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  • Clock tower @ Retiro
    Clock tower @ Retiro
    by husain
  • view at the 7-coloured mountains
    view at the 7-coloured mountains
    by sachara
  • Museo de arte HispanoAmericano
    Museo de arte HispanoAmericano
    by GentleSpirit

Argentina Highlights

  • Pro
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    grets says…

     Incredible prices, stunning scenery, great steaks 

  • Con
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    kyoub says…

     Getting from place to place takes time 

  • In a nutshell
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     Best thing is if you can, grab a cup of mate and strike up a conversation with a local. You'll be entertained and educated in all things Argentine. 

Map of Argentina

Buenos Aires




Puerto Iguazú




El Calafate




San Carlos de Bariloche






Puerto Madryn


Parque Nacional del Iguazù




La Plata


Mar del Plata




San Miguel de Tucumán






Santa Fe


San Ignacio


San Antonio de Areco


El Bolsón


San Martín de los Andes






Puente del Inca


San Agustín de Valle Fértil


Puerto Pirámides


San Salvador de Jujuy




Villa General Belgrano


Parque Nacional Tierra del Fuego


San Juan






Fitz Roy


Parque Nacional Los Glaciares




Río Grande




San Rafael




Villa La Angostura


Villa Carlos Paz






Perito Moreno


Ingeniero Maschwitz


Puerto Harberton


Villa Traful


Buenos Aires

See all 4807 Buenos Aires Tips
  • San Telmo

    Buenos Aires Things to Do

    The oldest residential neighbourhood in Buenos Aires, San Telmo exudes a special historical vibe As one of the most important centres during the 19th century, San Telmo has preserved many of Buenos Aires’ architectural landmarks, museums, antique shops and old churches that nowadays serve as a backdrop for business, cultural events and day to day...

  • Alvear Palace

    Buenos Aires Hotels

    Spent three nights there in April 05. My eyes roll to the back of my head when I think of their...

  • Cafe Tortoni

    Buenos Aires Restaurants

    In early November 2012 we visited this cafe with another American couple. One of us put his knapsack on the floor next to his foot, and five minutes later it was gone. The pickpockets and thieves in this town are smooth-- four of us at a table, near the back of the cafe, and none of us noticed the thief. What was most infuriating was that the...



See all 414 Ushuaia Tips
  • Its all About the Seafood, Chilean style

    Ushuaia Restaurants

    The sign says that it is a Pizzeria and Gastonomia Chilena. However I don't believe that anyone actually goes there for the pizza. It is all about the seafood.Asking a few locals about their recommendations, this place was always top on the list. Although the place was empty since we arrived a little early, the staff had to do a little rearranging...

  • Tierra de Leyendas

    Ushuaia Hotels

    Have to give this place 5*s. lovely accomadation, great hosts that really look after you. A short...

  • Casa Beban

    Ushuaia Things to Do

    The Beban's were an earlier pioneering family to Ushuaia. Tomas Beban came to Ushuaia in 1903 and married Amanda Eiras in 1913. Together they were an important force in the community, setting up valuable social services, developing the community and in general being a business man.The House, built from material from Sweden was a marvel of its time....


Puerto Iguazú

See all 213 Puerto Iguazú Tips
  • Jungle Safari

    Puerto Iguazú Things to Do

    Take a ride in a jeep along dirt tracks into the jungle and experience the joy of waterfall rapelling and canopy riding. Many companies run these tours and will pick you up from your hotel in the morning. You then walk around the majestic jungle and climb the canopy stations before sailing through the air along the wires... quite an experience!...

  • Esturion Hotel & Lodge

    Puerto Iguazú Hotels

    Due to a strike of the pilots of Aerolineas Argentinas we had been waiting a whole day on the...

  • Information on the internet

    Puerto Iguazú Favorites

    To make it a little bit easier to find information on the internet about Puerto Iguazù some links:General information:Puerto IguazùIguazù National ParkBoat trip IguazuFoz do Iguacu (Brazil)Parque Nacional do Iguaçu (Brazil)Transportation:Aerolineas ArgentinasLANCrucero del Norte (bus)Via Bariloche (bus)



See all 402 Mendoza Tips
  • Wine Tour

    Mendoza Things to Do

    I just got back from an Amazing Trip to Mendoza, Argentina. We spent a week in Mendoz at the Park Hyatt Hotel (great great hotel) and enjoyed many wonderful activities. I would recommend that if you are in Mendoza on a Wednesday night that you go to The Vines of Mendoza's Wine Makers Night on Wednesdays from 7-9 on Calle Espejo. We really enjoyed...

