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  • View of the city
    View of the city
    by klarson
  • part of commercial area in front of cathedral
    part of commercial area in front of...
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  • backside of the cathedral
    backside of the cathedral
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Campinas Things to Do

  • Preserved Brazilian Steam Railway at...

    Campinas is the home of a preserved railway line. The line operates between Campinas (near the Carrefour shipping center) and Jaguariúna, a city about 10 km north of Campinas.I have divided my photos here into the 2001 visit and the 2003 visit.The official web site of this operation used to be at today it is...

  • Taquaral Lake

    There is not much to do in Campinas, but maybe one of the best places to stay a Sunday afternon could be Taquaral lake. It's a quite little lake rounded of a green areaIt's nice to have a place to breethe pure are in a city where one million and a half people lifes.Here you could also have the oportunity to see the capibaras, they are some rare and...

  • Get around at Parque Taquaral...

    Taquaral's Park is a beautiful place to get around. On weekends people go there to walk and enjoy the day. If you have 2-3 hours and like nature, you must go there.You will find a little lake where you can take good pictures. If you like to walk, you can walk around the little lake (circuit of 4 km).


Campinas Hotels

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  • The Royal Palm Plaza Hotel Resort

    Rua Comendador Dr Jose Cesar, 200 Jd Do Lago, Campinas, State of Sao Paulo, 13051-024, Brazil

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Couples

    Hotel Class 4 out of 5 stars

  • The Royal Palm Tower

    Rua Boaventura do Amaral 1274, Centro, Campinas, State of Sao Paulo, 13015-050, Brazil

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Couples

  • Hotel Vila Rica Campinas

    Rua Donato Paschoal, 100, Campinas, State of Sao Paulo, Brazil

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Families

    Hotel Class 3 out of 5 stars

Campinas Restaurants


    The only indian restaurant in a radius of 100km ( that's about how far São Paulo is away ), I luckily discovered this gem of a fantastic restaurant just two weeks ago. Small but very nicely decorated, a few knick knacks are still missing but will be added to the decoration, heavy wooden chairs and tables, dark red table covers and red linen table...

  • Brazilian menu with a French accent

    The very talented chef Fabi de Moraes made an excelent fusion of her french cuisine backgroung with the traditional Brazilian cuisine. Old recipies are presented in a "nouvelle cuisine" way. A courteous service and a cozy ambiance complete the place. Ox tail "reconstructed" with "cará" (a Brazilian root) pure. It's wonderfull!

  • Don't miss a culinary experience

    A french Bistro, with a limited but allways updated and superb menu. The young chef Mariana Turchetti is absolutelly fantastic. The ambiance is cozy and service is impecable. At the front part of the premisses you find an excelent wine store. Youcan order wines by the glass or walk to the store and pick your pesonal choice. The owners, Maria...

  • Nice place to rest and eat after...

    I could have mentioned this tip just as well in the categories "nightlife", "what to do" or "off the beaten path" but it's still more of a restaurant then a café, pub or anything else.....This Cervejeria Nacional ( National Beer outlet ? Beer House ? something like this...) is situated right at the FLORES entrance of Shopping Dom Pedro I. ( see my...


    Not really a steakhouse but a churrascaria, a traditional and very good one at it.....I have described so many times in my São Paulo restaurant tips what exactly a "churrascaria" is, so if you have doubts, please read there.... Located at the posh Iguatemi Shopping its success was guaranteed from the beginning but Montana Grills are anyway very...

  • Where pies go when they die and go to...

    It's a tiny little shop in a tiny little street in the centre, but it is, like I said, where pies go when they die and go to heaven. Service is great, and the pies... oooooooooh!They also have a small but good selection of fruit marmelade for sale on a shelf near the cashier. Definitely the Fondue de Chocolate with Strawberries pie. Picture a...


Campinas Nightlife

  • Bar do Zé

    I lived in Campinas my whole life and Bar do Zé was always one of my favorite places. I'ts more rock'n roll than anything else, but sometimes they also have indie rock, samba rock, funk, blues... Sometimes they have some art exhibitions also!! :D It has good drink prices, but you will have toyou have to pay to get in (between 7 and 15 R$).You'll...

