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  • El Cristo de la Concordia
    El Cristo de la Concordia
    by jamzel
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Cochabamba Things to Do

  • Cristo de la Concordia

    it´s possible to enter the monument, climb up and have a marvellous overview of the whole valley (almost) :-)

  • La casa Portales

    I´ve had the great luck to be in Cochabamba when Mario Vargas Llosa has had a discusion round in la Hacienda de Simón I. Patiño. Great event, great person!


    It´s a artificial sea more or less 20 km far from Cochabamba on the old route to Santa Cruz. Here you find some nice restaurants to eat fresh fish (trucha, pejerrey for example) and as well you find some adeventure posibilities on and around the sea like going out by boat, fishing and so on.


Cochabamba Hotels

  • Grand

    Plazuela Uvaldo Anze, Recoleta Nº 0145, Cochabamba, 1620, Bolivia

    Satisfaction: Very Good

    Good for: Solo

    Hotel Class 5 out of 5 stars

  • Diplomat

    Av. Ballivian (El Prado) 611 , P.O. Box: 5824 , Cochabamba, Bolivia

    Satisfaction: Average

    Good for: Solo

    Hotel Class 3 out of 5 stars

  • Hotel Regina

    Calle Reza No 359, Entre Espana y Av Ballivian, Cochabamba, Bolivia

    Satisfaction: Average

    Good for: Couples

Cochabamba Restaurants

  • Mr. Falafel - Don't Miss it

    it's the first falafel shop in Bolivia Mr. Falafel offers delicious falafels with the atmosphere of the Middle EastThe place is run by a nice man named Jorge and his wife.realy liked the food there, Healthy, satisfying and inexpensive I most like the Falafel in a pita bread with the tahine sauce.

  • the best saltena in town!!

    Las Castores has the best saltenas in Bolivia hands down. This is coming from a person with Bolivian Heritage who has been eating Saltena's since I was 2. They have two locations. One on Avenida Pando, two blocks north of the Recolleta.The other in El Prado. They offer many different choices of Saltenas. Three meats (chicken, beef, and pork)Either...

  • Best Steak in Town!

    There are many steak houses here in Cochabamba including three of the biggest right next to each other! One of those three is the best and guess what? It's the one in the middle.. It's Tunari.. They have the best Filete de Lomo (tenderloin) in town .. It ranks in the top 5 steaks of all time. I am a huge steak eater, and I am not shy on dropping...

  • Good Empanasas: Wist'upiku

    Empanadas are delicious, but only if you get them in the right place. Many cheap ones on the road (around 1 Boliviano) are dry and flat. Look around for better quality ones, they will cost a bit more but are absolutely worth the price difference ! The restaurant chain called Wist'upiku have quite good ones, for around 3,50 Boliviano's each. Drink...

  • Best Steaks in Town!

    This is a steakhouse like none other you will ever find. Their meat platos are excellent, and you must absolutely try the arroz con queso and the fried yuca, both of which are stellar. The filet mignon is the most tender cut of beef you'll ever buy.

  • Fast Food in Cochabamba

    I don´t really want to recommend McDonalds, it was jsut crazy when McDonalds opened in Cocha. Although you can get a much more better "hamburgesa" at every corner the people ran to McDonalds to spend quite a lot money for this fast food. I´m not a McDonalds hater, sometimes I like to eat there, but in Cochabamba I always prefered to eat the cheaper...


Cochabamba Nightlife

  • Fridays

    Entry is 30bs, men and women on Friday.Entry on Sat night is 40bs for men, and 30 for women. Drinks are tallied up on a drink card and presented at the end of the night. Also the entry fee is tallied up at the end with your drinks. This place cost more to drink than most places but you pay for the atmosphere. Beer costs 15 bs for Bolivian beer,...

  • Bingo Hall?

    What a weird place. I had no idea what these bingo halls are about. The games are very confusing, and they are not like automated slots in US where you line up numbers or symbols to get a payday. They are like lottery balls mixed with tic tac toe, and Bingo. I decided to keep my B's right where they were. I need to go with someone who knows whats...

