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  • Street food, per kilo, general, recipes....
    by miromi
  • Street food, per kilo, general, recipes....
    by mmanchack
  • Street food, per kilo, general, recipes....
    by AndreasK
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    Wednesday = feijoada

    by cwest03 Updated Apr 4, 2011

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    If it's Wednesday and you're in Sao Paulo you can bet that feijoada will be on the menu. They say that life in Sao Paulo is so unpredictable that they need to something to depend on and therefor Wednesday is feijoada day (Saturday is too in lots of restaurants). Feijoada is a sort of bean/pork stew and is popular thorough Brazil. Although I didn't have a chance to eat feijoada I'm told that it is very good. and judging from the other food that I had when I was there I'm sure it's out of this world.

    Favorite Dish: Feijoada

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    Street food, "per kilo", general, recipes....: Best way to try local food!

    by Lady_Disdain Written Feb 2, 2006

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    Kilo restaurnts are everywhere in São Paulo - from the simplest and cheapest to very sofisticated!

    They are common in the business areas (Av. Paulista, Brigadeiro Faria Lima) and are usually open only for lunch. This is where people eat everyday when working out and is a good way to try "everyday" food. Just take a plate, serve from the buffet and pay for the weight. There will be a salad section then hot dishes (usually two or three meat or chicken selections and side dishes). There will usually be a brown bean stew (feijão) that is eaten with rice by everyone and, on Wednesdays, the tradicional feijoada (black beans stewed with dried meats).

    And you can see all the locals as well!

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    by boasnovas Updated Dec 16, 2005

    If you come to Brazil can´t miss the "PF", in any bussiness area. That´s the ready to eat dish that working people eat at lunch time...Very cheap and healthy.

    Favorite Dish: Most of them have rice, beans, meat, salad and bread.

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  • All restaurants: Gastronomy is a Sao Paulo Feature

    by andrezin83 Written Jun 1, 2003

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    Sao Paulo grew with immigrants from all over the world who came here during the late 19th century until the 1950´s, after the end of World War II. Because of this, the city is very cosmopolitan, and, therefore, there´s a place for everyone! If you love McDonald´s, you´ll find one practically at any street corner. If you like Italian food, try the Italian district of Bela Vista (especially 13 de Maio St). Japanese food is best in the Jap district of Liberdade. Vila Mariana has excellent Arabic food. Itaim Bibi and Pinheiros have excellent barbecue places (Brazilian specialty) as well as many fancy restaurants, like Fasano, Spot among others.

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    So many choices: Three types of restaurant

    by Pierre_Rouss Written May 15, 2003

    Most interesting fare can be found in the three types of restaurant that define eating out in Brazil: the beer garden, the steak and barbecue house, and the pizzeria.

    Favorite Dish: Excellent Brazilian draft beers on tap, Antartica is up there for me.

    Waiters shuttle around the tables, serving different cuts of meat.

    Some do say that you can get a better pizza in São Paulo than you can back in Italy.

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    São Paulo is big and full of...

    by tille Written Sep 8, 2002

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    São Paulo is big and full of restaurantes of all cusines you could think off. So if you want something special buy a restaurant guide of São Paulo.

    Favorite Dish: São Paulo has one of the best Pizzas of the world, many Japonese Restaurants with good Sushi, German and Swiss Cuisine with Fondues in the cold wintermonth and of course Churrasco, the brasilian Barbie

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  • Liberdade (Japanese area): Liberdade (Japanese area)

    by miromi Written Sep 7, 2002

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    Liberdade, the downtown Japanese area, has the cheapest fine sushi dining you'll ever run across. You can also buy affordable sushi lunches wrapped in plastic at the grocery stores. on Sundays there are fun street fairs and you can see all the teenage chicks struttin their stuff and pranking on the grannies.

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    Experience the Churrascaria

    by cwest03 Updated Sep 1, 2002

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    Sao Paulo is known thorough Brazil for their food. If you ask any local what there is to do in Sao Paulo they will tell you to go get something to eat. If you're going to dig in and you think you are hungry enough I highly recommend the Brazilian traditional Churrascaria which is a traditional Brazilian BBQ. Think of it as an all meat buffet that comes to your table. Sure there's veggies and salad but you don't want that healthy stuff to get in the way of all of that beef. Each table is given a little card which has green on one side and red on the other. All you have to remember is when your card shows green the guys with skewers of meat will keep coming to your table to show their goods. Turn it to red and you can sit back and enjoy your meal for a while uninterrupted. When you're ready for more, it's back to green. After a few hours at a Churrascaria you'll be done eating meat for a while as it is more beef than anyone should ever consume in one sitting.

    Favorite Dish: well I'll tell you, it's not the salad bar.

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    There's a great selection of...

    by Ramonq Written Aug 26, 2002

    There's a great selection of comida-por-kilo restaurants in the huge shopping mall at Avenida Paulista, called Mall Paulista. I gravitated towards those that specialises on Northeast Brazilian dishes. These dishes are a combination of Portuguese and African tastes. Yummy. You can eat to your heart's content.

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  • All You Can Eat Meat: All You Can Eat Meat

    by GypsyCanuck Written Aug 26, 2002

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    This is a common form of dining in Brazil. A restaurant where you have a salad bar, they provide side dishes such a fries and then these gentlemen come around with various parts of a cow, pig, lamb or fish for you to sample.

    Favorite Dish: Meat, Meat and more Meat (Not for the vegetarian)

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  • All kinds of food, you name...

    by dropunder Written Aug 25, 2002

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    All kinds of food, you name it, we have it!
    Try visiting a traditional italian restaurant, and a brazilian restaurant, you won't be dissapointed.
    Food from all around the world

    Favorite Dish: Look for someone selling hot dogs, and buy one, you could never imagine someone could put so much food between two slices of bread.
    Go to a 'pizaria' and buy any kind of pizza, you will find it hard to taste another pizza like that.
    But food is pretty much good everywhere here.

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    There are two things Sao Paulo...

    by Slydevil Updated Aug 25, 2002

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    There are two things Sao Paulo is best known for in Brazil: business and food. Because the city's sprawling population represents every ethnicity in the country, cuisine in Sao Paulo becomes a matter of choice. There are thousands of restaurants, and if there's something you crave it's bound to be there, be it the obscurest of world cuisine or a simple slice of pizza - a local favorite.

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    mmanchack's Restaurant Tip

    by mmanchack Written Aug 25, 2002

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    Favorite Dish: One of the most traditional meals in Brazil is feijoada. It is made of black beans with different kinds of meat such as ribs, pork, sausage, dried beef, and bacon. It is served with rice and collard greens prepared with olive oil, orange, and fanofa, which is made of garlic, onion, butter, eggs, and manioc (a special flour).

    This dish is usually served at lunchtime because it is a little heavy and you need time to digest it (I needed about a day!), even if you eat the orange to help your digestion. Feijoada originated from the leftovers that upper class people in the past left for their slaves, but it has become sophisticated. It is a delicious dish, and if you visit Brazil, I recommend that you try it.

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    take with you some strong...

    by willy_kojote Written Aug 24, 2002

    take with you some strong medicaments against a hurting stomach. the herbes and red bones are very painful, but they are in each meal
    with the pure cachaça you'll sleep the deepest sleep ever made

    Favorite Dish: bacalão com arroz, mas uma cachaça

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    Caldo de Cana: Amazing drink!

    by Jasoninlondon Written May 24, 2004

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    Caldo de Cana

    A good drink to look out for is Caldo de Cana. It is a juice made from fresh sugarcane and lime juice. Delicious. Try it if you can!

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