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Map of Estado de Minas Gerais

Belo Horizonte


Ouro Prêto










São João del Rei




Bocaina de Minas


Poços de Caldas


Parque Nacional da Serra da Canastra

São Tomé das Letras


São Lourenço


Resende Costa


Patos de Minas


Lima Duarte





Conceição da Ibitipoca




Brasília de Minas


Belo Horizonte

See all 48 Belo Horizonte Tips

    Belo Horizonte Transportation

    Belo Horizonte Int'l Airport Confins Tancredes Neves is IMHO the crappiest airport I ever had the displeasure to use.... Two months before the kick off of the World Football ( for americans: soccer ) Cup the airport is still in shambles..... Check in and arrival all on the same level, a mess... long distance walking, departure gates on the upper...

  • Royal Golden Tower

    Belo Horizonte Hotels

    Yeah I would recommend it! This was the first time I went to BH, but for sure I'll stay in this nice...


    Belo Horizonte Transportation

    Belo Horizonte International Airport Confins Tancredes Neves ( named after the man who was to be the first democratically elected president of Brazil after the military rule but happened to die the day before taking office, I believe in 1985....., short name of the aorport is Confins ) is more than 32 km away from the city center...... I asked:...


Ouro Prêto

See all 134 Ouro Prêto Tips


See all 36 Tiradentes Tips
  • Antiquario e Artesanato Maria Barbosa

    Tiradentes Shopping

    A great variety of wooden furniture and big and small decoration items are packed in and around the shop. There are artistic tables, armoirs, chairs, benches, lamps, dolls, paintings, antiques and a thousand more...Because of the plethora of artcraft being exposed my eyes got a little confused and couldn't like the whole picture. But if you look at...

  • Solar da Ponte

    Tiradentes Hotels

    Praca das Merces S/N0 - Tiradentes, Tiradentes, State of Minas Gerais, 36325-000, Brazil

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Families

  • Igreja do Rosario dos Pretos-

    Tiradentes Things to Do

    Igreja do Rosario dos Pretos or "Church of Our Lady of Rosary of the Black People" was built by and for slaves in 1708 and it was finished in 1719. It was the first church in town. The church today is constructed from granite in a renaissance style and is believed to be the most solid structure in the city. There are paintings on the ceiling and...



See all 3 Uberlândia Tips
  • Fine Jewels

    Uberlândia Shopping

    Nice cozy Jewel shop located in the center of Uberlândia, Aparatto Jóias has been selling its jewels for 15 years now.70% of the jewels being displayed are produced by theme selves Gold & Silver Jewels and wrist Watches.

  • Plaza Shopping Hotel

    Uberlândia Hotels

    Rua da Bandeira, 400 (Anexo ao Center Shopping), Uberlandia, State of Minas Gerais, 38405174, Brazil

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Families

  • Water Falls

    Uberlândia Things to Do

    This city is at the junctions of many roads leading to the west and north of Brazil. It is a cozy working city. The people ar edown to earth and very helpful as in all of Brazil.The waterfalls are on outside of the City. They are next to the Water purification plant. The engineers diverted the flow of water from the river to the plant and made the...



See all 14 Diamantina Tips
  • CARNIVAL - Party!!!

    Diamantina Local Customs

    This is what carnival is about!!! Having fun!!!Every street of the city historical center will be crowded with young people dancing, drinking, talking and having fun. From friday night until wednesday morning. Can you believe that???On the market square (a few quarters from the Main Church Square), there is a stage where bands play loud brazilian...

  • CARNIVAL - Parades

    Diamantina Local Customs

    In Carnival, during the day, there are always some parades passing through the city. People will stop to watch them for a few minutes. It is really fast, unless you want to join them and walk around the city.It is not like Rio?s Carnival so the parades are much simpler. It is a good moment to take pictures, which you will be able to show your...

  • Walking in Diamantina

    Diamantina Transportation

    While in Diamantina, you won´t even need to use the public transportation. The city is quite small, so you can go to all the places walking (except for the waterfalls). The only problem is that the city was built on a mountain, so be ready for the slopes...



See all 12 Congonhas Tips
  • Tiradentes

    Congonhas Off The Beaten Path

    Close to Congonhas and easy to join in the same visit, Tiradentes seems son of Congonhas and Parati. The problem is that you need to visit all of them to understand what I mean... At least it shows the Portuguese colonial architecture, very similar with Parati, together wiht the baroque style that gets its top in Congonhas (Ouro Preto is an apart...

  • The chapels of the passion

    Congonhas Things to Do

    Let me translate some words of prof. Moacyr Vasconcellos: “In only 200 meters in straight line, in the modest town of Congonhas do Campo, in the mountains of Minas Gerais, thousands of kilometres from the big centres of western civilizations, there are concentrated 78 sculptures which compose the most fabulous ensemble of baroque art in the world:...

  • Aleijadinho's masterpieces

    Congonhas Things to Do

    The church of Bom Jesus de Matosinhos is surrounded by a large collection of some of the most famous statues of Brazil. Several times showed in Brazilian novels that fill Portuguese TV, it was for us more like a meeting then a discovery. But we enjoyed it (specially Fernanda).


São João del Rei

  • Pelourinho Restaurante

    São João del Rei Restaurants

    Pelourinho Restaurante is also next to the Station and on the bank of the river. It is a self service restaurant with rich buffets, with typical local dishes of meat, fish, beans, vegetables and desserts.. It also serves A la Carte. It is open daily from 10:00 until 15:00.

  • Kalahari Cafe

    São João del Rei Nightlife

    Uma boate legalzinha, tem um espaco fechado com pista de danca e um espaco ao ar livre aonde geralmente rolam shows, ate o carnaval de 2004 era a unica boate da cidade A nice cool club, with two separeted enviroments, one, closed, with a dance floor and other a big open space where they generally have live music, until Carnival 2004 this was the...