  • Best Club in Town

    Why Lonely Planet's SA on a Shoestring doesn't mention this place, I'll never know.Easily the best club I've been to in Cocha. It's always packed full of locals and many gringos on Friday and Saturday nights (and often on Thursdays too). Great place to dance the night away.

  • Cool Italian Café-Bar

    Café Fusión is a great spot to start off your night in the party town of Cochabamba. This small, unassuming café-bar on Calle España is one of Cocha's hidden gems. It offers a great selection of cocktails, wines and very tasty Italian food. The owner, a cowboy-hat-adorned Italian, is reason enough to return here. Don't forget to try his homemade...

  • Dancing

    In the disco D´mos is played music from the latino charts and as well on special event nights Techno music or other special styles. whatever you want, but there is a "face" control at the entrance...normally I would say that tourists ("Gringos" at least) will always be invited ;-))

  • Next to the Eclipse

    Metropolis Pizza, a nice meeting point to have a beer or cocktail or eat a pizza. Playing Cacho makes the night funny (bolivian game with dicebetween Eclipse and Metropolis café


Cochabamba Transportation

  • Airport

    well If you need to leave Bolivia from Cochabamba and you are in a hurry, take a plane from this airport

  • Micros and Trufis

    to go around in bolivian towns you have to use these beautiful old busses which are crowding the streets the whole day. It´s very cheap and always fascinating.This is a picture taken in Cochabamba, near to the terminal of busses.

  • Taxis

    In Cochabamba as an every other town in Bolivia you can find a lot of taxis, funny thing is that still a lot have got at least all the instruments on the right side because the cars are bought from Japan passing the free trade zone in the north of Chile. It´s quite expensive to change instruments and wheel, that´s why they didn´t change.OK, first...


Cochabamba Shopping

  • Clothes in Cocha

    As a westerner, if you're planning on getting cheap designer clothes in Cocha, forget about it. Expect to pay at least 250Bs. up to 500Bs. for a pair of jeans. Granted, 25 euro sounds like a bargain, but when you consider food costs ten times less than it does at home while clothes are only slightly cheaper, you'd be much better served doing...

  • Books & Gear

    The Spitting Llama is Bolivia´s only foreign language bookstore specializing in English, German, Quechua, French, Italian and more. They also distribute Lonely Planet Guidebooks. The store has a wide range of camping gear from backpacks and tents to leather hiking boots and original swiss army knives. They have tons of maps and tourist info as...

  • an interesting market place

    It´s always fascinating to visit a market place in southamerica. La cancha in Cochabamba is a quite big market where you an find everything from fresh fruits to clothes or technical equipments. ´Besides you can find a lot of professions here in the streets for a few money, as for ecample shoe makers. Almost everything For a shoe repair I paid 7...


Cochabamba Local Customs

  • JimmyShowtime's Profile Photo

    Buying Beer

    by JimmyShowtime Written Dec 8, 2010

    ahh beer... the fermented yeast that we all love to have. OK, in Bolivia you got two choices... Pilsners or some Weird Thick tasting stuff called El Inca, that tastes a bit Stout-e but has 3.5 percent alcohol. boo!!!! OK so beer here is all Pilsner, which sucks.. I am an IPA man myself, I love a good Stout too. That being said Beer selection is real slim.. The local beer is Pacena, Huari, Taquina, and Bock. Now Bock is the 7% beer thats like Malt Liquor in the states.. You have been warned. It tastes like a malty Budweiser. Lots of malt, no hops, so.. its pretty bad but for 7% its not that bad. You can go to places in Bolivia that sell German Beer, but that's at restaurants. YOu want beer from the Liq store, or stores on the corner you are limited to Pilsners. Now.. If you want a can or bottle of beer, 12oz it will cost you 7bs, or 1 USD. Now the bargin is the 750 ml brew that are 11 or 12 bs. Now.. the catch is you need to A) bring an empty 750ml bottle in exchange, or put down a 5bs Charge for the bottle, which you will get a receipt for and you get your 5bs back if you can stumble your way or find your way back to the store the next day, or week.. I mean whose gonna keep a beer bottle?? So it sucks that you can't get the big 750ml without a major hastle, but you can drink them in stores, they will even pour the whole thing out and put it into a plastic bag.. I am not sh*ting you!! Also its legal to drink in the street after dark. You can walk around with a cold one or settle into a park bench and lay a blanket out and give to the needy. So enjoy your pilsners responsibly.. God.. I miss good beer! :(

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Cochabamba Warnings and Dangers

  • Beware of Water balloons!!

