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  • scarlet ibis
    scarlet ibis
    by mircaskirca
  • cycling on Praia do Pesqueiro
    cycling on Praia do Pesqueiro
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  • vila Cajuna
    vila Cajuna
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Ilha de Marajó Things to Do

  • Praia do Pesqueiro - My Kind of Beach!!!

    Praia do Pesqueiro, about 10 km north of Soure, is the island's most popular beach. It's fairly secluded during the week and can be slightly more frequented on weekends. When you stand on the white sand expanse looking out at the watery horizon, the waves lapping at your feet, it's hard to believe you are not on the ocean. The beach has several...

  • Guara (Scarlet Ibis) - Symbol of the...

    The island is filled with hundred of bird species such as egrets, flamingos, herons, parrots, ducks, hawks, toucans and the graceful scarlet ibis with its long curved beak. The sight of a flock of deep-pink ibis flying against Marajo's green background is truly spectacular!!more pics in the Travelogue

  • Fazenda Sao Jeronimo

    Staying or visiting one of the fazendas (farms, ranches) is certainly the best way to get to know the life on the island. As I really fell in love with Praia do Pesqueiro, I stayed there overnight so I only made a daily excursion. Fazenda Sao Jeronimo was in the area and seemed the obvious choice. The property has 400 ha with rainforest, mangroves,...

  • Soure - Brazilian Capital of Buffalo

    With almost 20.000 people, Soure is Ilha de Marajo's largest town. Its many palm and mango trees, simple but brightly painted houses and shore full of fishing boats make it seem more Caribbean than Amazonian. The tide along the city's shore oscillates a remarkable three meters. The streets are sandy and grassy, cars are a rarity and bicycle and...

  • Mangroves

    Mangroves are tropical trees and shrubs that grow in mud, at the edge of rivers or in saline coastal habitats. Their roots are above ground. They developed a root system that is typical for mangroves and make them possible to keep and grow in such conditions. A wide variety of plant species can be found. Mangroves occure in numerous areas worldwide...

  • Museum of Marajo

    One of the most beautiful museums that I've visited is the tiny little museum in Cachoeira do Ararí on the Island of Marajó. Everything is interactive; wooden "computers" teach you what alternative medicine you need for which disease, images and stories tell the history of the Island, including the inidigenous cultures, the history of slavery and...


Ilha de Marajó Restaurants

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    by mircaskirca Updated May 6, 2007

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    A complete offer in one place: Do Zolho pousada and bar/restaurant. I was really happy to discover this little paradise. And when I dined there for the first time I knew it was a perfect decision.

    Owner's wife Eliana was preparing food in the kitchen but separate "dining-rooms" were outside, by the river. She always used fresh and locally grown ingredients and daily catch of fish, shrimps and crabs.

    Favorite Dish: It's quite difficult to choose my favourite dish as everything was excellent!! But something realy special that I tried for the first time was certainly a local speciality, casquinha de caranguejo (stuffed crab). Unforgettable taste!!

    Grilled fish and shrimps in tomato sauce were also very good. And finally, I found beating and breaking crab's legs and claws a great fun!

    I usually rinsed the food with a glass of murici juice (local fruit from the beach) or agua de coco (coconut water).

    stuffed crab and shrimps in tomato sauce grilled fish Eliana, the cook
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Ilha de Marajó Transportation

  • Island of Bicycles

    The most pleasant way to go around the island is by bicycle. From Soure you can easily reach some surrounding beaches as Praia Barra Velho and Praia do Pesqueiro or Fazenda Sao Jeronimo...Soure is full of bicycles. Ask locals about the rentals. A guy named Bimba rents bicycles at his shop on Rua 4 between Travessa 18 and 19.

  • Boat from Belem to Ilha de Marajo

    Boats to Ilha de Marajo leave Belem from the Terminal Hidroviaria on Av. Marechal Hermes. You buy the ticket in the booth inside the entrance at least one or two hours before the journey. To avoid a long line before departure early in the morning, I actually wanted to buy it a day in advance, but it was not possible. There are daily boats to Camara...

  • Ilha de Marajó Hotels

    0 Hotels in Ilha de Marajó

Ilha de Marajó Local Customs

  • Marajoara Ceramics

    Ilha de Marajo was the home of ancient Indian culture known as the Marajoara who produced some of the most unusual and elegant ceramics ever crafted in the New World. Studies ascertain that the Indians who populated Marajo already had significant knowledge of ceramics and had probably migrated from other, more culturally advanced lands since...

  • Caranguejo (Crab)

    Crabs are found in all the oceans and there are many freshwater and (semi-)terrestrial crabs, particularly in tropical regions. They vary in size but most of themn have hard shell and five pairs of legs, the first of each is modified into a pair of claws for catching and holding things. Crabs move sideways on land. Ilha de Marajo is surrounded by...

  • Casquinha de Caranguejo (Stuffed Crab)

    Casquinha de Caranguejo is definitely one of my favourite dishes that I tried for the first time! And Eliana (in bar/restaurant Do Zolho, Praia do Pesqueiro) is really a master of preparing it. The receipe may vary from place to place, but her goes something like this. She mixes together:- cooked crab's meat- chopped onion, garlic, tomato and red...


Ilha de Marajó Off The Beaten Path

  • Visit to Vila do Ceu and Vila Cajuna

    Vila do Ceu and Vila Cajuna are little communities, not so close to a bigger town, where people, mostly fishermen, still live simple everyday life. The first village, Vila do Ceu, is about an hour walk from Praia do Pesqueiro and it is followed by the other, Vila Cajuna. As late on the afternoon the water gets higher, you need a boat transfer...

  • Vila do Pesqueiro (Fishing Village)

    Only 15 minutes' walk from Praia do Pesqueiro lies Vila do Pesqueiro (Fishing Village), a community of about 340 native people, mostly fishermen. Vila do Pesqueiro is a very picturesque village that has four little shops and three public buildings: a school, a health centre and a dance hall - that are the only brick-built constructions of the...

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

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