whopping 3500 people. The town has good facilities and accommodation and is situated in an excellent location to explore the surrounding country side and nearby villages of Miramar and Purmamarca.There is a nice pre-Colombian fortress here call El Pucara. They can't tell...

  • Villa Regina

    This is a town in the edge of the Patagonian Region where you can get completly hooked all stress. The place is located in the Rio Negro Valley and its famous for it's apple production, so as you might guess here the main economical activity are plantations. There is also a Riverside with a "balneario" where locals gather during the summer months...

  • Visit Cachi near Salta

    Cachi is a small village about 5 hours drive from Salta. It is only accessible via unmade roads and for this reason is not visited by many people. It is accessible by ordinary car but is a bumpy ride.It's a picturesque village surrounded by mountains. Whichever way you enter into the town, both roads are spectacular.In Cachi there is a museum and a...

  • Jujuy

    San Salvador de Jujuy (or Jujuy as everyone calls it) is a gateway town to the beautiful Quebrada del Humahuaca, one of Argentina´s many natural wonders. It's often skipped by travellers on their way to the Quebrada, and certainly we didn't see any other "gringos" in town when we visited, but if you hae the time it's worth visiting for a day or...

  • Parana

    Not many tourists visit Parana, or its province Entre Rios, but it's a pleasant enough place to stay, and a good place to break a journey north to Iguazu Falls. There are soem interesting museums in the town, a nice riverside area and a good selction of restaurants and cafes.

  • Tour of homes

    Take a little drive around Ushuaia and have a look at all the large homes that are being built there. Here in the US the large homes all seem to be more or less alike, not here. I didn't see two houses that looked the same.

  • Bring your binoculars

    It is only about 1/2 mile from El Calafate, it is off the beaten path for the tourists but not for the birds. The Municipal Natural Reservation called 'Laguna Nimes". It is the place to go see birds that have migrated here for the summer months.The circuit is 2,500 meters long, it is a self guided reserve with bird blinds, a guide phamplet to show...

  • Sierra de Cordoba - La Cumbrecita

    If you want to go to the mountains walking or whatever you don´t have to go to the andes. The Sierra de Cordoba in middle argentina is very beautyful place. If you decide to go there I have a special tip - go to La Cumbrecita (you can take a bus from cordoba) - it´s a tiny village, with lots of tourism in winter time (argentinian tourism) but in...

  • Esteros de Ibera - Corrientes

    Esteros de Ibera are located in the northeast of argentina - you can go there from Corrientes. It´s a natural reserve, swamps with lots of animals, great landscape. We went to a laguna called Carlos Pellegrini with about I don´t 150 people living there. We slept in the house of a guy called hugo, he´s from Buenos Aires and he´s a really lovely host...

  • El Bolson - one of the best places I´ve...

    El Bolson is a little town in Patagonia about 150km south from neuquen. It´s quite small and it lies between two mountain streams - very beautyful place. Every week there´s a artesanian market taking place in the so called centre, they brew own beer, you can enjoy live music what ever you want. You should go there while travelling through...


    Alta Gracia is a pretty little town, rather close to Cordoba. It is perfect for a day-trip from Cordoba.From here, you can more or less see some lovely mountain ranges in the distance and you can visit Museo Che Guevara.El Comandante Ernesto 'Che' Guevara spent his childhood here in Alta Gracia and the museum was the house rented by his parents...

  • Subte Train Right From the 20s!

    Catch a ride on one of these vintage trains with polished wood, mirrors and leather interior -- hurry as they ar being steadily phased out!

  • Art Nouveau Subte Stations In Buenos...

    The older Subte stations are interesting for their nostalgic style. At the dawn of the 20th century Spanish artists were invited to celebrate the special connection between Buenos Aires and various Spanish provinces. The result were these delightful mozaic panneaux.

  • Sneak Preview Of The Salinas Grandes

    That you can get if you follow the RN #38 from La Rioja to Cordoba, a few kilometers from Castro Barros. Vast expanses of salinated grass-field, worth a short stop.

