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  • Lago Moreno, Llao Llao Beach, Bariloche, Argentina
    Lago Moreno, Llao Llao Beach, Bariloche,...
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  • Llao Llao Resort in the Center
    Llao Llao Resort in the Center
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    Post Card Perfect
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San Carlos de Bariloche Things to Do

  • Circuito Chico

    This delightful drive takes you along the shore of Lago Nahuel Huapi in the direction of Puerto Panuelos. By taking a turn to the left the road follows the shore of Lago Perito Moreno. There are a number of great view points along the way. The best view is of both lakes with Perito Moreno in front of Nahuel HuapiAt one point the road take you over...

  • Lago Nahuel Huapi

    Bariloche is one end of the famous Lake Crossing from Argentina to Chile. The first leg of the crossing, over Lago Nahuel Huapi, is very popular as a day trip. Every 20 minutes a bus from Bariloche will take you along the shore of the lake to Puerto Pañuelos. The ferry leaves from here to Puerto Blest up to 3 times a day. At Puerto Blest you can...

  • South of Bariloche

    A great whole day excursion offered by all the local travel agents takes you south through beautiful country to Cerro Tronador. Given the narrow, rough roads of much of the route, taking a tour and letting someone else take the strain of driving isn't a bad idea. The first section, around the shores of Lakes Gutierrez and Mascardi and on to the...

  • Forest trails

    A visit to Isla Victoria (a 30 minute cruise across Lake Nahuel Huapi from the quaintly named Puerto Panuelo - Handkerchief Port - on the Llao Llao Peninsula) with a very knowledgeable National Parks guide followed by time to explore the island at leisure is just the first part of another enjoyable day in the Nahuel Huapi National Park. Whilst much...

  • Quite a mouthful

    San Carlos de Bariloche takes its name from a Mapuche Indian word, Vuriloche, meaning "people from the other side" ( a reference to crossing from Chile)and from Carlos Wiederhol, a German from Chile who opened a small store here in 1895. He'd be surprised if he came back today. Following the gazetting of the town in 1902, immigrants from Alpine...

  • Museo de la Patagonia

    Bariloche's museum, housed in one of the buildings of the Cento Civico, is well worth an hour or so of your time. From the momont you begin to climb the massive, if somewhat creaky, wooden staircase, you get the feeling you are in some 19th century scholar and collector's private wood-panelled den... which, in effect you are - much of the stuff on...


San Carlos de Bariloche Hotels

San Carlos de Bariloche Restaurants


    A Vizcacha is a large nocturnal rodent, but don't let the name put you off. This place is packed, you will be lucky to find a table and it is listed in a lot of guidebooks. Why? They are famous for their Bife De Chorizo whicH is detailed below. They also have a large menu from grills, salads, to pastas. You can see into the kitchen and watch the...

  • don't miss Don Alberto

    I miss this place so much! ate here two times during my stay in Bariloche with my wife. we ordered two 500 gram steaks and a bottle of wine in the total price of 50 dollars! great food and very nice owner. the waiters are friendly and helpful and their recommendations where accurate. don't miss the 500 gram's bife the lomo ( fillet steak) , it will...

  • A perfect place for Chocoholics!

    This is my favourite chocolate shop and cafe in Bariloche. I love their Abuela Goye special hot chocolates and their hot chocolates with cognac! The quality of chocolate is amazing and enjoyed sampling some of it whilst in town. As well as hot chocolate and chocolate, they also do ice cream and light lunches.I highly recommend a visit to Abuela...


San Carlos de Bariloche Nightlife

  • Boliches

    Por ser un destino elegido por la mayoría de los chicos para sus viajes de egresados, para la gente que hace un tiempo que pasó por esa etapa, puede parecer una guardería en algunos lugares y momentos.Los clubes están muy buenos, pero a veces, influenciados por el estilo de música que está de moda para ese público tan púber, puede tornarse como un...

  • Small Tango Show with Personal Touch

    This is the only tango show I've seen, so I don't have anything to compare it to. I suspect that the tango shows in Buenos Aires may be better, but this one was good in my opinion. The thing I liked best about this show is that the audience was small, with about 8 different tables of about 2-4 people per table. This is a pretty good ratio,...

