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  • Eaten by Piranha's as it was reeled in
    Eaten by Piranha's as it was reeled in
    by jnyvegas
  • Manaus
    by santanesia
  • on a small boat on Amazon river
    on a small boat on Amazon river
    by angelochka
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Sao Paulo


Novo Airão








São Gabriel da Cachoeira





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  • Take a trip along the river,...

    Manaus Things to Do

    You Can travel by boat along the Amazon river. It's about R$300,00 reais and you can be all day longer to see the river, the Aldeias, the animals. \you can take photos with the animals, bicho preguiça and Jacaré. Don't be afraid of them! You can eat in a restaurant on the water. The lunh is really good. Typical food. Come to Manaus and relax!

  • Tropical Manaus

    Manaus Hotels

    In the shopping area of the hotel one of the gift shops sold these Piranha's they also sold them at...

  • Bufalo Baby Churrascaria

    4.5 out of 5 stars

    Manaus Restaurants

    While we were walking and exploring the smaller streets, we came across Rancho Bufalo, and just had to give it a try, we were hungry. I had never eaten in an all you can eat restaurant before, and to find one that is all you can eat meat, was just perfect. And it was amazing. At the time we went over 10 years ago, there was a little wheel on the...



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  • Airport Manaus

    Parintins Transportation

    The main airport of the Amazonas State is situated in Manaus. Flights from other parts of Brazil including Santarem, Belem, Brasilia, Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paolo as well as international flight from North America arrive here. Smaller aircraft serve the towns within Amazonas. Charter flights are also available. A TAM partner airline offers flights...

  • Walk around and chill

    Parintins Things to Do

    Parintins is a very small island, with lots of small shops and eateries. Over the years, there has also been some degree of commercialization. You can easily find internet cafes. The tallest building on the island is clearly the local cathedral. The best thing to do during the day time is to walk around. Most of the visitors prefer to sit down, get...

  • Pickpockets

    Parintins Warnings and Dangers

    Like any other event where people from far and wide flock to a single location, Parintins too has its share of pickpockets. I did not hear of any muggings .. the place is safe in general. Just be careful, in general .. and everything should work out fine.


Sao Paulo

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  • Airport Taxi

    Sao Paulo Transportation

    When you leave the customs area of the International airport taxi drivers will approach you and ask if you wish a taxi, it would be much better to go to the taxi kiosk in the arrivals area where one may purchase a prepaid taxi voucher.

  • George V Casa Branca

    Sao Paulo Hotels

    Al Casa Branca 909, Sao Paulo, State of Sao Paulo, 01408 001, Brazil

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Couples

  • Airport Bus From GRU

    Sao Paulo Transportation

    From the International airport you can take an Airport bus to downtown Sao Paulo for about 30 Reais. It is air conditioned and the ride is about 30 minutes depending on traffic. If you are going to the airport give yourself plenty of time, especially around rush hour, anytime after about 3pm, traffic can be awful.


Novo Airão

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  • Swim with Pink Dolphins

    Novo Airão Sports & Outdoors

    There are piranhas in all the rivers and estuaries - but do you mind going to swim - a nice thought. But I learned if there are botos or the pink dolphins around there are no piranhas. Hope the piranhas keep to that; I did not need to get a second invitation to jump in and enjoy the closeness of those stunning inhabitants off the river.

  • Fish for Piranhas

    Novo Airão Sports & Outdoors

    The system is simple, add a piece of meat to a hook, drop the hook to the ground and pull up when a piranha bites. Easier said then done - some in my group were quiet successful in catching piranhas, I on the other side decided to feed them a steak or two - since somehow just the clever ones decided to steal the meat of my hook. No fishing for me...

  • Airport Manaus

    Novo Airão Transportation

    The main airport of the Amazonas State is situated in Manaus. Flights from other parts of Brazil including Santarem, Belem, Brasilia, Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paolo as well as international flight from North America arrive here. Smaller aircraft serve the towns within Amazonas. Charter flights are also available. By road the airport is about three...



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  • Uakari Lodge, Mamiraua Sustainable...

    Tefé Off The Beaten Path

    I concur with the report on the Uakari Lodge. It is a fantastic experience, and at approz $110 per person/day is inexpensive for what is offered. The price is all inclusive from pick-up in Tefe to drop-off also in Tefe. This means transfers, accomodation, all meals and all sightseeing. The only extras are alcoholic beverages and tips. I was there...

  • Ecotourism at It's Best

    Tefé Off The Beaten Path

    Uakarí Lodge in Mamirauá Sustainable Development Reserve is a combination of luxury and wilderness experience. Four 2-room updated cabañas with bath and covered deck connect to a central reception/dining building. The lodge is solar-powered. Meals are served cafeteria style and are mostly from local foods. There are always rice and beans, a chicken...

