Argentina Warnings and Dangers

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  • Warnings and Dangers
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  • Warnings and Dangers
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Argentina Warnings and Dangers

  • Children at tourist stops in the...

    Many times when you are out in the countryside at tourist stops (especially in the Andean North) you will see children. They will often try to sell you some trinket- a little keychain, carving or something like that. You may not need it, but it's better than begging, right?As tourism and contact with tourists reaches ever farther out into the more...

  • Reciprocity fee!!!

    You must pay a reciprocity fee before landing in Argentina. Currently $160. for U.S. citizens. Though shot are not necessary they are highly recommended especially when visiting Iguazu Falls. They have a lot of pickpockets so be sure you have deep pockets and never help even a kind elderly woman it may all be a set up. We had no problem with this...

  • Altitude Change

    I don't know if any of you have had this problem, so just in case.I live at near sea level but during my first trip to Argentina there were several changes of elevation. Since I was traveling by plane my body had no real time to adjust itself to the changes. Consequently, I spent almost a full day in Bariloche yawning. It wasn't that I was tired,...


    ARGENTINA When travelling in Argentina like all countries always make sure that you have the neccesary travel Insurance for your needs.To enjoy this lovely country is to get "out and about" in such a large diversified country is not without its dangers. Here you can find yourself in extremely isolated areas where help is not close by. When I am...

  • The hospital.

    Well, I got foodpoisoned here in Argentina and I went to their public hospital. It is not the best and most extreme thing for mewas that a dog was running around inside the hospital. Very odd for me. I dont think they let dogs inside the hospital if they dont belong to a blind person or the police.

  • US, UK, Canada or Australia? It'll cost...

    Beware and be prepared for the "reciprocity fee" upon entering Buenos Aires by air from outside the country (at EZE) if you're from the US, Canada, Britain or Australia. After 9/11, when governments from the countries above greatly tightened airport and air security, their demands cost the Argentine government a good number of pesos to meet...

  • Argentina's a wonderful place. Us...

    Common sense Acommon Travel rules as to where ever you go.#1. Don't go where you shouldn't go.#2. Follow the rule of law in the country that you reside.#3. Adhere to the rule of law from your home country.#4. Respect and "pre-" read up on the culture(s).#5. Gain some familiarity with the country's national language prior to your trip.#6. Practice...

  • Beware HousingBA rentals!

    BEWARE HOUSINGBA!!! BEWARE HOUSING BA!!! HousingBA stole $1,600 U.S. Dollars from me! Housing BA is not a legitimate business and Housing BA will steal from you, too. They conned me into thinking they had a wonderful apartment set up for myself and my wife. We set it up months in advance, as it my wife was pregnant and we planned to have the baby...

  • Crime & Personal Safety

    Argentina's economic crisis in 2001 has affected crime and personal safety in the country. Unfortunately, crime has considerably increased and lost some of the reputation of being one of the safest countries in South America to travel in. Compared to other countries in South America, Argentina is still somewhat safer and there is no need to be...

  • Cheating in Argentina

    Although I thought it wouldn't happen in Argentina (little bit naive of course), we were cheated a couple of times during our last visit.Taxi driver - money changeAfter a taxi ride I had to pay 14 pesos and I'm absolutely sure I handed over two notes of 10 pesos to the driver. After a couple of seconds he showed me just one note of 10 pesos and one...

  • Annoyances in Puerto Madryn

    Experience on the boat is something special but if it's a slight sea day you may suffer of seasickness.Really carefull if you are travelling wiht an infant or even a child, on the boat it may be dangerous if waves are big. Ask to the staff about the day but they may not say the truth as they still prefer to work on a bad day.Still the experience...

  • Buenos Aires from/to Mendoza

    Sometimes travellers have experienced and reported few dangerous robbery particularly on the route Buenos Aires to Mendoza. Drivers are well aware and able to avoid these unpleasant situations, but just in case, don't bring much cash with you an hide carefully your documents (with tape under your seat or in internal underwear with pockets). This is...

  • Radio Taxi or Bust

    Taking a taxi in BA? Look for cars with "radio taxi" - both painted on the car, as well as on a light box on the roof. You will read in guide books to look at their photo ID and compare it to the cabbies' face, but truthfully, it is rarely posted. You will soon realize after a couple of grinding halts that you would rather the driver watch the road...