    Around the time of carnival, just after New Years kids here in Bolivia like to ride around in cars and chuck water balloons at people on the street. This inconsiderate bastards target tourists, gringo's, and women. My tip to you is to walk contra route so you can see the cars coming. Look for cars with four doors, since most of the balloons come...

  • Using Bank Cards

    You can use US bank cards here and get either bolivanos or USD. Now I would recommend using a Debit card since you will not get charged up the ass by using your credit cards which charge 6 to 9 percent per transaction! You will be charged between 1-4 USD per transaction. I took out 200 USD in Bolivanos which was 1400 and got charged just 82 cents...

  • Cochabamba Hotels

    13 Hotels in Cochabamba

Cochabamba Tourist Traps

  • JimmyShowtime's Profile Photo

    taking Radio Taxi's

    by JimmyShowtime Updated Dec 29, 2010

    Radio Taxi's are like cabs in the states, you can hail them from the street, but there is no telling if they are in route to somewhere else, i.e no light indicator on the roof. Prices for cab rides varies by driver and cab company. You will get the best prices with the rattier looking cabs, but many people warn about the danger of taking those cabs since they don't have numbers written on the insides of their doors so you can indicate the cab driver and the company.
    NOW.. for the trap.. if you look White or like a extranjero you will be given the "tourist price" which can be double or triple the rate normal bolivan's get!! It all depends on the driver really. The best thing to do is to hail the cab and then ask the driver from the street how much the cost would be.. Now YOU MUST DO THIS ALL THE TIME!!! Because
    At night the price almost doubles automatically if you call a Radio Taxi from your location. You can request from the operator how much the ride will cost and you will get a better price.. Remember to always ask first, no matter how broken your spanish is.. You can negotiate with the drivers before getting in. If they say 15, you say 10, then work your way up. Extra passengers will cost you as well, usually its 1 to 2 bs a passenger.

    Your best bet is to get to know how to take Trufi's. They are packed and sometimes uncomfortable, unless you get in the front passenger seat. Trufi's cost 1/10th of the cost of Radio taxi's. Now Radio Taxi rides can be beneficial if your going long distances. They are super cheap compared to US and European Cabs..

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Cochabamba Off The Beaten Path

  • Milk in Bags, Fruit and gum that doesn't...

    OK fellow travelers, you want milk? You will find that it only comes in bags. Two sizes, personal, and 4 tall glasses. Milk here is made by PIL, and they have various flavors to try. I personally use Leche Light (reduced fat milk). It has a good taste. Is it hormone free, I dunno? But at 80 US cents a bag it costs more than in the states. booo......

  • Description of all provinces of... I guess the most detailed online guide about Cochabamba has tourist information and photos of all provinces of Cochabamba, a calendar about fairs and events in the rural parts so that you can start you off the beaten track adventure.

  • Paintings and phrases

    On a lot of walls all over Cochabamba I found interesting paintings and sometimes very political or philosphical phrases. I put some examples on my Bolivia page travelogue ana as well on my "street scene"-Travelogue of Cochabamba


Cochabamba Favorites

  • Online City Guide Cochabamba I guess the most detailed online guide about Cochabamba with tourist information, photos of sights, lists of hotels, restaurants, bars, discos, cinema, language schools, places for volunteer work, rent a car, tour agencies, etc. Don't miss the nightlife of Cochabamba especially on the weekends.

  • Online City Guide Cochabamba

    Dear friends, I found a great web resource: I guess it is the most detailed online guide about Cochabamba with tourist information, photos of sights, lists of hotels, restaurants, bars, discos, cinema, language schools, places for volunteer work, rent a car, tour agencies, etc. Don't miss the nightlife in Cochabamba,...

  • Banos, toillettes

    In bolivia you don't have any paper for the toilette. and you have to bring always your.our toilette at work...


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