  • For A Nice Dip In The River Paraná

    Go to this unnamed camping site, you will see the signs for it on your right side as you drive from Puerto Igiazu to Eldorado (Pcia. Misiones). It is right off the road, you have to pay a fee if you stay overnight but otherwise it's free.The river bottom is somewhat muddy and grassy, but there are no leeches or crocs and the water is delightfully...

  • Why Go To Bariloche For Lakes?

    ... when you can get quite a competitive deal in Salta by the Dique Cabra Corral? A short detour from the RN # 68 on the way from Salta to Cafayate, follow the signs for Cabra Corral.There's a bungee jumping station, a roadside restaurant and a 4-star hotel if you need something on top of those breath-taking views.

  • High Tea With A View Of The Falls

    The lobby bar of the Sheraton offers fresh fruit juices, herbal teas and lovely cakes with a superb view of the Iguazu falls, all at a bargain price of $30 per head.A truly great air-conditioned break after all the heat and sunshine out there!

  • Great views from the Palacio Barolo

    The Palacio Barolo was designed as a mausoleum for Dante's Ashes, but it's not clear what the place is used for today. However, there are guided tours around the place with English and Spanish speaking guides. The explanations of the place are difficult to understand (even in my native language) but it was worth the tour just for the views from the...

  • Stark, but Beautiful

    It' s worth the trip to the southernmost city in the world -- and not just to say you "were there." The natural beauty of this region is impressive and only a short trip by bus will get you to some of the most incredible glaciers and ice floes to be found.

  • Relax in the Tigre

    If you are visiting Buenos Aires for an extended period, do like the portenos and head out to the Tigre delta for a few days of relaxation. The delta's only 45 minutes away by train and full of fun hotels (choose one with a pool). Take the ferry boat out to Tres Bocas for the day and explore the back waters of the famous delta. Pack accordingly, it...

  • Jesuit Mission San Ignacio de Mini

    San Ignacio is a small village of 5000 that contains one of the largest and best preserved of the old Jesuit Missions, San Ignacio Mini.Founded in the 17th century San Ignacio was a prosperous mission with nearly 4000 people, 35,000 cattle, and 65,000 sheep and goat. The Jesuits taught the native Guarani trades and skills as well as gave them...

  • Wine and Canyons in Cafayate, Salta...

    Cafayate is a charming little town with about a dozen bodegas all within walking distance and is a great base to explore one of the most beautiful canyons in the country. Bodega Etchart and Bodega La Banda are good wineries to get a tour and to sample wine, but there are many other good ones around that do tours. Cafayate is known for its white...

  • Fabulous Iguazu Falls!

    Iguazu Falls is located in the Southern tip of Argentina, between Brazil and Paraguay.Spectacular scenic falls, walking trails, tourist train, wildlife, and other activities like birdwatching and river rafting trips!

  • View over the National...

    View over the National Park..El Palmarit has been a long time now and I wonder how the Park and the Palm are doing!?

  • The National Park.

    The National Park..El Palmarat Entre Rios..between Uruquay and bordering Brazil, the park has been established 1966..8500h..full of Fauna and Flora. The Main attraction is the Palm itself=sygrus yatay, with many of them over 300y old


    At 3500+m altiplano, on the route towards the Chilean border, there is a huge salt pan called Salinas Grande. It is absolutely flat and white! There are salt-miners, covered up entirely to protect them against the sun and the reflection from the salt pans. However, the day I went, the weather was bad. We had thought we would get cobalt-blue sky...


    Another amazing route!! The road from Cachi to Salta climbs continuous to Cuesta del Obispo, passing a straight stretch of road La Recta del Tin-Tin which offers beautiful views of the Los Cardones National Park, an area with huge candelabra cacti scattered all over the desert. At the summit of Piedra de Molino (3300+m), one finds oneself above the...


