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  • Parks and nature
    by MM212
  • Parks and nature
    by MM212
  • Parks and nature
    by MM212

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    São Paulo has two airports

    by georeiser Updated Aug 11, 2010

    Fondest memory: São Paulo has two airports. The main international airport is Guarulhos International Airport (GRU) and the smaller is Congonhas airport (CGH), which is mainly for domestic use. The airports are located in two different parts of the city, and it takes more than one hour to drive between them. Congonhas airport is closer to the city Santos.

    Congonhas airport, S��o Paulo Congonhas airport, Sao Paulo S��o Paulo city S��o Paulo city S��o Paulo city
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    The city São Paulo

    by georeiser Written Aug 11, 2010

    Fondest memory: São Paulo is the largest city in South-America, and the metropolitan area of the state. The city has 18 mill. inhabitants. Sao Paulo is landlocked with the city Santos as the coastal port. The "Paulitas", the people of Sao Paulo, are the most hard working people in Brazil. But they also know how to have fun. The city has a great nightlife. Sao Paulo has two airports. The main airport is Guarulhos International Airport (GRU) and Congonhas airport (CGH).

    S��o Paulo, Brazil S��o Paulo, Brazil S��o Paulo, Brazil
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    São Paulo's Mosaic Pavements

    by MM212 Updated Jun 6, 2009

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Favorite thing: In keeping with Portuguese and Brazilian traditions, many of São Paulo's pavements are covered in black and white mosaics with various repetitive designs. Although not quite as spectacular as Copacabana and Ipanema in Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo's designs are nevertheless beautiful and add a touch of art to the streets of the metropolis. Attached are three examples of such designs.

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  • Visit São Paulo

    by Airton.Munhoz Written Oct 2, 2008

    Favorite thing: Hi,

    I think the Formula One Hotel in Nove de Julho Avenue is the best option (Accor Group). It's cheaper, cleaner and better located than others in downwtown.

    If you like shopping, Paulista Mall and Frei Caneca Mall are worth a visit. You can find famous stores, but bear in mind that the prices in these Malls are expensive.

    There are many restaurants in the neighborhood. If you're into Italian Food, I suggest "Famiglia Mancini", but refrain from walking alone at night. Take a cab instead - It's safe and not expensive.

    I hope my sugestions can help you.

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  • Samba schools

    by JosianeSilva Written Sep 24, 2008

    Favorite thing: Hello!!!

    You´re right. There are Samba schools that during the year promove some shows similar to Carnival parades. I recommend The Vai-Vai school. It´s one of the most traditional samba schools in São Paulo. It´s around the Bixiga area. It´s easy to get there.
    If you are keen on dancing, The Vai-Vai school is the place to be.
    I´ve already been there. It was amazing, specially when the drummers started to play the drums. The sound that comes from the drums is fantastic and it involves with the decoration and people around the place.
    Whatever you do, refrain from wearing heavy clothes because you probably will dance a lot and the place is hot.
    Don´t worry about the price. You´ll pay a fair price and have a lot of fun. However, if you are into drinking different kind of drinks, bear in mind that some of them can be more expensive than usual.

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  • February in São Paulo

    by Clausilva Written Sep 16, 2008

    Favorite thing: Hi,

    February is a good choice to come to Brazil. It's "Carnaval", it worth a try .
    Good areas to stay are central areas. Jardins, Republica, Consolação all of them near subway station. Take a look at this site: Refraim from walking alone late at night. Have a good time.

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  • Goiania worth a visit!

    by gusmorel Written Sep 4, 2008

    Favorite thing: Dear friend,

    I've already done this travel few years ago. In that occasion, I traveled from Atlanta to São Paulo by Delta. When I arrived in São Paulo, I take another plane, by TAM, to Brasilia and not to Goiania (but it is the same case).

    In fact, You will have to recheck your luggage on TAM travelers department.

    In despite of go to Goiania as your first destination in Brasil sounds strange, Goiania is a beautiful city located at central tableland. In Goiania You could visit goods restaurants of regional food, like "Piquiras" restaurant, that is located at the central of the city. There are regional food like a wonderful rice and been and delicious barbecues, also don't forget to request the special dessert called "Delícia de Banana".

    If You want to travel by car a little bit from Goiania, Caldas Novas worth a visit. Caldas Novas is a city near Goiania that has a lot of natural swimming pools provided by natural hot water, which has medicinal benefices. However, don't forget to make your previous reservation in a Hotel of this city, because all Hotels use to be full during all months of the year.

    These were some tips to You and your husband enjoy a lot your travel to Brazil, that is a wonderful country that worth visiting!

    Best Regards,
    Gustavo Morel

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    ATMs and money access

    by finawf Written Mar 7, 2007

    Favorite thing: Sao Paulo is a wonderful city, huge, vibrant and full of activity. Sometimes it is too busy but you can escape it.

    When traveling as in anywhere abroad money access is important...only a few international banks will let you access funds here with the Mastercard, Cirrus, etc...networks.

    Those are HSBC, Citi, and Banco 24 Horas...there may be others as well, I am basing it off experience using BOA. The exchange houses are not a good deal, better exchange rate with the ATMs. Also, AMEX travelers checks are not accepted at that many out of ATM is better.

