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  • Eaten by Piranha's as it was reeled in
    Eaten by Piranha's as it was reeled in
    by jnyvegas
  • Manaus
    by santanesia
  • on a small boat on Amazon river
    on a small boat on Amazon river
    by angelochka

Manaus Things to Do

  • Municipal Market

    Its like the new Orleans flea market, with fish and meat added to the mix. The stuff here is generally cheaper than going to any of those rip-off duty-free shops. Shop around for trinkets and such at this place. You can also get t-shirts, etc for cheap at the stores there. It’s a good place to just walk around and see the local folk in action.

  • Opera House, Museo do Indio

    This remarkable place was built in the midst of the Amazon jungle in 1896 at the peak of the rubber boom. It took 15 years to construct. On entering a unique marble lobby is revealed inlaid with tropical hardwoods, there is a concert hall, and a beautiful mural in the upstairs ballroom. All materials were imported from Europe, including ironware,...

  • Floating Dock (2)

    Lots of sights and smells here in the fish market. Its not just fish, they also sell all kings of meats, fruits, veggies and other things. We got here around 3pm and things were starting to shut down, I guess they open early like 4am..There were 4 of us guys and although it was dirty we did not feel to threatened. Make sure to go and walk on the...


Manaus Hotels

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Manaus Restaurants

  • Bufalo Baby Churrascaria

    4.5 out of 5 stars

    While we were walking and exploring the smaller streets, we came across Rancho Bufalo, and just had to give it a try, we were hungry. I had never eaten in an all you can eat restaurant before, and to find one that is all you can eat meat, was just perfect. And it was amazing. At the time we went over 10 years ago, there was a little wheel on the...

  • El Torro Loco

    5 out of 5 stars

    This place was great, make sure you go hungry. They had Sushi, pasta, every kind of meat and fish prepared 20 different ways. Also all the side dishes you could imagine. The meal ended with a half a pineaple smothered in grenadine. They had a great duck soup, also the garlic butter went well with all the meats.

  • Manioka

    when ever you come across Manioka, be sure it is well cooked, like the Yam Root, it is a tuberous root, Manioka is poison in its raw stage, so it has to be prepared and cooked poperly. you might get invited on off your beaten path journey, ask about is a stable food in this part of the Country,called Farofa when eaten with Black...


Manaus Nightlife

  • Rock around the Clock

    well, this Rockclub is just holy cool...for all friends of live-rock music and nice partys is the "porão do alemão" the best adress to go. i worked a few months in manaus and this club became more and more to my second home :o)they have mostly local rockbands who playing solid rockmusic. its open from wednesday to the weekends its...

  • Micro-brewery in Manaus

    There is a microbrewery near Novotel hotel. I forgot it's name, but its definitely worth a visit. They make 2 kinds of beers. The waiters are quite hi-tech .. none of that paper and pen stuff. They take your order on wireless PDAs. One section of the bar is open-air, so you can enjoy the humidity :) and the other section is air-conditioned. One of...

  • Chilling by the river

    This place is right next to Tropical Hotel, and one of the upscale parts of town. Its the best place to sit down with a beer in the evenings/nights, enjoy the boi dances performed in the street - side cafe .... while watching the Rio Negro (the black river) flow idly by. The Manauaras (residents of Manaus) too come here with their families to enjoy...


Manaus Transportation

  • when time is no Issue

    Sailing the Amazon River down for four days in a passenger boat ranks top among the best experiences in my life. You just hop in and let yourself be endlessly guided for days and nights, in a floating home, amidst people who become friends, green tropical forest, natives in canoes and - if you're lucky - happy dolphins. So leaving or getting to...

  • Getting around

    It cost 50 reals to take the cab from the tropical hotel to the opera house. I am sure you could take the bus but it looked pretty crowded and all the stops that it would make inbetween did not look like great areas. There was a big military presance in town.

  • Plane or transatlantic ships only

    A great and least expensive way of getting to Manaus is by booking a Lloyd Aereo Boliviano flight direct from Miami. We found we could get a first class or executive seat for less than coach on other schedule airlines, many of whom travel via Rio. The downside is its not a daily flight and it reaches Manaus in the early hours. Sadly in 2013 it...


Manaus Shopping

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  • Manaus Market

    When you buy a hammock for boat travel, you can chose to go for the cheapest or for a hammock to bring home. Hammocks are for sale all over with varying need for bargaining depending on the shop or kiosk and the sales person. The advantage of the "Centro de redes" is that it has the full spectrum of sizes and quality. The prices seemed fair...

  • Traditional and contemporary art from...

    Exhibition space where you can purchase or order products that value the social and environmental diversity of Amazonia. Community product lines, with quality control and identification of origin. Indigenous handicrafts from different ethnic groups.

  • Traditional and contemporary art from...

    A special selection of traditional and contemporary art from the region. An exhibition space where you can purchase or order products that value the social and environmental diversity of Amazonia. Temporary collections and permanent community product lines, with quality control and identification of origin.Best handicraft shop in...


Manaus Local Customs

  • Thumbs Up! Speak Portuguese

    Brazil is not a bilingual country and, in Manaus, as well as the rest of Brazil, most people are not fluent in English or any foreign language. In shops and turistic points you' ll probably find someone who manages to understand and communicate in English or Spanish, and although people are often trying hard to do their best, they might not...

  • local people

    from the Manaus Region, have become very much aware of their Heritage and try to preserve their way of life and culture. much of their land has been confiscated, burned and left the tribes on a knifes edge. birthrates had dropped considerable and western diseases like chicken pox, influenca, measles took their toll..and many have been killed, just...