    Another pleasant little walk through the vineyards to get to the tiny Rio Colorado, about 5km north of Cafayate town.As it can get very hot to walk out here, as there is no shelter for a large distance, do start out really early, like 7am, to beat the heat.There are some trees and shelters when you arrive near the river. One can observe some traces...


    Just a little altar located 2km to the north of the Cafayate town.A nice pleasant walk through the dusty little town and a short hike up the rocky hill to the altar.There, you have quite a pleasant view of Cafayate.


    There are numerous beautiful buildings around the centre of Buenos Aires. Don't be like the usual city people who hurry past everything in haste without taking note of anything. Take time to admire your surroundings.A recommended building to watch out for is the Aguas Argentina (Water Department of Argentina) which is along Avenida Cordoba. I read...

  • L altiplano Argentin.... la fin d un...

    -------------Francais------------L altiplano argentin, au nord ouest du pays, a 4000m d altitude.C EST GRANDdes heures de route sans personne, et sans relief, appart les montagnes au loincomment peuvent ils s acrocher a vivre ici?c etait vraiment chouetteplus au nord c est le desert du sud lipez en bolivie, et la route qui y...

  • smallest house in the world?

    La Casa MinimaThey say this house is the smallest in the world, mentionned in the Guiness Book of records.They were build by a master for his slave in 19th century (1813 this one?) upon his legal declaration of freedom. Only one is left in BA.size : 3mx2m10one door, one window, tiny balcony, small kitchen, patio, spiral staircase and bedroom.In San...

  • Salta : Gerald

    Gerald is my friend... When he lives in Salta, he also displays its art (drawings and paintings) on the pedestrian street of Aribaldi. From 9 in the evening... Go there and have a look, it’s worth it !Gerald est mon pote... Quand il vit a Salta, il en profite aussi pour exposer son art (dessins et peintures) dans la rue pietonne de Aribaldi. A...

  • Punta Delgada (Chubut)

    Punta Delgada is situated at South-East end of Península Valdés; it is the only continental station for southern elephant seals. Wild life, cliffs and the immensity of the ocean make this place a "must" for nature lovers.Punta Delgada is situated 70 Km from Puerto Pirámides and 174 Km from Puerto Madryn; only travel agency trips or tourists that...

  • Gaiman (Chubut)

    Gaiman is a town close to Puerto Madryn; it was founded in 1874 by Welsh immigrants; it still preserves the Welsh traditions and a charming architecture.(Take Route 3 from Puerto Madryn to Trelew, and then Route 25)Gaiman es un pueblo cercano a Puerto Madryn; fue fundado en 1874 por inmigrantes galeses; aún conserva las tradiciones galesas y una...

  • Punta Tombo (Chubut)

    At Punta Tombo is situated the second biggest penguin place of South America (the first is at Antarctica). In 1979 is created the reservation of pengüins of Magallanes (Spheniscus magellanicus) on a property given by Regina family. During the high season, more than 500.000 pengüins come to this place. The reservation can be visited, and it is a...

  • MEF (Trelew)

    Trelew is the second city of Provincia del Chubut (after Comodoro Rivadavia), and it has a population of 90.000 inhabitants. It was founded in 1886 at river Chubut valley, and it name comes from Tre = town, Lew = Lewis (Lewis Jones, one forerunner of the train between the valley and Puerto Madryn). It is quite close to Puerto Madryn, but we went...

  • MACN

    MACN (Museo Argentino de Ciencias Naturales "Bernardino Rivadavia", or Natural Sciences Argentinian Museum "Bernardino Rivadavia") is the most important museum of this kind in Buenos Aires; it houses an awesome collection of fossils and present living things, rocks and an aquarium.Adress: Angel Gallardo 490Visits: From Monday to Sunday, from 2 PM...

  • La Plata Museum

    The city of La Plata was founded in 1880, on purpose, to become the capital of the Province of Buenos Aires. It was carefully planned, so it is a very neat town (it is familiarly called "city of diagonals"). The Museo de Ciencias Naturales (Natural Sciences Museum), which depends from Universidad Nacional de La Plata (National University of La...


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