    Fondest memory: Everything

    Sao Paulo Sao Paulo night
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  • schurlif's Profile Photo

    Quickie look at some of SPs commerce

    by schurlif Updated Nov 4, 2006

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Favorite thing: This tip is just for fun....
    Pictures taken driving by a place , not without a special reason sometimes.....
    Here we go :
    Pic 1: a branch of "my bank"... Banco Itaú , Brasils third largest bank after Banco do Brasil and Bradesco. I'd say there's some guts to give the bank a name in the indigenous Tupi-Guarani language , I guess almost nobody knows what "Itaú" means, including myself..... But it is a very modern and effective bank and I wouldn't open another account in any of the other 150 or more banks in Brasil....
    Pic 2: the obvious and inevitable...... but would you guess that Mac in Brasil is considered high end middle class "classy" food..?????? Paulistanos with their whole family in their cute middle class cars pride themselves in waiting with running motor on Sunday evenings for an hour or so (!!!) in the queue line of the Mac drive through... Fast food gone mad......
    Pic 3: Now this is one of my favorites and my bro-in-law is all excited about it too , we just couldn't wait to see what special remedies they had in this pharmacy for indigestion , gases and general stomach aches......
    Pic 4: besides that , they offer big discounts on prescription drugs , one Real discount for every Farto you can produce.....
    Pic 5: the first class , expensive and high end bakery chain "Leticia" , just a few steps away from my old house. Delicious , socalled "french bread" , carrot , chocolate , strawberrie cakes, nice cold and hot sandwiches and drinks to enjoy and some convenience items..... and more.....

    Fondest memory: hmmmmmmmmmm, some of the nice things I haven't even mentioned yet.....
    I'll soon shoot a few pics of the recently inaugurated disco/hang out place/night life spot , "DIVVA" the new meeting point for richie sons with their Porsches and barbie like socalled "patricinhas", daddies girls , who get everything they want..... I happen to be 10 % partner in this enterprise.... it was opened last week and I was there only on the inauguration night .... My partners were testing that night what the REAL capacity of the place is... by dosing the amount of people entering.... Geeezzzz..... at a certain point I almost fainted because there was no space to sit or stand or move..... hell !!!!!!!! And only techno music.... full blast....
    Another "interesting" thing about São Paulo are the inumerous brothels and "motels".....
    About this , another day......

    My bank Only if I was starving , then , maybe..... That's the pharmacy I buy from when I have gases LOL  ! ! ! ! good bread and many other goodies
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  • peace_prevails's Profile Photo

    Free Internet in the São Paulo subway

    by peace_prevails Written Feb 3, 2006

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Favorite thing: If you want free access to the internet, just have your ID with you and you can use it for free in the subway system (Metrô). This service is provided in the Sé metrô station from 7am until 10pm. Free even for foreigners with their passports! A great service. Who said the State of São Paulo never did anything for you?!!!

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  • Nightlife and Museums

    by maboli Written Aug 9, 2005

    Favorite thing: I live in SP since I was 4 months old.
    Therefore, I know places that foreigners would love and places they would hate.

    Good things about my city: nightlife and museums.

    Going out is easy and unexpensive, depending on what you like to do. There're bars and clubs for all tastes.

    I love Rua Augusta... but stay around Avenida Paulista, because as it gets closer to the center, the more hookers and whore houses there are. Avenida Paulista, by the way, is great. Best clubs, in my opinion, are in Jardins, Vila Madalena, Pinheiros and Bela Vista.

    If you like fancy and expensive bars and clubs, then go to Vila Olimpia... (I hate it).

    Other great thing about the city are the museums. MASP, MAC and MAM. Best ones. There's also Pinacoteca, which is great, depending no the exhibition. Although, it' always worth it to take a look at its building (very beautiful).
    If you're afraid of crowds, buses and metros, then get a taxi. But, prepare your wallet... taxi in SP is very expensive.

    If you know someone here, you'll love SP! If you don't, maybe it'll be harder to like it.

    If you like big cities, that's the place to go. If you don't, there're always some parks to go... but prefer going to the north coast of the state. If you feel like giong to the mountains, Campos de Jordão is a good option (although expensive).

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    by RafaelTheSecond Written Jul 26, 2005

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Favorite thing: Canadians have good taste and so does its their Goverment, this is where they have the Consulate.

    To get the Canadian Visa I went there 3 times, and I was successfull in my last visit!;)

    November 8th, 2004


    Na����es Unidas Avenue by RTL

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    by RafaelTheSecond Written Jul 26, 2005

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Favorite thing: Travelling through the State of São Paulo is quite safe, the roads are modern and in every gas station there is a public phone!

    This is me getting some news talking with my mother who were in the city of Poá waiting for us to continue our way to Paraty!

    November 15th, 2004

    Fondest memory: I drove alot in that trip, I love driving anyway and in many times my friend Pierre helped me, and drove a little, but something I love to remeber were one of opur stops for sleeping after long hours driving!;)

    News by PV

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    by RafaelTheSecond Written May 23, 2005

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Favorite thing: This picture is very important to me, it was taken on the 17 of January, 2005, in São Paulo Airport Guarulhos!

    It took 10 MINUTES, but it was something that i will carry in my life forever. Marcio and I are very close friends, he taught me many things in life and we did a lot together, great moments and bad moments too. He is in fact my greatest friend, my real brother, the one who knows alot about myself!

    But in that evening, we made a stop in São Paulo to change planes, we were in different planes, but we met in São Paulo.

    In the right moment I was giving my boarding ticket to the guy in air Canada, I heard someone whisper my back!

    And it was him, one of the most wonderful person I know, telling his last good bye before going to his major adventure in Japan!

    Fondest memory: He was going to make him dream come true in Japan and I was going to build a great relationship between my life and Canada!

    So our life simply changed in that right moment!

    The common dream was very simple, getting a position in life! We are succeding!


    January 17th, 2005

    Marcio and Rafael, last picture taken in S��o Paulo

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    City and its statues

    by benazer Written Jan 28, 2005

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Favorite thing: Many interesting statues here and me being a VT tourist don´t miss an opportunity to take some pictures,no idea if it will interest anyone though..

    A statue in SP
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