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  • In Brazil,they drive on right..
    In Brazil,they drive on right..
    by benazer
  • Taxi, cars - own or hired
    by worldcam
  • My cousin isabel and my Mother Stella by M.Omatsu
    My cousin isabel and my Mother Stella by...
    by RafaelTheSecond
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    Taxi from Sao Paulo Airport to City

    by PhilipL8 Written Aug 23, 2012

    Within the terminal itself there are no transportation desks at Sao Paulo Guarulhos airport, all transport links are located outside the terminal. Most likely the first transport option you will come across is the main airport taxi company offering journeys in a standard taxi with, unless you're lucky, reasonably unhelpful drivers. This company has the monopoly on taxis from Sao Paulo Guarulhos airport and therefore the drivers don't often seem to have any need to provide anything special in terms of service.

    If you hunt around online you'll find a few specialist taxi transfer companies, such as Sao Paulo Airport Transfers ( that provide taxi services to Sao Paulo city and can provide a meet and greet reception. If possible try to book and pay online so you don't need local currency when you first arrive. This type of taxi operates more upmarket vehicles, generally only 2-3 years old, with air-conditioning, safety belts etc and often drivers will speak English.

    Be aware that while trying to locate transport options you may be accosted by ‘unofficial’ taxi drivers tugging at your sleeve in the hopes they can sell you a ride to your hotel. Under no circumstances should you accept a ride from someone unless they work for an officially registered taxi company. Choose to ignore this and you could find that the journey costs far, far more than you anticipated. You may be charged a lot of money, you may robbed, or you may be left standing on the side of the road without any of your belongings.

    Booking with companies that provide meet and greet services can be useful as it means your driver will assist you with your luggage, and also means you are less likely to be approached by individuals trying to sell you their 'taxi' service.

    Keep in mind that inflation in Brazil is quite high and costs have increased dramatically over the last few years (up to 15% annually in some circumstances), to a point where many goods and services, including taxi and bus prices, are often a similiar price to Europe and North America.

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    Hire only safe ride from the hotel

    by esmerkingsland Written Feb 1, 2006

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    When you get off from Sao Paolo airport be sure you arrange for your hotel car to pick you up. Hiring a car from the airport might not be a good idea especially when you arrive at night. Some drivers are in contact with robbers and they call when they get a sure target. Some people are waiting for their targets at the airport when they spot you as their good target they take note of the taxi you hire and call their contact and could hold your taxi on the way. For single women it would be advisable to hire a car from your hotel to pick you up from the airport.

    Going around Sao Paolo don't hire taxi from the street, hire a tour guide from your hotel if you need to take a taxi ask the hotel's receptionist to call a safe taxi ride for you.

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    by SportsAoVivo Updated Jan 25, 2006

    Hi Guys,

    I´ve got a service that provides:

    The best or customized tickets, security, transportation, snacks and drinks in
    the Vans, and the price is pretty fair.

    Wishing any information please feels free to ask me...


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    Driving in Sao Paulo

    by worldcam Written Jun 11, 2005

    Driving in Sao Paulo can be an interesting experience. However, I wouldn't do it unless you are with a local who knows the rules (what rules there are) and the direction. Sao Paulo is a dangerous place and a lost tourist in a rental car is not a good thing. Also, the "rules" of the road in Sao Paulo, and Brazil in general, are quite different than those in other parts of the world. You'll want to watch out for motorcycles -- they can really get in the way. If they do, it's your fault.

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    by RafaelTheSecond Written May 23, 2005

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    My cousin isabel and my Mother Stella by M.Omatsu

    Specially if you live in distant neighborhood, a car is absolutely necessary, and thanks god the roads in São Paulo are excellent, but as in any big city (Hallo Montreal!!! HALLO LOS ANGELES) the trafic is packed!

    This day my cousin Isabel was taking my mother to see her new flat in the city centre!

    We were in my car where Marcio Omatsu took the picture!;)

    We were driving in the Avenida Ayrton Senna!

    Honor given to our great Formula One pilot Ayrton Senna who died in Italy in a Grandprix!

    September 18th, 2004

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    Bad public transport.

    by Shibiru Written Jun 27, 2004

    It's a very big city and to get from one point to the other, you'll probably need some transport. Walking there isn't very nice, because of the big quantity of cars,buses and so...buses come and go...and u don't know exactly when. The public transport is mostly populated with the poorest people..or just those who don't have you also have to be careful...what to wear,what to take with u etc....the subway is very nice and modern, but it's small...and u can't get to all the places with it. You could rent a car, but you should know the streets and take much's a caos...too many cars and also those motoboys that come from all sides and u can't always see them. Taxis are a good choice, because they aren't to expensive...but remember: don't get a car at 6o'clock in the morning and afternoon...'cause these are rush hours...oh...and at lunch time too.

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  • High Traffic... It sucks!

    by andrezin83 Written Jun 1, 2003

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Sao Paulo has 5 million cars. Can you just imagine millions of cars going around everyday? The city has many expressways, HUGE avenues sometimes with 5 lanes to each direction... but, it doesn´t matter... the traffic is VERY heavy, especially from 7-10am and 5-8pm. Motorcycle drivers, bus drivers and truck drivers are the worst part of the city´s traffic... they´re unrespectful and are very rude. My tip... when stopped in the traffic... listen to the radio... the city has excellent radio stations. Or just look around and see if you find any cuties to flirt with haha!

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  • mmanchack's Profile Photo

    Sao Paulo is one of the...

    by mmanchack Written Aug 25, 2002

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Sao Paulo is one of the largest cities in the world, so pedestrians don’t typically get very far. However, I’ve never seen more cars or more one-way, confusing streets than in Sao Paulo. If you can, I would highly recommend hiring a driver for your time in Sao Paulo (we did and it was WONDERFUL; see Joao in the photo). Buses and taxis might also be recommendable, but might get expensive. And don't forget the metro!

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    For the gringo or yankee who...

    by wmmiller Written Aug 24, 2002

    For the gringo or yankee who can't or won't speak Portugues the best bet is for your employer to line up a car to get you back and forth to Guarulhos. Taxi's are OK for Congonhas for the most part.
    Taxi is the best and only sound choice for the US business traveler who usually has a laptop comupter in tow.

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  • The best way how to travel in...

    by Michal_do_Br Written Aug 24, 2002

    The best way how to travel in Sao Paulo is to have your own car. If you don´t have your car, itœ litlle bit complicated, but anyway you can hire a car in a Airport in Sao Paulo.....
    If you don´t have enought money .... just use the bus!!!
    It is not so comfortable ... but what do you want, if you don´t money : - )
    Bus isn´t danger , but you will be a little suprised...principaly if you´re from USA
    And the last tip: If you are a blond....take a hat to bus..

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  • benazer's Profile Photo

    Drive at right

    by benazer Written Jun 6, 2006
    In Brazil,they drive on right..

    In Brazil they drive on the right hand side, you can not hire a car or drive if you dont live there.

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