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Humahuaca Things to Do

  • Uquia and the Cuzco School paintings

    You drive into the little village of Uquia (population about 300) and you might wonder why you are stopping. After all, this is a tiny place, the whole village seems to be concentrated on one street. Interestingly, this village has two major reasons to come and visit.One is its church, San Fransisco de Paula, which houses an important trove of...

  • Heroes of Independence Monument

    Across from the main square of Humahuaca is Santa Barbara Hill. While you will often see statues of the Spanish conquerors or national heroes near the main plazas, this is entirely different. This region had an important part to play in the War of Independence. At the time, this was a crossroads, a strategic location on the road to the colony of...

  • The blessing of San Fransisco Solano

    Every day at noon in Humahuaca locals and tourists will come to see a local event. At midday the clock tower opens up and out comes the figure of San Fransisco Solano. The mechanism is quite intricate. As the bells are tolling the Saint makes the sign of the cross and goes back into the tower. Actually, the statue doesn't make a crossing motion, he...

  • Archaeological site behind Uquia

    It should probably come as no surprise that there are archeological remains throughout the entire Humahuaca Gorge, the region served an important strategic function long before the Spaniards set foot in these parts. Directly behind the village of Uquia you take the dirt road up. You will reach what they call the Quebrada de Coctaca. What this site...

  • A view on Salta, northern province

    Overview thx to "Moon travel planner"Salta la Linda (the beauty) in the north of ArgentinaIdeal location to visit (daytrip) Cafayate in the south (RN49) and Park National Los Cardones.Second daytrip : to Humahuaca and it's valley, in the north . Also a highlight and more to the south, Parque Nacional Talampaya.Alternatives : Humahuaca after a stay...

  • Humahuaca - the village

    Humahuaca, a very small town but so reflecting the life of the original inhabitants.The central "Plaza" is impressive, the local markets of indian handycrafts typical, a cheap remembrance by a statue to an Indian hero.But never let us forget that the spanish invasion in the 16 century graved this civilization, "parked" the locals in a kind of...

  • Painters Valley

    Painters Valley/Palet is a fantastic and impressive valley to see, located somewhere on theroad RN9 in the Quabrada de Humahuaca.Make a stop here, near the cementary of Maimara.Next to the panoramic view, school children will give you a small present, not asking for money, but simply giving you their personel adres, so you can write them or send a...

  • Purmamarca-Town of the Lion

    In Quachua language Purmamarca means "town of the lion" and in Aimara language means "town of virginal earth". Pumamarca rises 2275 metres above the sea level and is encircled by the River Purmamarca in the north and by hillocks, forming a canyon, in the south. As it is placed at the base of the Cerro de los Siete Colores the place has a special...

  • The Monumento a la Idependencia

    From the plaza, a staircase climbs to the Monumento made by the Tilcara sculptor Ernesto Soto Avendaño. The Indian statue is a example of indigenismo, a nationalist tendency in Latin American art and literature that romantically extols the virtues of native cultures. Even if the statue is not interesting for you, the view from there on the village...

  • The Rio Grande... not so big as it...

    Well, this is the river that created the Quebrada de Humahuaca : who could guess that this little thing could create such a marvel???

  • Walking to the white mountain and...

    After the chapel, the curved path with the goats, this is what you can see, on the top of the white mountain : cactus everywhere and a wonderful valley. And once again, I let my imagination flow :I loved the cactus on the they not look like dancers in the arms of each other?

  • Walking to the white mountain and see...

    The walk is really nice to the chapel, but even nicer if you go further on the path penetrating in the heart of the will then see a strange vegetation covering the curved path and also goats!

  • Walking to the white moutain : the...

    The chapel built in the rock is a really nice place and offers a very nice view of the valley. The white of the rocks is really strong even with the sun of 7pm and make you feel in another lunar world!

  • Walking to the white mountain behind the...

    A nice walk to do if you have time is to follow the Av. Ejercito del Norte till the Peña Blanca, a white mountain/cliff situated at one end of the valley. We did this trail, passing through adobe houses and adobe field, without knowing that it way so nice up there and that there was actually something special to see : at the end, at the foot of the...

  • Talking with old people

    Old people there like to help you, to guide you and explain you some things about the town...even if they are old and handicaped! But of course, a little peso is always welcomed!!!!

  • Walking in the cobbled streets

    The streets of Humahuaca are wonderful...Empty , they give a feeling of isolated old town in the desert...the cobbled stones reflect the light of the sun that extend the a dead town of a poetic beauty...And when they become alive thanks to the population, they get this authentic indian atmosphere...hats and indian ponchos colors the...