  • Watch for purse snatchers.

    Always be mindful of your purse and wallets. Make sure you have a good hold on your items. Don't wear expensive jewellery when walking the streets and leave items like your passport in your hotel safe. Use the same commonsense that you would in any large city.

  • Post Office

    I just wanted to mention that no one ever received the postcards that we mailed from Ushuaia.The post office was closed when we went there so we dropped our postcards in the outside box. We didn't think that would be a problem but I guess it was.I would suggest you do not mail yours that way.


    Because of the recent crisis, crimes have increased in Buenos Aires. Care should be taken at several places : PLAZA SAN MARTIN – The plaza is OK in the day-time, I supposed. It actually is very pleasant in summer and many times, I found myself lying on the grass slopes there to read or sleep. But I had learnt from my friend that it is not safe at...

  • Aerolineas Argentinas

    Aerolineas Argentinas is the National, and virtually only, airline that flies between the cities in Argentina. 5 internal flights and each and every flight flew late so don't arrange to do something too soon after your expected arrival time as it is like that you will not arrive on time. One local guide from El Calafate came from Buenos Aires and...

  • Don't Leave Your Parking Ticket On The...

    Don't leave your parking ticket on the dashboard when parking your car on a parking lot in Buenos Aires. Ours mysteriously disappeared and we had to pay a 24-hour rate instead of the overnight fee.

  • Ouch! Pesky cactus thorns

    Watch out for these cactus plants! You may see their fruit on sale but then it has been parted with its little pesky thorns of which there are clouds! They are weeny and very light and if you blow on a ripe fruit they will fly and cover all your belongings.Don't fall for the temptation to pick any on the roadside or you will be sorry (as I was)....

  • Quilmes

    Argentina; land of some of the world's most beautiful people, semi-nude beaches, and wonderful weather.... but beware.... (I'll explain) I had not tried an Argentinean beer before Quilmes.While I hadn't pined for any specific qualities in this beer, I had hoped that it was good enough to take or serve at parties. How hip would that make me to serve...

  • Movies

    I purchased a movie "Iluminados Por EL Fuego" in DVD format and the it will not work in my DVD player. I suspect the format is different than Canada, which really bites because I want to see this movie. Ok, time to go search internet to find another one.

  • Cross traffic

    Road signs and signals are merely recommendations. Speed limits and stop lights are common examples. Particularly late at night, drivers will simply flash their lights as they approach a red light, if they see no cross-traffic flashing their lights they cruise straight through, often without slowing. Police and government are known for their...

  • Staying safe in Buenos Aires - part 3

    While this is not overly common, it has been known to happen that someone stops a taxi which ends up being an illegal, unlicensed one. The driver takes the unwitting tourist to a secluded spot where accomplises are waiting. The tourist is then robbed and forced to withdraw money from the ATM machine also. I stopped many a cab without incident but...

  • Staying safe in Buenos Aires - part 2

    Here are a number of tips based on my experience in Buenos Aires:Don't openly display foreign goods or wear clothes bearing obvious designer brands. These are expensive in Argentina and immediately mark you out as affluent.Wear - as do the locals - muted colours without texts, prints or patterns and trousers rather than shorts. You will not stand...

  • Staying safe in Buenos Aires - part 1

    Argentina, as you probably know, enjoyed a boom period where their currency was one-to-one with the US dollar and its citizens became very accustomed to having significant disposal incomes which made foreign travel cheap for them. As they learned to their cost, the government decisions which had led to this were dubious at best and the economy...

  • Protests and soccer celebrations

    People in Buenos Aires love to congregate, whether for a weekly protest in the main plaza or a huge soccer celebration complete with fireworks and burning effigies around the obelisk. I encountered both frequently during my trip and never really felt threatened or unsafe. If you are uncomfortable in large crowds, keep your distance and definitely...

  • the pictures say's it...

    diverse landscapes, diverse road conditions, different weather patterns,where ever you travel in Argentina, vast country, preperation is everthing ...

  • Subway Pick-Pockets!

    The subways are pretty safe, although in very crowded situations (and I mean barely breathing room crowded), it happens frequently! You can be pressed so tightly against other people that you can't tell if it's just hands squished against you, or someone reaching inside your pockets! Beware! It happened to me!

  • no TP!

    the lack of toilet paper can make one very grouchy very quickly. not only this place didn't have any paper, it didn't even have a toilet seat! this wasn't a good day for me...

