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  • Brasília
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  • Inner view of the cathedral
    Inner view of the cathedral
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  • A place removed from reality
    A place removed from reality
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Brasília Things to Do


    Go up the TV tower, which is 218 metres tall and you will be rewarded with a wonderful view of the city. At 25m there is a platform which has a gemstone museum, but you can go by elevator to 75m. Entrance is free but it closes at 8pm. Good for viewing the sunset.

  • Do it, it doesn´t matter what :)

    We have lot of things to do, all the time. I didn't know how to start this tip... So, I decided open it with something I really love to do - go to breathe a bit of art. Brasília has lot of cultural sets and this one is the Conjunto Cultural da Caixa, a cultural set of a Federal Bank, with exposition rooms and theater.... We have others, like CCBB...

  • ECCO - Art Gallery

    This is a quite new gallery in Brasilia, and it has already become a very important place for contemporary production in the Capital. It presents temporary exhibitions of local and national art - sometimes an international programme, but not always. So far, they have no own collection.They also have many other activities programmed, like lectures,...


Brasília Hotels

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Brasília Restaurants

  • Tapioca for all tastes!

    This restaurant is great. First, the ambience is perfect: there are hammocks outside, vime chairs, and the decor is all based on Northeatsern elements. Even the lamps on the main counter are made of nordestino leather hats.Then the food, for those who like tapioca, is great: they present a variety of almost 100 fillings for the tapioca (cassava...

  • roof top dining in style

    high up in the enening and out of the traffic fumes this was an elegant restaurant with an international tropical taste .Although i preferred the vegetarian one on the same level this did not detract from the very high standards and decor which showed a lot of effort and thought had gone into this place. Furthermore the service was onobtrusive and...

  • real international vegetarian cuisine

    This in a country that vies with Argentina and texan u.s.a. for its steaks ;was a delightful oasis although not exclusively veggie was predominantly so with certain fish dishes.It was very busy and the portions were really magnificent but what i really enjoyed was the selection of vinaigrettes .A bigger selection i have only seen matched in...


Brasília Nightlife

  • Who says Brasilia doesn't have...

    Who says Brasilia doesn't have a good nightlife is blatantly lying or ignorant of the facts. Brasilia has one of the best and cosiest shopping malls of Brazil together with great cinemas and nightclubs (usually inside the malls or near by). Just the entertainment of the Asa Sul squares and the new centre by the South Lake should keep everyone busy...

  • Regarding nightlife - I was...

    Regarding nightlife - I was told there is something, but don't bother. Spending a night in Brasilia is a waste of time. Best option is to arrive in the city early and leave it a few hours later.(Photo: Dom Bosco church)

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Brasília Transportation

  • get a taxi

    Maybe the best transport in Brasilia.The streets and avenues of this city are not made for pedestrians.So to go to somewhere there better count with someone who knows the place well, and dont get lost.Taxi car are not so expensive. maybe us $ 3,00 -4,00 per kilometer.

  • Public Transport

    Brasilia's public transportation system is not very well developed and I'm afraid this won't be fixed soon (due to politics...quite a drama!). People who depend on it are often quite unsatifsfied by the lack of quality of public transportation. The bus fare goes from R$2,00 to R$ 3,00 (about US$ 0.80 ~ US$ 1.30 in Oct.'06). You can get almost...

  • Taxis

    Getting around in Brasília is a problem, specially for budget travellers and backpackers like me.For the ones who can afford, renting a car is a good idea, but skip the car rentals at the airport, thy can charge double. But this tip aims at the taxi sevice. It is expensive, at least for Brazilian standards, but you can hire the 30% discount...


Brasília Shopping

  • Dried flowers local craft

    By the main Brasilia cathedral there are those stalls that sell dried flowers from the "cerrado" wich is the landscape of the area. As they are dried they last long, but you have to pack them well to take home. Dried flowers

  • Native Craft Market

    This is an inpromptu market for indigenous people from all over Brazil to sell their craft items. You will find them on the patio in front of the FUNAI building. This is the Federal Office Building for Indian Affairs. It is in the Setor de Radio e Televisao Sul, pretty much in the city center.People start displaying their wares about 9am. There is...

  • Patio Brasil

    Brasilia is a very modern city with lots of shopping centres and PATIO BRASIL is one of them, there are around 200 shops in this shopping centre. You can find any thing you like from top Brazilian brands to high street fashion Brazilian brands. There are a numbers of restaurants and every thing else you expect to have in a shopping centre


Brasília Local Customs

  • Driving Etiquette 2

    In Brasilia, drivers stop in the Ped Xing where there's not traffic light. This doesn't happen in other parts of Brazil. If you are driving and someone is about to cross the street in a pedestrian passage and there's not traffic light, do stop. If you are the pedestrian, before crossing a ped xing where there is no traffic light, wave your had and...

  • Driving Etiquette 1

    People don't use their horns in Brasilia. We are proud to be a silent city. You only horn in a very special case, to avoid an accident, not to tell people that you exist. In case you are in a traffic jam, don't horn, it's useless and you'll only get people irritated. If you need to advise the car in front of you about something, just flash your...

  • Brasilia was constructed...

    Brasilia was constructed between 1956 and 1960, during the government of President Juscelino Kubitschek. It was inaugurated, as Brazil's new capital, in April 21, 1960. Its master plan ('Plano Piloto') was conceived by Lucio Costa, and its major buildings were designed by Oscar Niemeyer. Planned for only 500,000 inhabitants, Brasilia has seen its...


