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  • City view from the beaches
    City view from the beaches
    by DSwede
  • Sail boats for hire
    Sail boats for hire
    by DSwede
  • Football in the Surf
    Football in the Surf
    by DSwede

Maceió Things to Do

  • 9 Ihlas

    To the south of town, there is a waterway network where an incoming river flows to the lagoon, separated by the sea by a narrow spit of sand. In this wetland, there are a series of small islands.If you go south to the neighborhood of Pontal da Barra, you can easily find private boats that will take you around for a tour of the area. Rates are...

  • Small private sail

    Off of the beaches of the main area of Pajuçara, there are lots of small sail boats and their captains trying to take you out for a private tour.They will charge you cash based on the hourly rate you agree, so if you like the feel of the wind in your face and want to get the view of the city from the water, it is always an option.

  • Maragogi: Worth More Than a Day Trip

    Maragogi is a two hour ride, 130 kilometers north of Maceio. It is the second most visited tourist destination in Alagaos after the state's capital. Too many tourists never see the beaches and other attractions of this region called the Coral Coast. They come off buses on day excursions and board large catamarans to see the tropical pools at what...

  • Gunga

    Gunga -- this a "private beach" south of Maceio. OK, the beach isn't private (that's illegal in Brazil), but the access to the beach is! So, one must have a "license" to get to the beach. Which means, basically, you can't drive yourself. (or so we heard). There are daily excursions to this beach via many, many, tour companies for a very reasonable...

  • Carro Quebrado Beach

    If you translate the name is "Broken car"... Difficult acces but incredible view. The sand is colored...

  • Go to Gunga's beach

    Considered to be one of the most beautiful beaches of Brazil's coast, Gunga's beach enchants all visitors with its green, warm and crystalline waters and its imposing coconut trees.Wait for pictures of this place...

  • Go to São Gonçalo viewpoint

    It is located near São Gonçalo church and offers a great view of Maceio. From up there it is possible to admire Port of Maceio, Jaragua and Pajuçara beach.

  • The Natural Pools

    The main attractions at Maragogi are the natural pools, which are lagoons that have formed between the strips of reefs. In their calm and clear waters you can see the beauty of the marine life that lives between the corals. Visitors must help to take care of them, to ensure that these natural wonders remain intact. Remember not to throw garbage...

  • Praia do Gunga

    Praia do Gunga is a more secluded place and we went there by boat. I'm told that it also can be reached by car through a nearby coconut-farm. It can seem crowded, but if you walk 500 meters away from the "Restaurant" you will have no trouble finding your own little private bay! Very nice beach, but be aware of the very hot sand. The hottest sand...


Maceió Hotels

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Maceió Restaurants

  • Seafood Along the Lagoon

    Bar do Pato (literally "Duck Bar") is an open air restaurant with a covered patio directly on the edge of the Manguaba lagoon. From what I saw and what I'm told, it is particularly popular on the weekends for late afternoon lunches and dinners. During the time we were there, the place went from empty to full, to waiting room only. People come...

  • Best restaurant in Maceio

    you really must go.You have to taste "moqueca de polvo e camarão" (shrimps), a brasilian typical dish. moqueca de polvo e camarãomoqueca de sururu

  • ITAPIOCA I can live on it!

    ''Itapioca" used to be the native indians main meal, is made of root base tree that can only be found in the northeast of Brazil. It looks like a pancake that can be filled with cheese, ham or just plain coconut. It's delicious!!! With not dobt you can live on it hmmmmmmmm yammy!!! ITAPIOCA

  • Freshest and cheapest Seefood

    There is a little village called "Massagueira" where you can have very fresh and tasty seafoods! And besides it is a very calm and beautiful place where there are not too much tourists!It is 15 kms outside of Maceio, but really worth a visit, 'cause it is one of the cheapest and fresh see foods you can get in Brazil!Have a look at this...

  • Reginal Food

    Carne de Sol do Picui- RestaurantA v. d a P a z, 1140 J a r a g u á - MACEIO Tel: (8 2) 2 2 3 - 5 3 1 3 a list of dishes and drinks they have please click on the webpage to "CARDAPIO".

