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  • Iguassu Falls view
    Iguassu Falls view
    by patricia28
  • Iguassu from Argentina
    Iguassu from Argentina
    by auntjulie
  • The original  hotel - the new one is better
    The original hotel - the new one is...
    by auntjulie

Iguassu Things to Do

  • The Bird Park

    The Bird Park is situated on 12 acres of native subtropical forest. You will enter huge 8-meter high forest aviaries where you can photograph the birds in their natural habitat without the restrictions of netting and cages. The visit is carried out through well identified catwalks through native vegetation. Some idea of what you are going to see:...

  • Explore the gigantic falls !

    Walking the trail on the Brazilian side is possible via the main trail, approximately 1,600 meters (one mile) long, which leads one along the river with its many smaller falls to the base of the biggest waterfall where small bridges extend out over the brink of the series of falls which make up Devil´s Throat. This side provides a good general view...

  • Missions

    The Jesuitical Missions of the Guarani are located in several places of the province of Missions in the North-East of Argentina and in the State of Big Rio do Suth of Brazil. The missions are: San Ignacio Mini, Santa Ana, Nuestra Señora de Loreto y Santa María Mayor (Argentina), ruinas de Sao Miguel das Missoes (Brasil). These Missions were...

  • OBA OBA Samba show

    Come to spend a beautiful night with all the sounds of Brasil. The Oba Oba show is a trip across all the dances and sounds of this wonderful country, the dancers are great and the suits are fantastic. You can also enjoy a good Caipirinha or another drink while you are watching this unforgettable spectacle.Schedule: Tuesday to Sunday 21:00- 1:00...

  • Iguacu Explorer

    Is a beautiful trip sailing for the river. The yacht are for 40 people and are very comfortable. The trip start in Porto Meira, then the boat navigates a section of the Iguassu River passing under the Tancredo Neves Bridge (Brazil - Argentina) and in front of the Landmark of the Tree Frontiers, you will have a fantastic view of the bridges and of...

  • Bird's Park

    A spectacle of colors is the best description of Bird Park. Hundreds of species of birds as well as reptils are in this area of 17 hectares of preserved rainforest. This park is perfect to enjoy the beauty of the jungle, you will be able to see parrots, tucans, crested crane, Boa constrictors, turtles, Iguanas and many butterflies, is a really...

  • Raffting!!!

    The raffting in the Iguassu river is an optional adventure for those who do the Macuco safari, of this form they can decender on the station where the raffting team will be waiting for the adventurers. The raffting in the river Iguassu is very calmed, the rapids are not very dangerous but always it is necessary to take the precautions. The...

  • Macuco Safari ... a radical adventure

    Some of the best things to do is this, you won't regret. To get the river is necesary to ride for about 20 minutes on a open trail through the rainforest of the Iguassu National park ( Brasil). Along the way, experienced guides will explain every aspect of the forest, then the tourist are invited to walk some mts to see the macuco fall and to get...

  • In helicopter over the falls

    This experience is amazing, the Iguassu falls are the most beautiful natural place that I have seen and of course that seen from a helicopter is a whole show. The flight is 60 dollars and it takes 15 minutes that maybe are gonna seem like 5 but it really worth it. The view is fantastic and you have to add the sensation of being in a helicopter....

  • Iguassu from the air

    This may not be in everyones budget, but if it is it is well worth the expense. The helicopter pad is near the airport and a flight over the falls lasting about 15 minutes costs $60 (US) or 150 Reis.Make sure you check you camera before you embark because the time over the falls is limited and you don't want to miss out.It is not at all frightening...

  • Macuco Safari

    It begins at the Macuco Safari entrance gate with an open carriage that provides a general view of the scenery along the trail. The ride is about three km long.The hike - The second stage, a stretch of 600 meters (optional), is a hike on a trail that leads to a waterfall baptized "Macuco Falls". The last stop is the Macuco Safari docks on the...

  • The Iguassu falls

    The Iguassu Waterfalls are situated inside the Iguassu National Park. They were formed 150 million years ago and consist of 275 single falls, which merge into one large waterfront during times of flooding. There are 19 large falls, of which only 3 are to be found on the Brazilian side (Floriano, Deodoro and Benjamin Constant).The word "Iguassu"...

  • Iguassu National Park - Brazil

    Created on January 10, 1939, the Park comprises a total area of 185,262.5 and a length of about 420km, 300km of which are natural borders by bodies of water and the Brazilian and Argentinean sides covering in total around 225 thousand hectares.In 1986 the Park was listed as Natural Heritage of Humanity. The area of the park open for visitation and...

