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  • Titicaca at sunset
    Titicaca at sunset
    by adelinemmc
  • View of Copacabana
    View of Copacabana
    by gonzo747
  • 6 de Agosto
    6 de Agosto
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Copacabana Things to Do

  • Just enjoy the view

    Not necisarrily exciting but the unique color of the lake is complimented by the collors of the boats sitting in the Harbor, It really is beautiful.

  • The big inca head

    Outside of the center you can find this big Incahead. Close to this one are some statues of incas as well.

  • Walk to the top of Cerro Calvario

    The Cerro Calvario is a religious hill in the northeast of Copacabana. It's good to walk up the stairs to get used to the altitude. You can stop at the different pictures of the suffering of Christ. I needed to because i constantly got out of breath.On top of the Hill there is a good view of Lake Titcaca and Copacabana. There also are many crosses...

  • Isla del Sol - Lost City

    In the little museum you can enter when you reach the north side, there will be so me artifacts found on the bottom of the Titicaca Lake. They are said to come from a lost city, located within the triangle of small islands seen in the picture. So far, little is known...

  • Isla del Sol - Templo del Sol

    Templo del Sol lies to the south of the islands southern commercial centrum, and you will not have time to hike here before the boat picks you up to go back to Copacabana. Most tours offer the option of a quick 30min stop here at the end of tour though (the boat stops by for a little bit). HOWEVER, it is very likely that you will actually never...

  • La Horca del Inca

    The Spanish mistook this H-shaped stone construction for gallows (horca), however, it was actually used as a astronomical observatory called Intiwatana. On June 21 (solstice), the sun's rays pass through a series of holes and land on the horca. The actually construction is not really that impressive, but the view from the area makes the hike worth...

  • Isla del Sol - Inca Ruins

    You will pass these set of stones on the way to Palacio del Inca and the Titicaca Rock. They symbolize some kind of old tribunal held here. I'm not sure they are they original though.

  • Isla del Sol - Palacio del Inca

    An old Inca Ruin which essentially consist of a network of crumbling stone rooms and 4ft. doorways. I had just hiked the Inca Trail, so I wasn't very impressed. Plus, you really don't have that much time to spend here. If you plan on hiking the Island, you have to get going pretty soon, and if you are heading to Isla de la Luna, you have to hurry...

  • Isla del Sol - Titicaca Rock

    This is a gray boulder looking like a Puma when viewed from the north. I would not have been able to spot the rock, nor the Puma, if it was not for the local guide. Essentially, the Inca People worshiped the Puma (for example, Cusco, the capital of the Incas, is said of have had the layout of a Puma), and since this rock looked like a Puma, it was...

  • Isla del Sol - Escalera del Inca

    Escalara del Inca - the Inca Stairs, runs from the collection of restaurants and hotels on the south side down to the southern port below. The step are rather steep and treacherous, so make sure you allow plenty of time to for the descent. If you arrive at the south side and sit down at one of the restaurants, be aware that it will take some time...

  • Isla del Sol - Hike

    The biggest attraction on Isla del Sol is the hike from one end to the other. There are several routes you can take, but if you don't follow the general route (follows the ridge of the hills), it might be hard to make it back to the boat in time. The hike takes about 3-4 hours. It's not absolutely great, but it's relaxing. Bring lunch with you and...

  • Trips on Lake Titicaca

    The most popular thing to do in Copacabana is to go on trips to Isla del Sol and Isla de la Luna. Most agencies offer two different alternatives. Either you visit both islands during a day trip, or you're dropped of at one side of Isla del Sol and then hike to the other side where the boat will pick you up. While you hike, the boat has been at Isla...


Copacabana Hotels

  • Hostal Ambassador

    Corner of Bolivar y Jauregui, Copacabana, Bolivia

    Satisfaction: Average

    Good for: Business

  • Hostal Emperador

    Calle Murillo # 235, Copacabana, Bolivia

    Satisfaction: Poor

    Good for: Couples

  • Hostal Copacabana

    Calle Illampu 734, Copacabana, Bolivia

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Business

Copacabana Restaurants

  • The best stuffed trout ever!

    This restaurant was recommended by the French Guide du Routard and boy it did not disappoint!When the weather is nice, there is a nice courtyard to sit in but we visited on a winter evening so we sat inside, with the welcome warmth of a wood fire in the big chimney.Lake Titacaca provides the trouts and the cook at Sujna Wasi does the rest. The menu...

