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    by ines2003
  • Aparecida has an aquarium!;)
    Aparecida has an aquarium!;)
    by marcbrazil
  • Parque da Luz
    Parque da Luz
    by marakaki

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    by janaina Updated Oct 31, 2002

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    Visiting a megacity as Sao Paulo will probably make you cross the streets in an automatically way,running to your business meeting(usually tourism in Sao Paulo are business trips),or even if you plann to visit places like the Municipal Theater or the historical "Patio Do Colegio"(the city was founded by the "jesuits"priests as a mission center,today called "patio do colegio"),I'm not sure how much you'll pay attetion to the small details on the facades or ornamentations,so,to make your life easier,here I show some architectonic aspects of these sites..
    Besides,I'll add some shoots from downtown.
    One here(patio do colegio),more in my travelogue!

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    by janaina Written Oct 31, 2002

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    This incredible house(in & out!!),has its built date unknown,but,according to the architecture style some believes it remains from the XVIII's.
    In 1834,Dona Marilia Domitilia De Castro Canto e Mello,Marquise De Santos,bought the house,and it became the most aristocratic residence in the city!
    The story of this marquise is full of scandals and tragedies:her first husband,with whom she had 2 children,wounded her almost to death after a terrible argue,even she was pregnant at that time(she gave birth to the child,but he died after a short time):after that,she became the mistress of the Brazilian Emperor,Dom Pedro II,with whom she had 5 children,3 died young:as the Emperor needed a second wife,after the first died,and the fact he had a mistress disturbed the Court,they finished the relationship.
    Than she married again,and had more 4 children.She was a beautiful,rich,elegant woman,and her house was a scenery for famous mask balls and intelectual meetings.

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    by RafaelTheSecond Written Jul 26, 2005

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    This is what I mostly like when I travel, those stops in the road, where you can buy fresh fruits!

    I was going to São Paulo that day with my mother, my aunts Anna and Mercedz, and my great friend Marcio!

    The road which links Rio to São paulo is called VIA DUTRA, and there are many interesting palces to stop there!

    September 15th,2005

    Rafael's Family in the road by RTL

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    by RafaelTheSecond Written Jul 26, 2005

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    People jump with handglyders of course from the top of the hill. We were on the top of Urubu Mountain. Urubu means voitures, and these are the people I first saw when I came back to Brazil. My dear friend Iris and my cousin Isabel.

    February 19th, 2005

    Rafael and friends in Mogi das Cruzes by MY MOTHER

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    by RafaelTheSecond Updated May 26, 2005

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    It is not in the city of São Paulo, it is part of the State, 3 hours going south close to the states limits between Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. It was made in the 70s, and today it is the most important catholici pilgrimage center in Brazil.

    I am catholic as everybody knows, and everytime I go to São paulo by car, I stop there to attend the Mess and ask god to bless every trip I take!


    The Image of the Holy Mother was found in Paraiba River, and when the fishermen found the image, the River suddenly gave millions of fish to the fishermen's web, since that miracle many years ago, the city of Aparecida became our catholic Mecca.

    May 26th, 2005

    The Brazilian Basilica by RTL

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    by RafaelTheSecond Written Jul 26, 2005

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    This is my first picture after I came back to Brazil from my canadian journey and after more than 12 hours flying, and I went to the top of the highiest mountain of the Mogi das Cruzes city, in the State of São Paulo. I went there with some friends including my greatest friend Iris Nakamura and my mother to some ecological actions...I was tired but I did have fun!;)

    February 19th, 2005

    Rafael in Mogi das Cruzes by MY MOTHER

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    Salve Jorge Bar in Downtown

    by marakaki Updated Apr 4, 2011

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    Salve Jorge is a bar with nostalgic atmosphere. It´s decoration has lots of antique objects and beverage bottles which don´t exist anymore. There´re photographs from Old São Paulo in there and in its website too, very interesting!

    It´s name is a tribute to Saint Jorge and various artists named Jorge: singers, composers, writers, etc.

    You can just have a beer, I like the Brahma Black (draught beer with creamy foam in a special glass), eat an appetizer or choose meats as typical Feijoada served on Saturdays.

    Easy to reach by São Bento Subway Station, or Leave your car at R. Boa Vista Car Parking.

    Mezzanine floor Brahma Black Draught Beer (By Brahma��s Website) Underground floor S��o Jorge��s Drawing Antique Soft Drink Bottles and Advertising
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    Immigrants Museum

    by glabah Updated Oct 30, 2003

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    For those interested in railroad equipment, the Immigrants Museum has a number of interesting items on its property.

    Those items include two wood burning steam locomotives - one of them a fairly large Pacific 4-6-2 type locomotive, and the other a tiny 0-4-0 switcher. There are also a number of beautiful passenger cars, and equipment in storage waiting for restoration.