  • fishing

    fishermen at the port of Belem...the main income source for many in the 70s, has been still is I suppose, a spectaculare pasttime for tourist, when the Fishermen brought their catch home in the late afternoon. but Belem has a 'nasty' surprise around this time. one could put the clock to it .around 5pm it started to rain with buckets, cats and...


Manaus Warnings and Dangers

  • Favela slums

    Stay away from the favalas (slums) in Manaus. These are durg infested, dirty, and impovished areas. Crime is huge and common in these areas. The poores favelas look like garbage dumps, the homes are on stilts to get above the flooding and to get away from all the trash and decay in the ground. Stay away from these areas.

  • Travel in tropical South...

    You will hear repeatedly that there are no mosquitoes on the Negra River. This may be true on the river itself, but once you get into the forest or near people there are mosquitoes. Perhaps not enough to drive you crazy, but enough to transmit Malaria. I took Chloroquin but still came down with Malaria two weeks after exposure. This fits the...

  • Jacare...Caymane

    careful, those big, very big Crocodiles( called Jacare in Brazil) are realy not in the mood to get hassled and a swim with them could be your last when on the River, never ever leave the boat or for the tremendous...enourmes strong currents, it will knock your socks off


Manaus Tourist Traps

  • The Harbour #1, the Harbour #2

    There's a big harbour in Manaus, with ticket offices where you can buy passages to the boats that depart Manaus in either direction. Prices are not expensive, and you can usually choose between a hammock or a small cabin with private WC. (I am talking about passanger boats and not cruise ships. If you want cruise ships, I don't really know where...

  • Clubs around downtown area

    Be careful when clubbing around the downtown area, most of the girls, are there are a lot of them, are working girls, don't think you are just that devonair. The good thing is that they are upfront about it, just ask them, yes, they speak English.

  • Manaus Traps

    The Manaus Airport Eduardo Gomes and the hotel 10 de Julho and Iguana Tours and Gero ToursJungle trips in Manaus, rainforest tours, Jau national park (parque national de Jaú An ardent warning: Do not buy tours from...


Manaus What to Pack

  • Mosquitos and Humitity

    a strong Backpack with lining or sealed Suitcase would be appropriate, learn some portugues travel lite, wash or let wash in the Hotel laundry...good footwear is essential many articles you will find in Manaus to suit, ask you GP when on Medication and get your shots beforehand. protect your Equipment, high Humidity, Rain and Watersplashes when...

  • Packing List

    For the jungle,, the best way to carry your luggage is of course a big satchel. In the jungle: Comfortable clothes, cotton best, and swimming clothes, sunglasses, cap, and soap to wash clothes, if you find it necessary. Mosquito net is not really necesary. Though they are quite big, there are not so many (in the Black River. If you go to Solimooes...

  • Mosquitos and Humitity

    a strong Backpack with lining or sealed Suitcase would be appropriate, learn some portugues travel lite, wash or let wash in the Hotel laundry...good footwear is essential many articles you will find in Manaus to suit, ask you GP when on Medication and get your shots beforehand. protect your Equipment, high Humidity, Rain and Watersplashes when...


Manaus Off The Beaten Path

  • Presidente Figueiredo

    This is a pretty cool place if you are looking for a relaxing trek/picnic. Plan on spending the whole day here, not just a few hours. Its best to drive to PF in the morning. Its a beautiful scenic drive, about one hour away from Manaus. This place is not touristy , and you will see many locals and Manauaras enjoying the waterfalls. Feel free to...

  • Amazon Islands

    If you are interested in doing some real amazon hiking and stick close to Manaus, you can go to some of the Islands in the Amazon side of the city (if it isnt flooded - when the river is hige these islands COMPLETELY disappear). The hike can be an hour on five and is a great day or half day trip. If you want to do a whole tour you can sing up with...

  • The Tikuna are one of the last...

    The Tikuna are one of the last large Native population groups left in Brazil. Most of their 70 villages are located within the Brazilian Amazon. They have preserved much of their native language, religious rituals, and cultural art forms. Today, their cultural traditions are being threatened by outside religious groups. This picture shows a Tikuna...


Manaus Sports & Outdoors

  • Peacock Bass Fishing

    Peacock Bass Fishing in the amazon Jungle. We fished up the Rio Branco in the Omero Lakes area. You need it all, heavy rod and great baitcaster with lots of huge lures

  • Fish for Piranhas

    The system is simple, add a piece of meat to a hook, drop the hook to the ground and pull up when a piranha bites. Easier said then done - some in my group were quiet successful in catching piranhas, I on the other side decided to feed them a steak or two - since somehow just the clever ones decided to steal the meat of my hook. No fishing for me...

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Manaus Favorites

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  • THE BLACK RIVER..... Rio Negro

    staying up late, the smell of the Jungle, the noises strange but intriguing. the Sunsets and Sunrise...sometimes the bloody Mosquitos ruined everything they are the real killers on the Amazon and the Jungle, protect yourself...Malaria is one bite away I hope the old pic conveys the atmosphere

  • Downtown Manaus

    The Opera House, The Amazonas theatre was inaugurated on December 31st 1896, and it is the most important architectonic building from the prosperous rubber period and main artistic cultural patrimony of the Amazonas State. On the outside of the building, the dome is covered with 36,000 decorated ceramic tiles painted in the colors of the national...

  • Rainforest

    the Rainforest will surprise and dazzle you with it's Flora and Fauna. halfday or daytrips into the Rainforest can be booked in Manaus Tree Orchids I have seen in abundance, the finest Flowers one can imagine. a fortune worth on the open markets.


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