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  • Beer and Foods at Falkner's
    Beer and Foods at Falkner's
    by DSwede
  • Antares Brew Tanks
    Antares Brew Tanks
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  • Corregidor Hotel
    Corregidor Hotel
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La Plata Things to Do

  • Teatro Argentino

    The construction of the Theater was initiated in 1980, obeying al project of the architects of La Plata Enrique Bars, Tom?s Garcia, Roberto Germani, In?s Eubio, Alberto Sbarra and Carlos Ucar, who a year before they had earned the respective contest. Their surface cover reaches the 60.000 square meters and the geometry of its plant, with smaller...


    The city of La Plata is just 1.5 hours away from Buenos Aires (once you made it through the heavy traffic, it is a breeze to get here). It is one of the 'most planned' city I have ever been to. There is a square with a central park and two diagonal avenues, north-south and east-west. The rest of the city are on a rectangular grid and the streets...


    This museum should be a delight to those kids (or adults who like large, musty-smelled museums) who love skeletonal constructions of extinct dinosaurs or existing mammals, stuffed birds and countless insects and butterflies samples, mummies and some ancient artefacts, etc....Truly, a lovely Natural Science Museum to pass the afternoon in.I saw some...

  • La Plata's Cathedral...

    The imposing Neo Gothic Temple placed in the center of the city is the most impressive building and monument around. Worth having a guided visit.

  • Caminando La Plata

    Caminar por las Avenidas de La Plata y admirar sus diferentes Palacios y Plazas es un encuentro con el buen gusto arquitectónico de principios de siglo en Argentina

  • Museo de Ciencias Naturales.

    No deje de visitar la impresionante colección de fósiles que hacen parte del inventario del Museo de Ciencias Naturales de La Plata.

  • Keep your eyes open for unusual...

    In the center of town are a number of interesting and unusual sculptures like the one in the photo. For a relatively small city like La Plata, its grand buildings accompanied by art works like this makes it into quite a pleasant city to visit.

  • The Government House

    The government house (Casa Gobierno in Spanish) is yet another very beautiful building, done however in the Flemish Renaissance stlye. It houses the offices for the government of Buenos Aires Province and its governor. It's located opposite the legislature building on plaza San Martin.

  • Palace of the Legislature

    Another of the city's beautiful monuments is the legislature building. Like the city hall, it's done in the German Renaissance style and is located between Avenue 7 and Calle 8, between Avenues 51 and 52.

  • The City Hall

    The city hall is a beautiful building located at the opposite end of Plaza Moreno from the cathedral. The building was actually done by an architect named Hubert Stiers from Hanover in the German Renaissance style. it dayes back to 1886, 4 years after the city's founding.

  • The cathedral--it's like being in Europe

    The cathedral is the landmark of the city, and is located in the very center at Plaza Moreno. It is done in the neo-gothic style and was actually inspired by the cathedrals in Cologne, Germany, and Amiens, France. The cathedral was inaugurated just 70 years ago. There is a small museum at the cathedral, open from 9 AM - 12 noon and 2 PM - 7 PM...

  • Plaza Moreno-the center of the city

    The heart of La Plata is the very large square called "Plaza Moreno". Here you will find the very large and beautiful cathedral at one end and the city hall at the other end. In between, there are some beautiful trees, sculptures, and monuments like the one in the photo dedicated to Moreno.

  • Actual vertebrates

    Not only fossil mammals can be seen at the Museum; there is an awesome room of present animals too.No sólo mamíferos fósiles pueden verse en el Museo; hay una sala imponente de animales actuales también.

  • Glyptodon

    Glyptodon means "carved tooth" (who needs translation?); the gliptodon was an animal like an armadillo, with a rigid cuirass, herbivorous and really huge (see picture); its vertebras were fused. Glyptodon lived in these lands at Pleistocene.Glyptodon significa "diente esculpido" (¿quién necesita traducción?); el gliptodonte fue un animal similar al...

  • Toxodon platensis

    The world toxodon means "curved tooth" (as everybody knows!). It is a South American notoungulata, herbivorous, 1 ton weight (the size of a rhinoceros), with a important nasal retraction (it probably had a trunk); it lived in the Tertiary Age, and died out at Pleistocene (10.000 years ago).The first specimen was found by Charles Darwin in my...

  • Megatherium americanum

    Megatherium means "large beast" (of course!); it is an edentata tardigrada (actually, a sloth), which reached 5 tons; it was the largest South American mammal. It used to walk with four feet, but it also could stand on two feet, with the help of its tail, to reach the higer leaves. Megatherium died out 11.000 years ago. Megatherium significa...

  • The Building

    As I told you before, the building is just magnificent; the main hall has a circular shape, and has a beautiful skylight. To visit the Museum you must pay an entrance fee of 3 Argentinian pesos (1 US $); if you want to take pictures inside, you must pay a bonus of 2 pesos. The ticket includes a brochure with a plan (which is very useful, because...

  • The Main Entrance

    The Museum was built between 1884 and 1889, and it is a magnificent building of neoclassical style. The main stairway is custodied by two awesome Smilodon ("Sabertooth cats"), but I can assure you they are very tame... If you do not believe, look at the picture.El Museo fue construido entre 1884 y 1889, y es un magnífico edificio de estilo...


La Plata Hotels

See all 7 Hotels in La Plata
  • Benevento Hotel

    My second visit was for business and the local company made all my arrangements. The Hotel Benevento...