  • Swingers

    I didn't like this place too much, but everybody says that you can leave campinas without parting in swingers.I'll do a little resume of my night in swingers:1-. Wait more than one hour to go inside.2-. Pay 25 reais for the admision.3-. You have to give you personas data: adress, name, age...4-. Awfull and really loud techno music ALL THE NIGHT....

  • Kabana

    I love this place, probably my favorite in Campinas. They play nice music, from reggae to 60's rock'n roll.They prepare nice caipirinhas (sugar kane liquor + lemon + sugar + ice) and they have many brazilian beers too. They also prepare snacks if you are hungry.On tuesdays is the IAESTE students day, so you'll find students from all over the worl...


Campinas Transportation


    Campinas is a pretty big city but its Viracopos Airport doesn't look like it..... It is very modern though but has the feel of a sleepy smalltown airport even though there's a gigantic sign in the main check in hall saying that ( supposedly ) Viracopos is or will be the largest, biggest, busiest cargo airport of Brazil or Latin America or South...

  • Rodoviaria

    The trains are not very popular in Brazil, so if you want to travel you should be prepared to spend many hours in the bus.The buses are really confortable, and they are really good prepared to long trips.In the rodoviaria you can take buses to the main cities, such as Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Foz de Iguazu...The tickets are sold in the second...

  • Campinas Hotels

    22 Hotels in Campinas

Campinas Shopping

  • Largest one floor only shopping of...

    Well, it's a "SHOPPING brazilian style" which doesn't actually have very much to do with american style shopping malls... It's all inside, neat and pretty and modern and you have endless corridors with shops of all kinds on both your sides, ahead of you, behind you, in the corridors crossing your corridor, a non shoppers ( like me ) hell and a...

  • Shopping Iguatemi

    Another popular shopping center in Campinas is shopping Iguatemi. I haven't been there but people say that is smaller than Dom Pegro, but also say that it has more "glamour".

  • Hippy Market

    This outdoor hippy market takes place every Saturday morning in the center of Campinas. Here you'll find many things such as:* Handcraft items like rings, necklaces, figures...* Tipical brasilian food.* Antiquities.* Street theatre performance.* etc. Remember that you are soppoused to haggle the price, you'll get better deals. ;-)


Campinas Local Customs

  • klarson's Profile Photo

    by klarson Updated Feb 18, 2004

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    When two women or a man and women greet each other in Brazil, they will usually kiss each other on the cheek and say "Tudo Bem?" or "Tudo Bom?" ("It is fine with you?"). There is nothing sexual about this practice. People are very sociable and place much importance on family. When I was visiting my friend, often extended family members would drop by unexpectedly, and it was important to greet them!

    Aunts and cousins drop by my friend's house.

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Campinas Off The Beaten Path

  • RudoElCojonudo's Profile Photo

    by RudoElCojonudo Written Oct 20, 2005

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Campinas is famous in Brasil for his universities. There are some of them, and with good reputation.
    There is also many students living in Campinas, so there is an active nightlife every day. This students usally live in Republicas (student houses) where the house paries are really comon. Don't lose one of this parties if you have the chance!!
    The most important universities are:
    - UNICAMP: Is the biggest university I have never seen, it's public and it's famous for his research proyects.
    - PUCC: It's a religious university, and is private. Don't ask me too much abut that, but people says that the best girls of campinas studies there!! ;-]

    UNICAMP map. PUCC Campinas.

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Campinas Sports & Outdoors

  • RudoElCojonudo's Profile Photo

    by RudoElCojonudo Updated Feb 7, 2006

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    As you know, skateboarding is my pasion, and I couldn't come to Brazil without my skateboard!!
    There are at least two skateparks in Campinas:
    * Tent Beach: This wooden indoor skatepark is in shopping Dom Pedro, inside the Tent Beach skateshop. It's too profesional, the modules are to close and are quite big. The wood slides too much. I didn't like it to much.
    Prices: Helmet (required) 2 reais.
    Admision 5 reais.
    * Parque Ecologico: It's a concrete skatepark in the outskirts of Campinas. It isn't so bad. One quarter, handrail, 45 and diferent curbs. Admision is free and helmet is not required. Yeeeeah!!
    You can take 3.01 bus to go there.

    Me in Parque Ecologico. Trick: bs ollie. Tent Beach skatepark in Campinas. Me in Parque Ecologico. Trick: fs slide. Me in Parque Ecologico. Trick: fs 50-50 Me in Parque Ecologico. Slam!!!!

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