Parque Nacional Los Glaciares Travel Guide

  • Perito Moreno Glacier
    Perito Moreno Glacier
    by barryg23
  • Mount Fitz Roy on clear day!!!
    Mount Fitz Roy on clear day!!!
    by raenorthern
  • Fitz Roy
    Fitz Roy
    by volovia

Parque Nacional Los Glaciares Things to Do

  • Ice hiking or climbing

    Plenty of tour operators in El Chalten who will bring you out for a day or more. Went with Casa de Guias, friendly company with independent guides who offer private ice-climbing schools and camping on the glacier. Or if you know what you're doing, equipment is available to rent in the town. Don't forget a harness and carabiner to get across the...

  • Perito Moreno

    Perito Moreno, the moving glacier, 2.5 meters every dayA was a rather rainy day, the clouds were hanging low, a special scénary for picturing this area.

  • Visit Perito Moreno

    A "Genteneir"/Belgium visiting this famous glacier by boatA wonderful experience together with three other mates, the silence only abrupted by falling peaks of colored ice. You will never forget it.

  • see five glaciers in one (long) day

    A very long ride around all five glaciers, with the added bonus of seeing amazing icebergs.Bring your lunch, because there's time to have a picnic at Onelli Lake, or you can spend time eating at the restaurant there, and miss roaming around in the gorgeous scenery.

  • Trek on a glacier

    I'm not even a trekker, but couldn't pass up the opportunity to trek on a glacier. It's part of an entire day exursion: pick up at your ho(s)tel, bus ride from El Calafate to entrance of the Glaciers Park, then a walk on the "balcony" around the glacier, and finally, off to the glacier trekking area. There people are split up into groups (Spanish...

  • Hikking in Parque Nacional Los Glaciers

    Make sure you hike up to De Los Tres Lagoon. It is a 400 m/1300 ft on a steep trail if you are fit and dont stop it takes about 45mins otherwise its 1 - 11/2 hrs. This walk is one of the highlights in Los Glaciares National Park, the views of Mts. Poincenot, Fitz Roy and the other peaks surrounding them are excellent on a cloudless day. We were in...

  • The Vedette

    Undoubtedly, the vedette of the National Park is the Perito Moreno Glaciar; it is not the biggest one, but it is the most famous; the glaciers have movements, but this one is quite stable since one century ago; it has headways and throwbacks, but these are not big (50 - 100 m). From time to time, the glacier closes the communication between two...

  • Stepping on the ice

    The most exciting way to "meet" the Perito Moreno is trekking it... The sensation of walking on the blue ice, in the middle of an absolute silence... Only your own steps can be heard...More information about this activity at "Sports Travel" tips.La forma más emocionante de "encontrarse" con el glaciar Perito Moreno es caminar sobre él... La...

  • From the shipboard

    You also can sail the Brazo Rico or the Canal de los Témpanos, and enjoy the spectacular view of the glacier from the shipoard; the experience is wonderful, but do not forget your scarf and your cap, because the wind is pretty cold!También pueden navegar por el Brazo Rico o por el Canal de los Témpanos, y disfrutar de la espectacular vista desde la...

  • Terra firma

    Another sight of the glacier can be enjoyed from terra firma; in this case, I took the picture from a cliff at the South-East shore of Brazo Rico (one of the arms of the lake) from where you can see the South side of the glacier.Otra vista del glaciar puede disfrutarse desde tierra firme; en este caso, tomé la foto desde un risco en la orilla...

  • The gangways

    There are several options to enjoy the spectacle of the Perito Moreno Glacier: the most popular is coming down the gangways. There are three levels, so you can enjoy the glacier from different heights. From the ganways you will see the glacier North side and the Canal de los Témpanos (Channel of Bergs).Hay varias opciones para disfrutar el...

  • Icebreaks

    Constantly there are icebreaks: huge fragments of ice fall down with din; you even can feel the vibrations! The icebreaks and the waves they cause are a great spectacle.Constantemente se producen desprendimientos: grandes masas de hielo caen con gran estrépito; incluso pueden sentir las vibraciones! Los desprendimientos y las olas que provocan son...

  • Spectacular!

