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  • Pampulha Lake, Belo Horizonte
    Pampulha Lake, Belo Horizonte
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  • Up the garden path.
    Up the garden path.
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Belo Horizonte Things to Do


    Visiting a new city you won't spend the whole day in your hotel room....right..? Go roaming the neighborhood, have a nice walk, looking at all the action in the streets..... discover the beauty of the nice and orderly civilized commercial avenue urban chaos, thousands of people, shops, busses..... I liked the looks and feels of BH's center, clean,...


    If and when you come to Belo Horizonte absolutely do NOT miss to see Mercado Central on Ave Amazonas just a few steps from Praça Raul Soares ( direction Ave Afonso Pena ). Unfortunately I got there only half an hour before closing time, I could have stayed hours in awe of the funny, awkward, interesting and strange things I saw there......pic 1:...

  • Inhotim: Contemporary art in a botanical...

    Instituto Inhotim is home to a museological complex featuring a series of pavilions and galleries with works of art and sculptures on display in the open air. The gardens are in 35,000 acres of jungle, lawns, lakes, mature trees and plants beautifully landscaped and immaculately maintained. It is the personal project of Brazilian billionaire...

  • Art and nature

    Inhotim, an open air museum with gorgeous landscape and contemporary art. It is worth a 2 days visit and there are some hotels in the area.

  • Made in the Shade: Parque Municipal...

    A large and busy city, which could be a challenge if you're traveling with kids. Head to this park, where there are lots of shade trees, playgrounds for kids and room to roam.

  • Museu Histórico Abílio Barreto

    A great museum for history lovers, named after the 20th century writer Abílio Barreto.Sprawling Belo Horizonte was little more than a farm (fazenda) until 1893, and this museum, set in the farm's only surviving buildings. The history is brought back to life in MHAB (the initials of the museum and how it is called by Mineros), of this city that is a...


Belo Horizonte Hotels

Belo Horizonte Restaurants

  • Mineiran Cuisine at its best

    The hotel concierge recommended this restaurant for being one of the best for mineiran cuisine ( that means typical food of colonial Minas Gerais ) which is renowned in all of Brazil. An ample self service buffet selection of some 30 or more mineiran dishes awaits you.....The meats are tendered with cachaça and lemon... Little salt is used. No...

  • Great Churrasco

    This churrascaria (steakhouse) chain is one of the bigests in Brasil.....Don't miss the chance to try this great barbcue parade..... Almost all kinds of meat !!!!!!!

  • Churrascaria in Belo

    Though this restaurant has an English name, it is very much a Brazilian Churrascaria with a nice selection of buffet and meat carved on your plate by a number of roving waiters. Very delicious and filling! The beef was very good!

  • ChurasCaria

    ChurasCaria is a typical meal in Brasil, there are so many kind of CC. From the basic one (along the road mostly for truck drivers) or in the city (like the one I tried) where the quality is higher.The full meal is about 30/35 Real (around 10 € = 13 $) You can have all vegetable you want plus many kind of meat.- Pig- Chicken- And Many many kind of...

  • Typical Regional Food From Minas Gerais

    Dona Luzinha has great atmosphere that is reminiscent of the region's colonial culture, and provides typical local food from Minas Gerais. Very traditional home-cooked style of food with a lot of feijao (beans), meats tendered with Cachaza and different stews.

  • Delightful Persian Restaurant!

    A little gem of a restaurant in BH's zona sul, just off Savassi. Its run by Nasrin and her partner Claudio. Nasrin is a passionate cook and can also explain alot about Iranian cooking and culture in English. You really feel like you're stepping into their home, as the restaurant definitely has their personal touch and warmth, not to mention the...


Belo Horizonte Nightlife

  • Best after party in BH

    There you can try some typical plates from Minas Gerais as "feijão tropeiro". Open until 5 or 6 o'clock the bar is frequently chosen for those who wants to eat or drink something before going home after a party.Plates to try:- the traditional "espaguete"- the "rochedão com feijão tropeiro"- the "mexido" (you can ask half of a mexido if you're not...

  • Cafe com Letras

    Very popular cafe in BH.......your're always there surrounded by books and having a nice coffee...or beer....and listening to great music. very trandy people go there...but there are no dress code in general.........your best jeans with a nice t-shirt would fit perfectly.

  • Walk down the street

    After this trip to Brasil I can say that there are 2 nationnal sports in Brasil:- FootBall (soccer)- Looking the girls!there is a sentence a Brasil guy (André) told me: One time his wife (fed up about the football) : I'm going to find and other man! Stop watching football!And he replied: Oh, you can look for an other one, there are all watching...


Belo Horizonte Transportation


    Belo Horizonte Int'l Airport Confins Tancredes Neves is IMHO the crappiest airport I ever had the displeasure to use.... Two months before the kick off of the World Football ( for americans: soccer ) Cup the airport is still in shambles..... Check in and arrival all on the same level, a mess... long distance walking, departure gates on the upper...


    Belo Horizonte International Airport Confins Tancredes Neves ( named after the man who was to be the first democratically elected president of Brazil after the military rule but happened to die the day before taking office, I believe in 1985....., short name of the aorport is Confins ) is more than 32 km away from the city center...... I asked:...

