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Mariana Things to Do

  • Igreja São Francisco de Assis

    Igreja São Francisco de Assis was began in 1763 and was decorated by two excellent artists of the time, Aleijadinho and Atayde. It has soapstone pulpits and altars carved by Aleijadinho and wonderful ceiling panels by Atayde. Depicting the life of the saint these paintings are consindered his masterpiece! Entry 2R$ .Open Tuesdays to Sundays 9:00 to...

  • Igreja Nossa Senhora do Carmo

    Igreja Nossa Senhora do Carmo, was a Carmelite church and is similar to its "sister" next to it, São Fransisco de Assis. The magnificent facade by Aleijadinho, the artwork of Ataide and and its unique cylindrical towers make it important. It dates back from 1784. It stands on the Praça de Minas Gerais with the rest of the buildings which give a...

  • Maria Fumaça

    The old steam trains, once carrying passengers and cargoes of gold, have been perfectly restored and are now given up to tourism . They make their way through the verdant countryside of Minas and it's the best way to move and enjoy nature. Being part of a touristic project, the trains started functioning again in 2006 and has been a great...

  • Mina da Passagem.

    Very near Ouro Preto is the old mine Mina da Passagem, one of the oldest mines in Brazil. It opened in 1719 and closed in 1985. For many years it was worked by black slaves, who died in large numbers because of the conditions of work. Later local people started working as miners in the same conditions. Their life was no better than that of the...

  • Museu Arquidiocesano de Arte Sacra de...

    The Archiocesan Museum is housed in the former Casa Capitular (Chapterhouse), an impressive mansion of 1770. It was founded in 1962 and claims to possess the largest collection of sacred art in the state. It includes baroque painting and sculpture in wood and soapstone, furniture and vestments of the 18th and 19th century. Some are works of the...

  • Cathedral de Sé

    The Basilica de Sé or Catedral de Nossa Senhora da Assunção is the richest and the most important church in the town. It is located on Praça de Sé, one of the principal squares and a touristic point. The church was built in 1711 – 1760. The facade has been sculptured by Aleijadinho, and the famous painting of the Baptism of Christ on the altarpiece...

  • Casa de Alphonsus de Guimarães

    Alphonsus de Guimarães was born in Ouro Prêto in 1870 and died in Mariana in 1921. His neo-romantic poetry is mystical, symbolic, with obvious traces of religiousness and deep sorrow... Love and Death are often dealt in his poems. His repeating theme was The Death of The Beloved Woman (Morte de Mulher Amada). They say this is due to the loss of his...

  • Casa da Camara e Cadeia

    Casa da Camara e Cadeia is now the Prefecture, and is a masterpiece of colonial architecture. Work started in 1784 but was not finished until 1836. Black slaves and prisoners were forced to work on its construction. In colonial times it used to house the city counsel, official offices and the jail. The front staircase reflects influence from north...

  • Igreja de Sao Pedro dos Clerigos.

    This magnificent church is really imposing, because of its baroque style and its size. Its construction started in 1752 and has never been finished. It was designed by Antonio Ferreira Calheiros. Seen from above you can see two large ellipses. You can go up on the second floor to enjoy a better view and you can even scramble up to the top. It has a...

  • Rua Direita

    the oldest street in Mariana, right behind the Main Church with it's exquisit architecture and housing from the 17th century.cobbled streets not known everywhere else in the New World, but money was no issue, slaves where used to do the hart labour

  • Churches

    from the 17th century, typical baroque mineiro. Aleijadinho left his mark here as well ...petra de sabao, the soft soap stone, he choosen for his wonderful stone masonary.Congonhas and Ouro Preto testemony for his unchallenged place in Brasil's historyone of the churches has an organ from the 17th century, which can be heard every sunday, a...

  • Industry in Brazil

    On the square in Mariana i saw this old "VW-Käfer" produced in BrazilIn Brazil many car factories are investing - because it is a huge country and the incomes are low !!A problem for many western and american industry - outsourcing !


    Congonhas must see is definately,as mentioned,Aleijadinho's works!The village is just a continuation of this barroque colonial styled site,the best of the best in Minas Gerais.


    The baroque style was characterized by exuberant forms and liturgical and ornamental pomp.The tiny mullato angels and bucolic motifs apearing in Aleijadinho's work(see my Ouro Preto page for further info about this fantastic artist!),are the mark what defined definately the barroque style in Brazil!The former mining center in Congonhas is blessed...


    The first capital and bishopric of Minas Gerais,its principal attractive are the Archidiosean Museum,the Carmo and Sain Francis churches and the Cathedral.Music lovers pls don't miss the concerts perfomed at the Cathedral's Arp Schnitger organ,manufactured in 1701!!They are given on fridays at 11:00,and sundays at 12:15.