    There are some photos and information about the big locomotive and some photos and information about the little engine on the web site of the immigrants museum.

    The tourist map at the São Paulo Metro suggests getting off at the Bresser Station. The Brás station is closer. See my tips on the Metro system for more information on finding things on the Metro system.

    Two Wood Burning Steam Locomotives
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    by RafaelTheSecond Written Jun 8, 2005

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    The State of São Paulo holds the World's Second Basilica, located in Aparacida do Norte, very interesting little town in the edge of Paraiba River, one of the little cities of the Paraiba Valley in the Southern Region of Brazil.

    The Basilica is called Santuario de Aparecida!

    Lovely picture taken by my own Mother Stella

    Jan 12th, 2005

    A Day of Faith by Mother Stella

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    Liberdade - the brazilian...

    by martinelli Updated Sep 11, 2002

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    Liberdade - the brazilian japan. Sao Paulo is a festival of different cultures as you'll notice while you walk down the streets. The Liberdade neighbourhood, for instance, is the japanese neighbourhood of the city. You can see menus, boards, everything in japanese, you hear japanese on the streets and it gets to such a point I was unable to buy some stuff at the market because I couldn't speak japanese and the lady couldn't speak portuguese! Check it out - people say here you can get the best from Japan in much lower price! The stores are really amazing, I have to say....

    This picture was borrowed from the Feira da Liberdade site. You can check more like this there, and also a brief history of the neighbourhood in english.

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    Chinatown, Sao Paulo. What...

    by depresno Updated Sep 12, 2002

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    Chinatown, Sao Paulo. What I've heard is that its over a million chinese people living in this part of the city. The influence is obvious. Not exactly what I was expecting visiting the largest city in South America.

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    Eco-tourism in Guarapiranga dam

    by Elainehead Updated Nov 9, 2003

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    The Guarapiranga dam (Represa Guarapiranga) is located on the south of the city of São Paulo. It is responsible for approximately 20% of the water supply of the city.

    Who would imagine possible a boat trip - just 22 km from Praça da Sé - visiting islands and watching the fauna and the flora in the city of São Paulo?

    Marina Bagatelle - Address: Rua Água da Figueira, 10

    Boat trips can be booked by phone: (11) 5517-6349 or (11) 5517-6276 - from 8 AM. The boat can also be booked for special occasions.

    NOTICE: During dry season with low temperatures, it is still possible to book your boat trip by phone. Book in advance to set your time schedule.
    If the weather is hot, the boat may make a stop, so passengers can go for a swim. Don't forget your bathing suit!

    FARE: R$ 10

    CAPACITY: 30 passengers

    DURATION: Around 1h30

    Only on weekends and holidays, from 10 AM.

    Riviera Paulista / Ilha dos Amores / Ilha dos Eucaliptos / Ilhas Carecas

    Islands info:
    Ilha dos Amores (Loves Island): there is a lighthouse

    Ilha dos Eucaliptos (Eucalyptus Island): the biggest one, where you can spot wild birds and monkeys.

    Ilhas Carecas (Bald Islands): 2 islands with low vegetation. There is a "Cristo Redentor" (Christ The Redeemer) replica in one of the islands.

    http://www.bagatelle.hpg.ig.com.br/fotobella.htm (photos)

    http://www.bagatelle.hpg.ig.com.br/patro.htm (Complete history of the boat and itinerary in Portuguese)

    Escuna Bella
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    Edificio Ramos de Azevedo

    by marakaki Updated Apr 4, 2011

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    This fabulous building was projected by the famous architecte Ramos de Azevedo to expand São Paulo University activities in 1907, when electrical and mechanical engineering courses were created.

    Actually its a museum and library about real state and São Paulo´s history. The building is still being restaured.

    I like the art in windows and its construction classical style.

    Its easy to reach by subway station Tiradentes.

    Ed��f��cio Ramos de Azevedo Entrancy Art in Window - Engineer Edif��cio Ramos de Azevedo Underground Ed��f��cio Ramos de Azevedo Ed��f��cio Ramos de Azevedo
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    Republica Air Open Market

    by LoucoSP Written Oct 24, 2004

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    Nice place to walk on sundays in downtown , the Placa da Republica( Republic square) is open air market that you can find nice things to see and buy:

    - Tradicional Food
    -Tee Shirt
    - handicraft

    to go there just take subway and get off on republica station.

    Republica Air Open Market
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    Try tp visit the old train...

    by TWINE Written Aug 25, 2002

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    Try tp visit the old train stations 'Julio Prestes' and 'Da Luz' in Sao Paulo. They are located very close to each other, and from their you can also enjoy the park 'Luz' as well as the 'Museu de Arte Sacra'.

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