  • A good place for Icecream

    We didn't acctually eat there but the Ice creem was good. The coffee bar is one of several resturants along 6 de agosto as you walk towards the lake. All go for the cute touristy place with varrying degrees of success but this is where to go when looking for food. And after hiking around at 3800m, I don't care if it is cool you will get heated up...

  • Watch the Sun Set over Lake Titicaca

    Go here to eat and watch the sun set over Lake Titicaca. The time to go is about an hour before the sun sets, as it gets kind of cold after that. When you get in, head up the stairs to the left to reach the patio (it's not very big). There are average tourist prices (ex, a pasta dish is about $2) and the food is excellent. They also serve beer,...


Copacabana Nightlife

  • MrRandMcnally's Profile Photo

    Nimbo Cafe: Hot place for the cool nights

    by MrRandMcnally Written Feb 27, 2006

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I didn't see any particularly wild nightspots in Copacabana but when the night gets cold Nimbo is a nice place to warm up. They have a fireplace, and live music to go with coffee, and hot chocolate, perhaps with extra flavoring, or a hot wine. It has a nice chill feel in a warm, cozy bar.

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Copacabana Transportation

  • Trans Tur '2 de Febrero' to La Paz

    This is a regular bus service from Copacabana to La Paz and vice versa.Check the timetable and book ahead at the bus company's offices:Copacabana: Plaza 2 de FebreroLa Paz: Plaza Felix Reyes Ortiz No. 699We took the 8am bus to La Paz and it was full. Cost was 15 Bolivianos/person. You'll have to leave the bus and take a little boat at some point...

  • Colectur Bus Line

    To get from Puno to Copacabana is about a two hour bus ride. Colectur picked us up on time, was as comfortamle as a US school bus can be and took us right to the border. About all you can asy when driving in Bolivia during a strike risks being stoned to death. Better still, the bus was waiting for us at the border after we hiked out, something I...

  • Buses TO and FROM Copacabana

    It is rather straight forward to travel to Copacabana. I took a bus from Puno, Peru, and it took about 4hrs. It is very posible that you will get on a bus in Puno that goes to Copacabana/La Paz. When you later reach the fork in the road with one way going to La Paz and one going to Copacabana, you will meet up with another bus and the passengers...


Copacabana Local Customs

  • tejanasueca's Profile Photo

    The Bolivian Navy

    by tejanasueca Written Nov 27, 2005

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    As Bolivia does not boarder any oceans, their navy is stationed by Lake Titicaca. The navy is small, but proud. Bolivia is since many years back in a dispute with Chile regarding their right to have a small corridor in northern Chile out to the Pacific Ocean. Hence, the motto of the Bolivia Navy is to make claim to this piece of coast line they feel they are entitled too. While they wait for this to happen, the have to settle with these kinds of trainings on the shores of Lake Titicaca.

    Bolivian Navy
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Copacabana Sports & Outdoors

  • gonzo747's Profile Photo

    Walk to Isla del Sol

    by gonzo747 Updated Dec 22, 2005

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    It's impossible to walk all the way to Isla del sol from Copacabana, but you can do a walk untill Yampupata. There is a little harbor here where you can pay some one do transfer you to Isla del Sol.It's about 17 km from Copacabana to Yampupata. Once you're transfered to the Isla it's about 3km to the village.
    The walk itself passes through a few small villages and has many spectacular views of Lake Titicaca.
    The transfer over Lake Titicaca was one to remember as well. A 70 year old man rowed us to Isla del Sol (After having a lot of coca leaves). People are hard workers over here.
    On Isla del Sol we had to walk over the terrasses to get to the village.

    I recommend this walk to everyone who's not afraid to do 20 km on this altitude.


    Once you are at a lourdes cave (which is a bit of the road) you have two possibilities: or stay at the road or take the inca shortcut. The track of the shortcut is hard to see, but do as we did and you'll be allright) just keep on going up and follow the animal droppings.
    The shortcut isn't easy, it is very steep and it will take less energy if you take the normal road.

    Road to Yampupata with view of Lake Titicaca lourdes cave 2km and 560m left to Yampupata walking the Isla del Sol terrasses Another view of Lake Titicaca
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