Fitz Roy Travel Guide

  • The spires of Fitz Roy
    The spires of Fitz Roy
    by barryg23
  • Sunrise over Cerro Torre (on the left)
    Sunrise over Cerro Torre (on the left)
    by barryg23
  • Laguna Sucia
    Laguna Sucia
    by barryg23

Fitz Roy Highlights

  • Pro
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    Trekki says…

     wonderful thrilling nature 

  • Con
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     amazingly blowy gusts of wind knock you off your feet! 

  • In a nutshell
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    barryg23 says…

     A highlight of Argentina 

Fitz Roy Things to Do

  • Laguna Sucia

    Laguna Sucia is one of the smaller lagunas in Glaciers National Park. It stands below the Rio Blanco glacier and is close to Laguna de los Tres, though it's a much more difficult laguna to reach. However, if you have done the hike to Laguna de los Tres, you can look down on Laguna Sucia from a moraine on the western side of De Los Tres. The views...

  • Sendero Madre y Hija

    The Sendero Madre y Hija (mother and daughter path) provides a convenient shortcut betwen the trail to Laguna Torre and the trail to Laguna de los Tres.The trail is named after two lakes on the trail. It takes about 45 minutes to walk the length of it and along the way there are good views of the mountains around Cerro Fitz Roy.

  • Mirador Maestri

    If you have any energy left after hiking to Laguna Torre, there is a great hike around the laguna and up to Mirador Maestri, from where you can look down upon the laguna and Glacier Grande. Cerro Torre was covered in clouds when we hiked up to Mirador Maestri so I can't comment on the views of the Torre spire, but I imagine they are spectacular. It...

  • Laguna Torre

    The hike from El Chalten to Laguna Torre and back is an 8 hour, 25km roundtrip, which takes in some of the park's most impressive views. It's along a well marked trail, worn down by the steps of the thousands of trekkers who have trodden this path. From El Chalten there is a choice of paths to follow at the start, either in the north of town at...

  • Cerro Torre

    Cerro Torre is one of the most famous peaks in the world, a 3128 metre peak whose first ascent is a controversial matter and still the subject of much debate. From afar it looks impossible to climb as the relentless Patagonian wind has sculpted it into a tall, narrow imposing granite spire. Torre seems to have its own weather system, and is often...

  • Chorillo del Salto

    On our first full day in El Chalten we did a couple of easy hikes to warm up. We had arrived late the previous night after 11pm after a two day bus journey from Bariloche, so naturally we needed an easy start - the hike to Chorillo del Salto (Chorillo Waterfall) was a good choice for the first day. The hike involved an 8km round trip to a small...

  • Laguna Sucia, off Laguna de Los Tres...

    Trekking to Laguna de Los Tres was supposed to take 4 hours. It didn't work in our case though, we made it in 6 hours but did an additional, probably the most beautiful trek aside. Just after passing Poincenot camping we weren't sure where the trail goes (although it's perfectly marked) but saw some people a bit on the left, where we thought the...

  • Trekking to Laguna Torre

    Trekking to Laguna Torre would take you a maximum of 3 hours and it's a very easy trek. There are trail maps available at every hostel showing the way to leave the town to get on the trail. Its beginning is a bit steep as the town lies in a kind of canyon but then it really is an easy walk.The climat is pretty harsh and the weather can change...

  • Check out the Magalenic Woodpeckers

    Just above the town of El Chalten along the trail to Lago Capri and Tres Lagos there is a forest of wind devestated trees that lie in a narly state upon the ground. This area is a feast for the Magalenic woodpeckers that are completely unbothered by people. You can get very close to these large woodpeckers that have a flaming red head and see them...

  • Trekking to Laguna de Los Tres

    We didn't have a full day for trekking to Laguna de Los Tres cuz we had to leave El Chalten with the 6 pm bus in order to catch our flight from El Calafate the next morning. So, to have some extra time, we decided to start at 6 am which is nothing extraordinary for regular trekkers but it was kind of special for a sleepyhead like myself. Still, I...

  • Laguna Torre

    The famous Cerro Torre rises right above Laguna Torre. Unfortunatelly the clouds didn't let me see its summit which is nothing unusual. The clouds coming from the west stop on the barrier and the barrier itselt doesn't let the clouds go, like it was ashamed of the inquisitive looks of those who came dozens of thousands of kilometers to see it.

  • El Chalten

    The remote town hidden between the granite wall was only founded in 1985. Argentinians created a base point for climbers from all around the world dreaming of conquering Fitz Roy and Cerro Torre.The facilities are limited in El Chalten, there is no bank or ATM, so remember to bring enough cash along. One small supermarket is just enough for its...


Fitz Roy Restaurants

  • Don't forget to buy salt for your pasta

    Well, in El Chalten you mainly have an option of going to the store, buying some products, bringing them back to Rancho Grande and cooking a delicious diner.

  • the best place to get yummie chocolate...

    The Chocolateria serves homemade cake, anything you can imagine.Try the chololate cake, it's excellent.The ambiente is nice and cozy - you can get an idea when looking at the picture.The best place to sit down, have coffee and eat cake is on the upper floor (where the huge windows are).And you can feel the typical patagonian wind there, just look...