  • Street /Beach vendors along Ponta Verde

    At night there are plenty of street vendors at Ponta Verde beach sidewalk, where you can taste the really worth "TAPIOCA" filled with cheese and bacon (queijo/presunto), banana (banana) and of course the unique "carne de sol"!VEEEEEEEERY TAAAAAAASTY! The TAPIOCA I liked most was the one filled with "CARNE DE SOL"! :-)


Maceió Nightlife

  • Popular spot with music and food

    There are a number of night spots in Maceio, but some of my local friends preferred this place. Depending on the type of crowd or music you prefer, there are many other bars on the same street. Or maybe even if you come late and don't want to wait for a table, you might have to keep walking to the next bars.The menu is fairly extensive. The bar is...

  • typical shows

    If you want to try a typical Brazilian's dance, the Forro, you must go to Lampião.See my travelogue about Lampião.

  • Maceió by Night

    Maceio had only one nightclub when I was there, but used to have two. The big one (Aeroporco) had just closed (they said for redecoration), so the only place was Arena. This is a very nice place with lots of people on Fridays and Saturdays. It's also a street with lots of pubs and bars, all with tables out in the street. This place was very crowded...


Maceió Transportation

  • Going souht to Salvador?

    The buses take some 9 to 12 hours, depending on the kind of bus.The ticket costs between R$ 60 and R$ 90 (aprox.)This is the company doing this route:BOMFIM ( - where you can buy tickets on-line)tel: (82) 3221-6930Anyway ... if you get lucky, you may be able to find an airline promotion for less than the bus. Visit these airlines...

  • Rent a car

    Without a car you won't get to Maceio's best attractions and beaches around because the public transport- systhem is not very well- or you will spend hours and waste a lot of time!So try to rent a car!Some car rentals in Maceio:ACTION Rent a carAv J M Luz 618, Jatiúca - Fone: 325-2299 / 325-6365 AMÉRICA Rent a carAv A Otacílio 2991, Ponta Verde -...

  • The Boat trip. . .

    Boarding the boat on the beach is a smooth operation and there is no need to get wet above one's knees. The seats are comfortable and afford all-around vision. The purr of the motor is lower than the sound of the breeze - passengers can talk to each other without raising their voices, but a simple gesture is enough to be served an iced coconut with...


Maceió Shopping

  • Local Artisans and Crafts

    It is not specifically one shop, but rather an artisan and craft work neighborhood. There are lots of stores and boutiques to choose from. Walking up and down the street, they have most of their items hanging for public display so you can easily see what they have.While you work up an appetite walking the area, there are a few reputable seafood...

  • Buy handicraft souvenirs 2

    Pontal da barra is known for being the only community that lives on the production of the handicraft, where most of the pieces are laceworks. handicrafts very few

  • Souvenirs from Brazil for your friends...

    If you want to bring beautiful souvenirs from Brazil then make sure you'll go to the "Cheiro da Terra" complex!They have a big variety of souvenirs, beginning by postcards to jewelry, huge ships from the Northeast, etc...I have not seen a bigger variety of souvenirs like in this complex, even not in "Mercado Modelo" (Salvador) or any other...


Maceió Local Customs

  • Nothing Stops Football

    Most people will come to the beaches to take the sun, but particularly the beaches on the south end of the city are more frequented by surfers and footballers.As I went up and down the coast road over the couple days, I saw that the beach was wide with the low tide, narrow with the high tide, sweltering in the noon sun and dark in the fading...

  • Happy and simple people!!

    Situated in the state of Alagoas, some 20 kilometres from the border with Pernambuco, Maragogi is a fishermen's village that has become a sought-after tourist destination but mantains its original grid of narrow streets, some of them cobbled but many unpaved. Distinctive features of the town are tall palm trees, small lodges and a tiny, animated...

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Maceió Favorites

  • Maceió in Brazil

    Maceio is a coastal city in the Brazilian state of Alagoas, just south of the city Recife. It has grown to be a large city from beeing a small place. Maceió has many beautiful beaches and the tropical weather makes it a nice place to be. The city is still kind of unknown for foreign tourists as most of them travels to Recife and Natal. The...

  • Banks of fine white sand and sheer...

    The natural pools that form among reefs, some four kilometers into the sea, in a place known as Gales. The waters along the Coral Coast are clear and teeming with fish. It's like a MIRROR. . . to see wonders, just a mask and a snorkel will do.

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

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