  • Itaipu Dam tour

    I did not think that this tour would be a trill for me because I am not a tech person. Basically, I decided to go because there was nothing better to do that morning. but I was surprised by the imensity of that project and I should say that I do not regret for doing this tour a single bit.The tour includes a film about the construction and a bus...

  • Chelicopter ride over the Iguassu falls

    It is an interesting expirience to see the falls from the air. Then you realise how big they are. I could do it but if you travel under a restricted budget and you have to decide between the chelicopter and rafting, better choose rafting. At least, that is my opinion. Approximate time of the tour: 10 minutes Open: 9:00 to 18:00 h (depending on...


Iguassu Restaurants

  • A typical but nice tourist show

    If you want to act as a typical tourist you should not miss that show :)It starts about 20.45 and goes on for about 3 hours. The good news is that you pay a fixed price and you can eat as much as you want. The food is really delicius and there is plenty of it. The bad news is that the place is quite big. I was told that the capacity is about 400...

  • touristy but what the heck....

    Food galore!! Meat and more meat and imagine sashimi!!! What an array of side dishes to accompany your plateful of charrusco...and so many desserts to choose from!!! Then the best of all is the entertainment. Performers that came from in and around the latin countries of the continent got together at this place and danced and played tricks for us...

  • Iguassu Hotels

    0 Hotels in Iguassu

Iguassu Transportation

  • Buses to Buenos Aires

    To get to Buenos Aires from Iguacu Falls, you must catch a bus from Puerto Iguazu in Argentina. If you are staying in Foz do Iguacu in Brasil, just catch the bus that crosses the border into Argentina. It will take you to the bus station. There are many direct buses each day from Puerto Iguazu, but the last one leaves around 5:30 p.m. If you miss...

  • Getting to Argentina's side of Iguassu...

    To get to Argentina's side of the waterfalls, wait along the main street in Foz do Iguassu for the bus. It cost $1 and will take you to the bus station of Puerto Iguazu. From there, there are many buses to the Iguazu National Park. Buses run on a regular basis. Yes, taking a taxi would save some time. But it would also cost a lot more money.

  • Day hire of a taxi

    On arrival at the airport I picked up a taxi to go to my hotel. The taxi driver offered his services for the next day 10 am till 6 pm (probably could have got longer without any haggling) for 150 Reis (about £30). He was a very nice helpful guy with enough English to get by. The following day I hired his car again, this time with his Dad...


Iguassu Shopping

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    by hekate Written Oct 14, 2004

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    Well, it is not a shop. Just local people selling local craftswork. Most of the things are very clourful. The prices are more tahn reasonable, so it could be a place to buy some souvenirs for your friends and family.

    What to buy: Backpacks

    What to pay: USD 10 - 20

    One of my friends doing some shopping :)
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Iguassu Warnings and Dangers

  • Moisture

    When you get closer to the falls remember to try to keep your camera as dry as possible.Because of the moisture mine stopped working for about 5 minutes. Only after I had taken out the bateries and dry them, it started functioning again.

  • Quaty

    Those little creatures don't look dangerous at all and they are not. They are very cute and are very friendly. They usually go in groups of three, four or even more.In fact, they are so friendly that they do not hesitate to share food with you, i.e. if you have something that would tempt them, they come and try to take it out of your hands :)))If...

  • Watch out for hungry copibaras...

    These animals love sweets!! cookies, sodas and the likes...Avoid carrying these items on your walk by the trails going to the falls.Bring plastic covers to avoid getting your cameras wet. The spray from the falls can be really nasty.


Iguassu Off The Beaten Path

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    by jaam Updated Jan 13, 2003

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    Wanna see tucans upclose?? What about pink flamingos hanging about....
    Did I mention orange fungus and birds in all shades of colors????

    so alive

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Iguassu Favorites

  • Making the most of your time

    We flew to Iguassu for 3 nights from Rio (takes about 2 hours). My tip would be to sign up with a local tour operator who will arrange your hotels, transport and give you a personal guided tour whilst your're there. Sounds extreme (I'm used to doing it all myself) but it's really cheap and I think it's the only way to maximise your stay. We managed...

  • At one with nature......

    Walking tours of both the Brazilian and Argentine sides are definitely a must. It's to experience the commanding perspective of the whole wonder of Iguassu. Another is a zodiac raft ride against the massive roars of Macuco river down below. Total exhilaration in the midst of the flowing cascades and totally unforgettable!! The rainbows are...

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

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