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Bolivia Restaurants

  • authentic Chinese in Sucre

    Restaurant Chifa Dragon serves good, cheap Chinese food. Although the sign says Hong Kong, the couple who own it are actually from mainland China. It's fairly basic looking and a little bit grubby, just like any typical Chinese restaurant. They serve all of the usual rice and noodle dishes. The two-course set lunch costs just 7 bolivianos. I had a...

  • it really is a joy!

    The Dutch-owned Joy Ride Café was the best bar-restaurant I ate in during my travels in Bolivia. The food is superb, the service great and the place has a great ambience. It attracts a young crowd and it's a lot of fun. The menu is eclectic and includes steaks, salads, pizzas, Dutch, Spanish and Bolivian dishes. They also have an extensive drinks...

  • Street Food

    With a few exceptions, our experience was that the price of a meal was inversely proportional to how much we enjoyed the meal. For instance, how can one resist delectable saltenas for 1-2 bolivianos per, or the tasty market stews for 5 bolivianos. This is in constrast to fancy La Paz restaurants where meals cost 20 bolivianos for sub-par...

  • Fresh Lake Titicaca trout

    There is no better way to take lunch in Copacabana than to sit by the lake and eat delicious trucha (lake trout). There are a few simple beachfront places where women will fry you up fresh trucha with fries for a couple of dollars. The view and fish are both fantastic.

  • Excellent Food and Good View of...

    Layq'a (pronounced lye-ka and means witch doctor) is located at one end of the Witches' Market in La Paz and overlooks "Gringo Alley," i.e., Sagarnaga Street. It is decorated with many masks and serves traditional Altiplano food. It was close to my hotel, so I tried it the first evening I was in Bolivia. I went early (6:30 PM) because I was not yet...

  • Eat, drink, dance, be entertained!

    The restaurant is a bit hard to find as it is all the way in the back, almost hidden. The restaurant offers entertainment like no other! and the staff is very friendly and accommodating. When you are first seated, you will be offered a shot of Huari, a mix of singani and fruit juices (very good, not too strong) Anything in the menu is delicious but...


    La feuille de COCAOn pourrait penser que c est une maniere de se droguer... pas du tout. Rien a voir avec la cocaine (faite a partir de la feuille).La feuille de coca fait partie integrale de la culture andine. Elle est cultive depuis toujours et meme divinise par les locaux, depuis bien avant les les incas.La feuille a des proprietes incroyables,...

  • Rurre : Great food, but... - Bonne...

    The place is large, the food is great, the welcome is excellent... Though, we have to admit that the owner is not that flexible (the drinks are twice the price in the other places of the city)...L'endroit est grand, la bouffe est bonne, l'accueil est bon... Toutefois, on doit admettre que le proprio n'est pas tres flexible sur le prix de ses...

  • Rurre : The best Surubi - Le meilleur...

    In a large patio, you will be welcomed by the south-american 50's music....Then, enjoy your meal...Dans un grand patio, vous serez accueillis par de la musique sud-americaine des annees 50...Apres, bon appetit... The speciality of the restaurant : the Surubi with garlic ... 20 bolivianos (2.5 USD) : you will never forget it..La specialite de la...

  • Rurre : Simple and tasty - Simple et...

    You can't miss the place (it's written Internet in big letters, even if there is no Internet for the moment) and you can't miss the food... The pastas with garlic are simply delicious, and the juices are really great... All this is really cheap, of course...Vous pouvez pas louper l'enseigne (c'est ecrit Internet en grosses lettres, meme s'il n'y a...

  • Tarija : Huuuuge ! Immense !

    I have to be honest : this is the best and the cheapest place where we have eaten during our trip. First, it is so good, second it is enormous (we had to have two tables to put every meal we choosed), and, at last, it is cheap !!Je dois etre franc : c'est le meilleur et le moins cher des endroits ou nous ayions mange en Am-Sud. Un, c'est bon, deux,...

  • Tarija : Great breakfast... Super...

    Ideal place to breakfast and watch people on the main place of Tarija...Le lieu ideal pour prendre un petit-dej et observer les gens sur la place principale de Tarija... American breakfast : great coffee, fruit salad, huge toasts with mermelade and butter, natural orange juice, eggs and bacon... for only 14 bolivianos (less than 2 USD)... CRAZY...

  • Santa Cruz : Eat in the market -Ptit-dej...

    Unbelievable breakfast : for only 4.5 bolivianos (about 0.7 USD) you will eat a huge fruit salad with any milked juice you want, a great coffee and a nice empanada...Incroyable petit-dej : pour seulement 4.5 bolivianos (environ 0.7 USD) vous mangerez une enorme salade de fruit baignant dans un jus lacte de votre choix, un cafe et un bon empanada...

  • Potosi : Vegetarian ! Vegetarien !