    Perito Moreno Glacier is situated between Brazo Rico and Canal de los Témpanos, at Argentino Lake. It is 4 - 8 Km wide, and about 37 Km long; it is 30 - 60 m high over the lake level, and about 130 m under the water; it is leant on the lakebed. Thousands of seracs (peaks) and clefts of blue ice (the colour is a visual effect) make the glacier look...

  • The Glacier Field

    The lake has several "arms" and several glaciers; the West side of Patagonia is covered by an ice field, since the last glaciation (20.000 years ago). These ices covered the whole Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego; the thaw caused the Andean valleys and the lakes. Nowadays, the ice field is 400 Km long and between 30 and 80 Km wide. These glaciers are...

  • Lago Argentino

    "Lago Argentino" (Argentino Lake) is the biggest lake of Argentina; its area is about 1.500 Km2. Its water has a quite peculiar colour (greenish white), because of leche glaciaria (glacier milk), a dust made by the abrasion of the glaciers against the rocky riverbeds. This lake has some of the most beautiful glaciers of the National Park.El Lago...


Parque Nacional Los Glaciares Restaurants

  • wow...even vegetables!

    At the end of San Martin, lovely restaurant offering the usual parilla but also vegetable options and interesting pizzas. Everything looked good. Everything tasted good. And of course lovely Argentinian wine. Steak and Patagonian lamb.'s good here, why not eat it?

  • Lunch with a good friend

    The shelter is a nice building made of wood, simple but cozy, and it has some tables and chairs inside; that afternoon was so sunny that I decided (as many other people did) to have lunch outside the house. I took a seat at the stairs, opened my picnic box and began to have lunch, when I nice black cat approached (probably he was attracted by my...

  • Bring your own food!

    There are small "restaurants" inside the park (actually, are just places where you can get some food); the hostels situated inside the National Park have their own restaurants, of course, but I did not have lunch there. As I did "minitrekking", I had to bring my own food, because there is no restaurant at that area of the forest, just a refugio...


Parque Nacional Los Glaciares Transportation

  • The adventure begins

    To do the trekking above the glacier, you have to cross the Brazo Rico (a branch of lake Argentino); the ship departs from a small pier situated at Puerto Bajo de la Sombra, 8 Km far from the glacier.The navigation takes about 20 minutes, and the landscape is amazing.Para realizar el trekking sobre el glaciar, deben cruzar el Brazo Rico (parte del...

  • Hielo y Aventura

    I do not drive, so I hired the services of "Hielo y Aventura" (Ice and Adventure); this is the company that makes the minitrekking day trip. A bus pick you up at your hotel, and takes you to the National Park.Yo no conduzco, así que contraté los servicios de "Hielo y Aventura"; esta es la empresa que realiza los minitrekkings. Un bus los recoge en...

  • Morning Bus to El Chalten

    It is now much easier to get the park. There are 8am buses that leave each morning from the main bus station convieniently located in the center of El Calafate. The ride takes about 4 hours. Sit on the left side and have your camera ready because if it is clear, you will get fanstatic views of the Fitz Roy. You will arrive around noon, plenty of...


Parque Nacional Los Glaciares Warnings and Dangers

  • Don't try to be a hero

    You will find some billboards close to the glacier, with warnings. Follow the adviceS, and do not try to be a hero. This sign says: "DANGER ~ NO TRESPASSINGWhen ice falls, pieces are thrown volently dozens of meters away. This action produced the death of 32 people between 1968 and 1988."I saw the icebreaks, and I can assure the waves they produce...

  • Recommendations

    A couple of recommendations: smoking is not allowed at some areas of the National Park; each time you come close to the glaciers, you will find billboards with the warning, and ashtrays where you can leave your cigarette. You cannot leave trash inside the National Park: all the waste you have, take it with you and throw it away at El Calafate (the...

  • Clefts

    When you are trekking above the glacier, follow your mountain guides instructions carefully; walk firmly with your legs open, and pay attention to the clefts: they are really deep. Do no hesitate: if you need some help, ask your guides.cuando estén caminando por encima del glaciar, sigan atentamente las instrucciones de sus guías de montaña;...