  • Pub by the lake

    Caras is a pub in front of Playa Bonita (km 8.6). It has some nice drinks, a few things and good music. It's also called an "after beach". Since it's on front of the most popular beach, most of the people go there afterwards to drink some beer. No dress code required


San Carlos de Bariloche Transportation

  • El Valle Bus Line

    El Valle to go from BA to Bariloche or Bariloche to BA, it's really good and no expensive....well is not like an Airplane but is good! Try and save money!

  • Getting to Bariloche from other places...

    Agree with the Wandering Camel, host of activities in Bariloche even for not too athletic females LOL I was there in 2005, I'm energetic & tough, & quite beyond my 20s! but not really "athletic", even less so since I came home & relaxed!All in all, it's a place for youthful spirits & it offers a great sense of adventure. It's very popular with...

  • Internet or Travel Agent?

    Searching fares and booking via the internet is common practice these days and there are some great deals to be had; however, there are no such deals available for domestic fares in Argentina, and given the level of disorganization and misinformation you are likely to encounter on your travels around the country, you may well decide to book through...


San Carlos de Bariloche Shopping

  • All the food you can't take with, buy it...

    I was concerned about how much weight I was able to take with me. I've promised to my mother some gourmet & deli products from Patagonia. This people have very good prices and ships all kind of products overseas. Very good service and finest products. I also discover that is very useful to send gifts to my friends in Europe. You can try mustards,...

  • Chocolate Bariloche Mamuschka

    Mamuschka es el Chocolate Más Rico de la patagonia argentina. Chocolate artesanal de Bariloche. Donde se puede comprar chocolate artesanal argentino. Presenta gran variedad de chocolates: chocolate en rama, bombones rellenos, turrones y mazapan.Inspirada en las tradicionales muñequitas rusas, Chocolate en rama, bombones rellenos, chocolate caliente...

  • Chocolate Central

    Bariloche has been synonymous with chocolates since the the first European immigrants established the busines in the '40s. The bulk of the companies have stores in the 200 and 300 blocks of Mitre, one of the two main streets that traverse downtown. Fortunately many of the stores give free samples. A few have small restaurant areas where you can...


San Carlos de Bariloche Local Customs

  • Campaña del Desierto - Dessert Campaign

    En 1887 Julio Argentino Roca llevó a cabo la denominada Campaña del Desierto, un proceso de extensión territorial que garantizó a la Nación Argentina la soberanía de la Patagonia.Sin entrar en este tema tan discutido por las dos partes si que llama la atención esta estatua en la que se ve al soldado , al pionero , sufriendo junto con su caballo las...

  • Cerro Otto - Condor

    En el cerro Otto se pueden observar condores que ascienden con las corrientes térmicas y planean justo delante de la cima del cerroIn Otto hill you may watch the condors that ascend by the thermal currents and they fly just in front of the hill top

  • Leche de Glaciar / Glacier Milk

    Leche glaciar . Se llama al agua que surge de los glaciares y tiene color blanco debido a las partículas minerales suspendidas en el agua, provenientes de la abrasión del glaciar contra sus lechos rocosos y de las rocas entre sí, que por su microscópico tamaño no llegan a sedimentarse en el fondo.Glacier Milk.It is called the water that comes out...


San Carlos de Bariloche Tourist Traps

  • San Bernardo

    Los San Bernardos desde luego encajan perfectamente en el ambiente Alpino de Bariloche y son muy bonitos , pero la verdad es que están para que te saques con ellos la foto y paguesThe San Bernardos match perfectly in the Alpine environment of Bariloche and they are very nice , but the true is that they to make your photo and to pay some money

  • Don't believe all you're told

    We were told by more than one person we had to eat at the Restaurant Familia Weiss in Bariloche - they all said the food was excellent and it was a Bariloche institution. Well, all I can say , if the meal and service we experienced was anything to go by, it's an institution that is really resting on its laurels.We had misgivings right from the...

  • El Patacon - Unless you follow Clinton's...

    I visited this restaurant in 1999 and its was great, but ever since it has turned into a lame tourist trap, pricey, with a tacky and presumptous host that acts more like a bouncer, and food barely OK. The place remains gorgeous and pretty but their business has geared into shoveling hoards of Brazilians, they even speak at you in Portuguese for no...