Brasília Warnings and Dangers

  • Dry Season

    The dry season (rouhghly from May-June to September-October) is the best time to visit Brasilia and the neighboouring areas. But humidity levels may fall below 15%, specially in August and September, which is almost a health threat. You will feel thirsty, but extra attention with hydration is necessary, since dehydration is a risk. Always carry a...

  • Brasil sucks. Drivers are morons.

    Don't come. Or if you do, don't drive. Many drivers are horrible, driving like complete selfish idiots, as if the roads are their own personal playground. I hate this place.But what do you expect of a country where people think it's normal to have a baby via major abdominal surgery? I fear for the U.S. as the c-section rate there continues to...

  • General Safety Tips

    Brasilia is a safe city if compared to other places. However, avoid isolated and dark places late at night. If you are driving at night and must stop at a traffic light, close your car windows and pay attention to the surroundings. Only anware people are victims of robbery.Although you are supposed to stop at the Pedestrian Passage when someone is...


Brasília Tourist Traps

  • Problems with the idiom?

    Here we have a big problem: most of people doesn´t speak English. So, if you wanna an information and your are out of the hotel, be patient. Maybe the person understand you but can´t explain... so, give a time and wait. You can talk by sing language :)

  • Beware! This is the Planalto...

    Beware! This is the Planalto Palace! That's the siege of the Brazilian government! That's where the president works daily! So please in case you meet him RUN! The man is a thief and he's coming for your head!

  • The national park of the city...

    The national park of the city is as diasappointing as the city is. The main attractions are the artificial pools there, and although it is a good chance to escape the heat and having a picknick, they are no accompanied with any additional natural sites or spots. So forget about nice hiking routes, waterfalls or animals.


Brasília What to Pack

  • Groentje's Profile Photo

    Bring an umbrella!

    by Groentje Written Oct 17, 2003

    Clothing/Shoes/Weather Gear: Not that you won't find one there, but it might be a good idea to bring one, especially during January, February, when it's rain season.

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Brasília Off The Beaten Path

  • Feira do Guará

    This marketplace in nearby satellite city of Guará may be a very interesting place for those who like markets with local produce. Of course, it is not a tourist attraction nor has it the infrastructure for that purpose, and people who cannot hold their gringo attitude should avoid this, much more because of the disturbance they will cause than...

  • Temple of Goodwill - Templo da Boa...

    This very modern starkly white building was created in 1989 by the Legion Of Goodwill as a symbol of universal solidarity. The exterior is made of 7 white triangular planes set on their short end with the points coming together at the top to form a cone and support the largest raw crystal imaginable. Inside is a huge open meditation space. The...

  • The Superquadras

    You may know by now that Brasília was planned with the shape of an airplane. So, people who live in this area live either on the North Wing or the South Wing (this one is where I live. What people (even Brazilians) don't know is that the wings are really pleasant place and could make very nice places to stroll around. South Wing is even better...


Brasília Sports & Outdoors

  • Oceanwatcher's Profile Photo

    Golf in Brasilia - bring cash!

    by Oceanwatcher Written Aug 7, 2004

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Golf. Do I need to say more?

    To anyone that play golf, this is an interesting golfcourse. Designed by the famous Robert Trent Jones, it is a beautiful golfcourse with greens that was typical for that time. Small. And a lot of bunkers. And on some holes have water in play. One of the holes is played over a small bay of the lake. Very beautiful.

    There is a great variety of trees along the course and I hope the club can update their pages with some more information about it because this is a bit special. A professor collected and planted trees here.

    During the season, you can actually find food along the golfcourse. What I am talking about? Mangoes! There are a lot of mangotrees and in the right season you can pick what you want.

    According to people from the club, the fairways soak up the rain very well, so even during the rainseason you can play. And the rain normally comes in the afternoon, so if you start early you will have a nice round before the rain comes.

    No matter what time of year you play, it is definitely an advantage to start early. Then you avoid the heat as much as possible.

    One word about the driving range. It is too far away. Next to the small Pro Shop, you find a putting green and a chipping green. But the driving range is 2 km up the road.

    Some time ago the club was in a very bad condition, and it is still recovering. But it was a joy to play it and definitely a course worth playing.

    One word of warning - The Pro Shop and the club do not accept creditcards. Only the restaurant. So bring cash for the greenfee and for any equipment you need to rent or purchase.

    Equipment: I brought my glove and golfshoes.

    I rented clubs and managed to find some that were not too old. If you can bring your own clubs, that is definitely preferrable.

    A caddie will be of good help.The one I got was a 20 hcp himself and he knew the course very well. And for the price, 50 Rials if I remember correctly, it is well worth it.

    A long shot over water
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Brasília Favorites

  • Architecture

    If your interest is architecture it worth a visit to Brasilia and meet Lucio Costa Athos Bulhões and Oscar Niemayer´s work. But, take your time and guide visit all the official buildings inside to appreciate it.

  • Brasilia on weekends

    Try to plan your trip to Brasilia on a weekend. Hotel prices FRI/SAT and SAT/SUN are up to 40% lower than during the week!

  • Long Distances ...

    Since the sights in Brasilia are far away from each other (the distances are longer than it seems on maps or pictures), renting a car might be a good idea. All Brazilian friends recommended it.We didn't do so and tried to see the city on foot. It's possible (plan at least two days to see walk all the main sights) but it's quite exhausting. Be sure...


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