  • The cabildo

    The cabildo is famous for its clock tower, where a life-size figure of San Fransisco Solano emerges daily at noon to deliver a benediction. I haven't had the chance to see it but maybe a next time ;-) It was already very nice to see the building anyway ;-)


    Yet another fabulous valley lined by colourful canyons by the side is Quebrada de Humahuaca, along Route 9. This route up north will ultimately take you to the border town with Bolivia, La Quiaca. As a result, the towns along this route, Tilcara and Humahuaca, have an utterly different flavour from the other towns in Argentina. There is a very...

  • The Quebrada !

    Colourful mountains ! You will be amazed ! You can watch them on your way to Humahuaca, from Humahuaca, or around Humahuaca (some tours are available through the hostels).Des montagnes colorees ! Vous allez etre impressionnes, a coup sur. On peut les voir sur le chemin de Humahuaca, depuis Humahuaca ou autour de Humahuaca (des tours sont possibles...

  • Penas Blancas !

    You want to see great desert areas and staggering mountains with different colours ? Do you want to see huge cactus and sit on the edge of big stones to contemplate the landscapes ? Go to the Penas Blancas : they're close to the Posada El Sol. You can go there by passing over the main bridge (over the rio grande) and follow the direction of Hostal...

  • Landscapes of color

    La Paleta del Pintor (The Artist's Pallet), in Maimará. PHOTO This beauty is made by Río Grande crossing the valley (Quebrada) from North to South in almost 200 Km. and the variation in altitude is from 4,000 meters in the north to 1,200 in the south.Carved in the earth, the bed of the river seems to have been cut by a surgeons knife that shows the...


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Humahuaca Restaurants

  • Comidas Regionales

    A rather touristic restaurant, with a local live band, not that enthousiastic and a family affair(3 brothers), but oké so far We had as "Plato Fuerto" a plate of Goat meat, recommanded by our guide Werner.Not bad, but give me a Biftek LomoAs "Plato postre", my real favorite, a jam mixed with nuts and goat meat.

  • Typical indian food

    This is the restaurant of the same hostal I described in the accomodation tip. The restaurant room is really nice with handcrafts furnitures! The atmosphere is romantic and the food is delicious!!!! And there was a mini guitar-concert after 9 o'clock...what could I ask more?I never had a so great feeling in a restaurant!!!! I could live...

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Humahuaca Local Customs

  • Local market in Humahuaca village

    This Humahuaca valley is full of local indian markets, in villages like Humahuaca or in Purmamarca.Visiting those markets gives you a real feeling to be in Latin America, if it is in Ecuador or Peru or Argentina, the surroundings and atmosphere is just unique.

  • Local market in Purmamarca

    A joy to visit this local market in the center of Purmamarca, full of Indian clothes, handcraft and souvenirs located in opposite of the small little but beautiful church and of course the famous 7colored mountain, the highlight of this village.In my opinion the best place to buy souvenirs in northern Argentina

  • Romantic Argentinian guys

    The Argentinians are really romantic and endlessly in love...everywhere, you can see couples, especially young people and see how much the guy loved his girlfriend, holding her so close and giving her a lot of affection and kisses!


Humahuaca Off The Beaten Path

  • Visiting the church of Uquia

    Uquia is a very small village (one street and some houses) with a wonderful little church known for its paintings from the Cuzco school! It took just one minute on the road to Humahuaca (some km away) and it is worth to know more about this art style and to see one example (if you haven't done it in Jujuy - see this page for more info about it)

  • Hear a poem said by a little boy

    This little boy wanted to say a little poem or song on Humahuaca in order to have a candy or a piece of money...and once again, we did not resist...we did not understand everything but it was quite nice actually ;-)

  • Enjoying the Santa Barbara...

    At the end of the afternoon the day we stayed in Humahuaca, we heard some traditionnal music...we saw a podium and people fixing a sono...we asked what was the occasion and we were told that it was for the procession and party in the honor of the virgen Santa Barbara of the neighborhood that would take place a little bit later in the evening. We...


Humahuaca Favorites

  • jcots's Profile Photo
    View from the monument of Belgrano captain.

    by jcots Written Feb 25, 2003

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Favorite thing: We were just walking on a normal and working day there and we just found how the people used to live there in an usual day. We found it really curious.

    Fondest memory: The friendly people we met there.

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