Mariana Restaurants

  • Damagio

    Damagio is a self service restaurant until 4:00pm. After that, it stays open late serving fast food, pizzas and drinks. It is frequented by young people. There is tasty local food in the buffet and it's very cheap. It costs 5R$ a kilo with one piece of meat, and 6,5R$ a kilo with two pieces...! It's funny they define prices by the pieces of meat!...

  • Restaurante Rancho

    It is one the best self service restaurants I have been to in this trip. It looks a place of quality. There is a lot of delicious-looking food in their pots and their barbecue and a rich salad buffet!! The staff is very attentive and polite! On weekdays it functions as a self service from 11:00 until 3:00 in the afternoon. On weekends and holidays...

  • Restaurante Gaveteiros

    The whole place looks neat and tidy. The pots boiling over the wood fire and the colourful buffets are good reasons to stay for lunch. Wonderful tastes, excellent appearance, great variety. There are salads, all kinds of meat and vegetable dishes, pizzas, and sweets. All have a homely touch. Great! It is in front of the Cathedral de Se across the...


Mariana Transportation

  • nice journey!

    Mariana is 12 kilometers from Ouro Prêto and 112km from the state capital, Belo Horizonte, 487km from Rio, and 689km from Sao Paulo. Normally there is a direct bus from Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo. If it's not convenient, you can go to Belo Horizonte and change there. The fare from Belo Horizonte to Mariana is 25R$ and about 2,5-3 hours.From Rio...


    We got in Mariana from Ouro Preto,but,the general directions for both places,is,to Belo Horizonte,take the BR-040(in the direction from Rio De Janeiro),takes about 30km,than,take the RODOVIA DOS INCONFIDENTES(" Dos Inconfidentes " freeway),more 80km,and than you'll see the signs to Mariana.

  • Mariana Hotels

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Mariana Warnings and Dangers

  • Ipanema_Princess's Profile Photo

    Forced Guided Tours

    by Ipanema_Princess Updated Apr 9, 2006

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    There are plenty of beautiful churches in Mariana, and you will certainly want to visit them.
    However be careful about the so-called guides that want to make you a guided tour.

    I stepped into one of those churches, and paid the little fee that is asked at the entrance (around 2 R$). Then a young man came to me and asked if I wanted a guided tour, I answer politely "no thank you". So I go there by myself and start visiting. After 5 minutes, the guy comes back next to me, and start making me a comment about one of the paitings exposed. And then out of nowhere and before I have the time to say anything he starts making me the whole tour of it !! I was stupid because I didn't dare to ask him to stop.

    When it's over, I go out of the church and he asks me for 10 R$. That I had to give him, and then he introduces me to an other guy that wants to sell me some other tours... I ran away before I got stuck again into it. Some other people I know were asked 40 R$ (which is a lot !!) because they were 4 people.

    So if you don't want the guided tour, say it very firmly. And if you do want it, be sure to fix the price before you start...

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Mariana Off The Beaten Path

  • Ouro Preto

    don't miss out on Ouro Preto, the Jewel of colonial Brasil. or better when in Ouro Preto, Mariana should not be missed. connected by good roads its just a short trip, if you like have a look at my Ouro Preto page on the link below

  • Take a bath in a former Gold Mine !

    If you visit Mariana, don't miss the '"Mina da passagem", a former Gold Mine now used only for tourism. It is located about 10 minutes outside the town. If you take the bus from / to Ouro Preto, just ask the driver to stop you there, they know it very well.The entrance costs around 15 R$. You will take a trolley (funny ride !) that will take about...

  • Congonhas

    if you are in the area of Ouro Preto, Mariana, Sao Joao del Rey....Congonhas would close the circle to view the masterpieces of Aleijadinhohere in Congonhas he finished, many say his Masterpiece..the man high statues of the 12 Apostles or Prophets.all in soap stone in the church yard of Bom Jesus de Matosinhos.if you are interested in Aleijadinhos...


Mariana Sports & Outdoors

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    walking the trail

    by pepples46 Updated Feb 24, 2010

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    walking or hiking the trail from or to Mariana.
    the lush vegetation on the road, Minas Gerais countryside has something for everybody

    Equipment: bring good hiking boots, water and food when out for longer on the trail. mosquito repellent a good idea tooft

    lush vegetation along the royal trail
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Mariana Favorites

  • a historical trip

    from Parati or Rio de Janeiro travel the estrada real or slave path to Minas Gerais, where Gold and Minerals laid the foundation to create a new Country....Brasil Mariana once the most importand Town on the trail and choosen as Capital, rich gold and mineral findings let the region blossom, laying the foundation for a new country....Mariana is...


    Mariana is a pleasant old mining town,with a character,unlike its busy neighbor,Ouro Preto!Only 12km in paved road from Ouro Preto,Mariana is tourist,but not over run as Ouro Preto,keeping its tranquility profile of many mining old villages in the state.

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

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