  • sit...get up...swirl...

    the toilet flushes the other way south of the equator and what better way to show it that a toilet diagram. but be careful, sometimes they flush while you're still sitting on em.

  • What!? case you just don't feel like coming back with cholera, you might think twice before using the toilet. it's one of those situations where you see the sign and you just don't have to go anymore. by the way, this was taken on a bus toilet

  • Don't get too close!

    While hiking through Perito Moreno near El Calafate, we came across a large wooden sign posted near the glacier.The sign read:"When ice falls, pieces are thrown violently dozens of meters away. This action produced the death of 32 people between 1968 and 1988 - Danger No Trespassing".I guess this one is easy to figure out!

  • Dangerous Protest Rally December

    If you're visiting Buenos Aires in mid to late December, be wary of the protestors. Although they have good intentions (protesting against bad political leadership), it can get very dangerous, especially if you're a vulnerable tourist carrying expensive cameras, bags, etc.If you are stuck in a rally, the Police may help you out (they actually came...

  • LA PISTE aie ouille

    -------------En Francais------------------Des fois on rencontre des droles d oiseaux sur la piste.Trois jeunes fous, une vieille ford falcon et 200kms en 6h ..... route de piere et nids de poules: le capeau souvre touts les 50m, et quand ce n est pas le capeau, c est les portieres hihihi.Paysage de westerne, mais ou sont les indiens?Vraiment tres...

  • Travellerýs Cheques

    I would highly recommend NOT bringing travellers cheques to Argentina. First of all, because you have to have your passport with you to change them and carrying your passport around with you is NOT a good idea on the streets of Buenos Aires in general. Secondly, because they are nearly impossible to change, after finding a place that will do it,...

  • Cerro Torre

    Alpinists corpse are still hanging from the faces of the Cerro Torre. No elicpter can take away this congelated remains.

  • Visa issues

    This is great, I haven't even left yet and I already have a tip. Getting a student visa to study in Argentina was quite a lengthy and expensive process and I just wanted to warn future foreign students to start the visa process as soon as possible, and to make sure to call the consulate and personally ask for an updated list of requirements. Also,...

  • Lockers are not so secure!

    Be carefull about the lockers you get directly underneath your bed. They look secure but I know friends that were robbed their money from these lockers in Mendoza. All you have to do is lift up the mattress and you can get acess to the locker. Ridiculous isn't it? I have seen these kind of lockers in my travels that are directly beneath the bunk...

  • Iguazu : Very careful !

    If they say "you may slip", it's certainly because you might slip... We didn't ignore it, but we slipped, anyway...S'ils disent "ca glisse", c'est que ca peut glisser... On a beau eu faire gaffe, on a glisse

  • Iguazu : Careful !

    If they say "don't trespass", it's certainly because they have a reason... We didn't find it, so we trespassed...S'ils disent "ne passez pas", c'est qu'il y a une raison... Comme on l'a pas trouvee, on est passe...

  • Pick pocketing

    Beware for pickpockets working in pairs in and around Buenos Aires. They throw liquid on you pretending it is something else, and then make a big show of cleaning you up.They got into my bum-bag which I thought was nigh on impossible but they managed it.Also there is two types of police here, the Port Police, and the Federales. It is the Federales...


    Protesters and demonstrators are frequently spotted protesting against the government or banging crockery against a shuttered bank. The area around the Palacio de Congreso and Plaza de Mayo are the usual popular starting points.


    Due to the robbery of the middle-class Argentinians of their money in their bank accounts in Dec 2001, many Portenos are very resentful of BANKS. Every other day, you can see the results of banks after being sprayed and smeared senseless with graffiti.

  • Look at your money

    When you receive your change after paying for something, look at each and every bill to make sure you received PESOS as change. Since the crisisin December of 2001, a local form of currency was issued that is only accepted in certain places, and having this currency usually turns out to be a hassle. There are several types, most notably LECOPS and...

  • Police doesn't mean safety 2

    From Indymedia Argentina(Oct.'02): "...Filmed materials are used by the justice in the police trial of June 26th. The police has a problem with the independent press here and it is clear enough for members of Indymedia Argentina that their troubles have just begun.Indymedia Argentina and argentinian activists need support, be it mediatic, financial...


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Argentina Warnings and Dangers

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