  • Huentala Hotel Boutique

    Mendoza Hotels

    This is a good hotel, clean, friendly and well located. Staff are helpful.

  • The "Belgium" guy was in Buenos Aires

    Mendoza Warnings and Dangers

    It seems like the guy has made enough money to make it to Buenos Aires now. My girlfriend and I was stopped by a guy at Av. Corrientes close to Puerto Madero that fits the description perfectly; said he was Belgium, a bit fat, blue eyes, late 30ies/start 40ies etc. Said he was robbed by three kids that asked for cigarettes at the bus terminal (in...


El Calafate

See all 292 El Calafate Tips
  • El Calafate - Puerto Natales

    El Calafate Transportation

    A lot of travellers will visit both El Calafate and Torres del Paine (Puerto Natales) during their vacation. The best way for your travel from/to Chile between El Calafate and Puerto Natales is by bus. There are a couple of companies running services between these cities. We took Cootra to cross the border between Argentina and Chile. The ride...

  • Hotel Kosten Aike

    El Calafate Hotels

    El Calafate, small tourist town in the extensive and mysterious patagonian plateu, on foot of the...

  • Aeroport

    El Calafate Favorites

    Landing in El Calafate is an experience, I always chose the aisle side in the flight but this time I regretted, it seems really to land in the middle of nowhere, you see no airport, no city, nothing just a huge lake and some small hills around it. The arrival, I really did not know what to expect, and all this ground withot one single house,...



See all 165 Salta Tips
  • Salta by plane

    Salta Transportation

    Aeropuerto Internacional de Salta "Martín Miguel de Güemes" (SLA) is the airport of Salta (city), about 10 km’s from the city center. For transport to your accommodation you can use a minibus, taxi/remises - all organised at a desk just outside the luggage claim hall - or a pick up service from your accommodation.The Airport is serviced by a couple...

  • Hotel Alejandro I International Salta

    Salta Hotels

    El hotel es impresionante, tiene un gim espectacular de primer nivel, pileta climatizada y yacuzzi,...

  • Cerro San Bernardo

    Salta Things to Do

    Cerro San Bernardo is a hill located east of downtown Salta. It towers 284 meters (931 feet) above the city and offers great views of Salta with the mountains as a backdrop. To get to the top you can choose to walk the steep path or to take the teleferico (cable car), whose station is located across from Parque San Martin. Also at the top you'll...


San Carlos de Bariloche


See all 101 Córdoba Tips

    Córdoba Things to Do

    Encrusted in the flanks of the Sierras Chicas, La Falda has become, with the passing of the years, the axis of the tourist corridor in the centre - north area of the Punilla Valley. Characterised by an irregular urban arrangement of its residential neighbourhood, in which no detail has been overlooked, the beautiful natural scenery and its...

  • Sheraton Cordoba Hotel

    Córdoba Hotels

    This is a picture of my room .

  • Fiesta Patronal- Feast

    Córdoba Things to Do

    The feast of the city is on September 30 in honor of San Jeronimo. (the founder of the city was Jeronimo Luis de Cabrera, perhaps that explains the choice of patron saint)San Jeronimo was a young Arab who embraced Christianity. He was later captured by the Arabs and taken to Algiers. They tried to get him to renounce Christianity, but Jeronimo...



See all 117 Rosario Tips
  • Parque de la Independencia

    Rosario Things to Do

    This is a fantastic park with incredible sports facilities and museums and galleries. The layout is huge (as it is with most all of the city parks in Argentina) Easy to get to - excellent parking and a great picnic getaway opportunity.

  • Hotel Rosario

    Rosario Hotels

    It's located in the centre of the city. For reservations mail to

  • Flag Monument

    Rosario Things to Do

    This monument provides a great opportunity to learn a little bit about the history of the Argentine flag. While this monument is dedicated to the the Argentine flag, the Flag room has flags from all around the world. From atop the tower at this site there is a beautiful view of the surrounding river and city areas. Well worth the time if you are...


Puerto Madryn

See all 117 Puerto Madryn Tips
  • Elephant Seals from On High

    Puerto Madryn Things to Do

    We were proteced from ourselves at Punta Loma, the viewing area for elephant seals who return here annually to mate. We were safely high above them on a bluff which looked down on their protected cove. The marine elephants can grow to twenty feet in length and a weight of five tons. Normally docile around humans, they can move quickly when agitated...