    Eat local vegetarian food in a nice place, in the center of Potosi...Mangez vegetarien dans un endroit sympa, en plein centre de Potosi... The ones with vegetables and soja steak !Ceux ou y a des legumes et des steacks de soja !!

  • Potosi : eating and surfing - Manger et...

    A nice place to eat good meals and go on the internet after...Un endroit sympa pour bien manger et surfer sur le web apres... Pastas are greaaaaaaaat (but not on the menu, ask for them !)Les pates sont super (mais pas sur la carte, faut demander).

  • Potosi : Good, though... Bon, mais...

    The breakfast, as proposed on the menu, ssems to be very good : it may be, but it depends on who is cooking : if it is not the owner, you won't probably get what yuo expected...Le petit-dej, tel que propose sur la carte, a l'air bon : il peut l'etre, mais ca depend de qui cuisine : et si ce n'est pas la proprio, vous n'aurez certainement pas ce que...

  • My First Meal in Bolivia

    I ordered off the menu rather than the specials board and chose llama steak with cooked tomatoes and onions with crema de chuno (a soup with freeze-dried potatoes) for an appetizer. As it turned out, the servings of soup and llama steak were huge. The soup itself was enough for a meal. I was not able to finish everything, even though it was quite...

  • Traditional Soup with a Hot Rock

    I had read about this Potosi restaurant in the Rough Guide and wanted to try it (I had forgotten that it was Richiecdisc's favorite restaurant in Bolivia). I tried to walk to it the first evening (see below) but did not make it, so I asked to have lunch there on the tour the next day. The guide was surprised when I knew about it. BTW, Roberto...

  • Outside of Dona Eugenia

    It is a long walk to Dona Eugenia from downtown Potosi. It is located out by the cemetery. I tried to walk from the Hotel Claudia the first evening I was in Potosi but gave up after 10 min. because I was not sure I was going the right way. I even asked several people, including a policeman. Most had not heard of it and my Spanish was not good...

  • Definitly Dumbo's in Cochabamba....

    Definitly Dumbo's in Cochabamba. It is wonderful!! One of the Dumbo's has outdoor seating, as well as indoors. Half of my group sat inside and the other half outside (where I was) one night when we went for some ice cream. As it would turn out it was in the middle of the winter in the middle of the Andes! You don't do that very often! (eating...

  • you got to try

    no harm in eating on the street, very fresh and spicy food....all sorts of meat and vege's cooked together, actually very yummy! for little money you can have a decent feed

  • Down Town La Paz

    at the Main Street.Down Town La Paz...there has been a Hofbrauhaus, german cusine and Beer, sorry, but I quite liked that one...I wonder, is that still there german and austrian cusine was an option...Applestrudel on the menu

  • Good Dumplings

    Being Chinese, I tried to go to a Chinese restaurant in every town/city I visited. Most were mediocra but New Hong Kong is Sucre is pretty good and reasonably priced. Must try the dumplings! They are very, very good! Even by Chinese standard! This dish is the reason why I wrote this entry. The fried rice and tofu dishes are also very good.

  • road restaurants

    I was quite astonished noticing that most of the tourists do not eat in road restaurant on bus transfer. The bus stop locals rush in the restaurant, women looks for a toilet (forget it!) and no one enter the restaurant. FOOLS! :-) food is usually really good, service being forced to be fast 'cause of the bus is fun and quite innatural in bolivian...

  • bread and empanadas

    for a fast snack you can find plenty of bread and empanadas in markets. For empanaditas I suggest to find someone who can fry them at once as an hot empanada is definitely a different thing (and remember that the cold one will be probably a freezing one)

  • not for vegetarian

    food in bolivia is usually excellent but it's not for vegetarian. You can find meat in almost every dish a part empanaditas de queso and salads if you make it clear you want no meat in it :-)breeding animals it's much more easy than growing vegetables on the altiplano and the cold and dry climate is quite demanding so even in a poor soup you can...

  • Delicious food

    There are some truly excellent local specialities in Bolivia. These include: Api (a thick purple or yellow hot drink made from local maize) served with empenadas. This can be found in little stalls in the market in the morning. Saltenas, like a sweeter cornish pasty, in chicken or beef varieties. Often served with bicervezina, a local sweet beer....


    I love Salteñas. They are similar to empanadas, but better, :-)Here you got one receipe I found in the internet on boliviaweb.comSalteñas(50 salteñas)FILLINGIngredients: 1 cup lard or margarine1 cup ground spicy red pepper (cayenne) mixed with water½ tablespoon ground cumin½ tablespoon black ground pepper½ tablespoon crumbled oregano 1½ tablespoon...

  • The soup's plenty hot!

    This is a true local's restaurant with a low key ambience that does not belie how special it seems to those who eat there. Make no mistake, this is not run of the mill and you will never forget eating here. It's the kind of place that makes traveling special. K' alaphurka is a spicy soup that comes out like molten lava, thanks to a heated stone...