  • Airport shuttle to BH's downtown

    The Bus rides 24h per day and for R$18 only, tourists will manage to ride from the Airport to Alvares Cabral Avenue in Belo Horizonte.The ride is about 50 minutes long.Depending on the departing time, some buses even stop at the Pampulha airport.


Belo Horizonte Shopping


    This huge central market is great for shopping for daily goods and produces, especially if you cook. There are sections selling pets, household wares, clothes, meat, cheese, etc...I bought a crystal display from here. You certainly can find a bargain here as it is not catered for tourists at all. There are also food stalls where you can stop by for...


    The authorities of Belo Horizonte manages to close the busy Avenue Afonso Pena and stall-holders and their helpers miraculously transform this road into a HUGE MARKET. There are over 3000 stall-holders in this market!! Belo Horizonte is quite an untouristy town that most people just skip it. Well, true, I do not have much else to recommend about...

  • Wooden Spoons.

    Central Market (producer's fair) downtown has many stalls (outlets) grouped under one roof. Reasonably safe and cheap. There are some wooden spoons reasonably cheap among other curious articrafts in Downtown Central Market (producer's messe) . If you need clothes in an emergency go to downtown outlets and shops. If you have money to waste go to...


Belo Horizonte Warnings and Dangers

  • rbassoi's Profile Photo

    Popular Malls in Downtown

    by rbassoi Updated Mar 13, 2009

    The Downtown region in Belo Horizonte concentrates a lot of Popular Malls. Actually these malls has cheap shops that mainly sells irregular imported products.
    Also the region concentrates many thiefs know as "Pickpockets".
    The main malls are: "Shopping Oiapoque" and "Shopping Xavantes".
    So, the tip is to avoid these ones. If you want to go, please be aware and don't care any important document and maximum R$50 to R$80 in small bill notes.

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Belo Horizonte What to Pack

  • Urban Life and steep streets

    by index2005 Written Jul 25, 2005

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Luggage and bags: Backpacks or light bag with wheels. Never forget about the wheels!!(strong ones)

    Clothing/Shoes/Weather Gear: April to September: sandals or sneakers, T-shirts, pair of jeans, light jacket.
    October to March: Umbrella, raincoat, plastic shoes plus the above mentioned.

    Toiletries and Medical Supplies: Prescription medicines are not sold without prescription. All toiletries are found.

    Photo Equipment: Anything low maintainance and digital.

    Camping/Beach/Outdoor Gear: The city has no campings or outdoor accomodations.

    Miscellaneous: Life in Belo Horizonte is meant to be urban: commuters, shoppings, offices, schooling, housing, buildings, avenues. You are not about to see anyone taking pictures around.The city is Not a tourist attraction.

    Uphill Downhill streets
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Belo Horizonte Off The Beaten Path

  • Serral do Curral

    and Nova Lima is a fine off the beathen path trip....and may I say tip ^..^having own transportation would make the 20km trip easy and eventful.but there is public transport available from Belo.have a look at my Nova Lima page, you might fancy the trip out there

  • Mariana

    absolutly idyllic....and a little in the shadow of Ouro Preto. both Towns are just around 100km from Belo Horizonte and a must see.especially Mariana is worth to visit, and as far as I know not so crowded by Tourist nowadays then Ouro Preto, and from here the royal trail....Slavepath worth exploring toohave a look at my Mariana page


    There are a few caves not far from Belo Horizonte - Gruta Lapinha, only 36km away; Gruta Maquine, 121km away; and Gruta Rei do Mato, 73km away.You can certainly do these trips by local buses. Go to the Rodoviaria and ask for the bus companies for the schedules to take you there. Note that some of the schedules are quite odd, like they leave very...


Belo Horizonte Sports & Outdoors

  • rodrigonp's Profile Photo

    Paraglider at 'Topo do Mundo'

    by rodrigonp Written Jun 10, 2007

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The 'Topo do Mundo' paraglider base jump, wich means 'Top of the World' is located at the top of 'Serra da Moeda', a local ridge. It's very traditional and one of the most searched places by paragliders to have a beautiful and good jump.

    The paraglider jump provides a wonderful view over the ridges of Minas Gerais and you can also find a good restaurant at the top. There are many competetitions all over the year and also free-paragliders doin' it all the time.

    If you are begginer or you don't have the equipment to jump, you can rent and pay a professional instructor for that, it'll cost you around R$100 (US$50). If you are a tourist in Minas Gerais, I strongly recommend that jump because it'll show you in a paraglider fly how beautiful and imponent is this beautiful state.

    Equipment: - Paraglider equipment

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Belo Horizonte Favorites

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    no beaches

    by pepples46 Updated Aug 11, 2004

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Favorite thing: Belo Horizonte can't delight with beaches, sun and sand, but can show of with wonderful architecture, fine restaurants, wonderful parks and a mountanous surrounding second to none.
    around 450km from Rio de Janeiro
    around 580km from Sao Paulo
    Belo is a little off the beaten tourist path, but for those who make the trip, its very rewarding!!
    if you have some time, look at my Nova Lima page and you see what I mean

    Fondest memory: the park Pampulha, with one of the early architectural designs by Oscar Niemeyer and the surroundings in beautiful contrast to it.
    Belo is also blessed with a wonderful nitelife, great Restaurants.
    or watch on sunday a football game at the Minerao Stadium.

    Lagoa da Pampulha &Stadium  Minerao
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