  • Tancredo Neves was from here.

    São João del Rei Favorites

    Tancredo Neves was born in Sao Joao del Rei and was a very popular brazilian politician who was active against the military regime that ruled Brazil for many years.When the military rule finally came to an end in 1985 Tancredo Neves was elected president of Brazil but never got to serve as president as he got sick the night before his inaguration...



See all 34 Mariana Tips
  • walking the trail

    Mariana Sports & Outdoors

    walking or hiking the trail from or to Mariana.the lush vegetation on the road, Minas Gerais countryside has something for everybody bring good hiking boots, water and food when out for longer on the trail. mosquito repellent a good idea tooft

  • Ouro Preto

    Mariana Off The Beaten Path

    don't miss out on Ouro Preto, the Jewel of colonial Brasil. or better when in Ouro Preto, Mariana should not be missed. connected by good roads its just a short trip, if you like have a look at my Ouro Preto page on the link below

  • Mina da Passagem.

    Mariana Things to Do

    Very near Ouro Preto is the old mine Mina da Passagem, one of the oldest mines in Brazil. It opened in 1719 and closed in 1985. For many years it was worked by black slaves, who died in large numbers because of the conditions of work. Later local people started working as miners in the same conditions. Their life was no better than that of the...


Bocaina de Minas


    Bocaina de Minas Restaurants

    I have never had a TACO IN MEXICO,,,I wish I could one day!!! But for sure hidden in the mountains of Rio we had a great taco that El Cubano Henrique never will tell you the secret! We had that glorious TACO as the entrance of a magical dinner with the best of cuban food!!!And you can find this place in a location that no traveller have hear when...


    Bocaina de Minas Restaurants

    Henrique left Cuba some years ago and decided to live in the mountains of Rio with his family, his great charisma, music and deep knowledge about cuban, mexican and californian cuisine made a very famous restaurant, luckly very close to our camping field and one evening we decide to stop by.We had tons of laughter with this guy and we joined us in...


    Bocaina de Minas Off The Beaten Path

    Hahahahaha they must be very proud to have tasted the coldest water for the first time in their lives, I confess I did not hav anough guts to do that, but i should remember you that in Canada during the winter, most precisely in Mont Tremblent I could dive in a frozen pool!But in that time I was 3 years younger, now on the top of my 36 years old it...


Poços de Caldas

  • The different view

    Poços de Caldas Favorites

    visit the Christ statue and enjoy the beautiful view over the city. You can either hike up there (the hiking trail through a kind of rain forest starts at the Lover's Fountain, have a look at my must sees for the addy), use the cable car or go by car.

  • Fonte dos Amores

    Poços de Caldas Things to Do

    Fonte dos Amores - The Lovers' FountainIn order to get there, you've to enter a kind of rainforest. It was really cool somehow for I had never seen something like this before.This is also where the track up to the Christ Statue begins.

  • Véu das Noivas waterfalls

    Poços de Caldas Things to Do

    I was told that actually there is much more water running down, but for it hadn't rained for quite a long time this is what it looked like; beautiful anyway, isn't it? :-)Next to the waterfalls is a building where souvenirs of Pocos and things like these were sold.Also there is a kart lane or something nearby.


São Tomé das Letras

  • mabadon's Profile Photo
    lake of the emeralds - A pixies��  place 4 more images

    by mabadon Written May 22, 2008

    it´s created for people who wants to unveil the other side of life - a parallel world - where creatures like pixies,gnomes and ghosts inhabit the same place . we have two different places for tourists and good meals included.

    Unique Suggestions: more information at the -

    Fun Alternatives: I SUGGEST ALL TOURISTS look for some mexican tv channels to have a good time!

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    • Farm Stay
    • Backpacking
    • Camping

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São Lourenço

  • elsadran's Profile Photo
    entrance of the Parque das Aguas 2 more images

    by elsadran Written Mar 25, 2009

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The Water Park was founded in 1891. Actually the city owes its whole existence to the mineral water sources that have been found. Until the middle of the 19th century it was only a stop for horse wagons, named Pouso Alto. At the end of the century the exploration of water brought businessmen and São Lourenço became a city in 1927.

    Related to:
    • Family Travel

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Resende Costa

See all 2 Resende Costa Tips
  • weaving center

    Resende Costa Things to Do

    Resende Costa is famous for its manual weaving. They work in looms and produce rugs, curtains, sofa throws, bedspreads, pillows, bags and a lot more. They also make beautiful ceramic vases and large pots, along with the traditional souvenirs of Minas. All action takes place on the main road that runs all along the village.Artesanato "Agua na Boca"...

  • Matriz de Nossa Senhora da Penha de...

    Resende Costa Things to Do

    Matriz de Nossa Senhora da Penha de Franca is built on the top of the rock. People coming to enjoy the stunning views from the top always pay a visit to the beautiful church.It was one of the first things built in 1749 and it was expanded later. In the first half of the 20th century it was partially demolished for construction reasons and rebuilt...

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Patos de Minas

  • MarioPortugal's Profile Photo
    2 more images

    by MarioPortugal Updated Feb 5, 2011

    The Warm Welcome by the Duck Family
    Patos is the portuguese word for Ducks. Therefore, when traveling to the town of Patos de Minas, visitors would expect to see some ducks around :) ...

    ... and YES, there they were, right at the southern entrance of the town there's a Duck Family giving a warm welcome to the visitors. Very nice.

    Have you noticed the little duck waving to you ??
    (maybe you should check my 3 pictures of this tip).

    Patos de Minas is located in the west side of the Minas Gerais state, in Brasil.

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