  • Estancia Rincon Chico

    Puerto Madryn Hotels

    1783 Almte Brown, Puerto Madryn, 9120, Argentina

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Families

    Hotel Class 3 out of 5 stars

  • See Sheep Shearing Safely

    Puerto Madryn Things to Do

    Patagonia is not all lush grasslands, some of it is scrub desert. It takes a lot of scrub to raise one sheep, and this effects the economics of sheep raising. A sheep is sheared once a year and a profitable ranch will have 2,000 plus sheep. This makes for a huge ranch to be successful. Fortunately for the traveler, San Guillermo is a ranch near to...


Parque Nacional del Iguazù

  • Vertigo

    Parque Nacional del Iguazù Things to Do

    I think that no one sees the falls only from the Argentin side - the big show is at Brazilian side. But it's easy to cross from one country to the other, so, staying in Brazilian Iguacu town, it only took us a couple of hours by bus, to stroll in the Argentin falls and go back. However, don't miss the vertiginous sensation of walking over the...

  • Walkways

    Parque Nacional del Iguazù Things to Do

    The paths along the edge of the falls are a maze of narrow wooden bridges, going up and down, over the water or around it, allowing a fantastic walk really "inside" the falls. Contrasting with the magnificence of the wide mouths seen from the Brazilian side, here you may see the fine details of the dozens of small cascades that compose the whole...

  • Mbiqua Falls in the rain

    Parque Nacional del Iguazù Things to Do

    By the time we reached Mbiqua Falls the rain had arrived and photography was challenging. Note the hazy condition. I was really glad that I was using a zoom lens and did not have to swap lenses for different focal lengths. Be prepared. The weather can change rapidly. Other than that, the trails or circuits are wonderful and I highly recommend...



See all 47 Cafayate Tips
  • Something different

    Cafayate Restaurants

    We found this place one our visit to Cafayate towards the end of our trip and wished we found it earlier! We went every night after we found it! They had great music with a very chill environment, cool art and comfortable chairs. The bathrooms were clean and huge, although we had to go outside to go to them. We were used to eating steak and...

  • Cafayate Wine Resort

    Cafayate Hotels

    25 de Mayo, Camino al Divisadero, Cafayate, Argentina

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Business

    Hotel Class 4 out of 5 stars

  • Cafayate to Tafi Del Valle

    Cafayate Transportation

    After leaving Cafayate we moved on to Tafi del Valle, four hours journey by bus to the south. There are two buses a day with Aconquija which pass through Tafi del Valle on route to Tucuman. The first bus leaves at 6am and that's the one we took. The route is very scenic, especially at that time of morning when the sunrise lights up the mountains....


La Plata

See all 33 La Plata Tips
  • Best Artesianal Beer in Town

    La Plata Nightlife

    Falkner's is a local landmark that almost all people know. The food is not all that fantastic, mostly bar type snacks and finger foods. But the beer is very good.They have about 15 unique beers. Over my visits, I have sampled nearly all of them. With the exception of the fruit beer, I like all the other 14. They have a few that are up to 14%...

  • Hotel del Sol

    La Plata Hotels

    Calle 10 entre 54 y 55, La Plata, Argentina

    Satisfaction: Poor

    Good for: Business

  • Best parrilla (steak/BBQ) in town

    La Plata Restaurants

    If you ask any local for a good parrilla (steakhouse or BBQ), Club Atenas will always come on the list, most likely as number one. The restaurant fills up quickly, so either get there early (~7:30pm) or make a reservation.I admit that the outside is not very attractive or even resembling a restaurant, but the inside and the food will quickly put...


Mar del Plata

See all 52 Mar del Plata Tips


See all 31 Purmamarca Tips
  • Spanish phrase book

    Purmamarca What to Pack

    You will definitely want to take a look at your spanish language books that you probably still have somewhere. A good phrase book will be helpful. Out this far, you will find few people that speak much english. Most likely your hotel staff will and the tour guides, but beyond that be prepared to carry on mostly in spanish.

  • Mirador del Virrey, Cabanas Boutique

    Purmamarca Hotels

    Ruta Nacional 52, Km 4,4, Purmamarca, 4618, Argentina

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Couples

  • Cerro de Siete Colores

    Purmamarca Things to Do

    The most unforgettable sight in Purmamarca has to be the hill at the end of the town. They say it has seven colors, but depending what time of day you look at it and the tricks of the light, you may be able to to discern more than that. What you see are the different geological layers built up over time with different minerals. Earlier in the day...


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