  • Fresh Lake Trout

    I actually never had a bad meal in Bolivia. Every thing I ate was delicious. The in-house restaurant at this hotel was very good and specialized in the locally raised lake trout. Another great meal was had at Chalalan Ecolodge in Madidi Park. We were treated to locally prepared fish cooked in leaves and seasoned with jungle spices! Local trout...

  • When one enters a country or...

    When one enters a country or city that you are not at all too familiar with, it is difficult to select one restaurant over another. We have found that when you go to a middle of the road restaurant the local food served is usually just great. Veal cutlet is one of my favourites althouth the servings are normally to large. This restaurant was...

  • Bolivian cuisine is very rich...

    Bolivian cuisine is very rich and diverse: In Santa Cruz (and everywhere else in the east and southeast) you got to try the great “Churrasco” (local bar-be-q) accompanied by “Arroz con Queso”,“Yuca Frita” or “Pacumutos” (local beef kebabs), you can eat these at any “Churrasqueria” there are tons of them on the “Avenida Cristobal de Mendoza” or...

  • Be sure to munch on some llama...

    Be sure to munch on some llama and guinea pig while you are in Bolivia. I found the guinea pig quite horrifying, but the llama was excellent. As in many other exotic animals 'it tasted just like chicken.' There are many small restaurants in Potosi and La Paz where llama can be had for a reasonable price. On the other hand, I have to say that...

  • Restaurant Utama on the roof...

    Restaurant Utama on the roof of the Hotel Plaza in La Paz is excellent, 'higer' priced food. Great for sampling a variety of Bolivian dishes, with a superb view of the city. The pumpkin soupwas amazing. It was a rich, creamy soup filled with corn, cheese, beans and spices. We also loved the other Bolivian soup made of peanuts, chickpeas and...

  • For the best vegetarian food !!!

    An excellent vegetarian restaurant with friendly staff. Good breakfast, mjammie the best I had in Bolivia.

  • In La Paz there is a place...

    In La Paz there is a place called 'Lobo'. It's quite modern with (hopefully) clean food. Many Israelis actually, like this place. If you miss some well-known food for a change - go there, you won't be sorry.The restaurant has many pictures from travelers so you can get ideas on where you want to go next. This is how Igot the idea of climbing a...

  • Dumbo's Restaurant!! (The...

    Dumbo's Restaurant!! (The picture is of downtown Cochabamba). I went to the ones in Cochabamba locations..there are others in Santa Cruz and La Paz. Any local can tell you where it is :) Great food and wonderful ice cream. Everyone raves about their tropical ice cream flavors. Fun place for kids too. Reasonable prices.Los Castores is another...

  • Lots and lots of restaurants...

    Lots and lots of restaurants in all price ranges, some with evening entertainment (mainly Andean dancers and Pan pipe bands)..however try to stay away from uncooked food (salads etc).and make sure you DO NOT brush you teeth with tap water afterwards!! Local dishes , some with lots of spice, mainly chicken, but did try Llama steak. mmmmm.Local beer...

  • 'La Casa del Paceño'Es un...

    'La Casa del Paceño'Es un lugar muy especial donde encontraran comida Boliviana como especialidad.Les recomiendo probar las carnes aderezadas al estilo Boliviano, son muy buenas.Bolivia es un país donde se come muy buena carne aunque la altura muchas veces hace que nuestra digestión sea algo lenta.

  • Don Oscar

    It is a traditionnal restaurant which is really cheap, cheaper than the pizzerias or other places in the center Uyuni. You will enjoy Almuerzos or cenas for 10Bs, and very good breakfast. Try the 'Americano completo' for 15Bs ! The 'americano completo' breakfast.

  • The Churrasco in Bolivia is...

    The Churrasco in Bolivia is really excellent! My favorite restaurant is called 'Brasargent'.The waiters walk around with skewers full of meat. Each skewer features a different type of meat including different cuts of beef, pork, chicken, lamb, etc. The adventurous can even try cow udders or chicken hearts. Meat, meat, and more meat! (Even though I...

  • My favorite will always be...

    My favorite will always be Brasargent. Its a meat buffet. They serve you all types of meat and you can eat until you are full! They have a salad bar and dessert bar as well.For tipical food, go to the rio Pirai. These are cabins near the Pirai River, where you can get all the tipical food sold by the local people.Brasargent-Its an elegant place...

  • French owned hostel and...

    French owned hostel and restaurant in CoroicoThe food is of an extremely high quality, and it is all made to order - they even do excellent vegetarian souffle, while you wait! Anything! Steak with Roquefort sauce...

  • local food tastes great, nice...

    local food tastes great, nice soups, caldos & menus at local restaurants - you have to try!

  • Bolivian food is not my...

    Bolivian food is not my favourite - I found it all very plain. So, you can have the distinction of having eaten at the highest Burger King in the world instead in La Paz. Double Whopper meal - £2.20 - unbeatable


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