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  • Ushuaia
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  • bird-rock in the Beagle-channel
    bird-rock in the Beagle-channel
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  • Down the main avenue of Ushuaia
    Down the main avenue of Ushuaia
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  • Its all About the Seafood, Chilean style

    Ushuaia Restaurants

    The sign says that it is a Pizzeria and Gastonomia Chilena. However I don't believe that anyone actually goes there for the pizza. It is all about the seafood.Asking a few locals about their recommendations, this place was always top on the list. Although the place was empty since we arrived a little early, the staff had to do a little rearranging...

  • Tierra de Leyendas

    Ushuaia Hotels

    Have to give this place 5*s. lovely accomadation, great hosts that really look after you. A short...

  • Casa Beban

    Ushuaia Things to Do

    The Beban's were an earlier pioneering family to Ushuaia. Tomas Beban came to Ushuaia in 1903 and married Amanda Eiras in 1913. Together they were an important force in the community, setting up valuable social services, developing the community and in general being a business man.The House, built from material from Sweden was a marvel of its time....


Parque Nacional Tierra del Fuego

Río Grande

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  • Estancia Viamonte

    Río Grande Off The Beaten Path

    Estancia Viamonte is consisting only of a very few houses and it is actually nothing else than a large farm including several buildings for the family, the cattle and the employees, and all of the village is also totally fenced in and you have to open the gate before you can drive into this "village"...Estancia Viamonte is directely on the N3 / the...

  • beware of guanakos,strong winds &...

    Río Grande Warnings and Dangers

    Guanakos are a smaller species of lamas and we saw quite a lot of them, while driving around in the area north of Tolhuin. At one side they are quite shy, but they might panic and run into your car, so you better watch out for them , while driving on the N3 and even more so in the side-roads.Another danger are the quite numerous cyclers and one of...

  • Rio Grande - not really a big river

    Río Grande Things to Do

    Rio Grande / Big River is certainly not the right expression for that narrow river but in comparison with the other small rivers that you will normally see in Fireland / Tierra del Fuego the first settlers might have had the feeling that this is a mighty river.The river will spread also quite a lot shortly after it passed by that bridge, and it...


Puerto Harberton

  • Haberton is a great daytrip by ship from...

    Puerto Harberton Transportation

    Estancia Haberton is a great daytrip by ship from Ushuaia. The ships are not leaving daily, but 2-3 times a week and mostly 2 different shipping-companies will start at 09.30am in Ushuaia. You will pass by the lighttower at the end of the world from quite some distance and you will stop at Isla Martillo ,an island with penguins : the catameran is...

  • for groups mainly

    Puerto Harberton Restaurants

    Asador Acaweia is the restaurant in a modern building above the Estancia Haberton. From there you will have a great view of the bay and in the high season it will be open daily from 12.30 till 04.00pm for lunch. unfortunately we came beginning of November and this place was closed. According to their webpage they serve roasted fuegian lamb, king...

  • Some background about this place

    Puerto Harberton Favorites

    Harberton is the oldest farm / estancia in Fireland / Tierra del Fuego, and it was built in 1886 on a narrow peninsula overlooking the Beagle Channel. The missionary Thomas Bridges got this piece of land by the Argentine governement for his work among the local indians and for his help in rescuing the victims of the numerous shipwrecks in the...


Misión Salesiana de Santo Domingo

  • along the Panamericana highway

    Misión Salesiana de Santo Domingo Restaurants

    Along the Panamericana highway / N3 you will find a tearoom / cafe with an entrance to the road, but it was built on the grounds of the mission. I did not go there, but saw quite a lot of cars in front of it and I mention it here, because this will be the only cafe or restaurant in that area ! We had bought some picknick-lunch in the supermarket...

  • the school for agriculture

    Misión Salesiana de Santo Domingo Things to Do

    Nowadays the Misión Salesiana de Santo Domingo is at one side a national monument and at the other hand it is still a well-known school for agriculture and while we were walking around the mission we saw quite a lot of pupils of all ages there, a part of them was riding on horses close to the school and we could hear some others in the classrooms....

  • whalebones

    Misión Salesiana de Santo Domingo Things to Do

    When walking around the Misión Salesiana de Santo Domingo you will see a lot of whalebones in the grass and also inside of the museum you will be able to learn a lot about animals of that part of the world and you will be able to see a large collection of sea-shells, bugs and other insects, butterflies, plenty of different species of penguins etc....



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  • "The train at the end of the world"

    Lapataia Transportation

    When driving the only road to Lapataia you will pass by "The train at the end of the world" ! That small museum-train is the southern-most train on earth and it was constructed between 1902 and 1909 as a train to be used by the prisoners in order to transport the wood of the felled trees to the town of Ushuaia. The bigest part of the rail-track...

  • The end of the Panamericana is NO...

    Lapataia Warnings and Dangers

    I have no idea, who had the idea to call this road from Ushuaia to Lapataia a highway, at many places it is smaller than an ordinary road. The very end of the Highway Nr.3 to Lapataia is quite narrow and just a sandy road through the National Park, at some places you will be lucky not to meet onward trucks or buses, because there is just space...

  • Bahia Ensenada & Isla Redonda

    Lapataia Things to Do

    Isla Redonda is the small island in the Beagle-Channel that you will see on my main photograph in the front with the great mountain-scenery of Patagonia in the background. The photo was taken from Bahia Ensenada, where our tour through the National Park had a short stop and there you will be able to buy postcards and post your letters with the...


San Pablo

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  • beware of the guanakos !

    San Pablo Warnings and Dangers

    Be careful when driving the dusty side-roads to San Pablo and beware there mainly of the Guanakos ! They are a smaller species of lamas and we met quite a lot of them, while driving around in the area north of Tolhuin and towards San Pablo. At one side they are quite shy, but they might panic and run into your car, so you better watch out for them...

  • Hosteleria San Pablo

    San Pablo Things to Do

    Hosteleria San Pablo : you will still find this printed in older maps and the buildings are also still there, but the windows are broken and I also could not imagine, who would get there in order to go on vacation in the middle of nowhere. They had quite a good view of the beach and also of the ships-wreck of Desdemona : My pic was taken from above...

  • The wreck of Desdemona

    San Pablo Things to Do

    The wreck of Desdemona is more or less the only sight in San Pablo, that is not even a village, but rather a few houses and an old motel, that is not used anymore and most of its windows are broken.You will see the ships-wreck of the Desdemona already a long time in the distance, but it takes some time,until you will find the best path to get...


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