  • San Marco Hotel

    Calle 54, No. 523, La Plata, 1900, Argentina

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Solo

  • Hotel del Sol

    Calle 10 entre 54 y 55, La Plata, Argentina

    Satisfaction: Poor

    Good for: Families

La Plata Restaurants

  • Best parrilla (steak/BBQ) in town

    If you ask any local for a good parrilla (steakhouse or BBQ), Club Atenas will always come on the list, most likely as number one. The restaurant fills up quickly, so either get there early (~7:30pm) or make a reservation.I admit that the outside is not very attractive or even resembling a restaurant, but the inside and the food will quickly put...

  • List of restaurants

    Here you can find a list with restaurants.I´ve been & would recommend:Cerveceria Modelo: big dishes!Don Quijote: posh & nice mealsLa trattoria: normal & sometimes bad servicela vecchia segnora: good for pasta!!Thionis: best ice creams!!Wilkenny: good english / irish beers! (good price as well)

  • The oldest establishment in town

    We followed the advice of Lonely Planet and sought out this place to have lunch. Though it's really nothing too special, it is indeed the oldest eating establishment in the city, founded in 1894---built just 12 years after the city's founding. They have quite an extensive menu with meat, pastas, salads, pizzas, etc, all at a very reasonable price....


La Plata Nightlife

  • Best Artesianal Beer in Town

    Falkner's is a local landmark that almost all people know. The food is not all that fantastic, mostly bar type snacks and finger foods. But the beer is very good.They have about 15 unique beers. Over my visits, I have sampled nearly all of them. With the exception of the fruit beer, I like all the other 14. They have a few that are up to 14%...

  • Lively Artesanal (Microbrew) Bar

    Antares is a casual pub with a lively crowd. Its a local's spot so there is always something happening when the crowd starts to arrive (it is really quiet before happy hour).They serve a number of beers and drinks, but most people will be having the house beers that Antares brews. There are Kolsch; Scotch Ale, Porter, Cream Stout, Honey, Barley...

  • La Plata Hotels

    7 Hotels in La Plata

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La Plata Transportation

  • From/To Buenos Aires

    You have a bus service every 10 minutes in peak hours and every 15-20 minutes during the day. It´s comfortable with air conditioning and fast!It´s takes 50 minutes from La Plata to Puerto Madero, for example and costs you $6.5 (ar pesos)

  • From Buenos Aires to La Plata

    La Plata is situated only 59 km away from Buenos Aires; we went by bus, and the trip took one hour or so, from Retiro Bus Station in Buenos Aires to La Plata Bus Station. The bus ticket costs 8 Argentinian pesos (2.70 US $) go and back.La Plata está situada a sólo 59 km de Buenos Aires; fuimos en bus, y el viaje llevó algo así como una hora, desde...

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

La Plata Tourist Traps

  • Graxie's Profile Photo

    by Graxie Written Jul 24, 2007

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    In the very heart of " Paseo del Bosque" ( Wood Area ), La Plata Natural Sciences Museum is located. It is a Neoclassic - Barroque building with ornaments typical of Pre- Columbian Cultures that place it as one of the most outstanding cultural monuments of the city.
    Inside the building, you can enjoy an imaginary tour through time since there is a wide range of elements and samples of the evolutionary process of planet Earth.
    As you stand opposite the building , you will observe a big flight of steps upheld by two big figures - smilodonths ( tigers from the Pampa which dissappeared 10,000 years ago) considered as letter of introduction of the building.

    On the ground, there are some Roman numbers indicating the date in which it was built - 1887- and, just some steps forward there are six Corinthian columns supporting the monumental portal.

    Unique Suggestions: Above you, there will be a sculpture related to science - a woman showing planet Earth and the sky, galaxies and stars. On both sides, there are busts of different outstanding persons in Natural Sciences field such as Darwin, Lamark, Humboldt and Cuvier.

    You will leave the magic front of the building to enter the Museum with the previous picture kept in your mind. A circular hall welcomes you, with a double height roof . On the first floor, there is a decoration with ornaments that show you the level whereas on the second floor, there is a high vitreaux illustrating the main roof of the building.

    The environment is fresh and humid being altered by people's whisperings as they respectfully walk around the place. Typical families as well as young people eager to learn choose this tour which is markedly visual and which takes you at least two hours to visit as you learn about millions of years existence.

    Fun Alternatives: Once again in the central hall, you will go up the stairs which are opposite the entrance of the building. The stairs split to both sides and start showing you guards and images with native figures which are symbols of American people and cultures leading you to the first floor.

    Straight, to your left and right, there are two corridors that link the two remaining rooms of this tour.

    Always to your right, you will reach the " Ethnography Room " which is full of objects that belonged to different native cultures. A group of canoes and the cuirass of a Tehuelche Cacique located at the center of the room are really valuable from the historical point of view.

    Only the " Biologic Anthropology Room " is left, very near you. There, you will find skeletons and skulls, as well as life styles and exotic rituals of native cultures. Together with them, there are Egyptian mummies and desiccated corpses which are worldwide valuable completing the picture.

    You will return to the hall and go to your left to observe the interior of " Latin American Archaeology Room"- area that shows you the development of American Cultures from the year 12,000 B.C. to the arrival of Spanish people to America. The most valuable objects are made of Perú ceramics, weaves and other designs and outstand in the showcases.

    Diplodocus Gliptodonte Museo de Ciencias Naturale Museo de Ciencias Naturales Lagartija
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La Plata Off The Beaten Path

  • andal13's Profile Photo

    by andal13 Written Nov 22, 2003

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    In our way to the Museum, we found this curious mural... I think it is the Dentistry School, but I am not 100 % sure. Anyway, it shows a funny way to promote dental health.

    En nuestro camino hacia el Museo, encontramos este curioso mural... Creo que es la Facultad de Odontología, pero no estoy 100% segura. De todos modos, es una manera divertida de promover la salud dental.

    Happy teeth

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