Parque Nacional Los Glaciares What to Pack

  • Bring money

    All the guidebooks warn you, there are signs in El Calafate that warn you..and yet some people still show up in El Chalten without enough cash. NO bank and NO ATM in town. Some tourist companies accept VISA but just stock up on the cash before you get there.

  • Forget your bikini!

    Despite I was there in summer, the weather is cold; above the glacier, you feel the chill wind. You need a good rainproof coat, cap, scarf and gloves (if you did not take gloves, they give you a pair). Sport trousers, cotton or wool socks, and sunglasses.A pesar de que estuve allí en el verano, el tiempo es frío; sobre el glaciar, se siente el...

  • Take a lot of pictures!

    Your camera and a lot of films are a must here! The views are amazing, so do not forget to take enough films (if you are not in the digital era). The ice and the sun are dazzling, so a 100 ASA film is enough; take care for the exposure setting. La cámara y un montón de rollos son imprescindibles aquí. Las vistas son impresionantes, así que no...


Parque Nacional Los Glaciares Off The Beaten Path

  • The Blue Grotto and The Cold Stream

    Once you come into the grotto, you can finally stand up; there you see the creek which is the result of the thaw; the water is muddy (and so are you at the time!), but the sensation of being underneath a millennium glacier, lit by the amazing blue light of the ice, is unforgettable.Una vez que se llega al interior de la gruta, pueden finalmente...

  • The Blue Grotto

    No, I am not wrong; of course, the notorious Blue Grotto is in Capri, but I find a blue grotto at the Perito Moreno Glacier: the water that comes from the thaw undermines the ice, and makes grottos or caves.To go into the cave it is not easy (if you have claustrophobia, you cannot even think of it!); you have to creep, and meanwhile the cold water...

  • Where does the water go?

    During summertime, the glaciers suffer a little thaw; while you are walking over the glaciar, you find several clefts, and some kind of drains, where you hear and see the fall of the water. Where does the water go?Durante el verano, los glaciares sufren un pequeño deshielo; a medida que caminas por encima del glaciar, vas viendo varias grietas, y...


Parque Nacional Los Glaciares Sports & Outdoors

  • Looking for the glacier

    I decided to make an activity called "minitrekking"; this activity begins inside the National Park, when you embark at the pier "Puerto Bajo de la Sombra"; after crossing the Brazo Rico (a part of lake Argentino), you reach a shelter where you leave your picnic box and you meet the mountain guides, who will lead you to the glacier. Then, you begin...

  • Breathtaking!

    After... climbing... and ... coming... down ... the .... glacier... hills ... we ... are ... reaching... the... top... Almost... two... hours... of... trekking... The... sights... are... breath... taking!!!!Where did I put my f**** lungs?Despu?s... de .... subir ... y ... bajar ... las ... colinas... del... glaciar... estamos... llegando... a......

  • The end of the adventure

    Every story comes to an end... What can be better than drinking a good whisky with thousands years ice? Cheers!Toda historia llega a su fin... ¿Qué puede ser mejor que beber un buen whisky con hielo de miles de años? ¡Salud!


Parque Nacional Los Glaciares Favorites

  • Paradise on Earth!

    There are three high-points of the PN in my view:1) Lago de los tres - including interesting, steep, access path - views of Fitz Roy or laguna Sucia belong to the best you can ever see 2) Laguna Torre with Cerro Torre in the back - unforgettable experience, especially in the early morning sun!3) "path" to Laguna Piedras Blancas - only few hundred...

  • Take a deep breath...

    After trekking on the glacier, the intrepid (and tired!) trekkers had time for lunch and a rest, before our ship came back... Most of us climbed a cliff to take a breath... in front of a breathtaking landscape!Luego del trekking sobre el glaciar, los intrépidos (y cansados!) caminantes tovimos tiempo para almorzar y descansar, antes que el barco...

  • Love at first sight

    I was planning this trip for years... Finally my dream came true... I met the mythical Perito Moreno Glacier! The first sight of that wonderful blue ice mass from the wandering road is unforgettable.Estuve planificando este viaje durante años... Finalmente, mi sueño se hizo realidad... Me encontré con el mítico Glaciar Perito Moreno! La primera...


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