San Carlos de Bariloche What to Pack

  • bylaunch's Profile Photo

    by bylaunch Written Dec 18, 2006

    Clothing/Shoes/Weather Gear: If you are traveling on winter (August-Sept-Oct) be awared that this is a very cold place and take the precautions.

    Camping/Beach/Outdoor Gear: Bring confortable boots and equipment to do camping since it will be offered to you and you will have a nice experience doing some outdoor activities.

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San Carlos de Bariloche Off The Beaten Path

  • Cerro Catedral

    Take a tour to the Catedral Mountain to have a beautiful view of the landscape. In this place you may find renting shops to do snowboarding if you like. Attached picture of the Nahuel Huapi Lake wich you will be seing on the way to Cerro Catedral

  • Refugio Neumayer

    This is a nice place outside the town (about 13km) where you can practice cross-country ski.You can reach the place during winter only on 4x4 SUV's, which is also part of the adventure...It was a great surprise to us, since the day was fine for skiing and if not wanting to ski, you could hike in woods nearby.

  • Village people...

    I strongly recommend visitting Villa la Angostura even though it s not in Bariloche... but its located nearby, in the South of Neuquen province, by the NorthEastern shore of the Nahuel Huapi lake, 780 mts above sea level.Some activities to do there are: Sailing, rafting, horseriding, mountain bike cycling, trekking, rappel, climbing, fishing,...


San Carlos de Bariloche Sports & Outdoors

  • Cerro Catedral

    Es el centro de esquí que hace famosa a la ciudad de Bariloche.Ubicación: A 21 kilómetros del centro de Bariloche.Características y servicios: Hay 2000 hectáreas de laderas esquiables y 67 kilómetros de pistas. Son 32 los medios de elevación con una capacidad de transporte de 20.225 personas por hora distribuidas en nueve telesillas, 17 telesquíes,...

  • Golf at Arelauquen C.C.

    Arelauquen Golf & C.C. is a new development with a nice golf course overlooking the Gutierrez lake and the Cathedral peak. The hotel and clubhouse are spectacular and worth a visit for lunch or dinner. Highly recommended.

  • Golf at Llao Llao Resort

    The Llao Llao Resort golf course is very scenic and fun to play. Views are incredible over the Nahuel Huapi lake. I recommend to combine lunch at the hotel with a round at this interesting course. The golf course is undergoing restoration on their greens which will be ready for play early in 2006. By the way, green fees in Argentina are very...


San Carlos de Bariloche Favorites

  • Get Your Clothes Washed

    For many travelers, especially families, finding a place to get your clothes washed if you're on the road for a couple of weeks is a major concern. You'll be relieved to know that there are several laundromats in Bariloche. Generally if you drop off in the morning it wil all be washed and folded (not pressed, that is extra) by that night. In order...

  • Ancient trees

    As a gardener and tree-lover from way back, I loved the woods and forests around Bariloche. The differences in altitude and rainfall mean the woodland that cover so much of the greater part of the National Park feature changing species of both indigenous and exotic species as the elevations change and there was always something new to see and...

  • Where's Heidi?

    Bariloche's Swiss, Austrian and German settlers clearly found echoes of their European Alpine homelands here in Patagonia, and they set to with some zeal to recreate the chalet homes they'd left behind. Over the years that style has taken on a rather particular interpretation of its own, and many of the houses you see now are so self-consciously...


Top 5 Skiiing Destinations: Bariloche

Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Die-hard skiers are always looking for the next hot spot, but also an off-season gem – and that's where Argentina comes in. Similar to New Zealand, the ski season in Argentina (and Chile, another popular destination for skiing in South America) starts in mid-June, when the Cerro Catedral Mountain is usually maintaining a cover of snow. While there are 42 miles of trails with a good mix for beginners and experienced skiers, Bariloche makes our list because of the Argentine fun quotient. Just as the nation's capital, Buenos Aires, is famous for wild nightlife, Bariloche's remote location does not mean it is without plenty of nightlife. The town has all kinds of evening spots, from casinos to discos to artisanal beer breweries. Lastly, the town is also full of traditional Argentinean luxuries, like great steaks, red wine, and affordable leather, so non-skiers will stay plenty busy.

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