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  • Go to NOVA AIRÃO

    Ariaù Favorites

    You need to go to NOVA AIRÃO ( Anavilhanas - the largest river Archipelago in the world, a natural reserve with 380 islands ) to see the litlle Marisa feed and swim with the pink dolphins . In Ariau we really are inside the nature . unforgettable !!!!

  • they don't call it rain forest for...

    Ariaù What to Pack

    Bring a waterproof jacket cos when it starts to poor down then you'll be soaked to the bone... Bring good walking shoes for jungle walk as it is muddy there Insect repellent for jungle walk. Jungle was the only place I saw couple of mosquitos. Due to hight waters there was none in the lodge area

  • not a place to buy your souvenirs

    Ariaù Tourist Traps

    this place is in middle of jungle and everything is bought in form mainland and that is evident on the price of things sold in 2 shops of Ariau... just a thought that came to mind when i remembered two ppl who spent most of the free time browzing souvenirs and arguing about price...


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  • DanieleM's Profile Photo
    May 9, 2013 at 12:49 AM

    If you want see the real Amazon, you need a time.
    First: Go to Parintins, they have a such nice festival just like carnaval( without all the ass or breast and naked women) but is all about Indian rituals and is beautiful. It happens between june and july.
    Second: Go to fish, they have really good areas. Barcelos is really good for catch tucunare. Also you can see some nature and stay in a jungle hotel they have many options. Also in Barcelos they have the high water fall in Brazil and the Mariua reserve. And also the deeper grotto in the country , if you like rappelling. They also have a festival for ornamental fish happens at end of january. Barcelos is responsible for 20% of world ornamental fresh water fish market .
    Third:In one city called Novo Ayrao you can feed and swimming with the dolphins of fresh water. They ask for 15 reais and they feed the dolphins 1 - 1 hour. They are beautiful some pink and some grey. They also have some nice beaches , that happens at august when is dry time in all Amazon. Jau national park and Anavilhanas park are a good choice too.
    Fourth: Presidente Figueiredo , they have several waterfalls9Iracema and Satuario are the most famous ) and also one blue lagoon you will not hear so much about the lagoon will be difficult find somebody to take you there, because is not like a touristic place, but is beautiful. They also have a festival for Cupuacu is a acid fruit , and is really good, the festival happens at end of may., different bands go there to play good music. And also they make many different dishes with cupuacu.
    Fifth: Manaus the meeting of water the opera house, Kabannas Hall is the best nigth club now, Remulos is in the center of city it is for who want girl ( prostitute).El Touro Loco is the best restaurant of the city but is a little far from the center, is almost 40 min far from the center of city. The best shopping center is the Manauara.Another good place to visit in Manaus is Cachacaria do Dede they have several kinds of Cachaca ( typical in all Brazil ) and several beers from all over the world, you will be amazed with the numbers there , last time I found a bottle of wisk cost 10.000 reais , that was a special edition of Jonie Walker , I really like this place and they have one in the Manauara Shopping Center.
    In the end of November they have the big fair in the state in Manaus, if you like rodeo and also good music, there is the place, you can enjoy typical food there every year run about 30 million in business, so I think is a good place to know more about the city and also the state.
    If you like a lot people and party party party you can go to Ponta Negra beach, is a really beatiful area but many people are party I dont like. You also have a option to go to Praia da Lua, is a beach at other side of river.
    They also have another festival at city called Maues, is the festival of Guarana, the Guarana is really famous in the world for give you a lot energy , and is natural. It happens at end of october.

    Tips: The areas where have the most part of mosquito are the areas where the river is withe color, dark water means less mosquito . I said less, because they always will be there. One really crazy thing is the area close to the city Balbina will not have so much mosquito, I don't know why but is true, there is a really good place Called Cacaia, I spend one week there, is not a touristic place, but no mosquitos, I fished a lot and also I hunted.
    I prefer to be far from big hotels, they are expensive and don't offer so much no for free , and for me after charge 500 dollars for night they should give you some things for free I am sorry.
    Be careful with taxi , a withe taxi with nothings wrote in the door ( advertise) is bad. Always try to chose for a company, the big company's in Manaus are Tucuxi, Golfinho and Manauara Radio Taxi. Thats not just for MANAUS but for all Brazil.
    Manaus doesn't have so good roads so rent a car is not a good idea and also is dangerous , I am from Manaus, and even I have afraid to drive there, I am sorry.
    To travel the best way still is the boat.
    I love Amazon, and I will be back to my place. But I am really open eyes for all the problems we have there.
    I am from Manaus and I am living right now in Seattle so if I get new updates I will let you guys know.

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