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Puerto Harberton Things to Do

  • did you ever see a "sheep-counter" ?

    This is quite an interesting construction in Eastancia Haberton : this labyrinth was used in order to count the number of sheep that had been shaved by each shaver, because they were payed by the number of sheep they did shave. The sheep went all in in the same gate and when the shaver was ready, he sent the sheep out again through his own...

  • old cars and even a landingboat

    There is an old truck and even a "landing-boat" to be seen in Haberton. Here under the "Things to do tips" I did show you all the things of interest, that you will see, when arriving by car on your own and that you will be able to see, while walking through the public area of estancia Haberton.Haberton is still an active farm nowadays, even though...

  • Museo Acatushun

    Museo Acatushun de Aves y Mamiferos Marinos Australes is the full name of a small museum where you will see a large collection of whale-bones inside and outside of the building. It is a walk of 10-15 minutes to get there by foot from the ship and you normally will have enough time to go there and take a look at least at the whalebones that are...

  • At the other side of Haberton-bay

    When you are lucky and come by car I can highly recommend you to drive on some km at the other side of the Haberton-bay : You will find a wild and wonderful nature with wild cows, we even saw a small fox passing by us in a short distance. On a place like this you will hardly ever hear any noises at all except birds.b.t.w. all of these pics are...

  • the whale-bone entrance

    This great whale-bone entrance is one of the most significant sights of Haberton, although this gate is not used anymore nowadays, but when you are coming with the ship's tour from Ushuaia you will be able to enter that great garden through another gate and take also a closer look for these wale-bones. This whalebone-arch will also be a part of the...

  • an english garden

    No matter, where you are going in Tierra del Fuego / Fireland, you will hardly ever find a garden, where the grass is in such an intensive green like in the garden of the Estancia Haberton in front of the restaurant. Also the setting of the trees is typical for an english garden and this part of the farm is also part of the guided tour through the...

  • whale-bones galore in the garden of Ea....

    Collecting whale-bones was the passion of one of the ladies, who were living in Haberton and so you will be able to see some really interesting bones of all sorts of whale-species in the garden of the famhouse in Estancia Haberton.This is just a rather small collection compared to the one that you will see in Museo Acatushun de Aves y Mamiferos...

  • the main building

    Haberton was the very first settlement of the white men exloring Tierra del Fuego in the middle of the 19th century and it is still a farm / estancia nowadays, although they mainly live on the tourists now.Inside of the main building there is a great restaurant, see my restaurant-tip, and there is a great garden as well, just see that great kind of...

  • Boat house

    You will see the boat house. There is a Condor hanging at one end of the building. That bird died on the estancia and was preserved.

  • Wool Shop

    We were taken for a tour of the out buildings at the estancia. One of those building was the wool shop. Notice in the background of the picture, the sheepskins.

  • Cats

    If you love cats, as I do, you will love seeing all the pretty ones that live here at the estancia.

  • History tour

    Upon arrival we were divided into english/spanish laungauage speaking groups.We moved to the front of the ranch house and were given a short history of Harberton.Harberton continues to be a family enterprise—its present manager and part-owner, Tommy Goodall, is Thomas Bridges’s great-grandson.


Puerto Harberton Restaurants

  • for groups mainly

    Asador Acaweia is the restaurant in a modern building above the Estancia Haberton. From there you will have a great view of the bay and in the high season it will be open daily from 12.30 till 04.00pm for lunch. unfortunately we came beginning of November and this place was closed. According to their webpage they serve roasted fuegian lamb, king...

  • tasty food & you save some time

    When you get to Haberton by car,the local restaurant is certainly the best choice, BUT when arriving by ship from Ushuaia it really makes sense to order the lunch onboard so you will have enough time afterwards to explore Haberton on your own a bit after the guided tour. We had just about 35 minutes of free sparetime after the guided tour and I was...

  • a cosy place & great food

    In the main farmbuilding of Estancia Haberton there is a nice cafe and restaurant and the large windows of it are facing the ship-landstation and the lovely english garden. We had our lunch there, when we came by car and we were really glad to find a restaurant there at all. We had "Haberton Soup" - a big bowl of meat- and vegetable-soup and then...


Puerto Harberton Transportation

  • Haberton is a great daytrip by ship from...

    Estancia Haberton is a great daytrip by ship from Ushuaia. The ships are not leaving daily, but 2-3 times a week and mostly 2 different shipping-companies will start at 09.30am in Ushuaia. You will pass by the lighttower at the end of the world from quite some distance and you will stop at Isla Martillo ,an island with penguins : the catameran is...

  • getting to Haberton by "Pira-tour"

    "Pira-Tour" is offering bustours to Estancia Haberton from Ushuaia and with them you will be able to even WALK on the penguin-islands closeby, while the ships-tours will just get close to the island and you are just able to watch the penguins from the distance.Pira-tours also rented a building a bit above of Estancia Haberton :there is a restaurant...

  • driving to Haberton by car

    Driving by car from Ushuaia to Haberton takes about 2 hours, at first you will go over the N3, the Panamericana Highway, but almost half of the distance is a side-road without any asphalt, a rough and dusty road through a wonderful and interesting landscape. Driving to Haberton makes sense, when you like to see the landscape, BUT in order to get to...


Puerto Harberton Off The Beaten Path

  • an old washing-machine

    Did you ever see such an old washingmachine ? You will find it in the shed of Estancia Haberton and during the guided tour you will be shown how it was working !The clothes were put inside the wooden part and then this part was turned around by hand untill the washing was done.The 2 rolls on top were used for ironing.

  • Amalia B & the Condor

    "Amalia B" is the name of this giant rowing-boat that was built in Estacia Haberton and it was used for races around the bay of Haberton, just like in the tradtions of the races between Oxford and Cambride in Great Britain. Amalia B was mostly the winner and nowdays she has her own shed that will be open for visitors on the guided tour through...

  • the sheep-shaving machine

    A lot of years ago this farm had thousands of sheep and all of them were shaved inside of this shed. There was a diesel-engine giving the power for the machines and that power was transferred by the wheels in my main photo to the shavers.Every shaver had a seperate exit for the sheep that he had finished and he was payed by the number of sheep, so...


Puerto Harberton Favorites

  • Some background about this place

    Harberton is the oldest farm / estancia in Fireland / Tierra del Fuego, and it was built in 1886 on a narrow peninsula overlooking the Beagle Channel. The missionary Thomas Bridges got this piece of land by the Argentine governement for his work among the local indians and for his help in rescuing the victims of the numerous shipwrecks in the...

  • History of Harberton

    I recommend reading the book titled "Uttermost Part of the Earth". It is a book about the history of Tierra del Fuego and Estancia Harberton, written originally by E.Lucas Bridges.When the author was born in Tierra del Fuego in 1874, it was truly an unknown land.

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