  • Fitz Roy Hotels

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Fitz Roy Nightlife

  • Sunset - and a good cup of hot tea :-)

    As for the sunrise, the sunsets are also spectacular in El Chalten.Mainly at the mountain peaks such as Fitz Roy and Cerro Torre, as they permanently are "decorated" with the clouds at their peaks. Nothing in specific, warm clothes, as it can get cold in the night.A good cup of hot tea can help staying awake the whole night and watch the million...

  • Sunrise - as being on a different planet...

    Due to the fact that there is nothing but wilderness and nature along 200 km and more around of El Chalten, sunrises and sunsets are spectacular !!Plus the light has a different "view", due to the clarity of the air.This sunrise we had often there, just as the european "Alpengluehen". Something warm to wear, as these sunrises are mainly when the...

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Fitz Roy Transportation

  • It could have been better

    This trip was really hard but it seems it's the only way to get to El Chalten.We got the round trip bus ticket from El Calafate in a package together with an excursion to Perito Moreno Glacier, it would be about 60 pesos for this bus I guess.The bus goes there twice a day, leaving both Calafate and El Chalten at the same time: 8 am and 6.30 pm. The...

  • The bus from El Calafate to El Chalten

    El Chalten is appoximately 220 km away from El Calafate on the north side of Parque National Los Glaciares. It can be reached by bus from El Calafate. Depending on the time of year, service can vary. Buses only left El Calafate on Tuesdays and Thursdays and returned from El Chalten Wednesday and Friday. You must book the bus at the Calafate Hostel...

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Fitz Roy Local Customs

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    by Waxbag Written Dec 22, 2003

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    If you are considering camping while in the Los Glaciers National Park, be sure to bring a gas stove with you because fires are not allowed. The rangers are very vigilant about preventing forest fires and there have been incidences where campers started fires. Be careful!

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Fitz Roy Warnings and Dangers

  • Monument to a careless trekker

    Be carefull with all kinds of fire. Is has already caused lots of damage along the trail. On the picture you can see the monument to a careless trekker which is the burned tree and the plaque next to it says: "This was caused by a cigerette butt".It's on the way to Cerro Torre, just after leaving El Chalten.

  • The winds can get HEAVY !

    Wind is very heavy in the south of Argentina, all areas east of the Hielos Norte and Sur (the Patagonian ice caps).Soemtimes, the wind peaks can reach 150 km / hr. Please be prepared for it, never underestimate it, and when camping, look for a sheltered place to pitch the tent.The picture was taken in El Chalten, and the people told me, this flag...

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Fitz Roy What to Pack

  • Layers

    The weather can change very rapidly in the mountains so you should wear layers, starting with the Tshirt as it can get quite warm and finishing with a warm jacket. I was taking it off one by one on the way up and then slowly putting it on again on the way back:)

  • Capa de lluvia

    Unless you want to camp, take a backpack that would be small/big enough for one day trips. A world traveller like myself ;) came to El Chalten with the carry-on suitcase that was travelling with me around the country. It must have been a strange view for the real hikers. But I had my little backpack which was just perfect for a day trip. Other than...

  • Bring All You Need From El Calafate

    Good foot wear is essential. The terrain can get marshy and it is important to try to keep your feet dry. There is a lot of good walking to do here. No Medical supplies here besides band-aides and alcohol. The small shop in the center of town is very limited in film and related equipment. It is also very expensive. There is a Kodak store in El...


Fitz Roy Off The Beaten Path

  • Lago Viedma

    The biggest lake around El Chalten is Lago Viedma, which is fed by the huge Viedma Glacier from the Patagonian ice field. El Chalten lies a few kilometres from the north western edge of the lake. On the journey in to El Chalten there are good views of the lake, but we missed these as we arrived at night. Hence, our first view of the lake was during...

  • Capella Egger

    Amidst all the development in El Chalten, there is one simple building that offers a poignant reminder of the history of climbing in this area. Capella Egger was built in memory of Toni Egger, who died during an attempted climb of Cerro Torre. Egger and his climbing partner Cesare Maestri were attempting to become the first to summit the...

  • Walk along Rio de las Vueltas

    There are a lot off-the-beaten-tracks in and around El Chaltén. So make sure, you get at least some ideas what is possible except Fitz Roy and Cerro Torre.For example, there is a nice long walk along the Rio de las Vueltas. You can even walk to Laguna del Desierto, however, this takes some hours.But also smaller walks are possible, e.g. Chorillo...


Fitz Roy Favorites

  • Clear Skies

    For the first three days in El Chalten, we'd had mixed weather. It didn't rain, but the skies were never really clear, meaning we had yet to experience the beauty of the Fitz Roy peaks under clear skies or even any view of Cerro Torre. I happened to wake very early at 7am and looking out the window, couldn't believe my eyes when we saw Torre. The...

  • Spotting the mara

    During our hike to Laguna Torre, we were lucky enough to spot a Mara (often referred to as a Patagonian Hare) on the path. Maras are rodents who live predominantly in the Patagonian steppe. They are animals, and can reach speeds of up to 30km an hour. They usually keep well clear of humans, and scamper off as soon as you approach so I was quite...

  • Park Ranger's Office

    The park ranger's office is a good place to plan your hikes around El Chalten. The rangers provide plenty of information, and most of them speak a number of languages. They can supply you with a useful map listing the various treks, with estimated distances and timings, which can be invaluable for planning. If you are planning a climbing expedition...


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